Mini Editorial: T-Mobile, Stop Attacking The iPhone On Slow Web Speeds?

Has T-Mobile’s next marketing salvo against the iPhone already begun? With both a tweet under their belt as well a captured image(s) of an advertisement running on IntoMobile, T-Mobile is attacking the slow internet speeds of the iPhone. You can be anti-iPhone, pro-Android or somewhere in-between and loving Windows Phone, but I’m really quite tired of T-Mobile attacking the iPhone. Why does the T-Mobile marketing team insist on attacking the one device the company continues to claim is partly responsible for its own unstable financial predicament. Enough is enough. The iPhone brings customers over in droves, Android yet to do that, it’s as simple as that. The iPhone has customers lining up every launch like clock-work, Android phones hardly ever do. Except that isn’t what this is about, this is about T-Mobile needing to find new and inventive ways to lure customers back, instead of attacking the most popular phone on the planet.

All that being said, you can argue that T-Mobile is right with their message and you would be correct, until a LTE iPhone launches, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 21 and HSPA+ 42Mbps smartphones blow away iPhone data speeds. Still, is there anyone in T-Mobile-land that is truly naive enough to think this is going to win over customers? If internet speeds were truly of concern to iPhone owners, T-Mobile would be the number one or two carrier in the US.

I’ve long said that T-Mobile’s marketing team needs a refresh and this just steels my resolve to continue thinking that. This is another half-hearted attempt at attacking the device that is, at least in some small part responsible for T-Mobile’s current position in the marketplace. Those are T-Mobile’s words, not ours.

You can love Android, hate the iPhone or vice-versa and that’s fine, your smartphone preference isn’t the subject here. You can interchange the word “iPhone” here for any other name as long as the internet speed and #4GLife argument remain the same. This is about another wasted marketing effort that shows much T-Mobile’s marketing team needs to start thinking outside the box. Sorry T-Mobile, yet again you need to step up your game if you want to win customers back into the Magenta world.

As a last thought, just stop attacking the iPhone, especially when you highlight your network refarming with a specific focus on unlocked iPhone’s working on your 3G/4G network in the very near future. I guess there is a network refarming for that.


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  • blacksilva

    Tmobile is the only carrier without the iPhone so when when they make fun of it they are basically pulling attention in to themselves and away from the iPhone. Chevy is going to say Ford sucks at something so it makes Fords look bad and makes them (them being Chevy) look good.

    • trife

      The problem is that it probably doesn’t make T-Mobile look good in the eyes of a lot of people.  I’m a T-Mobile customer and I think it makes them look like bitter, butthurt children.  

      So the plan backfires because it makes them look even worse than they already are in the eyes of potential customers, with their 4th place, no-iPhone having selves.  

      • Avi

        Yep the iPhone is associated with high quality.  Tmobile is associated with Walmart.  End of story.

    • James

      Right. If all you have to say about a brand is a cartoon of a little kid pissing on their logo, what’s that say about your brand? 

  • Civicintegra

    Ya t-mobile talk bad about the iPhone but at the same time you want the iPhone on your network damn hipacrits!!

    • Ben Pike


    • terryjohnson16

       Then Verizon is one too.

    • Segnaro

      You forgot about the first Droid ads. Verizon called the iPhone some fashion accessory for beauty queens, while the Droid was like a manly power tool.

      • Vim

        Yep, this is the same route Verizon went. It’s a time-tested negotiation ploy.  And until negotiations bear fruit, it will help reduce churn.

  • UMA_Fan

    At&t advertises their iPhone 4S as four times faster as Verizon and Sprint.  They rightfully claim this because the max download speeds on the Verizon and Sprint CDMA iPhone modems is around 3.2mbps while the at&t HSPA+ iPhone 4S maxes out at 14mbps.

    So by that very same metric T-Mobile could latch on to that marketing and claim with their HSPA+ 42 devices they are three times faster than the at&t iPhone 4s.  That would be a better approach than just blindly bashing they iPhone, that won’t register with customers.  Why don’t they do this???  T-Mobile always complains they have limited resources for marketing but they should focus them on things that differentiate them.

    They also need to market the benefits of WiFi Calling.  They can achieve this without making their own cellular network look bad which I’ve always sensed was their concern.  Apple has that ‘touching’ face time video chat commercial, the same can be achieved by advertising WiFi Calling.  Imagine a commercial where a father in the military stationed overseas keeping in touch with his daughter in the US without international roaming charges thanks to T-Mobile WiFi Calling.  Or a Verizon customer not able to make a call due to an outage because of severe weather has to use a T-Mobile phone with WiFi Calling to make a call.

    The biggest reason customers are leaving T-Mobile right now is because of a PERCEPTION of quality. Not the actual quality of T-Mobile but it’s perception.

    • AM Gone

      As far as overseas calling is concerned, there is no comparison of wi-fi calling to UMA calling.  Wifi calling while overseas is charged as a roaming call while UMA calling is not.  My last trip to Europe made that point for me and gave me a $200 roaming bill for overseas calling.

      • UMA_Fan

        You are completely wrong.   WiFi Calling and UMA do the same thing when used internationally.  You were most likely doing something wrong.  The T-Mobile android WiFi calling app will TELL you in the help menu that it can be used overseas.  You were probably on the cellular preferred mode where calls go through wifi only when cell service is not available when you should have been on the WiFi preferred or WiFi only setting.   FYI why do you think there’s a ‘WiFi Only’ setting???  It’s for international!

