HTC Amaze 4G Ice Cream Sandwich Update Now Available

Today’s the day as Ice Cream Sandwich is now available for HTC Amaze 4G owners everywhere. Actually, it’s been available for a few hours already so keep an eye on your phone for a software update notification. T-Mobile will be sending out updates over-the-air or you can follow the steps to try to push the update out right away:

  1. Connect to Wi-Fi for fastest download.
    Note: This is a large update and can take over 20 minutes if downloading over the GSM network. Connect to Wi-Fi before updating for best results.
  2. From the Home screen, press the Menu key.
  3. Touch Settings.
  4. Touch About phone.
  5. Touch HTC software updates.
  6. Touch Check now.
  7. Follow the on-screen prompts.
  8. Wait as your phone restarts and updates to Android 4.0.3 / Software version 2.14.531.3710RD

What changes does Ice Cream Sandwich bring for Amaze 4G owners?

Android version 4.0.3 / Software version 2.14.531.3710RD – Current version


  • Android version 4.0.3 / Software version 2.14.531.3710RD
  • Approved 5/21/2012

New Features

  • Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Sense 3.6
  • System bar enhancements to easily view recent apps.
  • Re-sizeable widgets
  • Lock screen actions including pull down notifications and adjust volume while device is locked.
  • Data usage controls.
  • Face Unlock
  • Home screen folders
  • Improved battery life


  • Improved text input and spell checking
  • Improved menu structure

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  • rob

    anyone else having problems with MMS messages.  I cant send or receive MMS texts since the update.

    • Shane

      I had to call support once since when I got the amaze it had an issue were it could only receive not send out. Maybe they need to reset your network call them they fixed it for me but im still waiting for ics :) hope my amaze gets its soon !!!

  • Rob

    my amaze isnt finding any new updates. does anyone know why and what i can do?

    • SpiltOver06

      Hey Rob,
      I just called Tech support. They do not know when we will receive the update, “but we will receive the Android update.” I am in AZ, not sure if this is why I have not received the update notification. 

      • Rob

        I also called tech support and they created a ticket to send to HTC and I figured while i wait for them (tmobile) ill call HTC myself and see if they can help me but thanks.

        • rob

          TMO cant send the update to specific numbers.  You will get your update in order they are sending them.  It might be by IMEI’s, but not really sure.  I know they got 6 servers doing all the updates but there are a bunch of updates right now for different phones.  Thats why its gonna take a full month.

        • Jose M Gonzalez

          actually technical support can and will push an update to you. i did this with my G2. u gotta find a way to talk to the tech. i played stupid when the update in store didn’t work for my handset. i called and told them “i think something might be wrong with my handset”. she said “let me try something”…i waited then like magic i had the update msg in less then 3mins. i told her and she said “ok so it did work”…which made me wonder if she did something on her end to push it. she told me she “couldn’t officially push it” but was glad i got the update.

        • Drizza23

          Not correct

      • Rob

         @46eb2eb992a7426c39095155f7616cd3:disqus apparently the are doing it by waves instead of by a whole. within 48 hours, from what im told, we should all get a notice that its ready to be updated. hope this was helpful.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Does anyone know what the difference is between the 2nd leak version and the OTA? All the information is the same except for the built number. Any idea why everything else is the same except for that? I wonder why the leaked version has a higher number than the OTA…. you’d think it would be the other way around. Also being that the built is a different version could this keep anyone who has the leaked version from getting any possible updates or is it all based on the software version? Thanks to anyone who can answer my questions.

    • Uncle Pauly

      If you install the leak version, then you will not receive the OTA version.

      • JBLmobileG1

        I figured that because they are identical for the most part. I just want to know if they update it with fixes will I still be able to receive them? Everything is the same besides the built number however people on XDA are saying even that is the same… even pictures to prove it.

  • Mfor33

    for some reason my phone gets very hot very quickly. it slows down alot and the browser is slooooowwwww. keep in mind had none of these problems yesterday

  • JBLmobileG1

    I don’t get it. On the XDA developers website there are pictures that members posted of the OTA and leak versions. Both are identical… even the built numbers. The only thing I noticed between the two versions in the pictures is that the OTA radio signal is a different color. Now someone isn’t telling the truth or they are pushing different builds OTA.

