Adobe Bids Adieu To Flash Player On Android, No Support For Jelly Bean

With month having passed since Adobe confirmed they would ending support for Flash Player on mobile devices, comes the official word that Adobe will not support Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Adobe has said that Android 4.1 won’t get support or certified for Flash, though they aren’t going as far as to say it won’t run altogether. Adding insult to Flash injury, Adobe will stop allowing installations of Flash from Google Play as of August 15th, although security updates and other vital patches will still come to existing users. Any installations of Flash after the August 15th date will require finding and installing the APK on all your own.

Adobe has said that HTML5 is their future, now they are putting their money where their mouth is.

Engadget via Adobe

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  • Smiceli3

    How much did Apple spend to make this happen?

    • Guest911

       More than Google who couldn’t make it not happen?

    •  $0. By not supporting it they killed it

  • 30014

    This shouldn’t surprise anyone. We already knew it was happening, we just didn’t know when. Now we do.

  • Mariohdz0519

    Steve Jobs is laughing in his grave

  • Brian Appel

    Flash player working great on my Jelly Bean Galaxy Nexus

    • livebriand

      How’d you even get Jelly Bean there? The rest of the Nexus users are still rocking ICS.

  • nerdlust

    this is a bummer alot of websites I visit still use flash for videos and menus options etc…. flash and screen size was the main reason I choose android over the iPhone and windows phones.

  • fsured

    Anyone think a developer or even Adobe will develop a tool to convert current websites with flash content into html5 format?  Browser additions or something?  Flash was a selling point for Android compared to IOS.  Now we may be in the same position. 

    I’m not a programmer at all but say youtube, those video’s are flash based right?  Google has the youtube app but it can be annoying to use at times.

    • Smiceli3

      On the Kindle Fire, Flash is essential… no youtube app, yet.

      • brad162

        considering youtube’s new layout is HTML5 based anyway, this should not be necessary.

        Hell even my Windows Phone 7 can play anything on YouTube thanks to HTML5

    • zifnab

      It doesn’t work perfect, but there’s always … It converts flash to html5 format.Only AS2 and keyframe stuff though, no AS3

  • Gomez

    IPHONE stilk SUCKS even if they have flash support…

  • DannyTheGynecologist

    no more porn on my phone?!!! thats bullshit!

    • sorandkairi

      You don’t get tired of look a p%$$y everyday at work…?


  • rtechie

    Um, Flash isn’t dead and Adobe hasn’t drunk the HTML 5 kool-aid.

    Flash has been replaced by Air, which is a superset of Flash.

    You don’t even need to install the Flash player for Android, just the Air player, and you can play all those Flash videos and games.

    To simplify: Flash is now Air.

    • Exactly, while I like html5 and think it will eventually be the standard Adobe has stated to use AIR once their Flash Player becomes unavailable

    • mingkee

      Actually, it doesn’t.

      • rtechie

        Apparently not yet. It’s my understanding that a more bare-bones version of the plugin is bundled in Jelly Bean, and that talks to the Air player. HTML5 is probably the way forward for web video, though.

  • juanmondragon

    So with html5 we can still see videos or we need flash player

    • MacRat

      Go to and turn on the cookie.

      Then YouTube will only serve you video via html5.

  • Joshua Levi Davison

    Just think, this is going to force every website that isn’t current to switch to html 5. Seeing as 99% of web browsing is by mobile phones now days, we can gurrantee them to make the changes pretty quick. Because everyone will be emailing the website administrators to make the change haha. I’m sure their will be add-ons to make the dead websites work as well. I’m not afraid.. if anything a little excited.

    • kalel33

       99%?  I’d say that 99% of my online activity is with my phone or tablet.  The rest is on my laptop where the experience is just better.  Except for teenagers, I don’t know of anyone that does more than 10% of their online activity on a phone.

      • Reecocarva

        I’m a lets just say to level business executive and 90% of my online activity is on my phone. So sir you don’t know what you are talking about.. I am always traveling myself and my employees and its much easier & faster on a phone.

  • mingkee

    I have flash player installed on JB GNex.
    Stock browser and Dolphin HD work fine, but pinch zoom does not work with Dolphin.
    Opera Mobile crashes with flash sites.

  • J-Hop2o6

    Wow, assholes. HTML5 not even finalized yet, nor optimized. Most of the web is still Flash w/o even having HTML5 as an alternative.

    • livebriand

      But on your phone, with apps and all, when was the last time you needed Flash? Heck, all the iPhone users (and a lot of Android users who didn’t install it) don’t miss it much. I don’t have it installed on my Nexus because I haven’t needed it.

      • J-Hop2o6

        Its nice to have if u ever run into a situation where u need it. But ppl flashing 4.1 on their G-Nexus devices confirmed that Flash still works some browsers (Opera Mobile doesn’t work).

        • livebriand

          The only time I’ve seen a need for it was with a biology textbook that had a site entirely made up of Flash. (you can easily make the whole thing use HTML5 now…) Darn you…

        • J-Hop2o6


        • livebriand

          The only time I’ve needed it was with poorly designed sites, like a biology book I had that used Flash for EVERYTHING – even the questions on the site used it. (ever heard of Javascript?) You could easily make that site out of HTML5 now… Darn you pearsonsuccessnet!

        • J-Hop2o6

          Meant to reply to this instead, but Lol again.

        • Reecocarva

          Netflix uses flash

        • livebriand

          Yeah, but on phones who uses the web interface for it?

  • Maybe Google will make their own, or something, you never know. 

  • GS3

     so flash would be gone.. what happens to third party browsers? opera, firefox, dolphin? how can anyone still use them without flash? i’ve read that flash is going to be integrated into chrome on jelly bean, if flash is not gonna be compatible for 4.1, then third party browsers won’t have flash at all unless they integrate it as well..

    • steveb944

      They will use the browsers like any other non android phone, flashless.

      Integration is the way to go, I NEED flash. Sure it sucks, but it’s not gone yet

  • RDL

    It’s probably just a play to get money from the browser developers who are willing to integrate it directly.  What they probably mean is the plugin will no longer be available for free.  Someone is going to pay for our mobile dev costs because we don’t make ad revenue like everyone else.

  • livebriand

    Except if the video is monetized, as they haven’t made the HTML5 player support ads yet…

    • MacRat

      Incorrect assumption on your part, because HTML5 video DOES have ads.

      • livebriand

        I’m running an adblocker here, so I’m not sure about that. However, enable HTML5 video, go view a monetized video (for instance, a vevo one), and it’ll use Flash. (if you don’t have Flash, it’ll say it’s unavailable) I just tested this 2 seconds ago and confirmed it again.

        • MacRat

          The topic is about HTML on YouTube, not Vevo.

        • livebriand

          My point is that those are some monetized videos you can test this with. Anyway, go try this for yourself.

        • Reecocarva

          The topic was not html on YouTube it was”can video play on html or do we need flash.”