T-Mobile TestDrive Website Now Live And Ready For Your —- Test Drive

Update: Perhaps calling this a “cop-out” was a little too strange of language, but I stand by my assertion that this is wrong and that T-Mobile should test 4G against 4G or not at all. I hope T-Mobile recognizes that their strength lies in comparable speeds, but really shakes things up when it comes to value. 

T-Mobile’s TestDrive website is now live and I will say at first glance, I’m disappointed. I’ll just get right to it — T-Mobile, I’m really puzzled by this. The idea that you claim “America’s largest 4G network” and design a new commercial campaign around speed and then compare your “4G” network against “3G” smartphones is a questionable act. Speed should no longer be the focus of T-Mobile’s marketing campaign, Value and Technology should. Speed should be a secondary thought. If you can’t win on speed, highlight where you can, Value, Value, Value.

I get it, why did I expect them to compare their service against LTE? Honestly, why should I expect a company introducing a brand new marketing campaign focused on speed to compare it to the fastest phones on other networks?

Here’s an idea T-Mobile, drop the Carly commercial campaign and run these TestDrive spots. That’s where you’ll win customers over, the customers who care about speed but don’t know the difference between LTE and HSPA+ and instead value “value.” This is what they should have teased this morning and aired this evening. People have to go to the website, but they are already sitting in front of the television, reading the paper or listening to the radio — so T-Mobile, I beg of you, play these ads (without LTE comparisons if you must) as your new marketing campaign.

In any case, the website is live and the link is below. Two fun facts before we go, first, T-Mobile compares the pricing using Classic plans and not Value plans…THANKFULLY! Second, an iPad version of the site is coming, awesome.

T-Mobile TestDrive

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  • AndrewSingleton

    that website is kindof a joke. i’m all for tmobile and i’m not planning on leaving but like… verizon is better, sorry.

    • UMA_Fan

      It all depends on your definition of ‘better’.  If your definition of better is that you get reception in the middle of a cornfield on Verizon that’s great.  But for me, it’s an event if I ever go to a cornfield and I would be an idiot to spend an additional $1,000 over the course of my contract just to get reception in rural america -the ONLY thing verizon is good for.

      This is ESPECIALLY true since T-Mobile has speedy internet in more places in the US than Verizon.  That’s what’s important to ME.

  • BigMixxx

    Dammit T mobile…and you use the iphone…..
    Blows any chance of you seeing the device on your network.

    cool concept, plain and simple to understand, but why iPhone.  This could have been sooo much better….

    • Derp

      Given the shape DT is in, and that they’re sucking HUGE profits out of the US to prop up their failing business.. DT would never pay what Apple now wants for the iPhone to be on T-Mobile anyway.


      • TBN27

        But they have the iPhone on T-Mobile in Europe.

    • StrongArm

      Haha, you think Apple cares? If TMO pays them for the device then TMO will get the iPhone. You’re silly in thinking this Ad will be the deal breaker. Come-on! 

      Using that messed up logic TMO should therefore make Ads that proclaim the iPhone as the coolest, best, must have device. Then Apple will say, “Booyakasha! T-Mobile you will now get the iPhone for showing us some Respek! High Five!!!”

      • BigMixxx

        in any and all cases, the comparison is just plain wrong.  speed never changes on the iPhone, cost never changes between t mobile and the other carriers, not even a little.  The speech is the same across the board. 

        There is no logic. Just like the ad.
        It is not showing t mobile’s advantage…it only shows speed.  I would be highly surprised if that attracted people in the store.  Then you show a device that — basically you have stopped selling.

        Yes, it is speaking directly against the iPhone, it’s still on all national carriers except T mobile.  Show the value of the iPhone on T mobile’s network, to catch defections.  Show the same clicks on T mobile Vs. the other carriers.  The other carriers don’t even bash the iPhone, but T mobile does? there is no logic there.

        FASTEST network does not get customers.  
        Here is the common questions they the commercial did not address:

        1) Can I get — Can I get the same on your network as I get on this one
        2) Can you do — Can I do X on this phone ‘like the iPhone does’ <– yes it does
        3) Does it work — Does it work over here…We don't know
        4) It's how much — T mobile is cheaper…Yes but oddly enough the prices for the other networks are the same…
        5) What about my accessories — where is my car charger, how can hook this to my radio…

        This is just not a good look for T mobile….

        • StrongArm

          Honestly you missed the point of the testdrive site. And I was just reassuring you that money will get T-Mobile the device. Apple will not care about these comparisons, since you seemed worried about the implication of these tests.

        • BigMixxx

          @54d1e539bda4dfcb0b0ef1dd3b656301:disqus I must have.  I just don’t get it……I don’t like the bit….but ATT would do it too

    • UMA_Fan

      At this point, is anyone who REALLY wants an iPhone still on T-Mobile?  I would hope with the almost million customers they lost last quarter everyone who wanted an iPhone got one already.  iPhone defections can only go SO far.  No doubt it will still happen, but I doubt that will be the leading reason people cancel T-Mobile service from here on out.

