(Update: Contest Over) Contest: Win Up To $30 In Gift Cards For Cruzerlite Android Accessories

Update: A big thank you to everyone who participated in this contest! I’ve started to go in and pick the winners, whom receive notification within 24 hours, allowing for another 24 hours to respond. Should the selected winner fail to respond we will come back and select another winner from the comments submitted prior to 8pm eastern  time June 24th. 

TmoNews has some of the best readers in the world we’re always looking to give just a little back, thanks to our friends at Cruzerlite, we’re doing exactly that. Just take a look at www.cruzerlite.com and if your inner Android fanboy doesn’t immediately crack a smile, Android fans everywhere will be ashamed. Seriously, those guys make some great cases and we’re teaming up for a little giveaway.

We’ve got 5 $30 gift cards,  10 $10 gift cards, and 10 $5 gift cards good toward any new Cruzerlite case that will keep your brand new Android device safe.

Check out the rules to enter below:

1. Follow @TmoNews and @Cruzerlite on Twitter.

2. Tweet the following phrase:

Win up to $30 in gift cards to spend on @Cruzerlite cases from @TmoNews – http://wp.me/pezi1-88f #android

3. In the comments below, tell us why you’re an Android fan.

We’ll pick the 25 winners this Sunday evening, June 24th at 8pm randomly from our comments and Tweets so make sure we’ve got an easy way to contact you if you use the comments below. Good luck!

Most important, check out Cruzerlite.com for their entire Android case collection.

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  • Anjie Cai

    Because the s3 is so hot that it melts

  • sw4gd4ddy

    Android isnt just an operating system its a way of life. Between never being more then 20 mintues from a charger to figuring out if a dev has had a chance to make an android version of his successful ios app. Android has consumed my soul constantly looking for new roms and themes.  

  • GoogleFan2021

    Android is more open to developers than. Apple. Plus their arent one boring look like apple. Android comes in diverse devices. From small and quaint to Big and powerful. and all the colors of the rainbow.

  • Relkma

    I love android because it is the most customizable and fun to play with and free to do what you want os out there in my opinion!! Plus the community and developers make it even better!!

  • http://twitter.com/jevonwebster Jevon Webster

    Because we are not Sheeple.  We believe in Choice, in Freedom, in Competition, in America!!!

  • steveb944

    I was all for it until I saw no amaze 4g cases. Sadness

  • HF

    Not Apple. Need i say more.

  • razor_vlade

    Im an android fan because it always delivers the best experience!

  • mike_hilly

    because Skynet was launched August 19, 2004. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

  • http://twitter.com/steve0o0o Skelly

    because its powerful, simple to learn, and most importantly the apps

  • Nearmsp

    I am an  Android fan, because iPhone is not yet offered on T-mobile.

  • http://twitter.com/jstaffieri Josh Staffieri

    Because I prefer an Ice Cream Sandwich over a rotten Apple.

  • dayne517

    1) because the s3 is the sexiest phone ever

    2) because iProducts suck

    3) see second bullet

  • K Gaines

    Because if God gave me the choice of everlasting youth or all knowing wisdom… I’d be too busy searching my S Voice for “teach me how to Dougie” to hear him!

  • Francis2492

    You can run any app you want, hardware choose and customize

  • Ivan92116

    not having to deal with iTunes. 

  • Tjbear6

    It is simple, intuitive, and allows for freedom and innovation.

  • http://twitter.com/debeachmama CPex

    apps, apps, apps!

  • Terence Truong

    I am an Android fan because it gives more freedom to use your phone unlike how you need to jailbreak your iPhone. Wondershare is developing an iTunes like software that will work with Androids, and later iOS and Windows Phones. Also, there is a variety of Android phones compare to the iPhone where its sole proprietary phone made and design by Apple. Users want customization, yet easy to use. Android is that, it is developing and growing every single day. From Cupcake to Jellybeans, Android always make their codenames funny. I love Android. My twitter: @aznking100:twitter 

  • BlaydesEdge

    I use to deal only with Iphone & Itunes thinking it was the best, until a friend told me to stop spending money and start saving while getting more to enjoy. I am happy to say 4 years later I have totally forgot about my obsession with the other and I am sold with the convince and flexibility of the android. Android is by far the best OS around and anyone who says differently really hasn’t given it much of a chance. I will never go back so please keep the best coming! :-)

  • http://twitter.com/BadassNoor Noor Mahmoud

    I’m sticking with android because of multiple reasons. First, the G1 was my first phone that had some actual features and yet didn’t enrage me to the point of breaking it(it died from being soaked in body wash). Then came along the G2, which was just perfect due to the amazing performance, and with it’s community enabling me to learn how to go into extremely deep customization that would be impossible on any other platform.

