Mini Editorial: T-Mobile, Stop Attacking The iPhone On Slow Web Speeds?

Has T-Mobile’s next marketing salvo against the iPhone already begun? With both a tweet under their belt as well a captured image(s) of an advertisement running on IntoMobile, T-Mobile is attacking the slow internet speeds of the iPhone. You can be anti-iPhone, pro-Android or somewhere in-between and loving Windows Phone, but I’m really quite tired of T-Mobile attacking the iPhone. Why does the T-Mobile marketing team insist on attacking the one device the company continues to claim is partly responsible for its own unstable financial predicament. Enough is enough. The iPhone brings customers over in droves, Android yet to do that, it’s as simple as that. The iPhone has customers lining up every launch like clock-work, Android phones hardly ever do. Except that isn’t what this is about, this is about T-Mobile needing to find new and inventive ways to lure customers back, instead of attacking the most popular phone on the planet.

All that being said, you can argue that T-Mobile is right with their message and you would be correct, until a LTE iPhone launches, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 21 and HSPA+ 42Mbps smartphones blow away iPhone data speeds. Still, is there anyone in T-Mobile-land that is truly naive enough to think this is going to win over customers? If internet speeds were truly of concern to iPhone owners, T-Mobile would be the number one or two carrier in the US.

I’ve long said that T-Mobile’s marketing team needs a refresh and this just steels my resolve to continue thinking that. This is another half-hearted attempt at attacking the device that is, at least in some small part responsible for T-Mobile’s current position in the marketplace. Those are T-Mobile’s words, not ours.

You can love Android, hate the iPhone or vice-versa and that’s fine, your smartphone preference isn’t the subject here. You can interchange the word “iPhone” here for any other name as long as the internet speed and #4GLife argument remain the same. This is about another wasted marketing effort that shows much T-Mobile’s marketing team needs to start thinking outside the box. Sorry T-Mobile, yet again you need to step up your game if you want to win customers back into the Magenta world.

As a last thought, just stop attacking the iPhone, especially when you highlight your network refarming with a specific focus on unlocked iPhone’s working on your 3G/4G network in the very near future. I guess there is a network refarming for that.


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  • Guest112233

    So here I am patiently waiting for T-Mobile to get it’s own iPhone and here they are bashing it with their “we don’t need the iPhone because we have mid level androids and windows phones” attitude. Even if the Galaxy S3 blew away the iphone 4s and on par or superior with the 5 later this year, it doesn’t compete with the popularity of the apple device.

  • John

    They are right about iPhone internet speed os low compare to others and no reason they should not use it against iPhone or other carriers.

    When it’s a fact and truth why not specially when it’s against company like Apple that is full of BS and false advertising against other companies.

  • POL

    Man, if T-mobile is going to bash on the iPhone, at least get some good Androids to back it up.

    • in2android

      Amen brother!!! No need for me to say the same thing!

    • Kalel

       Put the specs of the Amaze, SGS2, and the HTC One against any Android phone and they are on the same level.  Good Android phones?  At least know the specs and the differences instead of going with “the best is the phone with the most commercials”. 

      • Vim

        T-Mobile still has no android phone with a 720p display… :(

        • Kalel

           True but is that what makes a phone a good phone?  Really?  I could say my HTC Amaze is 720p and the 99% of the population would look at the screen and believe it. 

        • Vim

          99% of the population has never held a phone with a 720p display either.  So they have nothing to compare against.  Once they’ve surfed the web on a 720p display however, I guarantee you that most of them will be reluctant to go back to WVGA or qHD.  The latter feel downright claustrophobic in comparison.

          I have an Amaze too, but I’d rather have a Rezound or a Galaxy Nexus.  I like my Amaze, don’t get me wrong, but I really wish T-Mobile had waited an extra month for HTC to put the 720p display on it like Verizon did with the Rezound.  Given that the Sensation had come out only four months earlier, there was no real need to rush the Amaze into production.

        • FTLOG

          I worked in wireless for several years, and the majority of customers do not care about specs. The second they hold an Amaze, they say, too big, too bulky, Do you have iPhone, I hear iPhone is the best.

          The problem is, the majority of smartphone customers are not technical, they want a phone that looks good to them and their friends, and that feels good in the hand, and that does what they need it to do, which is very little.

