(Update: Contest Over) Contest: Win Up To $30 In Gift Cards For Cruzerlite Android Accessories

Update: A big thank you to everyone who participated in this contest! I’ve started to go in and pick the winners, whom receive notification within 24 hours, allowing for another 24 hours to respond. Should the selected winner fail to respond we will come back and select another winner from the comments submitted prior to 8pm eastern  time June 24th. 

TmoNews has some of the best readers in the world we’re always looking to give just a little back, thanks to our friends at Cruzerlite, we’re doing exactly that. Just take a look at www.cruzerlite.com and if your inner Android fanboy doesn’t immediately crack a smile, Android fans everywhere will be ashamed. Seriously, those guys make some great cases and we’re teaming up for a little giveaway.

We’ve got 5 $30 gift cards,  10 $10 gift cards, and 10 $5 gift cards good toward any new Cruzerlite case that will keep your brand new Android device safe.

Check out the rules to enter below:

1. Follow @TmoNews and @Cruzerlite on Twitter.

2. Tweet the following phrase:

Win up to $30 in gift cards to spend on @Cruzerlite cases from @TmoNews – http://wp.me/pezi1-88f #android

3. In the comments below, tell us why you’re an Android fan.

We’ll pick the 25 winners this Sunday evening, June 24th at 8pm randomly from our comments and Tweets so make sure we’ve got an easy way to contact you if you use the comments below. Good luck!

Most important, check out Cruzerlite.com for their entire Android case collection.

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  • Lsjsjansnsn

    I like the cheapness and shitty apps that android offers and the really blazin slow speed, only thing good is that they can offer “4g” antennas

  • Pixiejonnie

    What i love about Android is the way that they bring the new technology that everyone wants and dont charge extra just because of the name of the product. with Android theres something for everyone.

  • Alishah Momin

    Let’s see….android is open source for the main reason, which allows for cool customizations and custom roms, more free apps, multiple high-end manufacturers, greatly superior hardware, etc.
    Hoping to get the GS3 soon! 

  • Spartanstew

    Been an Android/Google fan for several years due to their open source, their advancements, and just the fact that they’re Cool.   Unfortunately though, I don’t do twitter, so guess I can’t win.

  • chanjim

    It’s easy to gain root on Android, allowing full backup/restore, among other things!

  • Ben Stewart

    innovative, customizable, integrated – what more could you ask for?

  • http://twitter.com/dasam04 David Saul

    I like them because u can make it your own. I love android ever since the first one came out, my first one was the G1, then the Galaxy S Vibrant and now hopefully the Galaxy S III.

  • http://twitter.com/JUSTDOITWells Jimmy Wells

    i am an android fan because of all the pros it has against apple! also android is such an amazing software and brings out the true beauty in a smartphone.

  • Talltexanmike

    Been android fan and tmonews fan from day one.

  • Anand Gohil

    it would be nice to have a brand new G1 just to keep as a vintage type item

  • http://twitter.com/CliffWade Cliff Wade

    Is there anything better than Android ? Ummm, the answer is NOOOO!!!

  • Nahoou

    Because Android is just simply the best and most intuitive operating system ever. It has literally revolutionized the mobile platform of cellphone devices and is and always will be optimized to build upon itself to adapt, learn and become a leader amongst all tech operating systems.

  • Has Hlay

    Because Android is very easy to use and extremely customizable

  • Even_Steven805


  • Jeff Lambert

    I choose Android because it is so Open. For Example…something as simple as if I want a custom keyboard…well I have many to choose from. To the more involved – boot animations to custom roms + kernels.  I love the ability of a pretty much non restricted O.S. and Android is just that.  Android for me is a Hobby and I Love It!

  • http://twitter.com/checkyourdesign David Klein

    The amazing community of people developing for it. The Devs are why android is the way it is today.

  • Greg Riley

    Android is simply the best OS period.  Open source and customizable, no other OS comes close…

  • http://www.facebook.com/normanpefarmer Norman Paul-Eric Farmer

    Because I invented android…

  • http://twitter.com/KokiYaps Yap Kok Kee

    Love its versatility of course! It fits the users who seek simplicity, fits hobbyists who seek to develop apps for it. Best of all, copying songs and movies to listen and watch is much more easier without having to convert!

  • http://twitter.com/4given_p8ntblr Chris Ryan

    Because Android is open, free and awesome!

  • http://twitter.com/rohanXm Rohan Mathur

    Because of the awesome community behind all of the devices!