  • laphoneuser

    I love Android for three reasons:  Options, options, and more options.

  • dolphinschick21

    I’m an android fan because I love customizing my phone and I love how easy it is to do it. I love all of the apps for the phone and how easy the user interface is. And you can get all this without rooting your phone!! I am an android fan because the android community is awesome and google is amazing with their support. Android lets you have the most out of your device.

  • http://twitter.com/sd4david David

    because i can access e-bay, facebook, twitter, etc and i get great navigation apps, too

  • http://twitter.com/TonyManV Tony Castro

    I love android because of the open source and is not apple, plain and simple. :)

  • Keyan X

    I love Android because the community that surrounds it, is simply unbeatable

  • Luffypsp

    I love android because cruzerlite make cases for its devices.

  • N C C 4rm 831


  • C_ramirez06

    I love android because it just works. Great variety of phones not just the IPhone!

  • http://twitter.com/alxalejandro393 Alex Esparza-Sandy

    I’m a Android lover due to the apps, developers, roms galore available to us as a community!

  • http://twitter.com/tfrankson Tashanna Frankson

    I am an Andriod fan because it’s the best platform out there. 

  • Kelvin Jan

    I’m an Android fan because I love to customize. iOS is seriously just the most boring thing to look at and with all the great devs out there like Whitehawkx, who works on AOKP, roms like AOKP are just stunningly fast and customizeable. 

  • Craigers

    I’m an Android fan because of customization.  I’m an Apple fan, but you can’t beat the ability to customize your phone your way with Android.

  • http://scsuhockey.com/ Mark

    I am an android fan because of its flexibility and nerd-friendly policies.

  • Andra Kenner Jr

    I am an android fan because of the revolutionary change of customization.

  • http://twitter.com/wutdaheck Heck Saints

    I am an Android fan because in a time where corporations are looking at the bottom dollar, Android was a push for something beyond money.  It was an attempt to really bring something to the masses that was not there before. I’m an Android user since the G1.

  • https://profiles.google.com/117245311755792196720 Myrith

    Customization and app selection.

  • epauli

    I like to customize and play with settings and set my phone up the way I like it.  I like the apps and the google integration.  Overall, Android let’s me have FUN with my phone!

  • morrm1

    I love the customization, the ease of developing apps and the variation of hardware (unlike the iPhone… one device and that’s it)

  • Aaron Garrett

    Its faster, has a variety of options for phones, most commonly they have larger screens and it can be customized. Aka its better that the iPhone.

  • Aaron Garrett

    Its faster, has a variety of options for phones, most commonly they have larger screens and it can be customized. Aka its better that the iPhone.

  • http://twitter.com/blkxltng Maurice Gaynor

    “firejama@live.com” Thanks!

    • Scotty Brown


  • rjayTmoFan

    Short and simple: Android is everything that the other competitors are not! Open source, User/Nerd friendly, revolutionizing and never disappointing. 

  • Kewweb32125

    I’m n Android fan because it gives me the best option over IPhone.

  • Patrick Flynn

    Honestly… I like android for one reason: hackability! I can make my phone mine to the smallest details and squeeze more life out of it!

  • triangle8

    Definitely the open platform that allows me to choose the type and size of device I want.

  • None

    I am an android fan because that is all TMO wants to sell me.

  • http://twitter.com/Jesus_Freak713 John Nava

     I love the open *sourceness and customization of Android! I don’t see IPhones with widgets or another home launcher to customize…

  • TerryBerg

    Being a computer geek since I was 9 and a 386 was the latest and greatest, I have always had a love for gadgets. When the iPhone came out in 2007 I was one of the first ones to have it even though I was a long time windows/Linux fan and really don’t care for the Apple environment. When it came time for an upgrade the Galaxy s had just been announced and I was amazed at how awesome the phone looked and didn’t hesitate to purchase even with no android experience. I would NEVER go back to Apple coming from a free market open source OS that works so well. I would have to be crazy! I enjoy the fact that I can customize every facet of android… the app support is there and the phones offered are far better than Apples iPhone. What more could I ask for?

  • Aaron

    So everyone is thinking the same thing as myself… Customization. The fact that you can set up your home screen the way you want it whether it be with widgets, shortcuts or whatever, android us the best way to go, and the phone selection is absolutely insane. Can’t wait for more.