    • oryan_dunn

       The multi-colored signal bars shown in those screenshots are becuase that guy themed it that way.  The leak and OTA are the same.

      • JBLmobileG1

        Thanks for clearing that up. One question that I really like to know is if they are the same does that mean any future updates HTC might send out I’ll be able to receive because they are the same? I have the 2nd leak version and I noticed some bugs that’s why I ask.

        • oryan_dunn

          Using logic, yes, an OTA should work if you flash the leaked RUU.  But many times, logic doesn’t work.

        • oryan_dunn

          Looking up how to unlock the bootloader for my girlfriends Evo 3D, this was on the official HTC RUU page (her phone needs an RUU to unlock it)

          “Disclaimer: You may not be able to get further FOTA updates once the RUU was applied to your device.”

          So, I still don’t know.  But it looks like HTC covers their but with that statement if a future OTA doesn’t work.

        • JBLmobileG1

          That’s a bummer. I hope that you would get updates. Although I guess I could always apply a future update the same way I did the first and second so long as someone posts it.

        • Bored_pc_guy

          I know this is old, but the leaked RUU for the Amaze locks the bootloader, which is something necessary for OTA’s… I would say that the leak will receive OTA’s as long as it’s stock, and possibly (speculated) S=ON.

  • Ldurrant40

    i got my update my phone frooze while updating it was stuck on the white htc screen idk but when it was updating it rebooted about 5 times

    • Dlanemarker

      Mine did the same thing and bricked my phone. T-mobile is sending me a new one :( 

    • Waleed03

      same here…were u able to get it to work?

      • Llf


  • Mkrajenke

    I still have not gotten my ICS Update. I have been trying since May 21st to download it. I have restarted my Amaze several times, tried both when connected to the network and over WiFi to search and it says no software update found. I am running Android 2.3.4 on the HTC Amaze 4G with Software version 1.43.531.3

    • Jeff D

      Exact same problem here. Same software versions, etc. All I can guess is that they’re somehow limiting the downloads by device ID or some other means.

      • Jeff D

        I just checked again and the update is now available for me! Unfortunately, I’m at work with a lousy data connection and no wifi options so I need to wait until tonight.

    • WhaleFlyer

      I hate that I don’t have the update either it really sucks :/ I wonder if the HTC sensation 4g owners have had related troubles

  • Henry1970

    It’s weird both my wife and I have an Amaze. I did my update on Monday morning and I checked my Wife’s phone and it still say no update available… The only thing I have noticed on mine is that the battery seems to drain quicker….

    • Uncle Pauly

      Really? My battery life has doubled since the update.

    • guest

      Haven’t gotten mine either .

    • HTC Amaze 4G

       My battery life is awesome now. make sure you keep all the apps closed when you don’t use them in the settings menu.. clear the cache..  also depending on how strong or weak your 4g signal is can determine how fast your battery can go. Weaker signal causes the phone to search harder for a strong signal.

  • Blue

    Is anyone else having a problem with the bluetooth connection.  I had to reset the connection to my car once I updated, but it doesn’t stick so I have to re-discover it each time I get in my car and put in the passcode.

    • Wendi Lewis

       I just updated to ics and my phone no longer pairs with my bluetooth device. Tech support said that in addition to turning on bluetooth, I need to navigate to the bluetooth settings in Settings and make the bluetooth visible in order to connect to a device. WTF? Really? Despite taking these steps, my phone doesn’t find my bluetooth device.

  • The Dude

    >Connect to Wi-Fi for fastest download

    Uh… I usually get better performance on 4G than WiFi !!!

    • Nikolai T

      Then your Wi-Fi connection is terrible.

    • FakeEmail

      Yep — the 4G rocks — and wifi uses more battery than 4G in the AnandTech tests

  • None

    It looks like there is only an “OK” button.  What do you select or press if you cannot do the update at the moment (low battery, or need the phone in the next 20 minutes)… what do you do to avoid saying YES right then??

    • Triplemonkee

       press the home button. then the update will stay in the notification bar!