      That website REALLY opens people’s eyes, something we’ve been asking T-Mobile to do since forever.  A customer who cancels T-Mobile to pay more for a Verizon iPhone usually has NO IDEA of what was demonstrated in the T-Mobile GSII vs Verizon iPhone video.

      • perfectalpha

        It comes down to phone experience. Guess what’s the lowest exchanged phone on the market? The iPhone (less than half than android devices). Guess what phone has BY FAR the highest customer satisfaction? It’s the iPhone.

        I’m not saying the android phones are crap cause they’re not, but for users the best experience is going to be found on the iPhone.

        Users are tired of dealing with issues, waiting weeks for updates for crashing/freezing.

        • Wex

          Mine has been crap…Daily freezing, mysterious failures, tons of app glitches due to fragmentation, sms failures, Google Play/Music problems..and a lot of incompetent + rude Tmo employees in the last year. iphone jyst works..every week i read a tech review from someone whos given up on android…most friends have iphone & love it & cant wait to get new ones..and most importantly, Apple supports & stands behind their products..not my experience with todays Tmo + Samsung…Sad cuz Ive had Tmo since Ive owned a cell but cant take them anymore..Want to use + enjoy my phone..not troubleshoot a new problem every week

        • nyuhsuk

          I can’t disagree with this post for some reason.  I always find myself saying,”Your average user is not proficient enough to handle the robustness of Android but the iPhone just dumbs it down enough so it works fluidly. That’s why the iPhone is so popular.”

          Secondly, I think the carriers have less power or if I can recall, no ability to add bloatware to their versions of the iPhone.  I think the bloatware that’s added to Android phones destroys the user experience for a lot of people.  The SGSII is riddled with copious amounts of bloatware that f-ing don’t go away unless you friggin’ root the phone and remove it from the heart of the phone.

  • James

    No Offense but Fail!!
    LOL! Yeah, I went to the site, it shows T-mobile “4G” phones dowloading against iPhone on VZ, so to people who are familiar with phones, we see that t-mobile is not comparing their “4G” speed to Verizon’s LTE, because iphone is not yet LTE.

    • Reality

      ..but thats just it. Most consumers are NOT familiar with phones. Which is, honestly, why the iPhone can be a polished turd but still do so well with marketing. T-Mobile has avoided playing the mud slinging game as much as the other competitors, but the average consumer doesnt care who plays nice. They care about who can make a bigger show of it. The site is disappointing, and leaves much to be desired, but it is a start. 

      • perfectalpha

        Except the iPhone isn’t a polished turd. The 4s is literally my favorite phone I’ve owned in the last two years.

        Also, tmobile has a ton of iPhone users on their network sacrificing data speeds for what in my opinion is the most rock solid phone os on the market.

      • James

        But you have to understand, people who shop for iphones shop for iphones, they do not go to techie Test Drive Websites. T-mobile tried these commercials befor the AT&T thing showing the iphone against the mytouch 4g. Didn’t help too much. I mean, its a good idea to showcase what t-mobile has, but comparing the best digital watch to a rolex isn’t realistic, and many peopel see iphone as a fashion item, status item, or are not desperate for the fastest service. They may do better making a fashion statement style advertisment against the iphone, but for customers who are interested in speed, I think most know that iphone is slower than 4g and lte devices.   

        • Littlesis1774

           Haven’t they been advertising against the iphone all year last year?  Look what they got in the end they lost over 800,000 customers granted most it probably due to AT&T deal but Humm been basically been blaming it on iphone for T-mobile loss in consumers.

      • Wex

        People dont care that one phone is slightly faster than another…

  • Bleacherbums1

    What the $#@% is going here …seriously

  • Jaygqitalia

    I mean I found it funny how they basically said the same thing with each provider. Can you not at least switch the videos on the phone or words just a lil bit

  • http://twitter.com/iansltx Ian Littman

    I’m of a similar opinion. The ads aired on TV seemed like 70% T-Mobiile, 30% GoDaddy :p

    Also, comparing an HSPA+ 42 T-Mobile device to something that tops out at 14.4 Mbps on one network and 3.1 on others (in theory) is underhanded when you’re talking about speed. Especially when comparing versus Verizon, who has nearly as much coverage with their LTE as T-Mobile does with their HSPA+.

    Don’t get me wrong. I have, use and enjoy T-Mobile’s data service (on the Rocket 3.0 I get lower latency than I’ve ever seen on my Sprint Epic 4G or my Verizon LTE iPad). But comparing apples to oranges (or, in this case, Apples to Androids…shows how much the iPhone needs that LTE upgrade) is just asking for counter-attack ads by Verizon at least.

    • Wex

      & everyone knows iphone will be lte by years end…then what will Tmo say? Ive never heard an iphone user complain @ speed (except on Sprint)

  • Jaygqitalia

    Why doesnt T-Mobile just come out with a cool commerical that says ” While your paying 120 or 130 a month on verizon or att , you can get unlimited everything for 79.99 at tmobile, and look, were even FASTER then those guys.