          Samsung or HTC would be smart to reach this audience by creating a smaller, light phone with all the highest capabilities which fits nicely in a dress shirt pocket and looks very high-end

        • Kalel

           Isn’t that what the Samsung Blaze is for?  The Mytouch 4G was perfect with it’s 3.7″ display and had high end features inside, for it’s time.  It’s still a great phone and I wasn’t planning on buying a new phone until the Amaze dropped like a rock in pricing for employees.  It was cheaper for me to buy an Amaze than it was to get a Sensation. 

        • Vim

          I agree, sort of. It’s kind of hard to out-Apple Apple however. So android manufacturers have instead differentiated themselves based on one of the most common iPhone complaints, ie. that the screen is too small or that it is designed for little people with small hands and fingers.  So they’ve ceded the high-end small phone demographic to Apple while claiming the high-end larger phone demographic and mid-range small phone demographic for themselves.  The strategy does appear to be working.

          If Samsung or HTC were to offer their top models in different sizes, what should those sizes be? Apple is fixated on 3.5″ phones, the reviewers seem to love 4.0″ phones like the original Galaxy S, while the latest high end android phones are either 4.3″ or 4.7″.   Is there a market for high end 3.5″ or 3.6″ android phones?  While high end 3.6″ phones sold well in the past, they weren’t competing with their larger brethren then. 

          I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but HTC has taken all those “too big, too bulky” criticisms to heart and removed the removable battery and micro SD card slots in the One X and S to make them as thin as possible.  I have very mixed feelings about this.  I recognize that there are more customers who are obsessed with having the thinnest phone then there are who actually swap out batteries or sd cards, but it troubles me when companies reduce functionality just to shave another mm from the phone’s thickness.

      • Guest911

        Anyone who brings up specs has no idea how technology works. The OS is different. You fools are actually impressed when MORE power is needed to run an OS! Efficiency relies on using less power. SMH

        • Kalel

           Were talking Android vs Android……you fool who has no idea how to read a posting and a reply.  Swear, reading comprehension has gone downhill lately.

  • David

    Well I am tired of waiting for t-mobile to offer high-end Windows Phone 7 handsets as well.

    Even tough both Radar 4G and Nokia Lumia 710 are very great phones but still they are not even close to Lumia 900 or HTC Titan II.

    So I am done with T-Mobile after being their loyal customer for over 10 years and in next few days (March 30th) I am going to pre-order 4 Nokia Lumia 900 for our new family plan with AT&T.

    So as for me T-Mobile can advertise whatever they want and doesn’t matter to em anymore. I am just hoping in future they offer high-end Windows Phone handsets so maybe I will come back to T-Mobile in 2 years again.

    But I am tired of waiting for T-Mobile and can’t wait anymore.

    Gonna miss T-Mobile somehow but oh well Nokia Lumia 900 worth it.

    • ghulamsameer


      • Josh

        LOL. He is not Traitor!

        Traitor is T-Mobile that does this to their loyal customers and force them to leave after like David being with them for over 10 years.

        Yes sad to see people leave T-Mobile but if only T-Mobile offered for example in this case Nokia Lumia 900 then people like David had no reason to leave.

        And I have to say this is not the first I hear this. Two of my other friends leaving T-Mobile to get Nokia Lumia 900 as well.

        • ghulamsameer

          Opinion changed. Apologies issued to all those offended.

    • tj

      your bill is gonna be expensive but u  do have a point 

      • Don’t Really Care

        pffft… I’ve done my research.  turns out, what I pay now isn’t very far off than what I would pay on At&t.  

        I’m not jumping ship yet… although a $99 Lumia 900 is freaking CRAZY and extremely tempting.

        But check back with me in a year and I think for sure I’ll be done w/ Tmobile.  

  • guest

    Nobody seems to address the fact that most iPhone users bash Android all the time with nothing more than criticism that Android phones are not iPhones. I want a phone that’s faster and more technologically advanced. Not the most popular or trendiest. I don’t care what your preference is but you should be able to back it up with a reason as to why you like it better. Samsung has a great ad for the Samsung Galaxy S2 that bashes the long lines of iPhone buyers but they deserve it considering they supplied iPhone with a lot of its tech guts and was sued by Apple for patent infringments. No doubts that TMO can use a boost from iPhone sales but sometimes a little mudslinging is necessary in an ad campaign. Not unusual in competitive marketing and selling of consumer products. I don’t know when Apple and iPhone became too good to be called out for their shortcomings. When you are competing against a more popular product, you have to highlight what makes your product better. Duh.