  • superg05

    i wonder can we delete htc things now

  • John Sandoval83

    after doing the update it messed up my text. If someone text me at 5pm it says it text me at 3am. hopefully they ca fix this

  • Jeff D

    I got my update last night. Install went smooth. About 30 minutes total including the download. Some of my notification settings reverted to defaults but other than that I didn’t lose anything. However, it didn’t resolve the bogus “Insufficient Storage” error I get when I try to install most apps. I have 30 installed apps with updates available that I cannot update. Please don’t tell me to reboot and free up space because I reboot at least once per day and I have 180MB of available internal storage. I’ve actually gotten the error when I had about 250MB of available internal storage. I also have 7.38GB available phone storage.

    • oryan_dunn

      I had that error as well.  I’m pretty sure there is a bug in GB that causes the /data partition to fill up, and no matter how many reboots, wipe dalvik cache, move apps to SD card, etc. the memory isn’t freed up.  There’s a thread on the offical tmo forums and one on xda that I’ve posted more detailed info on.

      I ended up unlocking the bootloader after my ICS update, which did a factory reset, and I’ve got tons of free space now. I recommend you do that, but it is a pain backing up and restoring everything.

  • kod

    ewwww who has a amaze lame phone get a galaxy s2 better support 32gd sd card and better

    • Bfastenau

      Trolling today I see. Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.

    • JBLmobileG1

      First off…. its 32gb not 32gd. And the Amaze can and will except a 32gb card. I should know since I use one in mine that is a class 10. As for support… I wouldn’t say Samsung is better than HTC…. but to each his own I guess.

      • Izzzzs


  • guest

    Havent gotten mines yet I’m very anxious does any body know why its been takin so long?

  • 1moreset

    If I want to stay with Gingerbread will the update notification eventually go away?  2.3.4 works very nicely for me.  My friend does not like ICS on their Google S.

  • 1moreset

    If I want to stay with Gingerbread will the update notification eventually go away?  2.3.4 works very nicely for me.  My friend does not like ICS on their Google S.

  • need help

    I checked on the updates on the 22nd. I downloaded using WiFi and 4G. The problem is that it gets stuck after it restarts. It stays in a image of an android figure and an exclamation mark in between a warning triangle…why is this happening?

  • Third_Eye

    While my upgrade was relatively smooth with quircks, the only things I found better is 
    a) Better Antutu scores
    b) Lesser memory at startup as well as when no tasks are there..


    I am missing the Folder creation from the Personalize option. I know we can drag 1 icon over the other in the home screens and create a folder but I would have loved the option to use the personalize menu to create that.
    The Roboto font is a wash for me. In more cases the GB font looked better. Maybe it is a QHd resolution compared to 720P where the former would make a difference?

    Also I am getting something like frequent GBA errors that a dialog box pops us and asks me if I want to tell HTC about it. When I am using TMobile-My Account app . 
    But the most troubling thing has been the browser. 

     a) I am having trouble with pinch 2 zoom (P2Z) working on mobile version of most websites after the update. My wife’s phone I have thankfully not updated so that I could compare.  
    b) Also the new browser takes over the whole screen and so no quick way to access the notification bar.
    c) Pressing the Settings button gives a huge “f”ugly menu list that nearly goes to the top of the screen. 
    d) Adding new windows/tab is horrible in the browser compared to the relative ease of the on with
    e) What is the purpose of “View Desktop Site” in the browser? Unless I go to the website and click the “non-mobile” version, the mobile view is the one it is showing (with P2Z missing)

    Overall it is a letdown after very hight expectations I initally had and till all these are resolved, I would not upgrade my wife’s phone to ICS-Sns3.8

    • Juliocreyes73

      i am also gettings this GBA error after I upgraded to ICS. This is occurring mostly when I am using “gosmspro”.  and the same browser issues you are experiencing.  

      • Third_Eye

        More troubles : 

        Switching off. Heats up faster when using the Media player and playing lot of continuous songs. I was on a road trip during Memorial Day weekend and my Sienna Disc player is awaiting replacement and so had to use my Amaze 4G with ICS to provide the MP3 files to play. 

        It will be playing and all of a sudden switch off. Similarly after my son plays good amount of Angry birds it started happening. The common theme I am finding is that the device is hot and it can even be felt on the screen. 

