T-Mobile Announces The Galaxy S Blaze 4G, Expands HSPA+ Network To 12 More Cities

T-Mobile is announcing at CES the addition of its next 4G smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, their third HSPA+ 42Mbps capable smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 processor running a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, Super AMOLED display. The Galaxy S Blaze 4G is expected to be available sometime later this year, like most every phone announced at CES. Additional details will follow closer to availability, but in the meantime you can find out more info about the Galaxy S Blaze 4G at T-Mobile’s website: www.t-mobile.com/GalaxySBLAZE4G.

T-Mobile is announcing the expansion of their HSPA+ 42Mbps markets to an additional 12 cities beginning today. Additionally, T-Mobile is expanding the reach of its HSPA+ 21Mbps markets to an additional 9 cities today. With the inclusion of these new markets, T-Mobile now covers 217 markets across the country reaching more than 200 million people.

“Our 4G network is better than ever heading into 2012,” said Neville Ray, chief technology officer, T-Mobile USA. “HSPA+ will continue to deliver a competitive mobile broadband experience for our customers in the coming years as we evaluate our options for continued investment and evolution of our 4G network.”

T-Mobile CEO also reiterated that T-Mobile isn’t down for the count and isn’t ready to be written off. The company has a clear road ahead of them and they can write their own success story. How they will do so remains to be seen, but the path is wide open for T-Mobile to take advantage of their fourth place position and be aggressive in both value and 4G making for a winning combination that will appeal to consumers.

“Last year, T-Mobile made solid progress during uncertain times, doubling our 4G network speeds and launching 25 new 4G devices,” said Philipp Humm, CEO and President, T-Mobile USA. “We are here, in fighting shape, and we will compete aggressively to win and retain customers by delivering compelling 4G services — all at a great value.”

Expanded 4G markets include:

  • Jackson, TN,
  • Longview, TX,
  • Lubbock, TX,
  • Michigan City, IN,
  • Midland, TX,
  • Modesto, CA,
  • Shreveport, LA,
  • Stockton, CA,
  • Tyler, TX

New 4G HSPA+ 42 Mbps markets include:

  • Beaumont, TX,
  • Longview, TX,
  • Michigan City, IN,
  • Midland, TX,
  • Modesto, CA
  • Mount Vernon, WA
  • Naples, FL
  • Punta Gorda, FL (including Port Charlotte)
  • Sandusky, OH
  • Shreveport, LA
  • Stockton, CA
  • Tyler, TX.

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  • Fester

    Still waiting on that 3G…
    Verizon has 4G in my area! But I can’t complain. Dad still pays for my bill :D


    i’d be happy with more EDGE on interstates.

    • Anonymous

      lol I know right? My cousins get 3G basically all the way down I-10 and I’m switching between EDGE and GPRS…at one segment, even no signal.

  • Techhi

    I cam from a 10 year ATT contract and couldn’t stand the slow speeds on my INFUSE 4g  I live only 10 miles south of Philly and at my home still got Edge speeds most of the time – I now have a $60 unlimited month to month and a $340 GS2 from ebay and Love the Speeds so so much faster – and on the month to month so I can go anywhere when I want – Saving $40 a month – NO CAP ON MY DATA –  so go to ATT and pay $40 more for slower speeds

  • Anonymous


  • http://twitter.com/TuckerPeterson Tucker A. Peterson

    Why not just call it the Galaxy S2 Blaze and avoid the whole “It’s just an “S” series” conversation?  Not seeing this as much of an upgrade over any current device so to come out “later this year” it may end up being a mid to lower end smart phone based on those specs.

  • Good

    Great to see more cities being added to HSPA+ 21/42. We just got 21 recently and it’s definitely faster than regular 3G, even on my older HSPA smartphone (10/1).

    The big question is when will the rural UMTS/HSPA roaming on AT&T start? That will be an overnight BOOM in coverage for those traveling on interstates and in the the big areas out west (formerly Alltel) that is now 3G with AT&T. It will just require the right phone.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree. The roaming agreement is a nice stop-gap, 5 years for T-Mobile to make its network truly a “national” one that appeals to businesspeople on the go. 

  • Anonymous

    I live in Michigan City, In! yay!

  • Zubi21

    fuking bullshit

  • Dfga

    4g in newyork is slow

    • Shsgh

      damn right especially tmobile hspa+ i mean 4g

      • Brianbb

        I get 4-5 mbits in manhattan.  I think that pretty good;)

    • http://www.facebook.com/andrewtsingleton Andrew Singleton

      are u using an amaze or a GSII? if not, get one. much faster.

  • Anonymous

    all in the middle of nowhere thats a smart move 

  • Anonymous

    sandusky oh lol thats funny as hell 

    • Swallyk

      That actually Important because a HUGE theme park is there with some of the biggest ride in the US.  And no I’m not from Ohio but people who visit a theme park want their cell phones to work.

    • Greaterway

      No it’s not when I and my family go’s there twice a year and for 2-3 days at a time. Do you realize how much of the country go’s to that amusement park?

  • LOL

    Whats the difference between this and the Galaxy S2?

    • Brianbb

      Yes, odd…the S2 has the same specs??? The AT&T variant has 1 gig of ram for the OS.  The Galaxy 2 tmo has only 768meg for OS NOW.  Maybe this version will have 1gig of RAM for the OS like the AT&T skyrocket variant.  REally too many variants.  I’m thinking of going to HTC..

      Too many versions of the Galaxy…it’s kinda stupid.  THEY ALL HAVE A slightly different shape and size too!  Just stupid!

      • Dontchawantmae

        Correction tmobile gs2 also has 1gb of ram you maybe thinking of the mytouch 4g slide that’s has the 768mb that you are speaking of. Believe I know I’m pretty thero when it comes to checking specs and features.

  • taralee

    how can anyone say this is just like the galaxy s 2 when the specs haven’t even been released yet? we don’t know the screen size, camera specs, android version.  and i have a galaxy and love it so if they just want to keep making them better and better, why not.  and if you don’t like it, wait for something else to come out.  geez, people need to chill.  it’s just a phone…

  • Anonymous

    i cant believe Midland,tx gets hspa+ 42 but not Odessa, tx. Midland and odessa are like one city in the middle of nowhere. I hope this is just temporary.