“T-Mobile’s Home For The Holiday Surprise”

T-Mobile just dropped off a special video in my inbox with an almost four-minute video from their “Home for the Holiday Surprise” that took place last week at Chicagoland WoodField Mall. To be honest, this is the kind of fun, viral marketing I’d like to see more of from T-Mobile, especially considering their overseas brethren have perfected the art of the flash mob.

I’ve included two more behind the scenes videos from the event below. All three videos are a lot of fun so check them out.

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  • Landon Gonsalves

    cheesy and over the top…but I loved every second of it. Nicely done tmobile!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The first video is a fun rendition of Home for the Holidays song.  It just cracked me up how they edited everything together, but they didn’t try to sync the clapping to the video.  Some shots its dead on, and then the next shot they clap their hands, but you don’t hear the clap until their hands are completely wide.  It felt like watching a Chinese Kung Fu movie dubbed in English.

    This would’ve been fun to watch live, though.

    • Jeremiah Harrell

      no just off beat chicks, to many gingers me guess

  • CJ

    it was actually fun to watch

  • Chatter

    Super cute n cheesy – awesome in my books.

  • apinkgirl

    Was so fun to be a part of!!  Thanks TMobile!!

  • PychoBJ2001

    I made it into the video! hurray! 2 min mark!

  • Sandroid

    Am I the only one that notices that Carley is double jointed in 3:37?
    Still beautiful girl though…

    • Ash

       T-mobile girl……naughty..

  • Lani

    I am surprised the director didn’t tell her to not hyper flex.  Carly should know that by now…

  • BSkin

    Wow, wow, wow. This is horrible.

    It’s corney and possibly the least original idea I’ve seen since the last lamo corporation tried to do a flash mob 5 minutes ago. People, “spontaneous” flash mobs stopped being interesting (let alone original) 6-8 years ago. I thought marketing was supposed to creative and original. How can this cliched idea have gotten made? I can just see it:Marketing exec 1: We need an idea that will go viral*Marketing exec 2: I’ve seen a bunch of flash mob stuff from 2003 that went viral. Maybe we should try that.
    Marketing exec 1: Well, if it’s been done before, it probably won’t get us fired. Let’s do it.


    *Viral just means it was good enough to get passed along. Calling it “viral” doesn’t make it viral.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I am one to usually agree with POV (points of view) like yours, but I like this.

      And kudos to using women of all shapes and sizes.

      Let’s focus our egg throwing at Trump.

    • Considering the alternative commercials T-Mobile has been showing as of late, this stunt is a lot better.

  • Littlesis1774

    Nice video but I don’t think you guys need to focusing on these type videos. You need to focus on a different plan

  • Its funny that the public was behind barriers, its hard to see in the video, but if you notice they don’t move anywhere. 

    • Hock

      I work at the mall and the music was so loud we couldn’t serve our customers–thanks alot t-mobile.

  • TMO is just a fun company .. shame that it’s going through the ATT drama .. loved the vid.

  • meltav09

    That was awsome.. GREAT JOB TMOBIE <3

  • Androidluvr

    Happy Holiday this and Happy Holiday that, what a bunch of ***p. Our founding fathers are turning in their graves and everything that stood for Christmas has been pushed under the rug. It is CHRISTMAS not Holiday!!!

    • J-Hop2o6

      Lol @ you

    • Jenn

      I’m Jewish. It’s not christmas for me or a lot of other people, you intolerant thug. 

      Plus, our founding fathers were not religious, they were either agnostics or deists.

      • I8hergood

        You are an idiot

      • Androidluvr

        Hey Jenn, don’t get this personal, this was not directed toward you and or your back ground. The main point I am trying to get across is the heavy campaign by companies to show everything that relates to Christmas, and by everything I mean the songs, the decorations, the Christmas tree and everything that relates to it and then to call it a Holiday. That’s hypocrisy at it’s peak and misleading the consumer. If they have a problem with calling it Christmas then don’t show anything that resembles Christmas and try to sell it to everyone including people like you that don’t celebrate Christmas. Weather we like it or not this country and the history of the the white house and all the presidents is that they celebrate CHRISTMAS and have a Christmas tree in the white house, so why fool everyone and call it something else? 