    • Derp

      I wouldn’t be too surprised to start seeing ads like that.  Prior to the merger attempt, T-Mobile was starting a campaign EXACTLY LIKE THAT.

    • Tayshaun

      I think they tried that campaign, and it back fired a little bit. You can only brand yourself as the “value” player for so long before you become the “cheap” carrier. A subtle but important distinction

    • Wex

      Value message..they dont even have to be faster..but same or close to..Say things like we wont charge u $10-20 for unlimited texting…we wont charge you for overages…

  • Orange144

    One of T-Mobile’s biggest ache’s is customers leaving for the iPhone. This marketing campaign attacks that. Most customers aren’t aware that the iPhone only gets 3g type speeds on their respective network. I think the whole campaign is great.  

    • Bratty

      I dont think people actually care about speeds as much as TMo thinks they do.

    • MacRat

      Very true.

      They should a “bring your unlocked iPhone to T-Mobile” ad.

    • MarcusDW

      So people should stay with T-Mobile and buy a T-Mobile iPhone?  I mean if they are leaving for the iPhone then they are leaving for the iPhone itself and not how fast it can DL Netflix videos.  

      Or are people like “I’m going to carrier X because I want 4G and the iPhone”?

  • Tayshaun

    I think we need to get used to seeing a more aggressive and not always fair T-Mobile. They’re beginning to act more and more like their bigger rivals everyday. I mean, just a week or two ago Verizon released it’s add challenging users to speed tests against their LTE network, but they never made sure it was a 4G phone they were comparing. I just don’t think T-Mobile is about to take those attacks lying down. Not anymore, at least

    • UMA_Fan

      This is so true and not to mention Verizon compared THEIR LTE network to almost two year old HSPA+ 14mbps phones like the G2 instead of more recent HSPA+ 42 phones which would have been on par.

  • StrongArm

    Did you miss the obvious? Its clearly a tmo top of the line devices vs iphone. Good idea, since the iphone is the single biggest difference between all the major carriers and tmo. Its not a cop-out at all. It highlights what consumers are getting in terms of – speed should they go the iphone route, and – what it costs in terms of plans. Thats pretty important to point out. Lots of us want the iPhone and that website highlights the trade-off. Its not a subtle iphone vs tmo comparison, its pretty clear. Whats the point of of comparing the same or more similar devices? Then you are strictly comparing speeds David, which you yourself said tmo should not do. Well, that’s kinda what you are asking for in your note. This is a pretty good idea here. Not sure how this will translate as a TV commercial so an website is a good way from my take. Its a less passive medium. What the point of spending money on an Ad that people may ignore or forward in the age of DVRs?  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AWWIKW6MNPUHOC4OVSHWUDWAHM Fabio

    I have to say, these commercial campaign seem to have the right vibe but it is missing components. I feel like it is incomplete, when they compare against rival carriers, all the videos seem to say the same thing and use the same phone. It’s just blaaah… I don’t feel that much effort went into this!

    Furthermore, T-Mobile is aggressively going after the iPhone customers. This is obviously a campaign against the iPhone and I must say that instead of bashing the popular handset, I think they need to focus on landing a deal with Apple so that T-Mobile can carry the iPhone officially.

    Verizon did campaign against the iPhone before they landed a deal with Apple with their “iDon’t” ads. Maybe this is T-Mobile’s way of getting Apple’s attention and at the same time trying to nab customers from it’s competitors.

    • ctkatz

      i think it is quite clear at this point in time that t-mobile is not going to (aggressively) go after the iphone.  and you know what?  good on them.  if these rumors are true, that carriers are barely making money (if any) because of these extravagant deals in favor of apple then t-mobile shouldn’t go after the iphone directly.  i think what they are doing giving the iphone 3g with refarmed spectrum is perfect.  they gain all the benefit of users having the iphone with the added side effect of having better rate plans than the other carriers with zero burden of paying all of that to apple.

      this is not me saying that i don’t want the iphone on t-mobile.  i do (even though i will never get one).  what i am saying is that if t-mobile gets an agreement with apple to carry the iphone then it needs to be equitable to both sides.

  • ghostnexus

    Comparing 4G to 3G is pointless the iPhone isn’t 3G

    • StrongArm

      What is the iPhone then, 5G?

      • Wilma Flintstone

        You should know it’s 4S.  That new speed rating thats all the rage.

        • StrongArm

          Good one. Hahaha

    • Bass2low1

      I’m sorry to remind you that the iPhone is 3shit. It seems that everyone that post on here is always ‘jocking’ the iPhone. Your brainwashed into believing that apple is going to give you what you want. Upgrade after upgrade, that’s where you are!

  • Toni_g817

    When will tmobile get something like the galaxy note!!!??????

    • Wilma Flintstone

       THIS!!! My GOODNESS THIS!!!!  Tmobile get the Note!!!

