One More Samsung Galaxy S III Leak For The Weekend

The Galaxy S III news train continues this weekend thanks to the folks at Reddit with yet another bit of supposed information on the Galaxy S III. Tucked away among the U Mad BRO meme collection was the above picture along with a short explanation for said image. According to the Reddit user who says they have a friend that “works” at Samsung, we’ve got a bit of information on Samsung’s next flagship device. As always, take with a grain of salt:

He said that it will possibly have two optional launchers, ICS with touchwiz overlay and vanilla ICS. They aren’t 100 percent sure if they will stick with touchwiz or have the dual launcher option. If they go dual, you will have the option of picking which one to use at startup, and you can change any time. He said it has a 4.7 inch screen that nearly takes up the whole phone, but some bezel space was needed for the camera, speakers, mic, and so cases would fit on it. He said it WILL be HD and have a ceramic “micro arc oxidation” back.

So, can we say these bits of intel are sure things? Of course not, at this point the GSIII rumor train continues without anything that can we can say is absolutely for certain. Unless of course you consider Samsung actually acknowledging the phone exists.


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  • Husam Hammadi

    looks photoshopped and ugly

    • Randy_reid101

      Yeah it’s to box like. Ugly for sure, wish it had some curves like galaxy nexus

  • jian9007

    That’s actually a rumor that I would like to see become fact on all android phones. The option to go stock or use the manufacturers custom skin. That way you could please both vanilla and OEM skin lovers. It would also give us more choices for a stock android OS than the NEXUS line of phones. That is, as long as they also leave me a micro SD slot and a removable battery (I’m talking to you HTC and your damn iPhone wannabe ONE line of phones), I’ll have tons of option for my next phone upgrade.

    • 30014


    • Curtis Cook

      I second that idea.  The option of a launcher would be an awesome feature and might actually have me more interested in the SG3 even though I just bought an unlocked Galaxy Nexus. I also like that this “render” has on screen keys. Just a personal preference but think that’s the way to go with a screen that big.

      • Kalel

         It’s the option of the OS skin vs Vanilla, not the launcher.  You can change the launcher on any Android phone.

  • Askavronsky

    I think dual boot should become standard

  • Guy Techie

    I just hope the international version has AWS. I’d buy it in a heartbeat. Of course, assuming T-Mobile’s refram won’t start by release.

  • alex

    Hopefully it comes to T-mobile with support for their future LTE, and 84mbps (since they are still evaluating).

    • Kalel

       By the time they have LTE running in more than just a few markets you will be up for another upgrade again, so it’s really just a waste of money to add it.  I don’t want to spend more money for tech that won’t be going for almost another 2 years.

  • Tim

    the korean said he is tired of the galaxy S3 and looking for galaxy s4.

    we in US are stuck with old galaxy s2 and used devices from KOREA.
    it sucks!

    • Husam Hammadi

      >used devices
      >galaxy s3 isnt even released for any country

      • Tim

         you can order online  shipped from korea

  • Marcelo_L

    It looks like a narrower Galaxy Note running what “looks” like ICS (which we know there are launchers that can mimic ICS).
    All I know is TMo better not go and b__t_rdize it like they did with the Galaxy SII. For once, TMo….just get the REAL deal.
    Don’t give us the “best but there’s a catch” phone.

    Oh, and while you’re at it, how about getting on that bringing the HTC OneX to good ol’ Magenta. $$$ says if you bring THAT,
    it’ll sell 3 times as well as the Amaze II ( Oh, I’m sorry I meant HTC One S ).

    • Guest

      and what’s wrong with the tmo galaxy s ii?  It’s no different than the skyrocket on at&t.

      • Marcelo_L

        Uh…no it’s not. Go check out the specs again. They swapped a Snapdragon processor into the TMo SGSII instead of the Exynos, because they thought a 42MBps chipset was more important than processing power. Given that most of TMo’s coverage still doesn’t take FULL advantage of the 42Mbps support, that was a “marketing” move that utterly failed. If you look at the sale figures, the Amaze has outsold the SGSII on TMo, even though it was more expensive. 

        A TMo SGSII with an Exynos processor, and 21MBps HSPA+ support for $199 would’ve been a “NO BRAINER” purchase for most folks. Plain and simple, they dropped the ball. Period.

        • Tbyrne

          That’s why many in the know felt T-Mobiles GS2 was the best executed!

        • Kalel

           The hummingbird processor in the T-mobile SGS2 beat the benchmark/quandrant scores on the other SGS2s.  It’s a NO BRAINER when you actually introduce facts.

