Swiftkey 3 Now Out Of Beta, Remains A Must-Have Android App

There is little doubt in my mind that the use of Swiftkey 3 Beta helped make my 30-Day Android Challenge a better experience and now it’s out of beta and available for your purchase. There is no doubt this is one replacement keyboard I absolutely, positively cannot live without. With its new spacing prediction that has been tweaked, and tweaked and tweaked a little more in beta, the final version is now available from Google Play for half-off. This temporary price reduction is good for a limited time so I’d act fast — for your money you’ll get a dedicated comma key, new themes, smarter punctuation, special character prediction, larger space bar and more. In other words, Swiftkey will attempt to make your keyboard life easier and I believe it does exactly that. This is a must-own. Hit the Google Play link below to grab it now.

Google Play

SwiftKey 3 launches half price on Google Play today for $1.99

SwiftKey 3, the next generation of the award winning keyboard app for Android devices, comes out of beta and is available to download on Google Play half price today for $1.99 / £1.49. SwiftKey 3 now offers the most accurate and complete auto-correction and prediction available on any smartphone or tablet.

The new version introduces a major leap forwards in auto-correction in addition to a wealth of other industry leading features, including:

Smart Space – adding to SwiftKey’s already cutting edge correction, Smart Space detects mistyped or omitted spaces across strings of poorly typed words in real-time.

Two new themes – a new theme, ‘Cobalt’, to match SwiftKey’s new look and feel, and an Ice Cream Sandwich-styled ‘Holo’ theme, as voted for by SwiftKey’s VIP community.

An enhanced UI – a much larger space bar and smart punctuation key help improve accuracy and make it quick and easy to access common punctuation.

Additional languages – SwiftKey 3 now offers support for an additional seven languages, bringing the total up to 42. The new languages are Korean, Estonian, Farsi, Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian and Serbian.

“This new version of SwiftKey really provides the easiest, quickest and most accurate way to type on a touchscreen,” said SwiftKey CEO Jon Reynolds. “Now you can focus on what you actually want to say when typing on a touchscreen, rather than struggling with typos and bad auto-corrections.”

The app has been continuously refined since its initial beta launch in April, thanks to the feedback of SwiftKey’s VIP community of over 65,000 testers. The improvements include:

– A dedicated comma key, and the key in the bottom-left corner.
– Refined Smart Punctuation pop-up for better, more consistent behaviour.
– Improved Smart Space functionality for easier email addresses and URL entry.
– Reduced lag on some devices for a more responsive experience.
– Reintroduction of the long-press duration setting by popular request.
– Further improved prediction algorithms for even more accurate next word suggestions.
– Updated gestures for easier shortcuts.
– Several bug fixes.

SwiftKey’s next word prediction is now so powerful that the company is also putting the app’s underlying technology into the hands of doctors and nurses. In addition to SwiftKey 3, SwiftKey Healthcare launches today to help health professionals take faster and more accurate notes on tablet computers. In early trials of the product, its language models designed specifically for healthcare helped clinicians save an average of half the time they usually spent typing. SwiftKey’s first entry into the enterprise market illustrates the wide range of contexts that can benefit from this groundbreaking technology.

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  • None

    Our #1 must have!!

  • Joe

    Sheesh. Reads like an ad. I use swiftkey too, but I don’t really see why it’s such a big deal.

  • I love using it .. i flip between it and the stock keyboard .. the stock for aesthetic reasons … it just looks better .. but hard to beat the prediction of swiftkey

  • So far my favorite keyboard, although I haven’t tried the latest Swype yet since their servers seemed to be getting hammered yesterday.

  • I just don’t see how even predictive typing can beat out Swype-ing.  I know there is personal opinion, but I tried SwiftKey for 2 weeks and was annoyed every time I had to use it.  Swype is more smooth and less bothersome when trying to select an alternate word.


      My wife uses Swype and i hate it. It makes her lazy and she doesn’t proof read her text any more because she thinks it doesn’t make mistakes. So i constantly have to ask her what the hell she is talking about. 

      • BIGG13

        I hated swype on my vibrant, it would always make mistakes and slowdown when swyping words bigger then 6 characters.

      • Little Jimmy

        Maybe that explains why there are so many grammatical errors all over the internet. Nobody takes the time to proofread anymore, they just assume that what they’re typing is either correct, or that their device will auto-correct it for them. The hypocrisy comes when they get mad every time someone criticizes their spelling or punctuation. There’s a reason that languages have strict structures, so that anyone who uses the same language can understand them. I shouldn’t have to try to read something that somebody posts, I should be able to do it with one try.

  • Cycad007

    Previously bought Swiftkey X, they provided a FREE upgrade to Swiftkey 3!  A very nice surprise considering I’m sure many users would’ve paid to upgrade!  Works great on the HTC One S!