        Also your statement implies you don’t fully understand how international roaming works.  When you take your T-Mobile phone overseas you are connected to a foreign operator’s cellular tower.  That foreign operator charges T-Mobile USA for providing you with service and T-Mobile directly sends those charges to you.

        With WiFi Calling, it was designed for better in door signal.  So any WiFi hotspot is a T-Mobile USA cell tower.  Since WiFi is just the internet it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, it doesn’t cost T-Mobile any extra money if you were placing a WiFi call in Kenya or in Alabama, that call would be the exact same thing to them.

        T-Mobile clearly states ALL WiFi calls ORIGINATE from the United States.

    • Surfi

      They do have a low quality perception but thats been heightened by their pushing the prepaid brand and also their association with Walmart.  Sprint at least has a different brand (boost/virgin) for their prepaid services.  Tmobile runs prepaid like a separate company but its under the same brand and logo – just cheaper prices and terrible outsourced customer service.  They need to decide if they want to play with the big boys or own the lower end 

  • ac

    Doesn’t make any sense.. :/…i can see how it would pull attention to themselves but aren’t they tryin to bring Iphone customers to T-Mobile??…couldve sworn they had a lil marketing for that a couple months back….T-Mobile trips me out sometimes….

  • Bureau_c

    I don’t have a problem with their ad, other than that it’s way too late. The whole “There’s an app for that thing” is last year’s news. But I don’t remember anyone complaining about Samsung making fun of iPhone launches and their ridiculous fanboy hangouts outside the stores. It’s all fair game, you just have to be timely.

  • Taron19119

    T-mobile needs to get the iphone and make a plan just for the iphone where u pay full price for the iphone but get a lower price plan and put the price of the phone on the bill so that we can pay off the phone little by little

    • MacRat

      “so that we can pay off the phone little by little”

      That’s what credit cards are for.

      • James

        Apparently Taron saves by not using punctuation, either.

      • Taron19119

        Everyone cant pay 600 for a phone

  • ColdFeet

    I’ve said it many times that their marketing team is off. They need to stop focusing on being the “low cost” provider and start featuring their phones. People want a fancy phone and you have AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint showing off what they got. T-Mobile? They show off their low prices, which isn’t a BAD idea, it’s just the one thing they seem to focus on. T has some good phones available. Maybe not the best but some pretty top notch Androids that they need to feature in their ads. People like the iPhone and their first thought would be AT&T. Verizon is the provider with the badass ‘droids. Sprint has those fancy Evo’s. T-Mobile? They have low prices. And really, I don’t think people care that much when it comes to saving a few bucks. Just like a car, they’ll pay more for something that they really want, not what’s cheaper.

    • Av

      I think they’re competing with Boost, MetroPCS, StraightTalk, Virgin etc these days.  Their brand is low cost – low end.  They have associated themselves with Walmart and I see their new stores in Atlanta being opened in low in come areas next to MetroPCS and Boost Stores.  In my experience, people with iPhones don’t even think about Tmobile.  I can’t think of a single person I know who has Tmobile.

  • Santo_2k

    T-Mobile needs to increase their 4G coverage and increase their signal reception first and then blame someone else.
    I have 4G signal at my home but its not even comparable with edge speeds.


      Then you either have a broken device or the network in your area is broken. You need to make a customer care ticket so the issue can be investigated. You should get speeds 2X faster than edge even if the cell has only a T-1 and not ethernet backhaul.

      • Santo_2k

        I previously had htc g1 and now S2 and I have raised a couple of customer care tickets so far and there is no difference.

  • terryjohnson16

    verizon did the same thing before they got the iphone. annoying yes

  • Mr P

    only Don Drapper can save this company from it’s horrible marketing at this point

  • my name us

    What they need to do instead of spending money on stupid campaigns is to pull their resources together to save the 7 call centers that are closing. That’s way more important than advertising slams against a competitor’s phone.

  • robnaj

    The iPhone 4s has “4G” now too oh soon it is going to be LTE 4G for the next iPhone 

    • jon shipman

      Not only that, but by saying the iPhone 4s doesn’t have 4g invalidates the original Mytouch4g as they are the same speed HSPA+

  • Gwapo

    Dear Tmobile!!!

    Just give us the 3G on our iPhones and we will be happy!!!

    Sincerely yours,

    iPhone 4$ user

  • trife

    T-Mobile has a marketing department?  

    • Freshly_Snipes

      Yeah…His name is Phillip Humm.

  • Front line SATX

    It’s annoying, but as a front line employee I hear about 30% of the customers coming into the store with their iphone 4/4s from other carriers looking to switch that their Iphone is 4g. I have to sit there and explain to them that they do not have a 4g device. It’s quite common. On these forums of course we are a little more tech savvy, but there are a lot of the older (and a few younger) people that don’t know a lot about their phone, they just bought it for the name. I had a 20 year old kid come to my store last week and swear that his iphone 4 was now 4g because “the guy at the store said at&t has LTE now and that makes my iphone get 4g speeds now.” Now do I agree that’s they marketing campaign we should go with? No. I think we should focus on getting better devices to compete and speed up the roll out of our own network. Our network is expanding a lot. 5 new cities got new 4g towers but I think we need to help the rural areas that don’t even get 3g first.          

