Samsung Says No To Ice Cream Sandwich On Original Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab 7″ Line

Samsung has just dropped some news that is likely to upset a lot of original Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab 7” owners unhappy. The company is arguing that because both devices lack sufficient RAM and ROM to run Ice Cream Sandwich, they cannot be expected to receive the update. This is a disappointing blow to owners of the original Galaxy S, who had expected their 1GHz Hummingbird processor and available memory would have been able to handle the ICS update. In fact, the original Galaxy S has the same hardware as the Nexus S, which is receiving the Android 4.0 update now.

Samsung says the difference between the two devices is software as the Nexus S runs the original basic Android OS, where the Galaxy S has to consider TouchWiz, carrier services, video calling software and mobile TV.

For original Galaxy S owners, this is rightly disappointing and news that is bound to leave a bad taste in the mouth of Galaxy S owners. What say you original Galaxy S owners?

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  • Fredrik Coulter

    I say that my contract expires this summer.  We’ll see what I replace my phone with.  It may not be a Samsung.

  • Viamailportal

    Why have the SGS4G owners gotten so screwed. Not only do they not update the roms regularly, but there is a very small development community dedicated to it! To make it worse, CM has made versions for almost all the galaxy models EXCEPT the Galaxy S 4G! Aaahh…. OK, enuf ranting. Happy holidays.

  • Kyle Weller

    They can put ICS on our Vibrants, they just need to put TouchWiz on the internal SD card which is approximately 14gb.

    At the least now we know who is causing the problems, its not Samsung, its actually T-Mobile because they want to bundle their carrier software on top of samsung’s,  If it was just samsung’s there probably would be enough space.  Plus T-Mobile has stopped selling the Galaxy S I line of phones so they probably dont see it profitable.  

    What we need to do is either petition or make a big deal about them not upgrading because the upgrade not only includes UI enhancements but security fixes that will secure their network and customers handsets. 

    It has always been a hassle for ISP’s to deal with malware/virus’s, and these complaints will make their call times go up, when they could be assisting other customers.

    HTC Is forced to upgrade their devices because of a patent issue, would be nice if we could force other companies to upgrade for security issues and false promises.

    If T-Mobile worked together with Samsung, they would be the Android leading carrier and they could lead in updates as well, which would keep valued customers.  

    I know at least a dozen people who have switched to verizon, just because of handset upgrades.  

    People with the Vibrant, Cliq, Cliq2, LG Optimus, G2x have been screwed.

    Know any other devices?  Add them to the list.

    • Antoinetrenton

      Where did you get your info the g2x is running androind 2.3.3 and plan old android with no skin on top of it so 4.0 can run on the LG g2x

    • Gm Aharrington1

      Where did you get your facts about it being t-mobile? I call bs on it. I have put a beta version on my vibrant, no issues at all. Not to mention I call Samsung out on the fact that they NEVER released Gingerbread for the phone. Fact is, Samsung does NOT update their phones. My proof is in the history of Samsung not updating. Just look at the Behold 2,the Ace, and a whole slew of others. It’s all about money not space or hardware.

      • Defcon

        It is up to the carriers to request an updateand provide one ask any t-mobile employee

        • Defcon

          Also samsung isnt selling the phones, the carriers are. And all the other carriers that got a galaxy s got gingerbread at least. im sure if the carriers demanded it we’d get ics

        • Anonymous

          That is not true. The path for the phone to be upgraded to the next version of android is an oem issue/choice.

          The only one that t-mobile would work on are mytouch devices, as some of the features and UI are theirs.

      • Glenn Wimberly

        You got it right and Brent too. This is on Samsung!

    • Wheresbrent

      Yeah, its Tmobile, because Samsung only makes phones for T-Mobile…. your an idiot, this was a manufacturer and NOT a carrier decision. This applies to all of the original galaxy phones, it doesn’t matter who the phone was made for, please try and use common sense before making lofty claims like this

    • Rosh J

      actually g2x is getting ics

    • Glenn Wimberly

      Ever hear of Galaxy II, so 1 is gone but the line “Galaxy” is still selling on Tmo.

    • Ermacdoctrine

      uuh tmo only installs APPS! this aint 2000 when tmo was makin skins an ish for their phones.
      This is strictly Samsung. Take off that damn app to launch “A” preinstalled movie, telenav, and all that other crap no one uses on a GOOGLE DEVICE?????? they’d be aiight.

  • Glenn Wimberly

    I was waiting to play nice but F’em, I’m gonna root it. I’m tired of Samsung and Carriers not supporting even one year old products. My Google Nexus is next. Who needs Wiz on me anyway!

  • Mark Schroeder

    My Behold 2 says welcome to the club ;)

  • Nobodyhome

    Samsung wants to sell new phones. Period. TMO can’t be blamed. I gave up on hoping for updates for my Vibrant long ago when FroYo came late and it was obvious we would never get Gingerbread.

    God bless the open-source devs for rooting and their custom ROMs. Those are what makes this phone rock. It even beats the pants off the latest stock Nexus. I don’t even want ICS as long as I have a device that works blazingly fast with no lag issues what so ever.

  • Keith Stevens

    Unfortunately this is what you get with Android and the 100’s of phones from 50 diff manufaturers. This is what Apple means by how fragmented it is. This is always leaving a bad taste in someones mouth. Most Android phones can handle Updating after a year on the market….But the manufacturers or the Carrier decide not to do it because they want the money from whatever is new…. and screw the people who bought from them just a year ago. I personally have the samsung galaxy SII and am pissed about my 5GB plan. I realize its not “Unlimited” like they say… But I was told that after 5GB it would throttle down from 4G to 3G… not so. It does not even go down to 2G… they cap it at 50KB MAX!!! Some people are getting from 8K to 25K. This is unacceptable. This causes Google maps to crash and GPS to work Incorrectly and 80% of the time web pages fail. They need to put in the FINE writing that its only 50K. Was told by 4 different t-mobile employees it throttled down to 3G…. Bullsh*t. 

  • John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt

    I just bought my SGS4G 2 months ago. Just put Gingivitis errr Gingerbread on it last month. What the heck is Touch Wiz anyway. Sounds dirty to me. I want ICS and I want it now!

    • colin1201

      Touchwiz is samsungs overlay of stock android, its like taking a standard car (plain android) and then putting a bunch of aftermarket parts on it (android with touchwiz)

  • MastaMp3

    A samsung prevail a boost mobile phone got gingerbread and the original galaxy s vibrant didnt no more samfail devices if they are just gonna continue to disregard “flagship ” devices everytime they make a new model of phone

  • Jhartsb

    this is total bs because my old htc eris can run ics (very slowly) and it only has a 500 mhz chip with like 198 megs of ram. Im pretty sure a 1 ghz processor and 512 megs can run ics just fine…just look at the nexus s.

  • Kal-El

    As long as is comes out for Galaxy Tab 10.1

  • Marland

    Um, you didn’t drop Samsung after the Behold II debacle? Vibrant? Carriers and Manufacturers hate you. They just want your money.

  • Roberto Gonzalez Jr

    I am stuck with a Vibrant and after the Froyo embarassment, I will never again buy a Samsung anything.

  • Ripped-off

    I bought Galxay Tab 8 the first day. Promised iy would upgrade. nice tablet but lied into purchase.

  • Etonspam

    What a cop out!!! There are already stable builds of ICS for the Epic 4g (a 2 year old Galaxy S phone) which, in fact, I am running and pleased to say running extremely well.