      • Toni_g817

        I wish the would!!!!

        • Wilma Flintstone

           Agreed 100%!!  TMO Instead of doing this campaign, Use that money to GET THE NOTE!!!!!!!!

  • mearsfan07

    T-Mobile already tried competing on Value and that didn’t work… besides when you resort to competing just on price, you come across as cheap and low rent… It’s like the difference in Wal-Mart and Target’s advertising, they both have basically the same prices, but you couldn’t tell that from the way Target advertises.  With them you get a sense of coolness/design awarness/style that Wal-Mart lacks.
    So T-Mobile should go all in with the Speed comparisons, that is all consumers care about(that and the iPhone)… Fast, Fast, Fast.. and if you happen to get it a good price/value, then that is just a plus.

  • ghostnexus

    When I downloaded Fruit Ninja it takes about 2 seconds on LTE so sad T-Mobile

    • Taron19119

      it’s not about lte it’s about t mobiles top phones versus the iphone

    • LOL

      Your fullofshit… But okay it took me half that time at home on wifi whats your point troll?

    • http://twitter.com/Serotheo Simon Yu

      LTE is nowhere near that fast. I have WiFi at home that has faster download speeds than LTE and I can’t even download Fruit Ninja in 2 seconds, 5-8 maybe, but not 2 LOL.

  • UMA_Fan

    Wow, I’m impressed when you go to that test drive website and you see a Galaxy S II against the Verizon iPhone… THAT’S what needs to be on tv.   Are they allowed to put that up on TV considering they are showing an iPhone without Apple permission?

  • Juan

    I just switched from Tmo to VZ… i miss my Tmo bill but I dont miss my phone not working at home or work. I live in Phx and w/Tmo I had to connect to WiFi @ home and at work I was always stuck in 2G. I need my phone to work at the places im at most… and with VZ it does. Plus Tmobiles 4G is kinda deceptive as it is… sure you might be on a 4G network but that doesnt mean your getting 4G speeds.

    • Jaygqitalia

      I always use my wifi at home. You say that as if its a big deal that your phone has to automatically connect to wifi when you walk in the door. Id call that a breeze and easier on me. Same with at work if you used that wifi, but I hear you. 

  • Taron19119

    what is they going to do when the iphone is 4 g what is they going to compare their phones to next

  • http://www.BriefEpisode.com/ Gib Wallis

    This didn’t bother me at all. Comparing the iPhone, which doesn’t have good speeds to T-mobile’s high end Android handsets, which do, is perfectly fine. And then they end with how much cheaper it is.
    Of course, the plans they are using are about $10 more a month than I pay because I have unlimited with 2GB and full speed, but I’m sporting the GSM Galaxy Nexus in white, which has HSPA+ speeds, which aren’t all that fast.

  • JasonfromPA

    yeah, speed is totally irrelevant; I live just outside Harrisburg, PA and don’t get 4G yet….one reason why my wife won’t switch over; frustrating!

  • josephades

    Looks like T-Mobile was way too scared to compare these texts with LTE and Wimax. I would love to see how such a speed comparison would turn out.

  • ChadBroChillz

    Big let down from a tech enthusiast perspective. You compare the GS2 on tmobile( which is a 42Mbps device) to a device is not a 4g device. sprint/verizon have a max of 3.1 and att has a max of 14.4. I would have liked to see the droid razr maxx or gs2 or galaxy note go up against tmobiles gs2, but then again, tmobile might not have won those battles. 

    From an average consumer standpoint, it could be good. iPhone is king, and since tmobile cannot afford to join them, they might as well try and beat them. I doubt it will have a huge effect, since every carrier has their own gs2( verizon has the nexus, which is similar), so if said potential customer was thinking about the phone, they would probably go to their carrier.  

    I agree dave, that these testdrive spots would be better ads, than the carly teaser bs they put out today, but I think a smarter plan would be put these testdrive in real world situations.

  • Moneyman

    They dont have the edge of a sidekick, g1 and myfaves anymore. Theyre not unique from anyone else. Their trademark phones are mid-range and they rely on htc and samsung to provide their high-end models that everyone else has already. Their only advantage is price when comparing that to a 4g service. Until they get a phone thats exclusive or come up with something unique, their subscriber base will decrease or be at a standstill.

    • moneyman

      Sprint only edge is unlimited data on a garbage 4g network but they dont advertise their own speeds anymore either. Why would you market a shortcoming? Verizon doesnt market their plans why would tmobile compare their speeds? Its an iphone comparison. Even if ppl did have a galaxy 2 option on att or verizon they could possibly be satisfied at a lower price. Iphone users will never jump ship as long as apple is the top wanted product.

  • josephades

    That article wasn’t tested by T-Mobile. PC World tested. My point was, I love it how T-Mobile themselves decided to compare the speeds with other 3G networks and not their competitors’ ‘4G’ technologies.