    • PimpStrong

      By chance did you also explain to people that the MyTouch 4G is not “4G”?

    • MacRat

      Wow, you need some training.

      The iPhone 4/4s has HSPA+ which is what T-Mobile is marketing at 4G just like AT&T.

      • iTried

        Small correction iPhone 4 will benefit from Hspa+ but is not Hspa+. But the 4s is Hspa+ and iOS 5.1 has updated the icon to actually say 4g.

  • Ran

    It’s funny since the HSPA+ on the iPhone 4S is EXACTLY what T-Mobile is calling “4G” on most of their HSPA+ phones. There are a few that are on the 42mbps but a lot of T-Mo’s “4G” phones are getting the same speeds as the iPhone 4S on AT&T. That At&T part is the caveat I guess since the CDMA versions are only getting the normal 3G speeds. And don’t even get me started on all this “4G” crap. No one has 4G, not HSPA+, not LTE, not WiMAX. The latter two are only “4G candidates” trying to be certified as 4G but no one yet has reached the standards defined to be 4G by the ITU-R.

    • Freshly_Snipes

      Ummmm. Where have you been? The ITU has deemed them 4th generation technologies at the end of last year. Your citing the original news. Not the current. They are ALL considered 4th generation technologies. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but you’re wrong.

    • PimpStrong

      Agree in that the iPhone (supposed non-4G phone) is just as “4G” as T-Mobile’s first 4G phone the MyTouch 4G.  4G 4G 4G 4G!!! Too much.

    • Saj426sfa

      i agree, they advertise the exhibit 2 as 4g and it is only getting 2-3 mbps every time i try a speediest

  • Vinny

    T-Mobile in the Boston area blows AT&T way. My T-Mobile DL speeds are between 9 & 15 MB and UL speeds are a solid 4 MB. These are daytime speeds and are inside my office brick building. At home in the suburbs my speeds are just about the same. AT&T has their LTE up and running but still do not have their Advanced Back-Haul set up to give fast speeds to their HSPA+ Network. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ speeds are just as fast as any LTE Network and there is no battery issues. IMO HSPA+ is the way to go. I also have Verizon with fantastic LTE speeds, Still prefer T-Mobile’s Network but wish they would step up their Hardware. Please get better phones.

    • DK

      HSPA is the way to go yet TMobile is deploying LTE aren’t they?  So mixed messages.  They just sound like a whiny brat who didn’t get their way…If they were able to get the iPhone they’d be jumping up and down and not bleeding c customers

    • 21stNow

       I know that the HTC Sensation is the slowest of the T-Mobile 4G phones, but come on!  Down in the mid-Atlantic region, my Samsung Galaxy Note on AT&T (39Mbps down) is so much faster than my HTC Sensation on T-Mobile (2Mbps down) that it’s not even funny.

  • watbetchh

    The whole we’re better than you because we have or do and you don’t do _______ is not new to advertising.  Instead of sitting back, they have to do SOMETHING.

    Once T-Mobile deploys HSPA+ on PCS enough, they will start to advertise it. I just know it. Switch your AT&T iPhone to T-Mobile and save tons.

    • Ari

      I think Straight Talk is offering unlimited talk, text and 3G to ATT iPhone owners already for only $45 a month with a Straight Talk Sim

      • dee

        redpocket also $60 a month

  • James

    That’s a really brilliant way to hold onto the 1 million or so customers who are using iPhones on your network, as well as a great way to keep the ones who keep holding on to their T-Mo contracts in the hope that it’ll get the iPhone someday. Not to mention it’s a wise way to court Apple. 
    Geniuses, really, they’re geniuses at T-Mo. 

  • Gpt2010

    David. You nailed it on this post. Great job! I hate the iPhone and everything that Apple is about. However, I know that the iPhone is what tmobile needs to get back to what it used to be. What is the point of bashing the iPhone when we all know that eventually tmobile will get it in their lineup down the road. Is tmobile hiring its marketing team with people fresh out of high school? It sounds like a he said she said marketing push. Come on tmobile! Focus on what you really need to focus in on. Getting the iPhone on your network ASAP!

    • Matt

      just curious- why do you hate the iPhone so much?  I don’t have one but all my friends do and they love it.  Whether in the US, Canada or Europe, they all rave about it.  They laugh at me and all the glitches my Android has every week.  Im planning on getting an iPhone in the Fall to go with my recent Mac and hopefully they’ll all work together smoothly, and if something does go wrong, Ill finally have a place to go and someone knowledgable to ask to fix the problem.  I don’t know much about the iPhone OS – In fact, from what I read Android seems more customizable and Windows seems better for people who use social media – but the iPhone must be doing something right

    • MacRat

      I carry both the iPhone and an android phone.

      The both have their strengths and weaknesses. No need to hate either one.

    • Jaime Laigo

      I don’t have the iphone but I do like it, my problem is I will never buy anything Apple.

  • PimpStrong

    “The iPhone has customers lining up every launch like clock-work”


    Not to take away from the iPhone’s awesomeness but you best believe that if there was only the Nexus Android sold annually, you would have the same reaction.


  • PimpStrong

    I may have had an outburst but I completely agree with this piece.

    Attacking the iPhone because it’s not “4G”(with big quotations) is old and useless by now.