        Now GBA errors are less common. But now T-Mobile My Account app is always in “Application is loading. Please call #676 for……”. The same time in my GB Am4G I am able to get in the account and go thru the various screens….

  • guest

    still havent gotten mine !! should i go to the tmobile store?

    • Trentthesalesrep

      Just follow the steps posted above.

      • KjalVy

        followed the steps above many times and still do not have it!!!!

        • guest

          me either !!

  • Daswhnsinn

    I’ve had ICS for about a month and a half, This ROM is great and smooth. Could HTC please release the source code for the kernel a complete source code, we need some custom kernels in the wild. 

  • Guest

    Since the update my Amaze force close text and contacts i cant get any of my numbers because it will for close right away .. any advice ?

  • JC

    i updated my amaze yesterday and I am not able to add widgets or shortcuts onto my panels and also i keep getting the white screen with the htc logo every time i close an app.. advice anyone??

    • Edwardspratte

       You have to force restart… it goes away for a couple days

    • Jessica

      I updated 2 days ago, and have the same problems. Also, I can’t post anything on the internet. For example, I found this website on my phone, but couldn’t get my keyboard to come up to make this reply(had to go to the computer). And I can’t post on Facebook before it force closes.

      My question is, did your problems ever clear up?

  • hoodied.hello

    Hey folks, I know this is irrelevant to the Amaze 4G… but I just ran an ICS update for the Sensation 4G earlier this evening. It’s out and About…your phone!

  • Schmidty

    My update went well until I realized that lock screen controls aren’t available. It blows having to unlock the phone to just skip or pause a track on Double Twist. Some of the newer features are good and I like the facial recognition and some of the visible changes, however not too thrilled about disabling lock screen controls. 

  • HugeErection

    My amaze still has not received the update.. wtf?

    • guest

      Mine either

    • Third_Eye

      Don’t sweat. I do not see any advantages. Only problems.

  • Jeff Dick

    I received occasional gmail updates since I upgraded my Amaze but I’m no longer receiving gmail (since 5/27) and my google calendar stopped syncing. I’ve tried manually syncing, turning off/on syncing, multiple battery pulls, and I haven’t been able to get it to sync. Any ideas? 

  • JBLmobileG1

    Is it just me or is anyone else’s radio weaker? It seems like I get less bars in certain places and I have had some occasions where when I try to make a call it doesn’t go through. I like everything about the update except the reception.

  • Flying Whale

    Is it just me or am I the only one that still did not get ics for their htc Amaze 4G.

  • Tcscsk8005

    That makes two of us … Mine won’t update yet either! Htc amaze

  • Brendamtz_88

    Jeff, When you say you didn’t lose anything, did that include your contacts, videos, pictures, notes, etc.? My phone already deleted all my contacts once , soon after I installed ice cream sandwich .

    • Jeff Dick

      Correct, I didn’t lose any contacts, pictures, etc. This solution simply changes a setting to tell apps to install to the external storage location  rather than deciding for itself. I will tell you that several days after I got this to work I ended up doing a factory reset because my gmail and google calendar stopped syncing. Crazy thing is after I reinstalled all of the same apps my internal storage was at 1.8GB free as opposed to the 200MB free I had before. If you end up doing a reset just make sure your contacts are synced with gmail and you won’t lose them. You also shouldn’t lose anything in your SD card (built in or physical micro SD card). I used AppBrain to track and reinstall all of my apps which was amazing (it did it automatically). I also took screen shots of all of my home screens and folders because I’m picky about having my apps/shortcuts a certain way. One thing I didn’t do was look for an app to save settings such as ring tones. That was kind of a pain to set back up again. Good luck whichever route you take.

  • Wient

    No update here also, wtf is up with tmobile?

  • frustrated.irritated.grrrrrr

    Seriously. My phone was working fine with the old version. This one takes SOOO LOOOONG to transition between pages and many times the screen with the phone freezes. What used to be a quick phone is now lagging like a video game on dialup.

    The Issues include:
     Phone sticks on the dial page after hangup and does not hangup all the time
     The HTC screen randomly holds up the phone and although you can swipe the menu from the very top to get past it, a restart does not make the issue go away permanently.
     The back button does not always work
     The menu for google voice takes forever to show up on a call
     Navigation is REALLY slow to load

    This new “update” is worthless and if anyone knows where to downgrade to the old version, please let me know. If I knew, I would never have updated it.

