What Kept You From Buying Your First Smartphone?

T-Mobile’s released a short press release earlier today highlighting the introduction of “unlimited” web for Walmart’s Family Mobile plan. Specifically, T-Mobile suggested that their survey discovered that “44% of first-time smartphone buyers in 2012 say the cost of the data plan associated with a smartphone is the most influential reason they have not purchased a smartphone before.” It’s an interesting statistic and it got me thinking, what was the reason you, our dear TmoNews readers, held off on buying your first smartphone? As tech blog readers, you’re likely a very different sample size than the group T-Mobile polled, still, we’re curious about why you held off on that first smartphone purchase? It’ll be interesting to see if the numbers match.

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  • Scorpiok

    Pls clarify if youre a tmobile prepaid customer can tou switch to this plan and use your existing tmo phone?

  • novas

    Mine was the T-mobile MDA here on the US release date back in 06

  • Tony

    One of the simple reasons and they IGNORE is the Iphone. Tired of one android after another, and the Blackberry’s are not worth investing in. When will they wake up, considering that the German Parent company that OWNS T Mobile in Germany Has has the Iphone for quite sometime…So can they come out and tell their customers what is going on ????

    • ogopogo

      Once again – It is not something that T-Mobile has complete control over. The decision is up to Apple.Sprint took a big gamble and promised Apple billions just to carry the iPhone. It may come back to be their downfall.

  • Julian Castblanco

    Well for me it was the stupid data plan contract, which means that for example right now my smart phone is broken but Im not up for an upgrade until november that means that means that if I dont get another smartphone soon im going to pay for unlimited internet for a few months not even being able to use it and the worst part is that I cant even cancel that because its part of the 2 year contract  

    • Ashton

      You can drop it down to 200MB.  You can’t remove it but you can lower it.  Might get extended warranty or insurance next time if a broken phone is a possibility.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, times have changed! When I bought my first smartphone, unlimited data was $4.99 or LESS!

    NOW, the data plan is the hindrance. I just let go of another $5.99 unlimited web to get the 710.

    WP7+Nokia services is a winner and I don’t regret paying a little more for a better usability experience.

    • Ashton

      200MB is very reasonable…..for basic phones and BlackBerry phones.  Neither of those go over 200MB for most customers.  I even see some Android accounts that stay under 200MB but they do it by using mostly WIFI. 

  • http://twitter.com/PaliHustlaOD Odai Jaber

    I bought the Nokia 6680 back in 8th grade.I bought it for $400. I had t-zones for $5.99. I bought the 6680 from the money I saved up. So money back 6 – 7 years ago was a big ting, especially for an 8th grader lol

  • sloanie

    What stopped me was that the devices just weren’t that enticing to me. They were big, ugly, and not worth the price. (This is in the PocketPC phone / Treo 600 days). 

    When I saw the screen on the Treo 650 and realized I could browse, IM, and watch movies on it… I got sucked in. Prior to that, I wasn’t all that impressed. And look where we are now… 

  • Anonymous

    I was stuck on Sprint’s contract and wanted a Sidekick 2. Had to wait for end of contract.

  • Anonymous

    I just bought a Exhibit II 4G and signed up for the $30 Monthly 4G:

    100 minute,
    unlimited text,

    Previously I was waiting for the data plans to get reasonable.  The truth is 95% of the time I’m using a cable modem anyhow.

  • Acuratlguy03

    I can’t wait for the day that tmobile goes bankrupt

    • Anonymous

      And we can’t wait until you crash your yuppie mobile…..

    • For sale rusty Acura TL 03

      I hope you get off unemployment !!!!! Get a life …to hope hundreds of people lose their job. For a issue you may have had with T-Mobile in which was most likely your fault..your a Jerk and believe me im being nice !

    • Tbyrne

      Then you’ll be happy as a clam, right? Tell Randall his days are numbered. Losing 4 Billion dollars has the shareholders shitin in their pants! Don’t hold your breath. That days not coming anytime soon.