  • Mbaiz72

    I like the idea very much so about a dual boot loader. What would be really nice being given the option of which os we want to run whether it be ios, android, or wp7 and etc. Then we wouldn’t have to go thru the whole ” I wish that phone ran that os instead!”

    • sevantofjc

      mbaiz72 your wish for windows or android would be possible however I don’t ever see apple licensing iOS to other manufacturers.

  • Guest

    if you guys read the comments on reddit a lot of people are calling this fake.  Jus a photoshop and they took a picture of their computer monitor.  To me that explains the hazy horizontal lines.

    • Marcelo_L

      Doesn’t surprise me at all…

    • TrevorMadden

      Yeah look at the bottom, there’s a shadow! lol and the fingerprints are from where the noob couldn’t keep his fingers off of his monitor

  • Dbarker1965

    I do not know that much about phones but I would like to know why whenever I am in a casino I seldom have reception with TMo.I have been with them for 10 years and do not know if I need to have my phone on a certain setting or if its TMo’s network.This had happened with all of my phones.Can you advise me on this?
    Keep up the good work!

    • TrevorMadden

      T-Mobile uses some high frequencies, which don’t penetrate walls very well….especially thick ones.

      • EXIBITman

        Mybe tmobile can penatrate your skull with there. frequenies

        • TrevorMadden

          That would imply that my skull is not thick, so thank you :)

        • Frigadroid

          Let me guess google voice, swype, or malt liquor?

    • Smellyfarts

      What Trevormadden said. T-Mobile operates on a higher frequency. Unable to penetrate buildings as well as lower frequencies such as Verizon 700mhz LTE.

      This is why t-mobile relies heavily on wifi calling.

      You can try a new sim card and new phone, to see if one of those are the problem, but most likely it’s just the higher frequency.

      Nothing you can do other than switch to a network that operates on a lower frequency.

    • EXIBITman

      Dude just step outside if you have to make a d”mm call that bad. some of you people are f””k nuts on here

      • Frigadroid

        Problem is EXIBITboy when you get old enough to go in a casino and perhaps even married (miracles do happen so don’t give up hope ; ) you might want to find where your wife is within the casino. So if you go outside and call and you have the tmobile family plan her phone won’t ring because she won’t have service.
        I’ll try to explain it so you might better understand. Say you want to meet with your homeboys at the mall to toke up a little ganja before you make your nightly tmobile news post replys. What if you were already way stoned and locked your keys the weed and Exibitboy phone in your moms car when you got to the mall : ( At the same time your boys hook up with some chunky but funky honeys at the food court while waiting for you and they all decide they’re gonna go over to the gap to just look at jeans. They try to call you but you can’t get to your phone so meanwhile you go to the food court and no friends wtf : ( Hell naw! Now you have to search the mall to find your buds so you can get a ride home to get the spare key because you don’t want to call your mom, what a buzz kill. The mall is a big place with a lot of people kinda like a casino it sucks trying to find someone without the convenience of a working phone. I hope you enjoyed that I know you Exibitman wouldn’t dish it if you couldn’t take it :-)

    • Frigadroid

      Many casinos are located on the outskirts of town or a county/state line where tmobile usually has their worst coverage along with the frequency/band penetration issue. Steel hull riverboats are really bad.
      If I told you some of the bigger casinos used the same frequency jamming equipment and contractors as the pentagon would you believe me?

  • Thecityboy781

    I call it a fake….they should have at least clean the screen lol

    • Seanmmvi

       yea the screen is dirty, its a fake….

  • benjitek

    Samsung is likely releasing ‘leaks’ in an attempt to achieve relevancy… ;-)

    • WirelessRefugee

      While I have always said that carriers and manufacturers market through feigned leaks and rumors, seeing how Samsung is the #2 largest handset maker I don’t see them worried about maintaining relevancy.

      For Q4 2011 worldwide handset shipments totaled 427.4 million.

      Still at #1, Nokia’s share of that number was almost 27%;

      At #2, but catching up, was Samsung at 22.8%;

      #3 was Apple, at a way distant 8.7% in iPhone sales.

      • benjitek

        Imagine how well they’d do if they had their own ideas…

        Apple did and they generate over 70% of mobility revenue ;-)

        • CactoesGel

           Not in any way an Apple hater, I’ve gone thru 3 Macbooks, but what is Samsung doing right that they’ve overtaken Apple, based on the stats above?