    I have an HTC Amaze

  • Mrtunes

    I can’t add folders anymore with????????

  • riceKRISPYninja

    When I upgraded:

    1.) Everything changed
    2.) Need to adjust quickly – will take a few days
    3.) I ended up liking what I saw

    4.) and then it happened.  Something that was working before does NOT now

    When I plug in my HTC Amaze to PC, select DISK to transfer files from my phone to my PC, my phone does an AUTOMATIC REBOOT!  

    Now I can’t copy my videos and paste them to my PC so I can keep my storage FREE!


    • riceKRISPYninja

      5.) Oh yeah… and calling T-Mobile will only result you in paying to get ANOTHER phone w/o the update or doing a FACTORY RESET!  

      SMH – really?!?
      So you mean to tell me, you send out updates, that if they have BUGS, we’re SCREWED!!!???

  • Rahul

    I so wish I would have seen these comments before installing the update. I somehow came across some info about amaze getting ICS update and was shocked being as though I was never informed nor have I ever seen any notifications about an update being available. Filled with excitement I quickly get my phone and go to check for updates, and alas! There it is, ICS update! All seemed to be well until I found out that no one can hear me talk!!!!! My first phone call was right after the reboot and phone was still loading, which led me to assume that they probably didn’t hear me due to the fact that the new software is still loading. Had a second call but it was from a blocked number so when I kept saying hello, I just assumed they were being shady and just hung up. It appears that I was still thinking about it subconsciously so I decided to find out for sure by opening the voice recorder and trying to save some voice notes. When I replay them, all I hear is static and whatever I was saying was not being recorded apparently. This treachery is unacceptable!!!

  • Guest

    This is the worst thing to happen to my phone. DO NOT UPDATE!!!!! My twitter app doesn’t work, nor does my instagram, messages, or facebook. Everything looks weird and cheap, as if I downloaded some kind of virus. The new fonts make it look like garbage. Going to tmobile store tomorrow to see about undoing this problem.

  • Kevin Segura

    I hate the new version,  the screen looks so cheap.. like really ugly ! im so pissed off.. i wish i knew … i hate it ! the old version was working right, the pictures and everything was really bright and clear. and now pictures look so dull and like.. idk..

    • kevin segura

      If somebody knows how to get back to the old version, cause i reset my phone but still the same, if somebody know how to get back to the old version please tell me, i would really appreciate it

      • Robert

        yea i updated when i shouldn’t have. I HATE THIS NEW INTERFACE I LIKE THE OLD VERSION WHERE PERSONALIZE ON THE LEFT, PHONE IN THE MIDDLE AND SEARCH ON THE RIGHT. IF THERE IS A WAY TO REINSTALL THE OLDER SOFTWARE PLEASE EMAIL ME RACPLAYER1@AOL.COM. if i wanna call someone on the older version BAMM just hit the phone button NOW i have to SEARCH this icon of a phone. THUMBS DOWN for this new version.

  • Yourmom

    This ICS upgrate is great. I like the new design and haven’t had any problems with my phone. I really like the new apps too. This couldn’t be better. I read about it coming and it is funny everybody freaked out when it wasn’t there. They stated in the news that it wouldn’t happen for everybody at once. I just waited for it to tell me and it’s a dream come true!

  • Jakale Pinkney

    Is anybody else amaze not updating ?

  • O.K. Wong

    I just completed ICS upgrade, it’s horrible. I can’t connect to Wi-Fi at all. I do want to know how I can go back to the old version?

  • 12amrdr

    Mms wont work with new update. So glad i have a 600 $ piece of shit

  • Another guest

    Perfect update if you want to have a useless shit… 

  • suman

    Mine HTC got bricked due to this update… Though i successfully unbricked it using the method in this post

  • sri

    no i m not getting the update it was saying that there is no update for this phone

  • Sam

    It is not showing me upgrade option ? Is there any other way ?

  • Hamza Khalid

    It’s not giving any updates… saying there is no updates……… help plzzzz
    contact 03365405688

    • Fawad

      You cannot update it via phone updater you will have to root/unlock your htc from htcdev and than download some custom roms searching via Google