• Concerned

    Indeed, they want JDP back so bad they can taste it, but they either have no clue why they lost it or they genuinely don’t care. Pulling crap like this puts us in a terrible position and they think it can be fixed by sprinkling a few insincere, mandated phrases into the call. 
    “Yes, Mr. Customer, I realize our bloatware has left your phone unusable, but we need to wait on Samsung to fix that with a maintenance release that’s never coming, so you’re pretty much boned. My goal today was to provide you with great service and a great resolution, did I get that done for you today?” 
    Any customer who has their experience improved by that last statement is either insane or hopelessly dim.Incompetence or apathy, either way, I feel the same way you do and I’ve been interviewing with another carrier for a few weeks.

  • schtum

    I can’t uninstall My Account, but I can revert it to the version my phone shipped with. I recommend everyone do this until this “feature” is removed.

  • Krewdout

    I completely agree. I cleared the data for the tmo account app because of this and it hasnt happened since

  • SocalTeknique

    Thats it! if i win the Jackpot today, im opening Android Rooting Centers countrywide lol. No more Android basterdizing. Me and my CM9d Nexus S say Buahahahaha……..

  • HM

    How funny this article is! I see the ads on this web page as well as ads when I browse this website thru android firefox browser on phone. Another funniest thing is ad on this page of “Verizon” telling to switch service. What the author is preaching to T-Mobile should act to implement on this website first,. If he can not, then he take this article offline as well.

    • http://tmonews.com David

      Yeah, did you actually READ the article? Also, you’re searching the website out so you have to deal and understand advertisements are necessary for us to keep the site alive. T-Mobile pushed advertisements to your phone. BIG BIG BIG difference.

      • Calziel

        I totally understand why the ads on this site are necessary, they are quite annoying! Sorry David…

      • ficuscr

        Took me forever to find a page discussing this. These push ads have been annoying me the last couple of days. Sad to see that the comments all seem to be from complete idiots. People. the crux of the issue is tmobile is not respecting the notification preferences of their users. I opted out from this type of communication for my phone. Period. It is not whining. Take a stand now or don’t complain as it gets more and more intrusive.

  • Therealmikebrown

    Just push clear and it goes away, Better than the sms they send because it dosen’t make a sound. Stop whinning.

  • Danieldk75

    Not as bad as my friend’s Metro PCS phone, a full screen ad will pop up.

    What T-mobile should do is charge 5 dollars less per plan and in return have ads pop up on the notification bar (for those penny pinching consumers.)

  • robonik

    Idiot whiners.  I had a “marketing message” from Tmo pop up on my phone on 3/13/12.  I saw a small hot pink “T” in a triangle on my Vibrant’s notification bar.  I opened the notification and it was an offer: “As a loyal Tmobile subscriber would you like a new Samsung Galaxy S2?”   Of course I clicked “yes” and then called Tmo to verify.  Not only did the rep confirm the validity of the offer she upgraded the shipping to express at not cost. 

    Good going idiots – keep complaining. 

  • unhappy customer

    t-mobile kept sending me a free marketing sms early in the morning, 4 am, 5 am. woke up my baby! i’m switching as soon as my 2 year contract ends!