        • benjitek

          He’s referring to activations, not revenue.  No one approaches apples numbers in that area, which is likely why he omitted them ;-)

        • Frigadroid

          They don’t get it. Okay kids once again its time for school. Samsung has many other bigger ventures other than making phones. As some of us already know, oh the irony you kids have a google phone learn to use it, knowledge is your friend. Samsung deals in quantity not quality ask David about the lemon blaze they sent him to test LOL. Obviously apple isn’t pumping out a new phone every month then discontinuing them within a year so they won’t have to fix the bugs or update them.

        • benjitek

          I know, right?

        • trob6969

          So tell me why is it that even the older versions of Android are much more powerful and capable than Apple’s latest version of ios! Consider this: ios 5 doesn’t support adobe flash, doesn’t support widgets, doesn’t support live real-time wallpapers, doesn’t support ‘real’ multitasking, doesn’t support customization, doesn’t have built-in turn by turn navigation, and doesn’t allow access to apps outside it native market! ALL of the features i just listed are available in EVERY version of Android! So i can’t help but to laugh when i read comments of criticism from the Apple ‘camp’…lol

        • Frigadroid

          Calm down troll6969 did you actually read the post that you replied to? It’s funny how you android fanboys get all bent out of shape like someone challenged your manhood every time someone mentions that one of apple’s main goals is to design produce and support high quality products. Though in my post I never mentioned android vs ios fyi I’m neutral on the subject it’s up to the consumer to decide for themselves what they prefer.
          As for your stated facts sorry but you are obviously wrong I own two androids that would be included with “EVERY” android version that don’t have flash! {g1 running 1.6 & vibrant running 2.1} Once again you’re showing that you’re uniformed and should do some research you don’t even realize it that many people don’t want flash on their phone. You lose all credibility when you get carried away with your android fanboy emotions so next time try to refrain from sticking your foot in your mouth so you won’t look like an idiot if you would like to debate with me.
          More important stick to the subject and context of the post that you are replying to. You never will win a debate by tring to change the topic then making up stuff that can easily be proven wrong.

        • trob6969

          Lol! “Samsung deals in quantity not quality” and “obviously” Apple isn’t releasing phones so often so they won’t have fix bugs?! And you say i’m makiing things up! Lol! You know, its a lot easier to prove a point when you give SPECIFIC reasons why you feel the way you do…but then again, isheep rarely can. And yes, i say ‘isheep’ because although you call ME the fanboy here and suggest I calm down but obviously YOU’RE the one taking these comments personally because YOU’RE the one name-calling! Lol! C’mon now!

        • Frigadroid

          LOL, thanks once again for proving my point. Do you really need me to provide you with a link to how many phones apple has released in the last 12 months? For someone who seems to think they are knowledge about apple & android I would have thought you could figure that out on your own. Use your google search bar and do some research. Rather than putting your foot in your mouth. Besides I like android too and would rather not continue to embarrass you in front of the “Isheeple”
          My statement was samsung deals in quantity vs apple dealing in quality if you want to stay on that topic then prove me wrong. Problem is you can’t that’s why you want to jump around changing the topic to ios vs android & now your upset because I called you an idiot so you want to debate that. Well it wasn’t nice, sorry about that, but if your going to act like one people will call you out on it. I’m trying to motivate you to stop thinking with a bias and give both sides a fair assessment. Don’t worry I’m not taking anything personal I have a big smile on. I enjoy all the comments mr.exibit their all good. I do miss michael’s, his longer comments used to help me sleep. I guess now that he’s gone I’m left alone to fill the voids. Have a goodnight everyone I’m checking out.

        • trob6969

          WTF?! LOL! You juat don’t get it! First off, how did i prove your point?! You don’t seem to realize that you’re doing a lot of talking/preaching while saying NOTHING that holds any weight! Since the point of my last comment clearly went way over your head i’ll break it down for you: You stated that Samsung deals in “quantity not quality” as opposed to Apple focusing on quality. Which is “obviously” why new iphones are released

        • Frigadroid

          Lmao obviously you need to check your sources because anyone who thinks the g1 and vibrant came with flash after research dosent know what their talking about. You’re ignorant statements show me that you have 0 credibilitly, so rather than give advise and continuing to make a fool of yourself I suggest you move on to the next thread because you keep proving my point. Lol

        • trob6969

          Ok, i just went back and looked at my previous posts and see why you’re talking about this ‘doesn’t-play-flash’ stuff. In the sentence where i said “All of the features…” i meant to start with the word ‘Almost’ but in the process of being distracted, stopping, then starting back on typing my comment i unwittingly left the word out. I charge that to simple human-error. I’m well aware that the earliest versions of Android didn’t support flash; i had the original moto droid so i know this first-hand