  • 1year

    INTRODUCE ONE YEAR CONTRACTS. It’s been around the standard Europe for ages, it will change everything.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AOLZCGJC37OEROWLBKJUXSTRD4 Chips

    When I first started to purchase a smart phone I was hesitant because I didn’t want to purchase a phone with features I didn’t need then again I wanted to make sure I had all the features I need/wanted it was hard but after tons of research I finally purchased one and feel I have made the right decision and Im actually happy I got it out of the way

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  • cybah

    I originally wanted a Samsung SPH-500i phone (the intergrated Palm Phone) but it was cost that kept me from doing it. And at the time it was kinda pointless, since back then it was limited to Sprint, and Sprint’s network speeds were only GPRS (19.2k) zzzzzzz

    My first “SmartPhone” was a SideKick 2. I wanted a phone I could chat and browse the web while I was riding the subway (to pass the time). I then got a SideKick 3, and then a MDA..

  • Feature Phone Lover

    Which one covers “Lack of desire for data features”?  (As in, not buying a smartphone because you didn’t — or don’t — want one.)

  • FtKnox TM User

    My first smart phone was a WP6.1 phone, the ETEN Glofish x800.  Nice phone, still have it and put my sim in it just to play some windows games.  I waited til the MyTouch3G (2nd Android phone) came out to jump on the Android bandwagon and had to buy a replacement for that because of lack of internal ram caused the most laggy phone experience that the phone was totally unuseable, even as a simple phone.  Picked up a MyTouch4G on eBay for under $100 used and my wife is still using it.  I had to wait until the two years was up on the 3G to upgrade to the Amaze.  Also waited to see if T-Mobile would offer the iPhone, but when I saw it was just a minor update of last years model, quit looking at that option.

  • Hrrogersjr

    Wait…..are you saying, TMobile NeverEvenConnectedTheDots until now regarding their Smartphone DataPlan(s)?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ElectroHop Jay Alford

    Nothing stopped me from buying my first smartphone, though I didn’t buy it myself; Dad bought it ^_^ T-Mobile Sidekick 2. I’m spoiled :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/rubberman365 Rubberman365

    mine was the crackberry pearl flip 8220 rocking still rocking it today with $5.99 t zones t mobile no data caps, no speed throttling bs internet web plan lol =)’

  • Kevin

    I had the original sidekick December 2002 :-D  a decade of smart phone use and still my plan is exactly the same cost as it was 10 years ago!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    My first daily use cell phone was a T-Mobile Sidekick specifically because it was the only phone at the time that had data with a prepaid plan.  I grew up a bit, got to the age I could legally sign a contract, and got Sprint’s SERO for the same $30/month on an HTC Mogul.  I guess you could say I’ve had nothing but smart phones for cell phones as long as you count the Sidekick as a smartphone.

  • http://e6group.com CCComboBreaker

    Considering my first smart phone was a Nokia 3620, nothing. And before anyone says anything stupid, yes, that was a smartphone. This is of course a phone from 2003(!) but Symbian S60 is a bonefide smartphone os. Back in those days data plans were unheard of and super cheap, if they even charged you at all. The telcos didn’t really know how to handle data transfers like that, granted it was 2G, non-EDGE, but back then having a smart phone really put you ahead of the game.

  • WirelessRefugee

    I bought every phone as soon as it came to market. And because those were the days before eBay, I still have those phones. Motorola Elite, Star Tac, and Vader phones; the Sanyo SCP-6400 (which is still one of my all time favorite form factors, it being so slim, trim and light; Toshiba 2032SP (2002) Samsung i330, and my first T-Mobile phone, the BlackBerry 7100T.

    I remember back in the day paying $400 for the Elite, Star Tac, and “Vader” phone, where the feature we were paying for was it being “the smallest cell phone in the world” and it having space 300 contacts!

    The Toshiba 2032SP was in 2002-03 closest thing to today’s phones. It cost me a whopping $750 back then, which was a lot of money.

    And talk about data charges, remember when Sprint sold clam shell phones that could take pics, but there was no way to get them off the phone unless you uploaded them to a Sprint website, AT A COST OF 10 CENTS PER PIC! And they were really crappy pics.

    And I remember “Sprint TV” back then, which was not really TV, it was downloadable 30 to 90 second video clips; and if you wanted to pay a lot, 30 minute TV shows, in 10 minute segments.