    Ironically, today my co-worker shows me that his 4S now says “4G” because of a recent update.  So now his 3G phone is a “4G” phone?  I started explaining 21/42Mbps and LTE and yadda yadda yadda to him and he really couldn’t care less and doesn’t even know what his phone is capable of doing speed-wise.  

    To me, T-Mobile just makes themselves look like that little kid taking wild swings at a bigger kid who is keeping them at arms length.

    • guest

      Exactly – as long as people’s iPhones are working , they don’t care if another phone will load a page a few seconds sooner.

    • MacRat

      “Ironically, today my co-worker shows me that his 4S now says “4G” because of a recent update.  So now his 3G phone is a “4G” phone?”


      Both AT&T and T-Mobile advertise HSPA+ as “4G.”

      • PimpStrong

        I know.  I was more pointing out the fact that it suddenly went from a 3G phone to a 4G phone just because the little icon has changed.

        • 21stNow

           The iPhone 4S always received HSPA+ (4G) speeds on AT&T.  Apple didn’t want to show the 4G icon initially, but worked with AT&T on getting it done.  So technically, on AT&T (only), the iPhone 4S was always a 4G phone.

    • Littlesis1774

       Beg for mercy that what they can do. I mean sooner or later iphone will be on LTE and apple is working on it. I been hearing rumors of that iphone 5 will be on 4g. I mean ipad 3 is on 4g so iphone 5 will be on 4g shortly.

  • TMoFan

    The T-Mobile marketing team (if there is a such a thing) needs to accentuate the positives of T-Mobile instead of focusing on the iPhone. Right now the brand is attached to that almost year-long attempt to sell out the company to at&t. We need something fresh, like the Sprint commercials featuring Dan Hesse, to relaunch the brand. When T-Mobile’s network is reconfigured to mirror at&t’s, then they can run ads like this.

    • Guest

      I agree…They need a relaunch.  You’re right Tmobile is associated with the ATT merger; with a low rate network, with the prepaid brand they’ve been highlighting.  The people I hang out with don’t even consider TMobile…Its not even considered a competitor to Sprint, ATT, Verizon but in the Boost, Virgin, MetroPCS sphere.  I notice in my city the new Tmobile stores are all opening up in the low income areas next to the Boost and Metro stores.

    • Jaime Laigo

      So true, we need to get back into the publics minds with our positive adds.


    I agree David. High time to concentrate on other things. What happens if we end up getting the iPhone. 

    • Guest

      They sound like a whiny little kid who didn’t get his way….Out of one half of their mouth, their badmouthing the iPhone and out of the other half, they’re begging for it.  

  • Deacon

    i agree as well .. just stop any and all attacking of the iPhone, the stupid slight comments about it etc .. people want the iPhone .. regardless of how you view the people who do, the fact remains that they do.  and TMO attacking it just makes them look petty and stupid.  they should just stop even directing anything towards any other carrier or phone until they can get their own ish together.

  • Nelsonhcabrera

    I am very speechless u have completely took every words out of my mouth. I agree with u 110% T-Mobile does need to make a move and step up there game and fast. I am a Android fan all the way but people will definitely will buy a iPhone if T-Mobile takes them in there market and i am sure we will be the best carrier in the U.S no doubt about it

  • Freshly_Snipes

    Phillip Humm was a plant….He was sent there to destroy the company and try to increase the value to sell off. I was there when before he came in and after. He is genuinely evil and has no qualms about showing it. I promise you, why else would they send over a damn Deutsche-men to run the USA branch when we were doing fine  with our AMERICAN CEO. Our customer service was GREAT, prices were great and employee moral was HIGH. Then along came HUMM…and it all went sour. pay attention folks…  

    • Nick

      Destroying the company while increasing its value don’t exactly go hand-in-hand.

      • Kalel

         Yes they do when you change the entire customer service to sales and short term profits from due date changes, restoration fees for ladex suspension, throwing on pay per use data on each line to get the phone to automatically start using web, etc. etc. etc.  It’s makes the company look good for a purchase because of the profits but it’s a short term gain that kills you in the long run.  That’s the reason why T-mobile is hemorrhaging customers left and right. 

  • ByeMrHumm

    Tmobiles entire PR and Marketing Staff should be fired.  They make mistake after mistake – As someone who has a degree in PR and has been a Tmobile customer for life, I think they’re just idiots! Personally, Ive had so many problems with Tmobile and Android that Im going to switch to the iPhone this Fall and give it a try.  Im sick of all the BS..And this marketing message must be a short-term strategy because what are they going to say in six months where there is an LTE iPhone?   I know a lot of people with iPhones and have never heard anybody complain about speed.  Meanwhile I have a 4G Tmobile Phone (granted its not HSPA+42) but they still market it as 4G and yet it only gets 2-3 mbps….and their Prepaid advertises unlimited everything for $50 in bold type “MONTHLY 4G” when you really only get 100MB of 4G and then are throttled so that you can barely use your phone.  I could go on & on.  

  • GZA

    Doesn’t this site have editors? That kicker at the end was the worst written anything.

    • Realcool2000

      Yo wheres the RZA? Suuuuuuuueeeeeeeee, just a call for the Wu!

  • Fabio

    Why is the T-Mobile marketing team wasting their time with this? HELLO!!!!! Instead of advertizing against the iPhone, why not just begin advertizing in FAVOR of it?

    How about his instead? “Coming soon: 3G / 4G coming to unlocked iPhones with T-Mobile.”.