    • Gouv

      Yeah but is this a mobile os issue or a carrier issue?  iphone guys can talk smack till they are blue in the face and vice versa but it still doesn’t change the fact that a carrier as opposed to avid enthusiasts, are throwing the dig.  In this case its going to look worse because many in the general public now know where to get the iPhone and sadly tmobile is not one of those places.  But as i’ve stated, you can’t blame tmobile for doing this.  They need to be able to look like they aren’t dependent on it and can offer everyone something else.  This may not be the best approach and might be risky but lets face it, what else are they going to do? just sit there and keep advertising bogo sales forever?  Why i kinda like these ads is because it shows some sort of competitive dignity and that they aren’t just sitting around. 

      What they should do is make a cool ad about their re-farming strategy and make it bigger than what it really seems.  People would probably buy into that and run  cool marketing campaign about their tech.  I mean its time they do something, right?

      • Littlesis1774

         What about the android users? They I seen some people nasty android fanboys that would insult in a minute

        • 30014


        • Littlesis1774

           Sorry what I meant say was that I seen some pretty nasty android fanboys

    • Don’t Really Care

      Nobody seems to address… because FANBOYS EAT A D!CK.  If you’re getting bothered by fanboys, then its time to stop and evaluate yourself.  Here’s an amazingly accurate statement: Fanboys do NOT represent the consumer base.  These little tech blogs and sites just happen to be read and commented by fanboys because they are the type of people to read these all day long.  Its like if you visited a prison everyday and then turned around and assumed that anyone with a tattoo must be a criminal.  Pull your head UP and OUT and realize these turds on the inter-webs hardly are representative of anything.  Even if you’re talking about some real-life friends who deride Android or WP7 or iOS… guess what? They are fanboys too.  Last I checked, random people with iPhones don’t walk up to people w/ Android handsets and point and laugh.  In real life… people don’t really give 2 craps what phone you have.
      This is not about fanboys, its about Tmobile attacking the iPhone as a sales tactic and it’s stupid.


    People don’t always buy phones for internet speed. I for one hardly use the internet on my phone except wifi. But, I still love smartphones for games and apps. So It really doesn’t phase me if they attack one brand or another. I have never used iPhone on tmobile’s network, but I have used unlocked phones, over the past 6 years that I used T-mobile, and I have been happy with them.

    In truth, intelligent peopel are going to buy what they want, not listen to any company’s marketing campign. After all, most marketing is just lies anyway.

  • ghulamsameer

    I agree. T-Mobile seems to blame most of its woes on the iPhone and if it starts bashing it, there will only be problems. I don’t think this a good move from T-Mobile.

    • CactoesGel

       T-Mobile and its fanbois seem to blame everything else and everyone else except themselves.

      • Littlesis1774

         Then called people trolls for leaving. They also called them idiots for going to Verizon and AT&T. Sure Verizon maybe more expansive but at least they can get the phone that they want. 

        • Kalel

          Yes, you go to Verizon for the phone that costs the same as a T-mobile high end phone and then you end up paying $700 more over the length of the contract because you wanted a particular phone.  Great reasoning.  I understand people going to Verizon for the coverage but definitely not just for a phone.  I guess if you have that amount to blow on a phone then you weren’t T-mobile’s demographic anyways.

        • Littlesis1774

           Well Verizon does have better coverage and better phones then T-mobile. You never know I might just go Verizon or I might just stay at T-mobile.

    • CactoesGel

       T-Mobile and its fanbois seem to blame everything else and everyone else except themselves.

  • Alex Balinsky

    All they should do is talk to Apple and allow using next iPhone in their network, they would get a lot of customers back. I hate t-mobile’s specific 3g/4g frequencies that do not allow me to use any phone I want!!!

  • Tortionist

    Although i’m not a big fan of the iphone, this is the wrong way for T-mobile to market. They should be marketing the power of their phones like the SGS II, HTC Amaze, and the HTC Sensation. Attacking the iphone just makes them look foolish maybe even a little bitter. While the iphone cannot save T-Mobile, it could definitely help T-Mobile. One million + customers is nothing to sneer at.