        • Cookitup222

          My personal opinion is that is a real arrogant way of looking at it. I am not from Illonois but around here our shopping malls decorate for the holidays. So who is to say that the property owner didnt put up the “Christmas trees, decorations, and everything else that resembles Christmas.” There are people that hang “Christmas lights” on occasions other than Christmas, and there are people that give gifts for things other than Christmas.

          In terms of being misleading to the consumer, please elaborate. Being misleading is like the car commercials that say the monthly payment is only $99 a month but the fine print at the bottom says that is with $10000 down for 120 months. There was no sales pitch in this video, it was simply to spread joy and cheer. Clearly, it missed its mark for you, which is OK, but for those who are trying to be repectful of everyone’s personal beliefs, who gave you the judging authority to be calling people out?

          Finally, consumers are intelligent enough to do their own research if they are interested in a product or service. If a person simply went into a T-Mo store and signed up for “whatever” and got “whatever” phone, simply because they liked this video, but did not ask any questions about the phone or service, that is on them. People want to hold everyone else accountable for responsibilty and not themselves. Now THAT is hypocrisy at its peak.

          Note: I am a T-Mobile employee, and this post reflects my own opinion and not that of T-Mobile’s.

        • Androidluvr

          Your personal opinion is just that, a personal opinion which missed my simple point by the way and that is, If it’s Christmas, don’t call it a Holiday.

        • Cookitup222

          Hey, here’s a vocabulary lesson for you: Christmas is a Holiday. The reason they say “Happy Holidays” is because there are so many different holidays around the same time. There is (pardon my spelling): Christmas, Kwanza, Honukah… if there are others please people chime in.

          However, Androidluvr, please dont be intolerent. While i respect the fact that you are entitled to your pesonal opinion, to ignore the other holidays that happen around the same time of the year is just wrong and further solidifies for terrorists why Americans are ignorant. Thank you for giving them a reason to hate me and then try to justify it.

          Happy Holidays, Androidluvr, to whichever holiday it is that you celebrate.

        • Androidluvr

          And maybe a history lesson for you, although all other days are respected and accepted none other than Christmas was the day that was celebrated by the founding fathers in this country. There were no other celebrated days in the white house other than Christmas. The presidents decorated and installed a Christmas tree in the white house and that goes back from the time of, and again, our founding fathers.

        • The Big Daddy Bear

          You might want to do a little research before commenting on such matter:

          This following is taken from the whitehouse website (with only slight edits to eliminate the links)

          Last night, Jewish families, friends and neighbors all over the world lit the candles for the first night of Hanukkah. As the President and First Lady look forward to hosting the traditional Hanukkah celebration at the White House tonight, we remember that Hanukkah is not only a time to celebrate the faith and customs of the Jewish people, but for people of all faiths to celebrate the common aspirations we share and to give thanks for the blessings we enjoy. At the Hanukkah celebration last year, President Obama said:in every corner of the world, Jews have lit the Hanukkah candles as symbols of resilience in times of peace, and in times of persecution – in concentration camps and ghettos; war zones and unfamiliar lands. Their light inspires us to hope beyond hope; to believe that miracles are possible even in the darkest of hours. It is this message of Hanukkah that speaks to us no matter what faith we practice or what beliefs we cherish…it invites all of us to rededicate ourselves to improving the lives of those around us, spreading the light of freedom and tolerance wherever oppression and prejudice exist.We invite you to join us here at the White House tonight for the President’s remarks, the lighting of the menorah and a performance by saxophonist Joshua Redman beginning at 6:35 p.m. EST on [edit].Happy Hanukkah!

