Nexus S GSM Devices Begin Receiving Ice Cream Sandwich Starting Today

Google has just announced that the Nexus S, their premiere Gingerbread device that launched in November of last year is getting the Ice Cream Sandwich, starting today. It’ll be a rolling release and GSM versions will receive it first — it’s possible some T-Mobile customers could start seeing it as early as today. Google says the update will be staggered over a month so if you don’t receive it today, just continue keeping an eye out for that Ice Cream Sandwich goodness.

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  • AndroidNews

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    • David TMONEWS

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      • Antoinetrenton2003

        T mobile g2x should get it next

      • Hrose1965

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      • Tbyrne

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  • Of topic slightly but does anyone know if the original Mytouch 4G will get ICS?

    • Antoinetrenton2003

      It should I still have up to date specific

    • Prod1702

      maybe but HTC does not sell that phone on T-Mobile anymore so my guess would be no. It is not going to get it. I would think HTC would put more time into the phones that are newer. 

      • Mrletitrock1324

        any HTC phone running 2.3 and ^ will get it. I cant wait to see Sense 4.0 and ICS running together. Probably better then Sex 

  • BigMixxx

    crack open the craigslist….Gotta find a nexus S

    • Chad

      Better hurry and get one now, prices are going to go up once people realize ICS is available. Just sold mine last week but now I have Galaxy Nexus..loving it!

      • BigMixxx

        Found one on Craigslist for 150!  Been calling like a crackhead…

  • David TMONEWS

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  • Anonymous

    Awesome, can’t wait for the update to arrive!

  • sure

    waiting for GALAXY NEXUS S II .

    • OMG

      i ‘d wait for IPHONE 6 with 4.52 inch screen in  late 2013

      • Anonymous

        No iPhone will have more than a 3.5″ screen. The screen is “optimal” for one-handed use at that size, which is why it hasn’t and won’t change.

        • Bruce Banner

          Hey Roswell sounds like he was being sarcastic. Learn to read between the lines.

        • Anonymous

          You never know anymore, some people are pretty dense.

  • justsaying

    I will never ever ever buy an android device that does not have the nexus name on it. And this is my advice do not buy anything that is not a nexus if you want the best experience in terms of device inside and out, support and updates.  

    • Fish

      Nexus or bust!

      • Mrletitrock1324

        And honestly, if the Nexus One would have been on every network like the Nexus S is (and Galaxy Nexus will be next year), they would’ve got ICS. So start buying Nexus phones. They already get the love first but if they’re popular Im sure Google will carry them on longer

    • Aditya

      Totally agree with you buddy, I will never ever buy a android phone whose name is not starting by nexus! Coz android is nexus and nexus is Android!

  • 4G

    Let me jump on Craigslist real quick

  • Bobblehead

    G2x must be next! Bring it on!

    • Antoinetrenton2003

      Yeah it is I just go the g2x for free from t mobile as a replacement from my touch 4g I’m running 2.3.3 on my g2x I love the phone. My g2x is hungry for some ice cream sandwich g2x is still one of the best phones to own so it should be next come on LG and t mobile up date me to 4.0

      • Anonymous

        The G2x is a “Stock Android” device, not a Google Experience device. Updates on Google Experience Devices will receive updates first directly from Google, where as others will have their updates compiled and pushed from the manufacturer about 4-6 months after it has been pushed to AOSP servers. 

        We should expect the update to Android 4.0 sometime in June, if not longer.

        • Antoinetrenton2003

          I feel you the g2x is still a great phone

  • whosaidwhat

    Just downloaded the update and installed it on my wife’s Nexes S manually and it works great. It’s missing face unlock though. I wonder why.

    • Kevinmarchibald

      I read in one XDA comment that Nexus S and S 4G have been getting 4.03, which the GSM/LTE Galaxy Nexus devices haven’t received yet. Did you update to 4.03?

      • Anonymous

        The official release for the Nexus S (T-Mobile) is 4.0.3. It does NOT have Face Unlock, as it seems the camera might be the issue (too slow to open and is low resolution). The rest of the OS is intact and is great.

      • whosaidwhat

        Yes, I upgraded to 4.03. 

    • sushantgandhi

      Does the update bring 720p video recording….??

  • Ibleedmagenta

    I am perplexed as to why g2x doesn’t have ics. G2x came out after nexus s, and is dual core. Why is lg holding out on the g2x and gave it to optimus 2x (european cousin). Its not like they have to change the build much since there isn’t any overlay its pure google smh LG is dropping the ball.

