T-Mobile’s “New Year, New Phone” Value Plan Sale Kicking Off This Weekend

T-Mobile’s “New Year, New Phone Sale” is ready to kick off this weekend and it’s bringing the Value Plan goodness. So what’s the offer? “All smartphones and select Mobile BroadBand devices in T-Mobile stores will be available with a new down payment of $49.99 or less, when purchased with a qualifying new Unlimited Value Plan.” In other words, this sale sounds exactly like the previous sales that have been geared toward the Value Plan side of T-Mobile’s dual-rate plan offer. This appears to be the “winter event” we were expecting after T-Mobile’s winter marketing focus sheet leaked at the end of 2011.

So who qualifies?

  • New activation and add-a-lines
  • Any Classic, Legacy, or existing Value Plan customer qualifies for this promotion
    • There are no contract or handset tenure requirements
    • Standard migration fees apply for customers switching to Value
  • 2-year contract required
  • Must activate or upgrade to Unlimited Value Plan with qualifying data feature
  • Variable data requires: Smartphones (2GB) or 42Mbps Superphones (5GB)
  • Qualifying Rate Plans: Unlimited Value Family Plan, Unlimited Value Single Lines and AAL (Must have unlimited minutes add on feature)
  • Any webConnect Value rate plan of 2GB Or higher


Customer purchases Samsung Galaxy S II

Pay Today

Down Payment $199.99

Mail-in Rebate -$150.00

Net Down Payment $49.99 (after MIR)

Monthly EIP payment: $20 (some devices will increase to $20 EIP on January 6)

Five Superphones Requiring 5GB Data Plan With $20 EIP

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  • Landmarkcm

    Lol Wp runs just fine right now with a single core still way faster and smoother then Androids that have dual cores and all there force closing problems. The Lumia has a slightly faster processor then the radar as well & im reading that it’s camera takes good photos as well! So we shall see. I think it’s specs are better then alot of entry level phones & if your a wp fan? then its gonna be a good device. Plus I like the way it looks better then the 800 personally

  • Landmarkcm

    One great thing with eip esp if your getting a device thats under 400.00 if you decide to pay it off ealy lets say within a year. You can get another new phone again!  I have researched both the classic and value over the life of the 2 year & with me paying 59.99 for my plan instead of 79.99 even with the fifteen a month for the phone. Overall its cheaper and better. Plus it helps I get 10 percent discount through work as well.. :)

    • Anonymous

      it’s only a good deal up to a point. I have a whole spreadsheet running the numbers and found out that really it depends on what the phone is selling for, sales and state taxes (since you have to account for those).

      And if you are off contract how much can you negotiate off the advertised price. Get it for free, or nearly free and Classic tends to cost less overall. But after a certain price point Value plans come out costing you less money anywhere from $XX to $XXX over 24 months

    • JadedNYer

      You can get a new phone IF the continue to offer lines of credit if you don’t want to purchase a phone at full retail. Who knows what will be offered a year from now. TMobile reduced everyone’s lines of credit on EMP plans about a year ago. A year from now you might want a new phone but the financing might not be available and you will still have another year left on your contract.

      • Landmarkcm

        Ya true but  Im not real worried abt it theres always ebay.. Im just holding out till the 11th right now to decide between the Lumia & Radar here.

  • swagster

    so this means that if im currently on a classic value plan with only 1000 minutes i have to change it to an unlimited plan?

  • Iamfayhigh

    so let me get this straight….
    I can get the Samsung galaxy S2 for $49.99  after MIR and get on the $49.99 Unlimited plan?

    • Guest

      Yes, that’s correct

    • Gophilz2010

      No the down payment is 199 minus 150. For the 49. Your are getting 150 off regular price think it’s reg 399. So it’s now 250.

  • 2modywane

    wait damn they always find ways to screw us.

  • Javi

    Phone companies always charge you full price for your phones. Chances are when you get a “free” phone from any wireless company its because you’re paying $25-$30 a month for a required data plan. Over the course of two years your “free” phone ends up costing over $600 ($25-$30 x 24 = $600-$720), it could cost you even more of you don’t change your plan. I was skeptical of value plans as well but if you’re not smart enough to realize that nothing is free then that’s too bad. At least with value plans tmobile is letting you know how much you’re paying for the phone and when you’re done your monthly plan drops. If you don’t like the idea of paying full price for your phone, guess what, you’ve been doing it for years. I mean honestly people if this is such a problem for you to understand then switch carries? If changes like this bother you so much why stay loyal to a company? Switch to Verizon and pay double for your service and $2 extra to pay your bill oh but get your phone for “free” of course.

  • Upset with TMobile

    I have been with TMobile almost 9 yrs and I recently changed my plan which went with a two year contract and I was told I can get two phones at a discount for renewing my contract because I have two lines.  Well today I called and was told I had to renew my contract again in order to get a phone at a discount.  WHAT A PIECE OF WORK TMOBILE IS !!!!  how can they do that to people especially people who have been customers for years and have paid their bills on time !!!!  I will probably go with another company now because the person on the phone who was NOT from the United States could not help me and I could not understand.  We need to do something about these companies that take advantage !  Instead of the “Occupy Wall Street”  they should “Occupy ALL Companies” who take advantage of the middle and poor class!!!!!!  

  • DiscussionIsGood

    They are getting closer to a sale I would buy. Almost there, just let me choose a plan that fits my use.

    I don’t need unlimited anything, my needs are not that great.