        • trob6969

          Ok, i went back and read my previous posts and i see why you’re talking all the ‘doesn’t-support-flash stuff. When i typed the sentence “All of these features…” i meant to start with the word ‘Almost’ but in the process of being distracted, stopping, then starting my comment again, i unwittingly left out the word. I charge it to simple human-error. I’m well aware that the earliest versions of Android didn’t support flash. I had the original moto droid so i know first-hand, which is why i was going to put ‘Almost’ first in the sentence. None the less, now i give you credit for catching that. HOWEVER, i wouldn’t have missed that you caught that if i weren’t side tracked by your offensive sarcasm and arrogance! So the comment you made about me posting something i “made up” is irrelevant and so is every other criticism and insult you threw at me!…What’s YOUR excuse for being a hypocrit by accusing me of posting a meritless comment, when beforehand YOU posted that ignorant and meritless comment pertaining to Samsung and Apple’s quantity vs quality stance?!…practice what you preach!

  • EXIBITman

    When will this device be released and how much. looks like a larger samsung blaze 4g

  • Seanmmvi

    it looks like a picture of a computer screen…

    • WirelessRefugee

      That’s what the originator said it was, a pic of a computer screen in which the purported SGS III was sent as an attachment.

  • Nickts1989

    I would love the option of choosing between having touch wiz or vanilla ics. But what would that do to memory on the phone? It would be holding the touch wiz in the device so would it slow the device down potentially? Regardless I think I will upgrade to the if reviews are strong and bugs are few.

    • trob6969

      Well that would explain the reason for the (rumored) 2gb of ram memory.

  • WirelessRefugee

    In addition to my best guess that Samsung will launch the SGS III in the UK at the Summer Olympics, maybe there’s some other evidence to figure out when it will launch, and maybe even come to T-Mobile.

    For one thing, this well could be T-Mobile’s summer launch, which is usually in June or July. So that fits squarely with Samsung’s Olympic debut.

    Additionally, we should look at what some of T-Mobile’s competitors are doing.

    Sprint is getting the Galaxy Nexus in mid April, the Blaze addresses that. It is too soon for the SGS III to launch.

    More telling, Sprint is supposed to get the HTC Jet (Sprint’s version of the HTC One X) around June 10-15. The One X is HTC’s answer to the SGS III and iPhone 5. So I can see Samsung launching around June-July to trump the One X.

    Apple should be launching the iPhone 5 in June. All Apple competitors try to respond to Apple, so the SGS III, especially since it has the more popular phone OS, Android, I can see Samsung wanting to slap Apple around during the iPhone 5 launch.

    That’s just some of the action, so that’s my best guess, a June-July release date for the SGS III.

    That gives you a few more months to save some coin (this will be $450 to $500, IMO) or the date to which you should save your upgrade.


    • Frigadroid

      Whatever…. Seems like you can’t wait? Just because they say it will launch worldwide you might not want to get your hopes up, unless you plan to get an international model you can almost guarantee tmobile’s (if they get one) will be delayed. Just like lte & 3g they always wait for the price to go down and samsung to make a special cheaper version with a different processor or features missing, lol history repeated like vibrant & gs2. The better phone to get on tmobile could be the follow up gs3+ out by christmas if they stay par for the course.

  • WirelessRefugee

    IMO all pics to date are fake.

    On that white SGS III, no way Samsung would make a phone with black and white elements. That phone passes the ugly test.

    As to this one, it looks to me like a Samsung Note with some photochop work.

    Bottom line: this time around I suspect Samsung, to build excitement and anticipation, is acting like Apple does with the iPhone. Samsung will keep security tight on the SGS III. Anyone purporting to post pics of the SGS III are uploading fakes.

  • now_onTMO

    I remember two years ago when the first galaxy s was announced, i think it was mwc.. It was all about the htc evo, the main focus and attention was the evo being the first 4g and its big screen, the galaxy s was totally overshadowed.. Then came the benchmark tests, the galaxy’s top of the line hardware the screen, hummingbird, gpu 90 million triangle, etc… The galaxy s became a complete success and popular… Now all android enthusiasts are crazy about the high spec’ed devices because of what Samsung created..

    At that time i was looking to get my first Android device and switching to tmo… Playing with an htc android device at a verizon store got me all interested in android, i just fell in love.. And waited for the good android to come to tmo… Heard about the galaxy s leak, followed rumors about it till it was announced, then signed up with tmo the second day it came out…

    Keep it up Samsung

  • None

    No galaxy nexus-no money from me!