    • Jose Hernandez

       I agree, that sound much,k much better.

    • esteban

      yes but is that true though? is 3g speeds coming to the iphone, if so then i totally agree with you. 

      • Fabio

        T-Mobile is re-farming their 1900 MHZ spectrum to HSPA+. So yes, unlocked iPhones will get 3G and the iPhone 4S would get 4G speeds.

  • MagentaRulz

    T-Mobile should re-focus its marketing campaign in regards to the iPhone. Instead of focusing on how the iPhone is not 4G, why not embrace it? Encourage customers that want the iPhone to buy an unlocked device from the apple store and use it on the T-Mobile network. There are already over a million of them. But what about the speeds? Why not do what sprint did when they got the Wi-Fi only iPad; pair it up with a 4G mobile hotspot. Even with the combination of the 2 services, the total monthly cost adds up to $70/mo for unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of web. It’s amazing what a 4G iPhone can do.

    • esteban

      doing this means a customer having to pay for two products instead of one. people don’t want that they want one thing…one cost not two. I read on this thread earlier a person saying that tmo is refarming their 2g spectrum to faster speeds…that sounds way better if that does happen ill pick up an iphone for me 

  • Jose Hernandez

    I agree with T-Mo needing to do something different with their marketing dollars, but honesty? I did not see this as an attack on the Iphone, but more of a bring your IPhone here, you can get better speeds? I might be wrong, but It’s just how I took the ad to read. 

    • 21stNow

      Unless you are in one of the refarmed markets (relatively few people are), you will get slower speeds with an iPhone on T-Mobile now than you would with other carriers, theoretically. 

      Either way, I’m pretty sure that the ad was not saying that you will get better speeds on an iPhone on T-Mobile.  The ad is pushing people toward actual T-Mobile 4G phones.

  • stevejobbed

    I was one of those that did not understand the big deal about the iphone. As a former T-Mobile call center manager I went on and on about Android and its benefits. When I completed my masters last year and quit T-Mobile my new employer gave us the option of using the 4s as our work phone as long as we bought it outright, and I did.
    People that look down on the iphone need to understand that it has nothing to do with specs or screen size. The iphone just works, I have never once had an issue with compatibility or random turn offs or wondering when I would get the next software update. Apple makes both the hardware and software and it makes a huge difference Not only that but the camera and video on this thing is on a whole different level than any android device. I used every high end Android device from the G1 all the way until my last phone, the Galaxy 2 and i don’t think I would ever go back to android at this point. As far as data speeds I use Verizon and have never been in an area that I have not had 3g service and the data speeds are more than fine and i am a heavy user in my current job. I now know why it was so frustrating as a T-Mobile employee to encounter people that only want the iphone but can’t specifically explain why. If you want to root your phone and put different Roms and skins on your device, knock yourself out with Android. But most adults need a reliable phone for everyday use and there is no better on the market than the iphone currently.

    • 21stNow

       OK, as someone who has a master’s degree, I’m sure that you know that your last sentence was an opinion only.  I’ve used several Android phones and an iPhone.  Each has its pros and cons.  However, for how I (an adult) use my phone for everyday use, an Android phone is better for me by far.  I recommend phones to people based on how they use them.  For some, I recommend iPhone.  For others, I recommend an Android phone or a Blackberry device.  I’ve yet to meet someone that I thought that Windows Phone was a good fit for, but I won’t hesitate to recommend it when I do.

  • windy city

    I have the iPhone 4s on the att network in Chicago Illinois and my internet sucks to slow drop calls and more now my wife have the Samsung galaxy s2 on Tmobile network and there internet is super fast going to Tmobile in June.

    • Littlesis1774

       Well I think the fact you are on AT&T might be the cause of that. I hear horrible stories about AT&T

  • Viva Capitalism!

    Really David?  Didn’t expect this from your usually level-headed perspective.  Why are all the iBots so inflamed by simple advertising?  Do you get equally upset when a competitor slams your car, your TV or clothes?  What has Apple done to all of you?  It really looks like you’re all taking it personal.  Sure T-Mobile would like the iPhone, but right now they don’t have it so it’s only natural for them to advertise against it just like Verizon did.  If iPhone is such a great phone, no one should be threatened by a little adverse advertising against it.  It is just the American way.

    • David

      I think you are missing my point entirely, my point is that T-Mobile should play to their strengths, instead of bringing attention to their weaknesses. Not to mention, I’m constantly critical of T-Mobile’s marketing strategy, if you can even call it a strategy. More importantly, I’m an Apple user and I’ve used an iPhone on EDGE on T-Mobile’s network for two-plus years, I’m hardly anti-Apple. I’m probably the most pro-Apple person around here. I’m not taking it personally, I’m just frustrated but what I see as a lack of common sense in T-Mobile’s marketing department.

      • Get_at_Me

        Mentioning the iphone garners attention, once u have someones attention, u can attempt to educate them on the iphones weaknesses compared to your current lineup…..verizon did it with their droid does campaign.

        • esteban

          very very well said sir…you get a +1, and a cookie lol

        • perfectalpha

           First off, the Droid Does campaign had multi-million dollar marketing war chest behind them. Remember the jets delivering the device all around the country commercials? Verizon made the Droid seem larger than life. You can rest assured nothing in T-Mobile’s line up meets that billing. Hate to break it to you. From the unboxing, to the on-boarding experience, to the daily experience, to the customer service experience, etc nothing will match it.