    • StrongArm

      Add yourself to the list of people that are missing the point of the testdrive site (seems like a minority of people just don’t get the comparison).  To quote someone that gets it:

      “sprint only ‘edge’ is unlimited data on a garbage 4g network but they dont advertise their own speeds anymore either. Why would you market a shortcoming? Verizon [or ATT] doesn’t market their plans why would tmobile compare their speeds? Its an iphone comparison. Even if ppl did have a galaxy 2 option on att or verizon they could possibly be satisfied at a lower price…”

      Its not so complicated. Anyway, its even more silly that you don’t think a 3rd party running a test, that you so long and would “love to see” does, but somehow you don’t see it as credible. WTF? ahhh, your thinking is a bit off mate… I can’t help you with that. I’m out

  • Get_at_Me

    Im perfectly fine with tmo comparing its 42mbps superphones with the iphone on other carriers. Verizon did the same thing before they got the iphone (altho their message centered around device features rather than speed)….why cant tmo? Sure….its not “fair” to compare a 42 device to a 14, but when the slower device is the iphone, its ok…the popularity of the iphone trumps its speed limitation imo. You cant expect tmo to put its hspa devices up against anything lte…..that doesnt make sense when youre trying to convey a “we are faster than the other guys” message.

    • moneyman

      A speed test on lte right now is unfair anyway. Their 4g network is almost fully expanded no lte network is fully expanded with many users.

      • Get_at_Me

        good point….Why would a carrier bring attention to anything that makes them look equal to or inferior to competitor???  its not tmobiles fault that the iphone isnt lte or hspa+ capable on other networks.  Also, the iphone is the one big device that they lack.  They have to attack it!!!!

      • Jarrod

        Not where I live Verizon is already slowing down XD!!!!

        • moneyman

          Exactly. Once they get their lte subscribers they will slow down. Why would tmobile compare a small lte market with their fully expanded hspa market? Thats stupid in itself. Tmobile marketing cant be that stupid. They are marketing their plans with 4g speeds. Nothing stupid about that. Like i said, verizon doesnt advertise their bills….i wonder why lol

  • http://cosmicbreeze.tumblr.com/ DtheArtist

    Lame. It was honestly Android vs. iPhone. I guess since T-Mobile thinks & kinda knows that most people love the iPhone, they feel that, if they can take down one of the most popular smartphones that people have, people will instantly get that their Android devices were better. I expected T-Mobile to at least compare their 4G network to AT&T’s HSPA network, & Sprint’s WiMax network, come on now….

  • Inaudy69

    listen tmobile in my sensation is more than fine fast no problem and the hell with others keep on trucking baby bring on the htc one s

  • Wex

    Once again Tmo Marketing Dept Should be FIRED!!! Keep watching this company self destruct…Brag @4G speeds and yet numerous handsets seem to have a defect where customers get sms failures on 4g & the ‘fix’ from tech support is to switch to 2G whenever u send a text. Crazy. Decide in a message..quality at value price..customers dont care if a page loads a few seconds slower; they want quality reliable service at a fair price with good custserv..

    • Rudy Belova

       weird, i’ve never had that issue. And if i did, i would just flash a different rom and solve it myself. Gotta love android!

      • Wex

        Not everyone is a techie and I don’t think its too much to ask from a company that is bragging about its 4G network for users to be able to send a simple text message..If you can’t do that, you’re not going to even bother with data speeds.  Take a look at the Tmobile website…this is an issue affecting various phones…I don’t know if its a software issue, a Samsung handset issue, a network issue but I do know its unacceptable. The official TForce response is to switch your handset to 2G if you get an SMS failure.

  • Gouv

    So t-mobile hasn’t veered that far away from their traditional welfare wireless mentality.  This was basically android vs iPhone ad which doesn’t differ from what they’ve done in the past.  I was expecting more, honestly i was.  I was expecting a real network test and comparison kind of how that vzw speed test video did that pissed everyone off here.  Why are they still indirectly attacking the iPhone by clearly picturing it on another network like this?  It just makes them look less appealing to customers whom might want the iPhone to begin with!  Just when I thought these guys had the right idea, they go and revert back to the welfare wireless mentality they’ve adapted  over the past few years….  This web site isn’t going to make many people want to join tmobile for the reasons tmobile wants them to. I just hope this expands a bit more to show how they might actually have a competitive edge instead of them attempting to attack the one device that they blame most of their failures on…  You can do better tmo!! you really can!!

  • Wex

    & theyll laugh at ur comparing 4g to 3g cuz to laymen, it seems apple to oranges. Are u competing vs ATt, verizon or boost & metropcs…PLEASE DECIDE

  • Csweeney

    Seriously?  They compare a 4G phone of theirs to the iPhone on Verizon and Sprint which is only 3G. That is like comparing a Mustang to a KIA give me a break T-Mobile.

    • Rudy Belova

       To many people, the lack of 4g is not an issue. “I mean, seriously. It’s the iphone!” and now that at&t is labeling their iphone 4g, It’s even more fair to compare an “at&t 4g iphone” to a t-mobile 4g android.