        • The Big Daddy Bear

          and on kwanza

          “For Immediate Release
          December 28, 2009
          Statement by the President and First Lady on Kwanzaa

          Michelle and I send warm wishes to all those celebrating Kwanzaa this holiday season. This is a joyous time of year when African Americans and all Americans come together to celebrate our blessings and the richness of our cultural traditions. This is also a time of reflection and renewal as we come to the end of one year and the beginning of another. The Kwanzaa message tells us that we should recall the lessons of the past even as we seize the promise of tomorrow.
          The seven principles of Kwanzaa – Unity, Self Determination, Collective Work and Responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Purpose, Creativity, and Faith – express the values that have inspired us as individuals and families; communities and country. These same principles have sustained us as a nation during our darkest hours and provided hope for better days to come. Michelle and I know the challenges facing many African American families and families in all communities at this time, but we also know the spirit of perseverance and hope that is ever present in the community. It is in this spirit that our family extends our prayers and best wishes during this season and for the New Year to come.”

        • Androidluvr

          What your stating here is nothing more than what I said, which is the acceptance and recognition and respecting the other holidays.

        • The Big Daddy Bear

          Im sorry to correct you again, but your “main point” keeps changing to try and make it appear as if you are either winning an argument or trying to undermine the information given by others. So if you want to recap your “main point”

          Here are quotes from you
          (these are snippets of your posts, i encourage anyone reading these quotes to revisit your original posts to incorporate proper context)

          “Happy Holiday this and Happy Holiday that, what a bunch of ***p.”

          “The main point I am trying to get across is the heavy campaign by companies to show everything that relates to Christmas, and by everything I mean the songs, the decorations, the Christmas tree and everything that relates to it and then to call it a Holiday.”

          “my simple point by the way and that is, If it’s Christmas, don’t call it a Holiday.”

          “The main point is that although all those other days are accepted and recognized, none of those days were the actual CELEBRATED days by our presidents of the past ”

          ” There were no other celebrated days in the white house other than Christmas.”

          “what I said, which is the acceptance and recognition and respecting the other holidays.”


          I understand that you want to protect Christmas, and you want to protect the way Christmas is celebrated. However, you need to understand that we do need to keep our own cultural identities, but we do not have to force others to do the same. Unless something is a blatant attack on your way of life then we do not need to treat it as such. 

        • Androidluvr

          No one is trying to force anything on anyone. You seem to be  changing the main point which is very simple. When commercials and advertising show Christmas related items and references then the least they could do is to call it Christmas and not paint it with the Holiday.

        • The Big Daddy Bear

          Really no gettingthrough to you is there. If you want to argue based on constantly changing premises and points of discussion then feel free to do so. I understand what your main and original point was and I understand your need to constantly change your point so as to undermine others comments. 

          All I will say at this point is HappyHolidays and Seasons Greetings. 

        • The Big Daddy Bear

          another tidbit of information “Christmas wasn’t particularly important to our Founding Fathers. The U.S. government didn’t even recognize Christmas as a holiday until 1870. Until then, Congress routinely met and conducted business on Christmas day. It was, in fact, just another workday.”

        • Cookitup222

          Oh and btw, in your own response, you state that music is one of the things that is a “Christmas” thing. Well, the song in this video was not a christmas song, it is a Holiday song, hence why it’s called “Home for the Holidays.” Which, btw has been around since at least 1954 (according to Wikipedia).

        • The Big Daddy Bear

          This is a holiday video. Why should we think of Christmas as the only holiday. I am an ordained minister and, of course, a very devout christian. I celebrate Christmas, and I see the other holidays as just other holidays that I do not participate in. However, that does not mean my holiday is more important all around just because it is more important to me. 

          We have to understand that decorations such as the trees and lights and all that were not specifically Christmas oriented to begin with. Many decorations and “Christmas” traditions are based on pagans. 

          Celebrate your holidays in your way, let others celebrate it in theirs. I don’t expect to walk into a store and have someone say “Merry Christmas” to me. I anticipate “Happy Holidays”. However, the guy dressed as Santa in the mall should say Christmas, and the guy in the christian bookstore should say Christmas  and the guy standing around the menorah should say Happy Channukah. 

          The only concern comes with someone tries and detract from someone else’s beliefs solely for the benefit of their own beliefs. Dont knock down a menorah to put up a christmas tree, and dont knock down a christmas tree to put up a menorah.