          Now I have to reply because David is 100% right in regards to why T-Mobile
          needs to just stop mentioning the iPhone. Honestly, as somebody who has
          used 6 Android devices beforehand…I will say the iPhone suits how I
          use my phone best…

          In my opinion, T-Mobile should have taken a page out of BP’s book where they show how they’re going to get back on their feet helping communities after the oil spill. We had a chance after the AT&T acquisition to talk about how we’re going to better our handset lineup, right our customer service and ultimately make sure the network is performing optimally for all users. Ultimately, giving them a reason to choose T-Mobile!

          Instead, we’re getting the same song and dance. “Wahhh, the iPhone isn’t
          on 4G” who gives a crap? Really? What T-Mobile needs to focus on is
          becoming a legitimate choice for consumers purchasing a phone;
          discussion of the iPhone having 3G is petty at this point. It is the #1
          selling phone on 3 carriers nationwide. This marketing campaign will do
          nothing to help the fact consumers do not consider T-Mobile a top tier choice for wireless service.

    • Cashman

      Did you even read the article?

    • Gouv

      David brings up very good points, though I would do that same thing if i was tmobile.  It might just come across as tasteless to the consumer who can get the iphone just about anywhere now but tmo.  In particular its sill of them to go at it so soon after mentioning the iphone in the re-farm strategy.  I think its more of an issue with timing of such an ad, but like i said david isn’t wrong in his thinking.

  • OmeerRahman

    Yeah not to mention a few million of those “slow web speeds” iPhones are running on T-Mobile’s EDGE network. The iIdiots may just think it’s T-Mobile’s fault because the iPhone gets 3G on every other carrier and now “4G” on At&t. In effect a good portion of these people will think EDGE speeds is what T-Mobile is touting as 4G. Given that T-Mobile has such a large and unofficial iPhone subscriber base they should spend more resources to entice iPhone users to come to their network instead of bashing them. Unless of course they are looking to lose the iPhone customers they have in addition to the quarterly customer loss year after year. Fighting the iPhone is a lose-lose situation any way you look at it from T-Mobile’s perspective.

    • UMA_Fan

      This is so true.  It’s unbelievably frustrating.

    • esteban

      did you read what you typed before you hit the post button? and did it make any sense? 

      • OmeerRahman

        Why don’t you try reading it a few times over? Slowly, at a pace you’re comfortable with. If it still doesn’t make sense to you then I’ll try to break it down for you…

      • Gouv

        well lets face it, all the other carriers have the device and t-mobile is slightly putting it down.  I don’t think it sends a good message to consumers. But as i said in a previous post, they don’t have much of a choice.  Atleast they are showing effort these days.


    Apple is the devil. They are the epitome of all greedy profit-oriented corporations. The only thing they care about is marketing their products in a way so that they will appeal to the technology-ignorant masses of people who can’t differentiate between 4g and a can on a string. That is why Apple is so successful. Because the vast majority of Americans are absolutely ignorant when it comes to understanding even the basics of cellular technology. T-Mobile’s marketing plan might be outdated, but at least it is exposing Apple’s products for what they really are. At least T-Mobile’s marketing efforts are ethical, unlike Apple’s.

    • David

      Apple’s marketing isn’t ethical? Sounds more like you’re just angry at Apple for some reason.

      • Peter

        For years Apple used their marketing against Windows with many lie, BS and crap.

        And even now when they add something to their phone or better say to steal some ideas (which Apple is actually famous for it) from others like Android or Windows they marketing it as magical and innovation.

        So yeah Apple’s marketing is not ethical.

      • esteban

        since when is any major company’s marketing ethical? in their keynote, Apple just happened to mention that the ipad was faster than the transformer prime but failed to prove it. in their keynote and everywhere else they fail to prove the speed of their processor, because it’s still the same processor they used in the ipad 2 cept for maybe over clocking it. no, i doubt any of these companies have any kind of ethics when it comes to their products. 

    • wsj

      Another droid fanboy, who thinks that Androis is better.  That might be true, but until marketplace or play or whatever they want to call themselves has the number of apps that Apple does and not full of spyware/virus infected apps, Apple will still be the best phone out there.  Do not believe be, just ask TMUSA why they are in the shithole they are in.  Can you spell APPLE.

      • esteban

        you sir are a fucken idiot, can  you count on the amount of android apps that are spyware? please name them. the iphone is not the answer to any carrier’s financial problems, just ask Sprint. ofcourse you’re not a fanboy either because you think apple’s iphone is better ofcourse not. i certainly do not agree with that gslate person cus he’s defenetly a fandroid but you calling one is like the kettle calling the pot black

      • 21stNow

         The number of apps is close to even right now, with the Play Store estimated to overtake the App Store in June of this year.

        However, the number of apps has reached the meaningless stage.  Once you cross say, 200,000, the average user is satisfied that what he wants is available.  I download more apps than most, and could never even look through the estimated 600,000 apps available in either store, let alone download and use them.  Also, considering that the there are apps that duplicate each other in function, the numbers are even more meaningless.

        I’ve been referred to as an app whore on other boards.  Yet, I have never downloaded a spyware or virus-infected app on the Android platform.  I even download third party apps and haven’t had a problem.  There is a way to be smart about this and a way to be not-so-smart about it, just like with desktop computers.