      • Csweeney

        Still the iPhone doesn’t support the speeds of the TMO phone in the test.  Not to mention I think its stupid to bash the phone you are re-farming your network to support.  It’s like saying stay where you are because when you come to T-Mobile your iPhone will still be slow.

        • Giraffe

          If you want a faster phone, come to T-Mobile now.  If you want a less expensive plan, come to T-Mobile after the refarm.  Seems a fair strategy to me.

  • BCT

    Here’s an idea…

    Instead of meaningless speed comparisons, give the people what they want: the iPhone. t mobile doesn’t need it, ATT has given it to them.

    Marketing goes like this: bring your ATT iPhone to tmob and the first month
    is on us. If you don’t like it, no problem and no cost. If you do, monthly cost is only $xx.xx (value plan pricing). Compare that against your current ATT costs. Poaching the ATT iphone is where its at. people want the iPhone… Speed is, at the most, secondary.

    • Get_at_Me


      • Frigadroid

        Sure it is, because it’s the same Frigamister idea recycled that I pitched months ago! Any way it should be no surprise that t-blowbile yet again fails to impress with their ignorant marketing plans. I could come up with a more effective plan (with an even lower budget than now) in my sleep.

    • Giraffe

      That’s a lot of free months of service, and they don’t have the refarm done yet.  After the refarm lets those ATT iPhones work on the network, maybe.

      I’m also curious how many iPhones on T-Mobile even use data.  Not obligated to the data since not purchasing the phone through the carrier, and really, people see it as an image thing…

  • Jarrod

    I agree they were testing phones off of AT&T and tmobile and they weren’t phone for the highest bandwidth capability so it’s kinda a taste of their own medicine but it still rubs the the wrong way, where I live tmobile will easily beat verizon I did a test on my brothers LTE Verizon phone and he only hit 8 and then my freind with the galaxy nexus ht 7 but my neighbors gs2 hit 9mbps so once Verizon’s network does get loaded they are screwed.

  • MarcusDW

    T-Mobile you are absurd.   You cannot compare your fastest phones to phones that are NOT those carriers fastest (LTE) devices.

    I just lost a lot of respect for your marketing team…

    • Csweeney

      Let’s compare PING times and upload speeds as well to be totally fair.

    • LOL

      You cannot? Huh? They just did. You just don’t get what they are actually comparing. Damn people are so dense… including this nugget. 

      p.s. I don’t think they care if you respect them or not.. #justsaying #gtfoh #youiswho

      • MarcusDW

        “Who can stream Netflix faster? GS2 or this carriers iPhone? Two different phones/networks”

        They are once again going head to head with the iPhone and how slow it is. I know what they are comparing and they are continuing on with the wrong message just like their old commercials did.

        On one hand they are putting down the iPhone and on the other hand they are putting down the carriers network speed improperly by competing against the obviously slower device.

        Tell me, why would one of the MANY Android fans on other carriers care about the iPhone getting smoked and how would that persuade them to buy a T-Mobile Android phone when they can currently buy a super fast LTE one on their network??

        • Giraffe

          When it’s the biggest device people use on the carrier, it’s important to know its limitations.  There are a LOT of people who think the iPhone is the fastest phone, and a lot of carriers that put down Android because iPhone is an easier sell.  I remember going to an AT&T store and despite having a solid Android portfolio with 14mbps devices available at the time, they recommended my friend get the iPhone (before the 4S came out). She wanted to use the device for tethering, and now she’s being capped by the capabilities of her old phone.

          It’s all about perception.  And T-Mobile needs to change the perception about the iPhone being the fastest phone for their products to stay afloat.

        • MarcusDW

          I honestly don’t know anyone who has thought of the iPhone as a fast or 4G device. They all just know that it just works and does everything they need with a gazillion apps.

        • LOL

          You need to get out more. A lot of people think the iPhone is for 4G. You probably don’t own an iPhone so you’re just making stuff up as you go. Using common sense, how fast do you think an average consumer thinks an iPhone 4S is if an ATT iPhone has a 4G icon on its status bar? I must emphasize, how fast do you THINK it is, not how fast is it actually…. Geez, people even thought the iPhone 4 was 4G simply bc it had a 4 in its name. #comeonnow #keepitrealorGTFOH  

        • MarcusDW

          I’m sorry but 95% of my smartphone owning friends and family own an Android.

        • Giraffe

          You continue to prove that you are not the norm of the world.  Your anecdotal evidence that “noone gets the iPhone because it’s fast” is failing pretty hard now :-)

        • LOL

          Simple. If you are an Android fan. Get whatever device you want. If T-Mobile doesn’t carry it as subsidized phone, even better for you because you can bring your own device and take full advantage of TMO’s value plans. The savings will pay for the phone and you can upgrade your device as much as your financial means will permit.
           As for speed, come on, you have to be kidding me. Speed difference is marginal at 4G rates (Wimax apparently still sucks though). If history is any indicator, T-Mobile will be smarter than Verizon and ATT with their deployment of LTE. Not to mention T-Mobile 3.5G speeds are awesome. Sure it took a little longer to get 3G out, but is spending $25-$45 more per month really worth jumping on the LTE bandwagon a year ahead? Do the math! Those new devices suffer from many issues too, so by the time T-Mobile gets it LTE network rolling devices will be better at handling 4G requirements like battery life, network speed and connectivity, to name a few.Anyway, the whole point of the campaign was to highlight the sacrifices an aspiraring iPhone consumer will have to make. It has nothing to do with our network is better or faster. All of you get a clue. You are can not seeing the forest for the trees. Think a little!   