    • zeth006

       Plus let’s not forget it’s really short-sighted especially seeing how they’re upgrading their network to accommodate the iPhone. They should market their current and future 4G devices, push the value and savings from not going with VZW and AT&T, and above all, educate current and potential customers on the benefits of bringing an iPhone to T-Mobile in the future.

      Do all that, and you have a recipe for long-term success.

      • CactoesGel

         You’d think it’s that simple but for some reason these TMo execs couldn’t figure this out. LOL

      • CactoesGel

         You’d think it’s that simple but for some reason these TMo execs couldn’t figure this out. LOL

  • cutienoua

    My unlocked iphone 4 gets exactly zero bits of internet from Tmob.all internet access is from wifi.
    You are spot on!

  • Joseph Lagalla

    Unfortunately, there are consumers that can’t see past the iPhone. Though this may not be the best way to go about it, some people may want faster internet(and go to verizon), realizing that the iPhone is not the absolute best in that category. Consumers need to be swayed from the iPhone for them to come to T-mobile, because unless they come bringing their own, T-Mobile will not have what they want for some time. They need to be convinced they can be happy with a different phone.

    • Littlesis1774

       Has that worked? I mean T-mobile had these iphone bashing commercials for a year and looked at what it cost them. They lost over 800,000 customers within the last year. They don’t have high end phones other then galaxy phone. Look the comments one person is saying if T-mobile does not get a high end windows phone they are going to AT&T.  I mean look at it T-mobile got Nokia 710 but AT&T has Nokia 900. Verizon and AT&T have better phones

      • Peter Rardin

        It worked for me. I have a ATT galaxy note on T-mobile.

        • Whitney Danielle Pyant

           is it on edge?

      • Peter Rardin

        It worked for me. I have a ATT galaxy note on T-mobile.

  • CCollision

    I love how once Tmo’s PCS spectrum is refarmed for HSPA+, their network will be the fastest on the iPhone with the cheapest rate plans. Suck it Sprint/AT&T/Verizon.

    • ChadBroChillz

      Yea….. Until the LTE iphone comes out for the other three, then Tmobile’s speeds will be below or on par with the other three.

      • CactoesGel

         LOL You get what you pay for.

      • CactoesGel

         LOL You get what you pay for.

        • Tortionist

          Not only that, but I think it’s sheer ignorance to change wireless providers over a phone. if a person is going to change wireless providers it, should be because of plans, pricing, and/or customer service, or lack thereof, not phone choice. Changing wireless providers due to phone choice is very similar to making financial decisions based off of emotions. It just tends to be a recipe for problems and headaches. All of the wireless providers have a few good phones. STick with the wireless provider you like and buy the phone you want used or new and unlocked.

        • stevejobbed

           Studies have shown that the main reason why people change providers is coverage. If customers have a bad experience with coverage they are more likely to leave, even if it means paying more with another provider. Unfortunately (or fortunately based on the last JD Power results) customer service is way down on the list of why people change wireless providers. Devices were second but it mainly pertained to deals people get on phones when they sign up for a new contract.

        • 21stNow

           We’re on opposite sides of this debate.  I think that coverage should be the number one factor in choosing a carrier, followed by the device that you want, followed by price.  In Brian’s case, what good would it do him to get a Nokia Lumia 900 and bring it to T-Mobile?  The data speeds offered by LTE will only be seen on AT&T.

          I agree that you get what you pay for.  But with the cellular industry, the carrier that has great coverage for me may have bad coverage for you and the phone that I like isn’t the phone that you like.  If I want to follow a phone, why shouldn’t I?

          I don’t understand people staying with one carrier when a different carrier has the phone that they just “have” to have.  I’m talking about more than just liking a phone, but the world will come to an end if the phone of choice doesn’t come to their current carrier.

      • Brian

        I just went to AT&T store today to play with Nokia Lumia 900 and man that phone is a beauty and speed.

        That 4G LTE on Lumia 900 just below T-Mobile speed even tough T-Mobile has good and fast internet.

        And now I am thinking about switching to AT&T to get that Nokai Lumia 900 on April 8th.

