HTC HD7, HTC Radar 4G Software Updates Incoming On December 7th

HTC HD7 and HTC Radar 4G owners take note of a new software update beginning tomorrow. This update but includes some important fixes to help improve device performance and resolve an error that may occur when customers attempt to activate visual voicemail. The update will be available through the Zune application on your Windows Computer beginning tomorrow.

HD7 features and improvements:

  • Resolves errors with visual voicemail
  • Adds Wi-Fi sharing to the device
  • Allows connecting to hidden Wi-Fi networks
  • Radar 4G features and improvements:

Radar 4G features and improvements:

  • Resolves errors with visual voicemail
  • Can now download and customize ringtones

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  • Felipefaccini13

    My hd7 got wifi sharing on the last update.

    • Kpurcell85

      All these problem everybody is complaining about, I don’t have em with my hd7, what are yall doing with your phones????? And when you unluck your phone you don’t get 3g with a different company cause they use different frequencys


        I can’t download whatsapp on my phone I had this app before HTC radar drive me crazy.can I update software for HTC radar without receiving a notification???

  • CJ

    When are they fixing the terrible camera!

    • Guest

      Agree. The camera definitely need a fix. And, the keyboard keeps closing down on a lot of people me included.

    • Kieran Russ

      there is an update in the market place for the camera mode (panoramic etc) i find the camera ok not as good as my HTC Mozart but then that has an 8mp camera

  • Anonymous

    I can’t activate visual voicemail on my Dell Venue Pro, and when I tried to get this issue resolved at a retail store, they told me I couldn’t get it because my plan was ‘too old.’ Sounds like malarkey, seeing as how I easily activated it on my nexus one, and my plan hasn’t changed since I bought a G1.

    Anyone think the store rep was telling the truth?

    • Nope, have it on my DVP, activated in on the website and it worked. Rep was uninformed or BS’ing.

      • Anonymous

        you activated visual voicemail? what site are you referring to?

        edit: just found a support thread that fixed my problem.

        text “Activate:dt=6” without the quotes to 122.

        after checking settings i noticed visual voicemail was switched to ‘on.’ sent myself a test voicemail and it works!

  • Corbin Mitchell

    I’m with Felipe, the last update enabled wifi sharing.  Still getting the error when trying to enable Visual Voicemail, hopefully it will work after this update.

  • Web Guest

    Hoping this allows me to connect to hidden wifi!

  • Looking at my T-Mobile HD7.  WiFi sharing. Check. Visual Voicemail. Check.  Hiden networks. Check.  Hmmm.. nothing new in this update for me at all.  Where’s WiFi calling and more importantly, where’s the HTC Titan??

    • ricr

      Yea, same here.  I have a feeling that WiFi sharing is going to be turned off somehow unless you pay them.  I think I’ll skip the update because there’s nothing new.

    • Kieran Russ

      I have a feeling the person who decides what device gets wifi calling is an android user, it doesnt look like we’ll be getting it any time soon

  • Web Guest


    Your visual voicemail is working and you can connect to hidden wifis??

    • Yes and yes.  A user posted a fix for Visual Voicemail on the T-Mobile support site that works.  And HTC pushed an update along time ago that allowed for connection to hidden wifi.

      • Felipefaccini13

        My visual voicemail is working since mango update, Just had to call T-mo and activate it, Internet sharing and hidden WiFi had been working since last update about a month ago

    • Anonymous

      i connected to hidden wifi today… didnt know it was a problem

  • Smith

    I just love my HTC Radar 4G.

    Amazing phone and crazy fast smooth OS. this Update just will make it even better.

    • Anonymous

      same here. i love it!

      • Gogitossj4

        Not a Radar user but HTC HD7, the expensive ATT bill for the Iphone got me here….LOL…..After 5 yrs with ATT+apple, I come to realize I am not missing anything.

        HD7 fast and smooth……Looooooove it.

  • Honestly I think it’s an update to remove the hotspot feature from our phones… SMH

    • Gogitossj4

      I do think the same, somehow I believe they want to stop to Internet sharing, so I am not updating until is confirmed that still works after the update.

      • Hendree

        Just updated my HTC HD7. Internet sharing is still functional.

        • Kinson88

          how to update???? i went to and set up account.. then what and how???

      • Anonymous

        Teathering is still working. Feel free to update!

  • Anyone installed the update? Notice any changes?

  • CuriousHD7User

    This update says “Wi-Fi Sharing”. With the last update I notice when i turn internet sharing on wi-fi would turn off. I assume it was sharing on my data plan. Am I wrong or is this update going to allow me to share a Wi-Fi connection?

    • Anonymous

      there is no “wifi Sharing” on my update!!!

