Clearing The Air On Galaxy S III Availability Tomorrow, June 27th

Yesterday, we saw the unofficial word that T-Mobile’s Galaxy S III launch was getting broken up into two parts, along with Sprint’s due to heavy, heavy demand on Samsung’s part. With the news that the launch was being broken up, plenty of questions have arisen on the specific launch details of both the 16 and 32GB sizes along with the colors themselves. I believe we have our answer in the image above, unofficially of course as we await official word from T-Mobile about the launch.

For now, we’ll try and break it down with the most important channels for purchase:

  • National Retail Launches: Limited inventory at Walmart and Costco beginning June 21st at all locations
  • June 21st: Pebble Blue in 16 and 32GB sizes, only Pebble Blue ships at launch, Marble White in 16GB and 32GB launch details are to-be-determined
  • Target is june 27th for availability , pending inventory levels
  • Telesales: Said to have “higher” levels of inventory

Along with availability comes lingering questions about price, which is still said to be listed at the prices found in the image below. While it’s certainly possibility that T-Mobile could listen to immediate feedback and make last-second decisions on price, for now I’d go with the unofficial pricing details below.

As with everything else, these details are all current until we hear official word from T-Mobile itself.


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  • 2TO8

    I’m going to wait till the 27th and see what I can get then.. prices are ridiculous with a 2 year extension..

  • Marissa F

    I just tried to order it from my Tmobile account, the White 16GB version (because the blue 16GB version was not available) and when I got to the cart I got “We’re sorry. This item is not available for immediate shipment.” – Sigh. That, plus, Tampa/St Pete is supposed to be in the “Top 29 Markets” having the launch today and none of my local stores in St Pete have it. (They all told me it was delayed to the 27th.) Tmobile sure isn’t making it easy to get this phone. Plus $329 with the 2 year contract?? Really?? – Coworker of mine who is on Sprint preordered his Blue 16GB version, its out for delivery TODAY, for $150 with 2 year contract.  What is going on here??? :(

    • Taron19119

      ONLINE dont have white one i got same thing

  • Bigjokerjoe

    We all know t-mobile has a bit cheaper contracts which is nice, but come on this is still pretty ridiculous. Not just the price, but the fact that they are terribly unprepared for such a HUGE launch. I have literally talked to 5 different reps (between in store reps and online reps) and they all 5 had varying answers for me. How is that possible? I am on a family plan and pay 220 dollars a month. I am up for an upgrade on my line and can not pay 280 dollars. Especially with such unbelievable uncertainty. How can this be real? It is almost like they just heard about this S3 launch two days ago, that is the way they seem to be scrambling….it is very disappointing. I am definitely gonna look and see what else is out there. I like t mobile and am a loyal customer but this whole situation has really really turned me off.

  • ghundermark

    has anyone had any success at walmart or costco yet?  the memo says that they’ll be available at those stores with very limited inventory…

    • Guest

      i called about 20 walmarts and few costcos they don’t have it yet

  • Mighty1

    The price tag for the 32gb version is absolutely insane! My employer has a 20% or higher discount with every major carrier except T-mobile; which has a %15 discount. I’ve tallied up all the cost and with  a comparable plan and my discount, I can pay $75/month on At&t and have the 32gb GSII version. Highly thinking about jumping ship.

    • Mighty1

       ATT doesn’t have a 32gb version…damn

    • Mr.GetDown

      Please tell me about this comparable plan…

  • Deklox

    been with tmobile for 8 years and gotta pay $379 for the 32GB version???? That’s crazy. I’ll get it $50 cheaper if i sign up as a new customer…

  • Mighty1

     Are you kidding me!!! No rebate for loyal customers, only new ones; where they do that at?  I feel as though the GSIII launch has been quite botched from all carriers, but T-mobile takes the cake. This is arguably the company’s worst launch ever in my opinion. I’m switching carriers today.

    • Mikelfl

      You do get a 50 dollar upgrade as an upgrading customer

    • Julio Piedrahita

      Make my day..Sayonara…

  • Guest

    Costco will have it next week according to the rep there.