        The price is really good for high-end device like that (Only $99) my only problem is I have to pay ETF to T-Mobile but it is very tempting and I might do it. I don’t know.

        But yeah 4G LTE is much betetr and seems liek T-Mobile now is behind even tough in 3G time they were ahead!

        • Guest

          wow your willing to fork out extra 500.00 (MRC) a year togo ATT for windows phone??? Somebody smack him quickly.

  • Vim

      It sounds like T-Mobile is pulling a page out of Verizon’s notebook.  Attack the iPhone to give Apple an incentive to offer a better deal that won’t leave T-Mobile financially crippled like Sprint.   As is often said, the best defense is a strong offense.  It’s not a bad bargaining ploy per say, but T-Mobile doesn’t quite have the marketing muscle of Verizon, so its chances of success aren’t great.

  • jp_craze

    Go off David! Get these girls together! 

  • Lucky

    Maybe T-Mobile should fire their Marketing Team instead of all the Customer Service Reps that used to make them great!?!?

  • Bbbbbb

    Blah, blah, blah. Year after year tmo looks for ways to improve and improve churn. It’s obvious. Get the Iphone, but instead our marketing team wants to bash the IPhone. The one solution to improve churn and drive sales. With our rate plans and the IPhone, its a no brainer to go with tmo. All these android look a likes. Tmo can come out with the best android device, faster than the IPhone and customer will.still pick iPhone. Can’t beat the iPhone, Join it!,

    • illegaloperation

      Right, but the phone is incompatible with T-Mobile’s 1700 Mhz UMTS/HSPA+

      IMHO, T-Mobile should have refarmed the 1900 Mhz for HSPA+ a long while ago.

      • ChadBroChillz

        I honestly do not believe it( tmobile not getting the iphone) was ever about incompatible bands. I believe refarming was them preparing for LTE on AWS, because PCS auctions are pretty much done. Had they built LTE on PCS, they would not have a way of increasing their capacity without using another band or going to a wholeseller, however the FCC has already said it plans for a few more AWS auctions in the future. Built it on AWS, and they can increase their capacity/coverage in the future. 

        Tmobile does not want to bend down to Apple’s price demands, but IMO it is a necessary evil, and I doubt they will gain a ton of subs, but at least subscribers will not be leaving in drones to the other three.

      • now_onTMO

         didn’t tmobile just acquired the 1900 bands when the buyout failed? which was just recently?

        correct me if im wrong..

  • Thu

    I work for the company, T-Mobile lacks vision and leadership. They have no direction, our leadership is stuck in a state of mind that if we are cheaper the customers will come and stay. Let’s be honest, T-Mobile lacks the iPhone, coverage is ok, some places its not good at all. Our leaders constantly tell us how they know the iPhone is the most iconic device of a generation, they know there is a demand amongst our customer base for it but yet they state they feel we don’t need the iPhone to differentiate us from our competitors. T-Mobile had been doing the same thing over and over even it comes to the business strategy and expecting different results. Very sad to see them drive the company into the ground.

    • Lucky

      This is very true, and it drives me insane that they seem so disconnected … All these iPhone bashing commercials and tweets just constantly reminds everyone that we’re the only major carrier that doesn’t have the device. Maybe Tmo will get it this year so they can market it as the fastest iPhone … Until Verizon reminds everyone, hey our new iPhone is now LTE capable.

      • Thu

        Lucky the leadership has no clue. Imagine how we feel when our leadership in our reinvent meetings basically tell us yeah we know the iPhone is great and our customers want it but we think we know better and don’t need it. Its crazy talk.

    • FTLOG

      T-mobile has always had this problem. I worked for them for 6 years and Finally left.
      When AT&T got iphone, T-mobile had a competitive line up (in regards to all other devices sold through other carriers, i.e. Blackberry (first to have pearl which sold well), MDA, Razr).

      But Then something happened. T-mobile chose gross expansion, opening a new store within a few blocks of another all over Brooklyn and NY (I’m sure other regions as well). Instead of investing in their network.
      Suddenly we were behind in the 3G game, and saw a loss of customers.

      T-mo fought back with low prices as usual, but took far too long to get 3G, and lost many customers.

      Now, I fear, T-mobile faces a serious problem. Too create a competitive advantage is almost impossible as other carriers offer more popular devices (high-end iphone), and more capable networks, and have larger budgets for service and improvments.