  • HK

    I need WI-FI Calling and updated T-Mo ‘My Account’ app.

  • HK

    Hidden wifi and visual voicemail worked for me from day one of Mango update.

  • Just updated the HD7, I already had tethering since the last minor update, the phone is at 7720.68 now I believe, the tethering is still working now as it did before, i’m with T-Mobile USA.  So yea I don’t know what this update fixed or upgraded.  Hopefully it is the keyboard which keeps dropping down, haven’t used that yet enough to know if it’s been fixed or not but that would be GREAT.

    • No, it didn’t fix the keyboard, still dropping, even after I turn off the background tasks.  So far I see no difference.

      • Anonymous

        Same here! Teathering still working on my end! Perhaps it installed Carrier IQ? (kidding)

  • Kieran Russ

    This update didnt fix my visual voice mail (and yes i have text 122)

    I love the Radar but hate T-mobile for the following reasons;
    I was lied to about wifi calling on the Windows Phone 7
    The signal in my area has gotton worse
    7 different customer service/technical support told me wifi calling worked before the 8th said it didnt
    Visual voice mail just doesnt work

    I am honestly considering unlocking and switching to at&t I know the data network is crap but at least I could make phone calls from my home (not have to hang out the window)

    also the if you check coverage where I live t mobile says its “Very Good”. god help the people who have moderate coverage

    • Gogitossj4

      I know the visual voicemail can be fustrate, I went thru it but after several calls in finding a good representative “not all have the same knowledge” I have my VVM working, this was before this update. I am not sure if this is what you have done.

      Text Activate:dt=6 to 122 and sent it.
      Turn off your phone for about 3 minutes
      Your VVM should work, it did for me. This is not an unlocked, I got the information from Tmobile.

      • Kieran Russ

        I have tried this several times with no luck, thanks anyway

        • Gogitossj4

          Wao….sorry man but it did work on my HD7 from Tmobile.

    • JohnnyG

      I can’t argue with that.  I don’t get any signal at all at my office.  I was told by the first tech that I talked to that wi-fi calling works on all T-mobile phones – but at the time I couldn’t connect to the office network because the SSID was hidden. 

      After the HTC update to support that, I still couldn’t make wi-fi calls because my phone doesn’t support it.  – So much for “all phones.” 

      The last time I called about the service, I was told that T-mobile is aware of the problem in that area but has no plans to do anything about it.  Pretty much sucks.  My only option is to get a signal repeater – (Oh joy)  :-(

  • Anonymous

    Did anything change??  I updated and it still says 7720.68.

    • john43

      its a hardware update from htc not a software update. Thats why it still says 7720. The next update from microsoft is 7740

      • JohnnyG

        Umm – do you mean firmware?  It’s a little difficult to update hardware with a download.  ;-)

  • Phil33

    I dont even use VVM. I still use Google Voice. WP7 has an app equivalent called GoVoice. Works great.

    It says u can now DL custom ringtones? How? I dont see it. Is it through Zune? Cuz I dont have zune.

  • james

    I cant connect to the hidden wifi but i got the internet sharing on the last update. Now i cant update error 80… anyhelp plz i really need hidden wifi access

  • Big_dennismcbride

    how do i make a custiom ringtone

  • Colin Alan

    I plug in my phone to my computer; my computer uses Windows 7 but once my phone is connected, nothing happens. It only seems like it’s charging. I opened Zune on my phone but I don’t get a window asking me to update neither. HELP ME!

    • VMickle

      I agree with Colin Alan about the phone only charging when you plug it to the do you get updates to my phone?

      • jacky

        download the zune to your computer and force check your computer for updates… and it will show it to you

    • Chadly2487

      you have to sign up and download zune onto your home computer then it will update from there once you open it

  • Eramos2388

    how do i get skype on my htc radar 4g???

    • Whyttyger2001

      Get MobileVOIP, then get one of their supported users. I chose ALL calls made within the US are free using your Wifi connection, and the person you are calling doesn’t have to have it installed as well.

  • Dwanna Kimbro

    Does the new internet sharing feature charge anything extra on your bill??

  • Kinson88

    where is the link for update??

  • Goofytone612

    When can HTC HD7 customize RINGTONES!!! >.<

  • Mzbabiigurl760

    I really want to know if or when there will be a app for video chat…other wise why put a front facing camera on the phone…i have a new HTC radar..nd I’m talking bout something other then tango…its not a very good app at freezes alot

    • Drummergirl

      There is one It’s called Tango

      • Steve

        Skype Beta is available as well…

  • Dave

    Where is WIFI calling??!!!!! That is one of the best features to T-Mobile. Who wants to be the first to sell the most smartphones on T-Mobile? That company will sell the MOST Windows based phones.