        • Androidluvr

          Big Daddy, thanks for your response. I have no argument nor was it my point to discredit any other Holidays or religious days. The main point is that although all those other days are accepted and recognized, none of those days were the actual CELEBRATED days by our presidents of the past and the installation and decorations of the Christmas tree in the White house. I don’t recall that at any time the white house and or any president in our country’s history celebrating and or decorating a specific day, including all the other days you mentioned above, outside of Christmas.   

        • The Big Daddy Bear

          please read my comments below. As many presidents, including founding fathers, have celebrated or had positive influence on other holidays outside of christmas. Not to mention that just because our founding fathers did something, does not mean we must hold onto every shred of how they did something. Some things change, and change for the better. 

    • Anonymous

      The founding fathers didn’t celebrate Christmas.

      It was invented by Macy’s to drive sales. :-)

    • I think you need to GOI and then GOY (get over it and get over yourself) and find that rock you crawled out from under.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Living in San Francisco, used to Union Square, and having not been in a shopping mall in years, I have to nevertheless say that Chicago mall looked cool (albeit I know if I had to drive there, fight for parking, and deal with crowds, I’d be hating that mall real fast).

    On second thought… never mind, I hate that mall.

  • CJ

    It was a fun video

  • JaysOn

    So Im supposed to feel better seeing Tmobile spend all this money on THAT and yet I have a phone that keeps turning off and on and havent been able to get a dial tone and every Tmobile employee I speak to ‘apologizes’ but gives me a totally different response and yet none of them will help replace a brand NEW phone that has not worked properly since day one…and then their ECR says ‘you should go find another carrier.” THANKS WE WILL.  IDIOTS. ALL. OF. THEM.

    • Thatcher F

      Since when do cell phones have dial tones?

    • I8hergood

      Get a LIFE

    • Oh puhleez!  I hate it when someone sees a company do something fun or nice and they always whine “why couldn’t they have spent money on X for _me_.  It’s always about me isn’t it?

      • JaysOn

        No, its about a company in trouble spending its limited marketing dollars in a way that will help it stem its customer losses versus a quick stunt that will not make customers think “I should sign up with Tmobile.”  Guess no surprise that Tmobile came in third (only ahead of ATT) in the latest Consumer Reports cell phone carrier service rankings.  So you can PUHLEEZ all you want…I work in marketing and have seen this company slide dramatically in the last year.  So yeah ITS ABOUT ME- meaning ‘keeping customers happy with service and handsets that work and reps that are knowledgable and helpful…not about some stupid mall stunt they hope will go viral.

        • Cookitup222

          From what i can tell this wasnt a marketing gimmick to make people think “I should sign up for T-Mobile.” At the end she simply said “Happy Holidays from T-Mobile.” If we are to assume that all companies wish people good will just for the pure hope that those people will sign up for service then, yes, i suppose you are right. And maybe your marketing dept will only say things when it will benefit your company.

          On the other hand, as a T-Mobile employee, I wish everyone a happy holidays. No, i dont say that expecting you to go sign up for T-Mobile. All i know is that i am grateful for my family and hope everyone has something to be happy for and thankful about this holiday season. For one time of year, i hope that we can all overlook the stresses of everyday life, push away negativity, and truly appreciate the good things in life.

          Happy holidays!

        • Kcrawl

          Very well said. Happy holidays to you also.

    • Anonymous

      Where have you gone to try to replace it?  I’ve never had difficulty replacing a phone either through a store within 14 days or going through customer care (or having a rep process it for me).  Provided you don’t have some type of damage to your phone this shouldn’t be difficult.

      • JaysOn

        Gone to the store, tried calling support, tried live chat, tried their new TFORCE team (Social media support), tried Twitter, tried ECR…what is left?  The phone was sent to me directly by Mike Katz, Vp Marketing, Head of Prepaid.  Its been a nightmare.  He totally washed  his hands and the phone has never worked from day one.