      T-mobile may try to spend all their money on LTE and purchasing the Best phones, but at the cost of their labor budget. While laying off call center workers will only lengthen wait times on hold to customer service, and frustrate more customers, they have also squeezed many sales associates out of the business by cutting hours and reducing the front line staff, and I’m sure that will continue.

      Unfortuantely, as they build tehmselves up,they will no doubt lose many more customers due to a lack of good customer service, network capability, and popular products.

      • Thu

        Exactly! Being late to 3G was a terrible decision, the company used to bee protectiv. Something did change, T-Mobile has always struggled to find a balance. We used to be able to compete but now are stuck the big 3 and the regional carriers. Another problem is there are no leaders here, just mangers. You can manage people but a leader is different. T-Mobile grew stagnant, didn’t try to stay a step ahead. Now to try and make up for that they are laying off good working employees.

  • Littlesis1774

    Has T-mobile even thought about what they going to do if iphone 5 is on LTE? I mean ipad 3 is now 4g device so iphone is not far behind

    • illegaloperation

      Yes, T-Mobile is rolling out HSPA+ in 1900 Mhz band and LTE in the 1700 band.

      • Whitney Danielle Pyant

         I mean advertising wise. I mean T-mobile been doing nothing but bashing the iphone but yet blame it along with Apple for their troubles. They bashing by saying our phones are 4g while their phones is still 3g. It won’t work if the iphone 5 is on 4g. Yes rolling out HSPA and 1900 MHZ band helps but will their iphone bashing continue

  • Therealmikebrown

    Yeah, don’t bash the unbashable iPhone.
    Of course you get mad at T-Mobile for attacking the weaknesses of the popular phone they don’t carry, you’re a fanboy. Not saying it’s a bad thing you just have to own it.
    You constantly feel like you.have to trumpet the iPhone. We all know if/when T-Mobile get the iPhone they’ll claim it’ the best thing since sliced bread. Even though it won’t bring anything that hasn’t been on the market for 6 months. Ex..Siri just being dressed.up voice commands Android has had that for a while.

    • Gouv

      Have you ever possibly considered that just maybe he appreciated the design culture and the styling of iPhone.  Even the software meshes well with the overall look of the phone. Having been a mac user for many years myself and having grown up with Apple products my entire life its just something you may not understand.  

      Is the iphone not bashable? of course not! but its harder to bash because just about every element of it from hardware to software is done pretty damn well.  The market has spoken and Apple has successfully designed and created its own success and that pisses people off.  Can other phones do certain things better than iPhone? of course but it’s the big picture and complete package that sell best to the customer.   Most android phones are sold on the premise of particular features because they have to compete with other android phones on other devices, while in the Apple-verse they focus on selling a smooth and fluid experience for the end user. Some people hate that idea and prefer the specs and features and that’s a great option to have too.  But if you don’t understand why he is saying this other than thinking he’s a blind fanboy than you are just as ignorant as you are implying he is (which he is not at all).  I also always tell fans like yourself of either side that  Until you’ve spent constant hours researching and developing electronics or software, keep your mouth shut on knocking something.  I’ve negatively commented on android in the past but my criticisms are how it is crapped on by hardware oem’s and i dislike its fragmentation, all of which have to do with the distribution more than the actual end product itself.  So if you think Siri is so bad, i dare you to go and conjure up something better.

  • Justamazing87

    Lets bring a realistic perspective. The iphone will bring in consumer s just because its the I phone.

    That doesn’t mean more profit. The buy in is going to be atleast 20 million if not more. Also you don’t understand how long it takes a mobile company to make a respectable profit from a customer. Selling the I phone = more business but not more profit

  • Joseph Singer

    Actually, AT&T is as “4G” as T-Mobile since the new iPhone 4S does HSPA+ which according to even T-Mobile’s own definition of “4G” is a 4G phone and in fact is the only “4G” that T-Mobile has since they don’t have a live LTE network yet.

    • KeoniMaui

      Actually I own a Apple 4S on the AT&T network.  The Icon changed to 4G after a software update, but the AT&T network has the HSPA but is not a + network.  AT&T currently has 6 phones which require the HSPA+ network to be 4G.  AT&T baked on the merger to give them this network.  In part of the US AT&T has paid T Mobile for the usage on the HSPA+ network, so if you are in San Fran or NYC you are good.  But even Apple will tell you there is no true 4G Iphone on the market no matter who network.