  • Cycad007

    Previously bought Swiftkey X, they provided a FREE upgrade to Swiftkey 3!  A very nice surprise considering I’m sure many users would’ve paid to upgrade!  Works great on the HTC One S!

  • Swiftkey is a must have for android users…get it.

  • Claude

    I just got it myself to try. I love Swype-ing, but maybe I will love this more. 

  • Dumbazz

    once you start really using it and seeing all the gibberish words it will suggest it will begin to drive you bonkers

    • Danny13

      Yeah I noticed this, I stopped using it after 3 days because became more of an annoyance than helpful.

  • melon3531

    Got the update automatically because I had X already. So far so good, although with the update, haptic feedback doesn’t seem to be working for me, and I had to clear the ad on this website before I could get it to appear to type this comment. Otherwise, this keyboard is the only one that makes touchscreen typing bearable for me, Swype frustrates me.

    • Cycad007

      Hmmm…haptic feedback stopped working for me too.  The previous version did work with my HTC One S.  Anyone else have this issue?

      • melon3531

        Yeah, my phone is a One S as well.

    • MNBug

       Yep,  you need to go to
      the advanced settings and adjust the “Haptic Duration” from 10 to 25 or
      30 ms. 

  • I wont us any other keyboard.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I use swiftkey and have for quite a while now. Love it… the new look is even better. I highly recommend anyone to try it and since its on sale now is the time to buy it.

  • Herb

    Officially downloading my update. Love SwiftKey.

  • bbooshay

    Anyone know what the difference between the Free and Pay-for versions of SwiftKey 3 is?

    Also, i have the vip beta… will that ever expire?

  • If the prediction tech of Swift Key and the ease of Swype were combined we’d have the ultimate keyboard. 

    We need one of the developers from either company to defect to the other.

  • Dumbazz

    if you are on ice cream sandwich enjoy not being able to use the new and better Google voice to text with this keyboard

  • Dumbazz

    wait a couple weeks they will then have another beta you can try for free. They did this same thing with swiftkey X. 

  • steveb944

    I use FlexT9 myself, I love their multiple inputs and predictions. Use it on my tablet and phone so it’s great. Also got it for free on Amazon’s FAOTD

  • Rfgenerator

    did the update, now haptic feedback doesn’t work with it on my Sensation (ICS)

    • MNBug

       I think that the haptic feedback does still work, but you need to go to the advanced settings and adjust the “Haptic Duration” from 10 to 25 or 30 ms. 

      • remidot

        Thanks MNBug! I was looking how to activate again this, and puting hapting duration from 10 to 25 make it work again :)

  • TMoFan

    It still puts spaces at the end of words automatically …. grr I was hoping that would be fixed. Swype has the better idea of putting spaces before the words not after. Still a good keyboard though!

    • TMoFan

      Also want to thank SwiftKey for making this a free update to those who already purchased it!

  • Nick

    i finally bought this, based on your recommendation.  it’s pretty nice.  so far i like it better than the stock keyboard on the one S.  sometimes it can be way way off though.

    not sure about the accuracy of the stats either.  After the first text I sent I checked the stats…and it said that it had saved me 40 keystrokes.

  • Grammatica di Polizia

    I have been using Hackers Keyboard. I like that it puts number keys, 1 through 0 at the top, so I don’t have to access the number and symbol keypad.

    But I like this keyboard too. And when I went to check the purchase price I saw that it was on sale “for a week.” So of course I could not resist and I am a sucker for app sales, $1.99

  • scottyrob82

    If Google was smart they would buy swiftkey and use it as their standard keyboard.  It’s definitely the best app I’ve purchased period.

  • Yes, I love it. I originally had the regular SwiftKey & I end up installing it shortly after, the keys were too bunched together for my hands, & it just didn’t work well for me. SwiftKey 3, actually made me keep it. It predicts stuff 90% on key, it’s fast, & now I have a reason to switch Keys because I’m keeping it. They did a great job!That would be nice of Google, @scottyrob82:disqus , but I kinda like for Google to not own half of the world, a little independence is nice to me.

  • Dima

    I like Swiftkey X so much better than 3. Swiftkey 3 doesn’t always add the apostrophes into words, and it has removed the question mark that used to be next to the period. I really think the question mark is used a lot more in SMS than a period

  • Matt

    I bought this keyboard because it was half off, best purchase I have ever made on Android. This keyboard is fantastic, not only is the input super fast but the predictions are spot on almost every time (no system will be perfect but this one comes pretty close). This is coming from an HTC one S (4.0 ICS and Sense) user in case you are wondering what I’m using it on and I haven’t rooted yet.

  • A_Ware

    Tried it, don’t like it.  I want something like swype but with more intelligence – if I type CA, that should be the default, not CAN.