  • Mikelfl

    Just got my phone set up. Tmobile customers DO get 50gb of free dropbox for two years :-D

  • Mikelfl

    Just got my phone set up. Tmobile customers DO get 50gb of free dropbox for two years :-D

    • TickedOffInOR

      It’s not free. Not when they’re charging $129 more than everyone else.

  • ghundermark

    This is so FUBAR! I was just at Wal-mart for an hour (where they had TWO
    S3’s, which they showed me).  The phone wasn’t in their system yet, so
    after calling manager after manager, it was determined that they are not
    authorized to sell me the phone until the 25th.  They claimed that this
    decision came from Wal-Mart corporate headquarters, who said there were
    two release dates for this phone, and that they weren’t selling the phone until the 25th.

    I ultimately ended up placing an order online for the 16GB white
    version, which said it was not available for immediate shipping.  The
    lady on the phone couldn’t give me a straight answer on if they
    currently had any inventory, so I have no idea when I’ll be getting this

    I’ve been with T-Mobile for 6 years, and this is the most frustrated I’ve ever been with them! 

    • David

      You realize the fault is “on” Samsung who is working as fast as they can to produce enough inventory right?

      • ghundermark

         I can’t imagine Samsung is responsible for not authorizing the sale of the phone at Wal-mart, given that Walmart received the phone. For me, this is an issue of miscommunication by T-Mobile. I’ve spoken to 5 different reps (in-person and on the phone), and they all have a different story.  The last rep I talked to from T-Mobile said it was a misconception by many that the phone launched today, and that today is actually only the beginning of the pre-sale date!

        • Bgbagz

          in an age of light spped communication and for a company that deal sells commincation this launch is PISS POOR

  • Irfan0922

    that’s why T-Mobile is nation 4th largest company not the first , the problem they have they are not commented regarding ,customer satisfaction, knowledge of plans and phones, and always late to took action

  • Cashman

    $380 or $330 before $50 mail in rebates………..I’m sorry but that is way too much money considering other carriers are offering the exact same models for $200 or $250. With everyday that passes, switching carriers is slowly becoming a better option for me

  • vitosans

    Was at Costco – They said they get their shipment today and it will be on sale tomorrow but you can not buy it retail you have to bump your contract. 

  • ghundermark

    For those of you who upgraded through, what is it saying for your “status” and “estimated delivery date”? mine says “Being Processed” and 06/22/2012 (I did overnight shipping).

    • Justin Reynolds

      If you did a upgrade on tmobile site you will get the phone on the 29th. Unless you added a line there is no way to get it before then. Only new customers can ger it tomorrow.

  • guest

    june 27th??? i though it was june 21 st…

  • Cyclone

    Walmart upgrades are risky. If the phone is faulty and you want to take it back to the store you lose your upgrade. On top of that their employees are often clueless.

    in Costco you have to be a member.

    T mobile store you walk in and out with new phone.

    • None

      but then you need to by a new wallet because TMO just stole yours!

    • billy padilla

      you only lose your upgrade with walmart only if its a full refund NOT an exchange. that happened to me after i asked for a full refund on an S2 i had. i was able to exchange with no problem but after i returned for full refund, their system does not allow to revert you upgrade with walmarts only. im ok to go elswhere. kinds sux because walmart is always cheaper. and your right, some wamart cell reps are idiots!!! in my experiance in walmart pico rivera CA, i got ghetto attitud. a nice mangr helped afterwards.

  • ETphoneHome

    I got mine for 199 @ Wal-Mart. Talked them into a price match with Costco because they didn’t even have a subsidised price in their system. It was real iffy though because they couldn’t verify the Costco price, but one of the employees lied for me. Took like 3 hours all said and done.

    • ETphoneHome

      Actually half to do the upgrade myself with tmo customer service. I’m sure if I had someone pretend to be them instead I could have gotten away without even actually upgrading and still paying 199

  • billy padilla

    heres a thought, go to costco and ask for them to price match walmarts in store price of $198, they would need to call a walmart that has them in  stock or have pricing on them. im guessing you would get it for that price and get the accessories kit too. im going to try that today. keep you guys posted.