    • It’s all about updating drivers and apps. LG needs new drivers from Nvidia for the cpu/gpu and then they still need to work the framework to take advantage of all these new drivers and other things. It’s not just a simple compile and upload. 

    • Anonymous

      Nexus phones always get the Android upgrades first (when they are supported, poor Nexus One) and other than the Galaxy Nexus, the Nexus S is the only other phone to have an official build of the operating system. 

      LG will be providing an upgrade to Android 4.0, but I wouldn’t expect it until around June at the earliest. 

  • Labnewf31

    i have a g2x  but not a t-mobile customer   . im in canada  will i still be able to get the ics one it become available

  • Roswell_V

    For those who don’t like or want to wait, and running a stock rom, it can be downloaded from Google and installed manually from here:

    Download the zip file. The server is being hammered right now so it may take a few tries to download.
    Once it’s downloaded, power the phone OFF.
    Press and hold the VOLUME UP key and POWER key.
    In the bootloader screen, select RECOVERY.
    When the phone boots into recovery, it will hang at a triangle/exclamation point screen. Press and hold the POWER key and tap the VOLUME UP key to display the menu.
    Select install update from .zip.
    Find the file on your “SD card” – File name is unless you renamed it to something else.
    Install the file, making the selection with the POWER key.
    Total install process takes about 5-10 minutes and does NOT wipe your phone. If you’re rooted, you may loose root access. 

  • Lee

    Houston’s finest rap group. Anyways,considering the hit and miss of the galaxy nexus, what do you guys like and dislike about the hardware and software?

  • Calziel

    Well this work for every phone? I have a sgs2.

    • Anonymous

      No, this will only work on the i9020T, which is the T-Mobile version of the Nexus S.

  • Anonymous

    I brought the nexus s unlocked and am using Tmobile, would I get the update via OTA or do I have to manually update it?

    • Antoinetrenton2003

      Yes u will its for the GSM nexus s

  • Clintondane79

    I live in New Zealand and have been using the nexus s on the Vodafone network. Turned 3G on this morning when I woke up and to my surprise was told that the ICS update was available. I’ve downloaded it and it rocks! Odd thing is my partner also uses a nexus s but no update for her? Weird!

    • Aditya

      Same thing happened with me as well!
      M in India, m using nexus s from last 7 months! When I woke up today morning and turned on my 3g network and after few seconds a notification pop out saying that system update available….I was too happy I can’t express my feelings, I was too happpy because I got the ice there

    • Jon

      You can manually install the update really easily. I did it and it took about 10 minutes.

  • Anonymous

    Enjoying it on my Nexus S but I have seen a decline in my reception at least for 3G.

  • kresk

    ICS works really well so far. There was a second that I wasn’t so sure how I felt about the ICS changes having used gingerbread for a year. Any doubt I had quickly faded. When you try it you’ll know what I mean.

  • Alessandro Barone

    This is actually the 4.1 update that leaked for the gnexus. They scraped the 4.1 and changed the name to 4.0.3. 4.0.3 has a higher build number than the 4.1 from the metadata i got from the OTA.

  • Itskrispy

    so will my nexus S 4G get the update later this month?! I reeeaally want the ICS & dont want to root my phone.

  • 21stNow

    Am I the only one wishing that I had not updated the Nexus S?  I’m getting lag that I didn’t get before and internet browsing is almost painful.  Granted, I may be spoiled by the Galaxy Nexus.  I was just wondering if I’m the only one that thinks that the single-core processor may not be able to handle ICS.

    • kresk

      Despite a couple bugs in ics, I have been really enjoying the overall experience. Definitely glad I updated.

  • Amer Saeed

    Extremely poor performance on nexus S. Phone hangs up so often and refresh screen takes 10-15 seconds if not more. How do I revert back to gingerbread??

  • Jaz

    For a noob, would there be any reason not to try to manually install the update? I’ve never touched the ROM on my phone. Any irreversible damage I could do?

  • Hinds09

     I have the Nexus S on t-mobile and after downloading the update it failed to install and when I check the phone status it states “phones up to date”  anyone else have this issue

  • Fish

    Just got my ICS update!  It is smooth!

  • Juan_L

    I don’t understand. LG is going to make me want to get HTC now because their service has lately SUCKED. I paid a lot for my G2x because it was a “great phone” But its update to Android 2.3 just ruined the phone a lot (especially the camera) the least LG can do is update us to ICS to fix what they messed up. Anything will be better than the crap we have now i mean if other less high end phones are getting the update why cant this G2x high end phone get it too? Seems kind of ridiculous for me on behalf of LG and T-mobile. I Think other companies are going to be the result of this -_-