        Regarding your last comment (foul language excused), VZW did quite well in the 2007-2010 period without the iPhone (surpassing the only carrier with an iPhone in number of subscribers), so the iPhone alone does not worsen a carrier’s position.

    • Guest

      I read this and think….I pity da fool. Anyone who bought the Gslate is a fool.

    • TrevorMadden

      You’re so right. Buy an iPhone = putting money toward the next weekly lawsuit!

  • Mathew Wright

    They’re trying to attack the iPhone as the default smartphone by pointing out that it’s not the best at everything like everybody always assumes.  They’re educating the customer as to why they should look at T-mobile phones instead of an iPhone.  Sounds like good advertising to me.  What do you expect them to do? “The iPhone is awesome.  We don’t have it.  But we do have phones that are faster on the internet if that is a key factor for your purchase.  Please come give us a look.  If you still want an iPhone, we understand.”  I don’t think that’d work too well.

    • Get_at_Me

      Agreed. Tmobile would love to join the iphone bandwagon like all the other nationals but apple demands your first, second and third born in order to carry the device. Tmobile isnt willing to go deep into the red to carry any particular device. I think its a smart move by tmobile. Verizon did it back in the day. If you cant join them, try to beat them.

    • Littlesis1774

       According other customers T-mobile got only one high end phone that Galaxy. T-mobile phones for the most part are crappy.

  • MagentaMadness

    In the coming months, look for a T-Mobile re-branding of the T-Mobile name/product. We’re being told the advertising structure will be revamped, as well as a marketing tactic towards the eyefone. While TMO will not be offering the eyefone, they will target people who have them, in order to switch over to TMO. We’re in the middle of a huge spectrum re-harvesting project. Taking 2G spectrum and harvesting it to use for 4G…by doing this, eye phone users will begin to see 4G speeds.

    • in2android

      I 100% back this strategy! When your on a budget as a corporation, you have to fight like a small dog in a big fight! That means by any means nessecary! I think this will push Tmo from 1 million iphone users to 5 million in 6-9 months. Show apple how many ppl want the iphone at Tmo’s rates & see where they want to go from ther, who knows. Im not an iphone user, but its a great phone, it allows the consumer more options, and the 1900 mhs band will lure users of alot of unlicked devices. Tmos prepaid holds alot of potential profit just waiting to be tapped into. I think this is a big market for a carrier with a good balance of premium and price such as T-mobile.

      • ChadBroChillz

        5 million? you are saying they will gain around 4 million iphone users in 6-9 months? Cmon son. you cant believe that. I am sure they will get a ton of new iphone users, but I doubt it will be over a million. People still want to have the latest and greatest, and I doubt many would be willing to pay 650+ just to have the iphone on tmobile, especially with the other networks have LTE, plus the savings would be minuscule if you compare it to their value plan. 

        • MagentaMadness

          Think about it this way, there are approx 1.5 million iphones on T-Mobile’s network at the moment. All of them able to use 2G only at this time. So whats that tell us? 1. People want the iphone…2. They’re sacrificing speed(cause it only works on 2G for now) to stay with T-Mobile. Will it be 5 million? We can’t say yes or no for sure…Will the number increase big time once T-Mobile rolls out the spectrum re-harvest? I think its safe to say yes…Time will tell.

      • Gouv

        that’s very optimistic of you.. 5 million in such a short period of time????  not impossible but very very very unlikely.

  • Gouv

    You can’t really blame them for it. If I was in their shoes I would do it too. They may have their problems but atleast they are trying.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Wow… I don’t even…

  • ISheep

    It’s informing the general public that the iPhone 4 and 4s isn’t 4G.
    My friend on the release day of the iPhone 4: “OMG. The iPhone is finally 4G! 4G speeds! YES!”
    Me: “…”

    • IGenius

      iphone is 4G speeds….based on what TMo sells its 4G phones on. MyTouch4G?
      Guess you lil Android fools are really…..foools.

      • esteban

        did this idiot just say the Iphone was 4g? lol he really believes that huh

        • Kalel

          The Iphone 4S does take advantage of 14.4mbps HSPA+ data speeds, which are the same as the Mytouch 4G, G2, HTC Sensation, etc.  He’s correct but he should have stated he was talking about the Iphone 4S.

  • wsj

    This is just stupid, stupid, stupid.  You are loosing customers, because you cannot meet the demand of customers demand (iPhone) so beat up the iPhone.  This just sounds like TMUSA is not getting the iPhone 5 so lets say how bad the iPhone is and try to sell the Andriod phone and keep going down with the sinking ship.

    • Kalel

      You lose because you can’t spell “losing” correctly.  Don’t worry it’s not just you but a phenomenon online that most young people can’t spell correctly.

  • tony

    While I tend to agree the point that it’s not a good idea to attach iphone at this point, but I am seeing it from a difference angle.

    As the refarming going on in TMO, support for iphone is a certainty sooner or later. There’s a huge advantage on TMO’s side just because it’s the only one that doesn’t sell iphone now with huge subsidy loss as all other 3 have been incurring.

    Once TMO announces the support of unlocked iphone, there’s minimum of a million+ disgruntled ATT iphone users will flop in a second to join TMO with their own iphone or buy one unlocked from apple. This tidal wave will be so huge that it’s a test if TMO can handle it
    On this point, it’s time to make a peace with iphone and start focusing on getting the message out for TMO’s love of supporting iphone users.