        • Mark

          What do you mean by “T-Mobile will be smarter than Verizon and ATT with their deployment of LTE”?

          Still waiting for ANY HSPA+ where I live….

      • James

        I do see what t-mobile is doing here, but will this target the right audience? Think about it. If it were a nationwide commercial then Yes. But how many peopel who are not into Highspeed phones, who would not see the camparison here flawed, will actually seek out this website? If I care about speed, I have already researched it online at many sites. If I do not, why will I now? T-mobile is trageting a group that typically will not seek out this site, and those that do, like many commentors here, will be dissapointed by the lack of a true 4G vs 4G comparison.

  • Wex

    Reading comments makes me laugh re iphone which Im now leaning towards this Fall. On one hand, Tmo makes fun & says ifone is bad yet on the other, it promotes its spectrum will be compatible with unlocked iphones. Done with Tmo & buggy phones & crappy customer service..Let the churn continue MrHumm

  • Guest

    Not bad TMO… I just want to say this magenta and black looks great compared to your usual bright, Dollar Tree-like appearance.. Maybe you should consider making this a widespread thing. (And consider changing your logo font, as well.

    Either way, thanks for offering me a decent plan without a contract or subsidy… I’d much rather buy a smartphone outright and save on the plan each month.

  • Dave Macias

    WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY T-MOBILE?? STOP attacking the iPhone once and for all, this will not get your customers!!! how about you do your test drive against the Nexus S from Sprint, the Galaxy Note from at&t and the droid razr from Verizon?? now wouldn’t that be a fair test drive and something simulated can’t count as a test drive, have real people with their carrier test their devices and data speed with yours!!! , im disappointed……..might as well just drop the whole thing and continue what you have beed doing lately getting the left overs from the market….

  • Whylee77

    The only thing T-Mobile doesnt have is the iPhone.   I mean actually its a fair comparison on AT&T… Shouldnt that be connected to AT&Ts HSPA+ network?   I really cant wait for T-Mobile to have an LTE network and a superfast HSPA+ network.  That is when they should be really bragging about their network. Since they have LTE 10 and so far HSPA 42… That is when they should start bragging about their network.   I have a friend leaving T-Mobile because she is just having problems with their phone. I think she is foolish and just wait…..   I also wish T-Mobile would just merge with US Cellular.  They have a current LTE network and US Cellular has great customer service and a large rural following

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Tmo, Note, Tizen Phone, Me Want.  Tmo, Attacking IPhone, Me No Care at all…  This Money can be better spent getting phones…

  • Doe

    The sad part about this is that T-Mobile is still trying to PUSH the value plan on people, and they don’t really understand what they are getting into. So when the two years come up and ppl are ready to “Upgrade” and they don’t offer this plan anymore, because lets face it “It Sucks!”, theses people will be very upset. They whole concept behind the value plan is for it to save the customer money, but everything adds up to be the same price on the Value plan or Classic Plan if you get one of the best phones. #Over it

    • MarcusDW

      Is TMO at all informing people that those buy/bring your own phone Value plans are aimed at people who plan on keeping their phone past two years??

      I really wish I wasn’t a phone junkie because I would be all over a Value plan with an old phone and save like $20/mo.

  • maj

    Drop Carley, unless she is going to do something else beside stand there and look Average, then she can go back to Canada. Hell make her different phones again, at least she was talking about what T-Mobile has.

  • Giraffe

    Comparing using Classic vs value – Even playing field, no bait-and-switch on the ads.  Perfect.  When a customer comes in the store, they can talk about value and decide if it’s a better offer, instead of it always looking like they are getting cheated out of their $50 rate plan.

    Advertisement itself?  T-Mobile is rebuilding their name, so they need to show something different.  They could have very well switched out Carly for a different advertising strategy, but people have become used to her, and she pulls off the new attitude really well.

    The only question in my mind is, can I see her pulling off some Tron action on that Ducati any time soon?

  • Herb

    T-Mobile internals say the pricing is based on Value plans with $20 monthly installment payments, which just happens to be the same cost as a Classic plan.

  • Herb

    I tried streaming the same exact Netflix video on my Tmo GSII at the same time as the video. It did not finish buffering until after the video ended. I’m in HSPA+ 42 area, too.