  • Marcus Armstrong

    Keep in mind im a unbiased Android guy.

     I currently work at a 3rd party wireless provider. Before we stopped carrying T-Mobile, ALOT of ppl came in asking if T-Mobile had the iPhone everyday. When it comes down to it, T-Mobile has 2 fatal strikes against it that will damn their future success. 

    1.) Not having the iPhone. They can say they dont need the iPhone all day, but even Sprint added more customers than T-Mobile in Q4 2011 and their network is horrible compared to T-Mobile. Also, most customers dont kno what 4G, LTE, or even a GB is, all they know and want to kno is “Does T-Mobile have the iPhone? No? How much is an iPhone on AT&T?”. 2.) Wireless coverage. As long as T-Mobile continues maket being cheaper instead of the improvement of their network coverage, they will ALWAYS fatally bleed out customers. Being cheaper isnt enough to keep customers from leaving for AT&T and Verizon when they have WAAAAAAAAY better wireless voice and data coverage. I kno from experience. I had T-Mobile for 5 years until i canceled last May. yes i was paying $20 less with T-Mobile but it isnt worth saving $20 if you had a “4G” data plan from T-Mobile but was stuck on GPRS 85%/ EDGE 15% of the time. AT&T is obviously more expensive and no unlimited data but honestly, on my employee plan with unlimited data, i only used 2.7 GBs in a month. It works for me because i get 7Mbits/sec in a rual area. Ima be leaving my current job and going back to a consumer plan when i get in the Army. I still may stick with AT&T because of LTE availability in the Town where i do AIT in because of the 20% discount (T-Mobile 15%). T-Mobile also has HSPA+ 42 there too but im not impressed enough with coverage most importantly, and their Android phones to come back home to T-Mobile. Currently i have an HTC Inspire until i the get the HTC One X or the iPhone 5 if the specs are impressive enough to pry me away from Android. A T-Mobile iPhone would not save them but will help keep customers from going to AT&T for the iPhone. Then they can properly market their 4G speeds with the highest selling phone on the planet. People will be waiting outside T-Mobile stores for the Next iPhone instead of AT&T and Verizon stores. 

    • UMA_Fan

      Being in the army you would benefit from T-Mobile’s WiFi Calling so if you have to work overseas your phone would basically think you are in the US whenever connected to WiFI.  I’ve used it overseas and it works great.  Any foreign WiFi hotspot is basically a T-Mobile USA cell tower for calls and texts on your regular phone number.

      Also, with signal drop to EDGE that can easily be rectified by going into your settings, wireless networks, and mobile networks and changing network mode to ‘WCDMA only’  This will make your phone ONLY connect to HSPA+.  

      The issue with T-Mobile right now is that since GSM is a priority the engineers have to operate that at a higher power level than WCDMA -which is where you get your 4G connection from.  Later this year when they do spectrum refarming and deploy WCDMA through the PCS spectrum so the iPhone will work on their HSPA+ network, the dropping down to edge thing shouldn’t be as big a deal.  Also the ‘network modernization’ that T-Mobile is going to deploy end of this year into 2013 will improve indoor signal penetration by 30%.  

      When T-Mobile customers complain about coverage today they are for the most part talking about in door coverage while being completely oblivious to things like WiFi Calling existing.  Once T-Mobile improves on that indoor signal penetration, network complaints will most likely drastically drop.

  • Kelly

    hey david, do you there is any conceivable chance that tmobile will get the iPhone this year? my plan is finally up this summer and none of the current smartphones they offer appeal to me (mainly because of their gigantically obnoxious sizes). so, should I just wait it out or finally take a plunge and leave?

  • Duff

    Get over it. They’re the only carrier without the iphone and their networks are pretty damn fast. Ya it probably won’t do much, but you cant blame them for trying. Besides, I don’t think TMo can afford the iphone anyway; we all saw what happened with sprint. Maybe it will be different next year when (hopefully) TMo will support unlocked iphone 3G and perhaps LTE.

  • Cobosj

    Internet Speed and how many GBs of 4G speed you get is the thing that most matters. Then it comes to having cool highend devices