    What can be more profitable than selling expensive iphone plan while not having to lose 300-400 dollars subsidizing it upfront? TMO will be the jealous of suckers at ATT/Ver/Sprint.

  • Johntho21

    So the question still remains…. Will T-Mobile get the iPhone this year?!?!
    I mean we will have the spectrum for the device.. Maybe T-Mobile getting the iPhone this year and is trying to keep customers away from the hype and speculation… Think about it, one mention of T-Mobile carrying the iPhone will start ALL types of blogs about the issue. Plus if T-Mobile gets the iPhone and let it be known before Apple decides it could put T-Mobile at risk from Apple as well as Verzion, AT&T, and Sprint for the fact they know if T-Mobile starts to carry the iPhone their customers will jumpship so will try to block T-Mobile from carrying the device. Sprint did not just pay 20 Billion dollars just to see their customer leave. I think T-Mobile is advertising the right way… No iPhone and then BOOM iPhone and I’m pretty sure T-Mobile systems will be set down in the matter of minutes.

  • Johntho21

    **CORRECTION** shut down

  • Gyudenfriend

    Who lines up? The Isheep? Got to be crazy to wait on line for hours for a phone.

    • Littlesis1774

       You just prove my point

  • Chris

    If ONE android handset came out every year, the lines would dwarf any apple product.

    • jonathan3579

      I love Android but I highly disagree with this comment.

    • Gouv

      that kind of defeats the idea of android though, right?? The same could have been said for the palm pre but that kinda flopped unfortunately.

  • Soul Surfer

    David, I work in Operations and agree with you 100%, without the I-Phone there is no NEW growth for  the company. STOP bashing the I-Phone, marketing is lost, their is no new direction for the company without Apple on-board. The ship is sinking, Android is NOT the single answer, maybe a life preserver at best.

    • Smith

      Problem is not only “not having iPhone or Apple on board”. That maybe a factor but they are other factors as well.

      Problem with T-Mobile is they become a network of crappy Android.

      Android is NOT the single answer and I agree with that and not everyone like or want Android.

      Another example is t-Mobile also doesn’t offer any high-end Windows Phone as well.

      I saw many comments here that people are living T-Mobile for better Windows Phone devices and going to AT&T.

      So the problem with T-mobile is offering only Android crap, while they had tosupport and all platforms with offering high-end handsets for example phone like Nkia Lumia 900.

      • Kalel

         I do have to agree that not having the Iphone that they should at least carry a high end Window’s phone.  The Lumia 710 really does match up well against the Iphone but they need to expand out to the customers that want the larger phone.

      • Vim

        Nobody has a high end Windows Phone right now.  Nokia wanted too much for the 800 so none of the US carriers picked it up, and the release of the 900 on AT&T has been delayed until next month. I’m certain that T-Mobile will be the second carrier to get a high end windows phone, probably a customized version of the 900 in the summer once AT&T’s 45 day exclusivity deal expires.  T-Mobile will very likely get a high end HTC Windows Phone too once Apollo is out.  So the Windows phones are coming, you just need to be patient.

        • Peter

          Well what you said is not 100% true.

          First of all pre-order for Nokia Lumia 900 starts this Friday March 30th and Phone will be available in stores from April 9th.

          So we are talking about like 4 to 9 days until relase date.

          AT&T has and high-end Windows Phone already Samsung Focus S and HTC Titan which T-Mobile doesn’t have and only offer Lumia 710 and HTC Radar 4G (both are great great phones but not high-ends).

          Sprint and Verizon run by idiots that are in bed with Gogole and Apple so they refused to offer Windows Phone to make them look good for Apple and google. Yes from business point of view this is stupid and childish act which is why I said they are idiot.

          In other hand AT&T and T-Mobile are smart and offering Windows Phone but still AT&T offered better devices therefore stle more customers.

          T-Mobile will get Windows Phone high-ends maybe in future but as far as I know from my sources nothing high-end for T-mobile anytime soon.

        • Vim

          April 9th isn’t now.  The Focus and the Titan aren’t significantly better than the 710. They have virtually identical internals and the same WVGA display resolution.    Aside from spreading the same number of pixels out over a larger area (which not everyone considers a plus given the resulting lower pixel density and bulkier phone), and the marginally better camera, I don’t see any significant differences.

          As the richest, most profitable carrier in the US by far, Verizon is -not- run by idiots.  AT&T wishes it had Verizon’s profit margins. Just because Verizon doesn’t carry the phone you want doesn’t make them idiots. I’m not going to comment on Sprint because I question their judgment too, but not for the same reasons you do.

          BTW, there have already  been leaks that Nokia will be releasing a variant of the 900 for T-Mobile in the mid to late summer.  And T-Mobile is on the record as having said that Nokia is one of its three most important manufacturer partnerships, right up there with Samsung and HTC.   Given that T-Mobile carries high end Samsung’s and HTC’s, it would thus be highly surprising if they didn’t carry high-end Nokia’s too.

          The delay is probably due to a combination of two factors. First, AT&T was willing to pay extra for an exclusive on the Lumia 900.  Second, T-Mobile thought they’d no longer exist at this point so they stopped contracting for new phones past October.  They’re scrambling now to make up for that, but unfortunately the result has been no new high-end handsets of any sort from mid-October of last year until now.

  • jonathan3579

    LOL, very true!