  • Lu

    listen, it’s a start…before it seemed T-Mobile wanted to only compete with Metro PCS, now it’s gonna take time for them to rebuild there image and to the mainstream consumer, they don’t care about Droid phones on Verizon, everything is iPhone.  T-Mobile hasn’t lost customers because of Android, they have lost it because of the iPhone.  Now with the phones that we do have, why not promote it as a better phone? Apple’s all about marketing, when I see a commercial for the 4S with Siri, I know it does not work that good…when I see a McDonalds commercial and they show a Big Mac, it looks perfect…but when you get 1, it’s sloppy.  Point is, companies exaggerate.  Can’t really say T-Mobile is lying…to not acknowledge LTE is fine because most people have no idea what LTE even is so why compare it? I run a T-Mobile store, we put up some new posters in the window today saying “WE ARE AMERICAS LARGEST 4G NETWORK”…nothing else, nothing more…no Carly, no stupid posters advertising Netflix more than the phone or service itself…the point is to put it in your head that a T-Mobile is here to make an impact, and that’s exactly what they need to do, no matter what because there’s not much room left for mistakes so might as well go all out.  

    • Surfside

      Funny in Atlanta, I see the new Tmobile stores being built in the inner city/lower socio-economic areas next to the MetroPCS and Boost Stores…so I think part of the problem is Tmobile doesnt know who it wants to be.  Its pushing prepaid like crazy – there are billboards all over 

      • moneyman

        Tmobile is the only company that competes with both prepaid and contract. Why is it dumb that they try and get both sides of the market? Sprint is boost and boost is closing down pretty soon, is tmobile has a store next to boost im pretty sure they can grab some prepaid customers. Its better than havin nothing.

        • ChadBroChillz

          Sprint owns Boost and Virgin Mobile. they have a combined 14.7 million prepaid subscribers. they compete in the prepaid market without hurting their contract subscriber side. also who told you they were closing down boost?

        • Lu

          100% agree on there confusion with being a prepaid company…the $50 “unlimited plan” is a bad and good thing…it’s a quick buck for the company to make, but than people under contracts feel they aren’t getting the best deal and that they deserve better.  There fighting a battle with themselves.  I think they should still keep the prepaid option and even value plan, but do not push them, everything should still be classic.  

  • Daniel C.

    I think this comparison is just a “build up” to their future plan of including frequencies to run the iphone effectively on T-Mo’s network. In case you guys didn’t notice they are comparing the best selling smart phones of each carrier….

  • Really Tmobile?

    Just looked at the commercials and its got to be one of the stupidest moves ever…They must think people are just really dumb…Youre comparing Tmobiles 4G to other networks 3G….So I guess ATT will do a test with their Samsung Galaxy 2 LTE vs Tmobiles and see who is faster.  There are millions and millions and millions of iPhones sold….practically everyone I know has one and loves them…Even though Verizon and ATT have LTE networks that are faster, they’ve still sold more iPhones on 3G so people obviously don’t care.  Idiotic!  I guess t heyre hoping people will get confused by seeing Tmobiles 4G and iPhone 4S and think its the same thing ….Just ridiculous.  They need to decide what the company stands for and pick a marketing message and hammer it home…If the marketing message is speed, they’re going to lose cuz Verizon is just going to compare its 4GLTE with Tmobiles and make Tmobile look like a fool

  • Jays_on

    I like the new look A LOT!

  • now_onTMO

    yes this is true.. data speeds on tmobile is really fast.. streaming on netflix is seamless that i reached my 5gb limit on my tablet last month.. LOL, i didn’t even realize it if not for the tmobile myaccount app’s notifying me about it, first time it happened..

    learned my lesson , will only stream on wifi now.

  • TrevorMadden

    Not to mention T-Mobile is about to be the second largest 4G provider in the nation, as Verizon will be overtaking them in the coming weeks

    • TmoCSR

       verizon ALREADY covers more people with their LTE than tmobiles molasses “4g”.

      • TrevorMadden

        You sure? Last time I checked it was close. And I don’t know where you live, but T-Mobile’s 4G is anything but molasses. I’ve gotten 23.2 down on my phone before. And 21 and so forth. It wasn’t a fluke test.

        • TmoCSR

           i am sure yeah.  and while i dont doubt at all that you get those speeds with TMO, thats a REALLY small % of their customers thatll actually see such speeds in one of the biggest few markets.

          im in a Cleveland, Ohio suburb and ill get almost 30mbps download speed when im outside of my bombshelter apartment complex.  tmobiles network as a whole does cover a vast area, but its 4g coverage is piddly compared to verizon.  with verizons LTE, youll actually pull LTE in the middle of nowhere, and im not just talking about here.  i have friends all over the country that reflect what ive been saying too.

          really, it is what it is.  verizon has more money, has been around longer, and jumped on LTE before anyone else did.  theyre ahead of the game so it only makes sense that theyll cover more people.  it is what it is.

        • TrevorMadden

          Obviously Verizon will be the winner, I’m not arguing that. And yes, I did get those speeds, would you like the proof?

        • TmoCSR

           nah dude i dont doubt ya.