    • GinaDee

      There are plenty of other discontinued chunky bricks on the market other than the Galaxy Nexus.  I wouldn’t hold my breath for T-Mobile to carry it directly.  

      • None


    • Enoel69

      I have a GNex presently…besides the gorgeous screen and vanilla ICS,its not all that..besides having updated OS first there is not much to the GNex. Looks like some OEMs are working harder to bring updates faster to their devices than Google is on their older Nexus devices…i am really disappointed abt that. Makes u wonder what is the advantage of getting a Nexus anymore. The GNex is still stuck on 4.0.2 meanwhile there is 4.0.4 or 4.0.5 floating out there. 

  • Fat13

    Everyone is whinning about no subsidised galaxy nexuses. Its been like that ever since. I had the gnex and its not all that. If anything, it was sluggish. When the gs2 gets ics it’ll be better that gnex. Moreover, gs3 is coming

  • GinaDee

    T-Mobile USA will know for sure by the end of April / beginning of May whether or not it’s going to be able to sell the new iPhone this fall. 

    If I were T-Mobile I wouldn’t count on it and simply plan a major launch promo for the GS3 with killer promotional plans and hardware pricing to lure in would be fence sitters.  

  • philly8

    that is a Photoshop of a galaxy s 2 with a nexus screen on top of it…. 

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    I did’t know that. 

  • Enoel69

    In my view this looks like what the GS3 will/should look like..better than one of the rumored images we saw over the weekend. An almost all screen device w/ little bezel and minimal space at the top and bottom for ffc, speaker, mic etc. The image looks like what we saw in the purported GS3 in the promotional video at CES and also one posted here on Tmonews on feb 27th. Also having a choice of two launchers at start with virgin vanilla ICS and one with ICS/Touchwiz overlay is pretty cool. The ceramic back probably produced by arc oxidation like the HTC One S is also cool hence ditching the plastic back covers Sammy always uses. Seriously if this is the device coupled with all the rumored specs we’ve seen and hopefully it will be less tall than the GNex (say abt 130mm tall) and it comes with Tmo USA bands..i will ditch my GNex period. Explanation abt ditching the GNex some other time….

  • older women dating

    I did’t know that. 

  • allen

    If this would be the look of the Galaxy S III then the screen does not look like HD to me, because the icons are too big, they’re supposed to be smaller if fitted with an HD display. right?

  • Guest

    this is a fake as hell! look at the squared off bottom… poor job too! Poor David keeps falling for these fakes lol

    • Tbyrne

      David ain’t “falling” for nuthin! Look at the story above this one. Straight from a Samsung exec. You just got punked! Oh and (guest), close the door on the way out!

      • Guest

        Nah man, I’m talking about the picture not the info. Look at it in a different window and zoom. It’s squared like it had been cropped from another photo. Same thing happened with the other fake picture… it didn’t match the side view. Everyone is so defensive that they miss the point sometimes. Y’all crack me up… I still love tmonews

        • Tbyrne

          Check that. Sorry Bro!

  • J. Williams

    Pretty cool if that’s the real deal. It would also be nice if it was a penta band device, would be easier to get out there unlocked to the world.

  • Izzybrexx

    Ok just say when it comes to the states…dont these phones worship europe n asia first anyway??…idc about outside the country..when is u.s gonna get theres

    • Enoel69

      Looks like Sammy might launch in multiple parts of the globe including the US. I am hoping the Tmo T999=SGS3

  • Jon

    I keep seeing the same photo popping up so this looks to be legit. Nice looking phone can’t wait to find out more.

  • Kal-El

    That’s the phone i’m gonna get with vanilla ICS. I was gonna try and pickup the Samsung Galaxy Nexus but by then it’ll be outdated (my update is in August). So if this comes out in May i just have to wait a few months.

  • Tbyrne

    What are you talking about? I don’t have these issues you say I have. I only paid $188.00 for mine. You feelin okay Ham?

  • chris meyers

    If he says “it will be HD” and nothing else then that more than likely indicates 720P Amoled, which is realistic. Now why don’t these leaks ever tell us if it’s a 720P Super Amoled Plus HD, or the Pentile number that’s on the Galaxy Nexus which wouldn’t be great.

  • okolupaev

    Ceramic back of GSIII was confirmed by Eldar Murtazin (famous Russian blogger) in the most recent episode of his podcast.