    • Patsto

      See I don’t know if you’re aware because of all the ignorance people have about cell phones and cell phone service providers, but that handset that doesn’t work wasn’t made by tmobile. Try Samsung, or HTC, or Nokia or whoever the manufacture is. Granted the wireless carrier does honor the manufactures warranty and should replace it. But your complaint about them spending money on advertisements instead of phones is irrelevant. Im an at&t employee at woodfield mall where this commercial was filmed and even I think it was very tastefully done. As a marketer you’re the last person who should complain about spending money on advertisement

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    If I was making that video I would have done things different.

    I would include in the video some Mario characters dressed as “T-Mobile Police,” with large badges that say “T-Mobile Handset Police.”

    Each T-Mobile policeman would have a large, hard foam nightstick.

    The T-Mobile police would follow the singing ladies and inspect each person in the mall shooting video or taking pics of the singing magenta ladies.

    On anyone NOT using a T-Mobile branded handset, the policeman would use their foam clubs to knock the handsets out of the users’ hands, and bat them over the ledge so the phones would shatter into a hundred pieces on the mall floor tiles below.

    A Santa can be standing on the lower floor and each time a phone shatters Santa can point to the phone and shout “HO HO HO” into a mic.

    And since this is a T-Mobile promo, elves (from the 4G Wonderland commercial) can pass out a coupon to each person whose phone was batted over the railing, a coupon for 30% off full retail of any one T-Mobile accessory, on agreement to a two year contract.

    That’s how you make a memorable T-Mobile video.

    • Kcrawl

      Okay, you didn’t make it did you?

  • Mark Hennessey

    Hmmm.. Well, if I directed an ad for a company owned by Deutsche Telekom the very LAST thing I’d have the singers do is ANY kind of salute featuring an extended right arm. Just sayin’…

    All seriousness aside, a very nice video. I especially liked the opening. 

  • MzT

    This gave ALOT of AWESOME CHICAGO TALENTS an great opportunity…as well as, spread some CHRISTmas cheer! Some of your comments on here (the negative people)….GET A LIFE! Your worlds must truly be unhappy, to have nothing better to do, than be negative about this! WOW! #Prayingforyourdeliverance

  • This just reminds me that att does not deserve T-Mobile U.S.A. !!!! :-)

  • J. Williams


  • mrmiddl

    actually not Chicago, but the suburb of Schaumburg that is like 45 min outside of Chicago. great mall though

    • Of course you’re right, but unless you’re from Illinois you prolly don’t have any idea where Schaumburg is (unless you’re a Motorola fanperson) just the same as if I lived in Everett, Washington I would likely tell people that I lived in Seattle since most people know Seattle but not everyone knows Everett.

    • TamelaDB

      LOL, it even says… somewhere OUTSIDE of Chicago.

  • Jg30

    Don’t forget that Woodfield is the one of the largest malls in the Chicagoland area. Great place to have shot this, being that a lot of Chicagoans actually use T-Mobile and that a lot of us actually go to this mall in this season.  Hopefully they put this on TV as a commercial for the holidays and take away that old commercial with the elf. 

  • Actually i haven’t tried T mobile, but i love the advertisement they did, they really make people feel the spirit of Christmas.

  • fandroid

    Finally Tmobile does some real advertising. They wonder why Tmo USA is going under…

  • Dave Macias

    i love Carly as the image of T-Mobile, now this is something that’s at the same level at T-Mobile UK commercials (too bad now they are everything everywhere), the Trafalgar Square video is also amazing. They definitely did a good job in this video.

  • This is a great idea and a great video, and must have cost a lot to shoot. I wonder how effective it is as a viral video and as advertising. I think that it is great but it does not make me want to use T Mobile. We produce viral videos for another cellphone company and use direct customer testimonial, which , I think, is a lot more effective

  • Tommy K, Chicago, IL

    So I see so many comments on this video mostly all positive, but for the
    negative ones, think outside of the box and sit and enjoy the video and get in
    the spirit of the holiday, it is sad that nothing can put you in a good mood. I
    know for me it puts me in the holiday spirit. For those of you with negative
    comments it is just a song and for one I wish I was at the mall to be part of