  • http://twitter.com/cmurda00 c mann

    I’m an android fan because the versatility allows for nearly unlimited customization that blows iOS out of the water.

  • Jtoofaur

    Android was made for the ability to customize to a person,s liking and for users to do what they want to their device, not just to make money as Apple does numerous times.

  • http://twitter.com/Sparktweek Sparky

    I love Android because of its versatility and its power.  It’s easy to use, yet it can do everything I want it to do!

  • http://cosmicbreeze.tumblr.com/ DtheArtist

    I’m an Android fan because it opened up doors for “options” & “freedom.” Android allowed a similar iPhone experience to be ran across ALL carriers (no matter postpaid, prepaid),  or whatever your price range & personal preference for device status (low-end, mid-end, & high-end) & on many manufacturers devices. This allowed for everyone to feel the Android love. Android with Google allowed for constant growth & innovation which came the improvements via. Android versions (ex: Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, etc.), giving users more features & the removal of many bugs & glitches. Android spawned lines like the G like via. T-Mobile which was great for the most part, & I always considered T-Mobile’s Nexus line in my opinion, lol, the MyTouch Line, & the DROID for Verizon. Android even brought the thought to be dead Sidekick line back for the Sidekick lovers (which I was one, even thou I didn’t pick up the Sidekick 4G), but I knew many who loved it. Android allowed me personally to become a smartphone user. I always had the money & smarts to be a smartphone user, but I felt like it was too unappealing to me & to business-like when their was just Windows Mobile (eww) & Blackberry (eh), Android allowed me to easily transition into the Smartphone line & love every bit of it. I have been able to do so much on my Android, watch videos, take pics on the go, stream music & video, load flash on websites, actually PLAY mobile games & love it just as much a console gaming & handheld gaming (Nintendo DS for example), take notes on the go, write poetry, & so much more. Also, with the addition of Android’s app, most apps are free, so I never really had to fork over half of my body just to enjoy a app, a lot of times there were free versions of the most popular apps, you just had to deal with a few ads, which is ok. Android has fed my love for individuality because of course it’s ran on different manufactures (samsung, htc, motorola, & etc.), all the themes, home alternatives, wallpapers, live wallpapers, so no Android is the same, so even if you have the same exact device, you still are “you” on your Android. In conclusion, Android finally brought “convenience” in the palm of my hands, especially with the HTC One S, I can now listen stream music whenever I want to, talk to my friends via. voice call, text, browse the internet, talk with my social networking buddies & express myself via. Twitter, Facebook, & Tumblr, feed my love for my obsession with taking pics of myself (being my personal digital camera on the go), & playing video games. Oh, & not to forget Android allowed me to speak to one of my favorite female artist/entertainers Ciara, because of the smartphone power my MyTouch 3G had 3 years ago with sending me a text message with the saynow number to call in, & all I had to do was touch the number on my phone & press call, & I got in quick to get in my call. Android personally is perfect for me, this is why I love Android.

  • http://twitter.com/HungryFerret Scott Kuo

    I love android because of what it represents, freedom to do what you the owner of the device wants to do!

  • http://twitter.com/sjiwu14 Sam Wu

    I love the flexibility and customization of android. Open-source allows for amazing things!


    I love android because it has great apps and personalization. It lets me put my phone the way I want it and not how everyone else has it. It can be unique and average depending on lifestyle and interest and likes. Since android has been out that is the only type of phone I buy, if it does not have android I don’t buy it and I’ve been threw many phones from the motolora cliq (first one) to the mytouch line (more then one mytouch) samsung vibrant and galaxy sii and the amaze. 

  • Randyohsofly

    Do I really have to suck up to win?android is simply great that’s basically it

  • Scotty Brown

    We’re going to be picking winners today… stay tuned!

  • http://twitter.com/Tweekspark Tweek

    I like Android because it’s easy to use, and there are a variety of great phones with it.  There’s something for everyone.

  • Sar

    why *wouldn’t* i be an android fan?  although if for no other reason, my hubby is anti-apple and against windows phones, so android it would be anyway by default.

  • Ducksmith58

    I was a loyal blackberry guy for years and simply got feed up with the lack of innovation. Love all the apps that help me on a daily basis.

  • Royce Whitman

    am i too late? was hardcore bb fan until i was mesmerized by droid!

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  • Craigers

    Thanks TMOnews and Cruzerlite! I can’t wait to use my GC!

  • TerryBerg

    Thanks for the GC guys! I never win anything lol. I will be using my GC soon when I pick up a new phone.