LG G2X May Not Get Ice Cream Sandwich

Cue the angry mob because this is about to get nasty.  It appears that the LG G2x will not be receiving the next tasty treat, Ice Cream Sandwich, from Google and LG.  LG confirmed that they “will not be introducing Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich updates on LG Optimus [G2x].?  Google said that ICS should be coming to all Android 2.3 devices, but given the debacle that took place over the Gingerbread update I wouldn’t hold my breath.  Of note, the original comment on the Facebook page looks to have been taken down.  For those of you that have had the misfortune to  held on to the LG G2x even with all of its problems and failed promises I am sorry.  Also, look into rooting because at least those ROMs will be updating to ICS.



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  • Anonymous

    Damn!  And I just bought a G2X for $100.  Oh but wait.   ::drum roll:::   There is always XDA.   I’ve rooted ALL my Androids…. MT3Slide, MT4G, HD2(w6), G2, GS4G.   Only the G2 got a perfect update to GB, but learning how to root can give you an advantage over the next person.

    So if u still have your G2X go here [url]”http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=1114″ Rooting T-mobile LG G2X[/url]   Read, read, read and ask questions.   

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    there is always XDA, Cyanogen and MIUI!   

  • MIke

    If it does not get the update by LG i will just Root.  :)

  • Phoneless

    who cares, g2x is a buggy device anyways crap !!

  • Jabombardier

    Whatever. Mine still works and i even figured iut how to stop the lag. So whatever to icecream sandwich because without fail i always upgrade every year.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ONDU3ICZY5ZMA2LNECW66CVPIM All About Me

    No big surprise here, but LG and TMO can take this crappy phone and stick it up their collective a$$e$.

  • Bratty

    1. How many G2X devices did LG sell on Tmo?  Not a huge amount so they can pass on the updates as few are affected.
    2. How many people know that there is supposed to be an update? Again, not many unless you follow tech blogs.

    None of these reasons make not getting an update right but one of the downfalls of releasing new phones monthly is that some will get left behind. ICS still may come because the article mentioned intl phones, not G2X.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, when they were hyping this phone up as “Stock Android experience, therefore you can count on updates quick!!!” LG should just stop making Android phones and switch to WP7 because they lost any and all Android fans due to this flop. After seeing them flop with the G2X, how can you go and buy an LG phone?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Google on average comes out with a new phone OS every four months. People either have to accept that practice, ignore the updates, and/or use a different OS.

    It is a fool’s errand to expect updates, complain about them and think that your complaints will motivate Google to act differently.

    Personally, I simply ignore the updates. What comes on the phone is what I get. My life is a lot less stressful by not getting all worked up over updates. If I want the latest Android version I will buy a phone that comes with it.

    Besides, it is a lot of work keeping up with Cupcake, Eclair, Donut, Frozen Yogurt, Gingerbread, and Ice Cream Sandwich. I have never known why one is better than the others and I have a lot more time to do other things because I don’t have to read up on version differences.

    I think I represent the typical user, people don’t know squat about the difference between 2.2, 2.3, and 4.0

    • Havoktek

      Dead to Rights IMNM, my wife is in the know and she still wouldn’t care about an update.
      She just want her phone to work……Sorry to say this, but as I sit here and type…she sees the SIRI on that Iphone deal……

      She said, the hell with ICS …That talking Google is a seller!!!! 
      What?!!! not Google…..

      So I say too, so what about not getting the update….give me a killer app!

    • Practicalreality

      Android phones have so many bugs that many customers are drooling in anticipation for the next update to make their beloved phone usable again.  It’s not fun having to factory wipe your phone every month and power cycle everyday just to make calls.  

      • Giraffe

        And my friend just turned in an iOS device he’s never jailbroken or subsidy unlocked because he had to reset it constantly to try to get the phone running properly.  It happens everywhere.

        • SAM

          I guess your friend is the only one. I have never heard of such problems with iOS (even though i am not an iOS fan). I really agree to the fact that iOS is a better OS than android in every field like power management, fluidity, user interface, music, and batterry life (almost double than that of android phones with same mAH batteries).

        • 98clru

          I took calls for att wireless.  There are lots of these types of complaints coming in.  With in a year apple/att did a decent job of standing behind their product but as with anything else complicated you had to have it replicated with a tech as a witness (ever go to a mechanic with a strange noise coming from your car? never does it with the tech…) With strict vetting of apps you would expect near perfection but last I knew iOS wasn’t.  Last I knew the iOS couldn’t truly multitask which would make power management a lot easier.  

    • None

      Sometimes people would like the update to “make the phone actually work” — so you do not have to do a battery pull three times a week

      • Giraffe

        an OS update isn’t the solution, a ROM update is – and that’s fair to ask of a manufacturer.  With all of the buzz that Android needs to constantly update OS, is it any surprise that the ROM updates that increase stability aren’t priority?  Hmm…

        • fitz

          This sucks. I rooted my G2X to C-Mod 7 becuse Gingerbread was taking to long, but that did not solve the need to do a battery pull twice a week. I then went back to stock Gingerbread in September hoping that LG would have fixed the issue.. Duh!, I guess I bought a brick!

      • Sam

        I totally agree with you. I have to keep pulling out my battery from G2x because it would not respond to any thing I do.

        • Jabombardier

          Try the memory booster app. It worked for me.

  • Ash

    The G2x is not exactly the same as the optimus. Tmo has the vanilla Android experience which makes it much more likely to get upgraded to ics. Now the optimus T and the clones on the other carriers will not get ics I bet but those are not even close to the same as the g2x.

    • 98clru

      Optimus t/s/v never got the gingerbread update promised by LG. I wouldn’t believe any promises made by any manufacturer. The main reason I went with the g2x (and incurred a big ETF to do it) was due to the specs that means it will be updatable even if not due to official manufacturer updates.

      • http://twitter.com/darxtar1 Jose Caudillo

        the optimus s did get 2.3

        • http://twitter.com/jkipcount Kip Count

          And I we all know how well that one turned out.

        • 98clru

          I’m so glad I missed it.  I had rooted the phone which probably kept it from updating if it had been on. I switch to tmo and the g2x at the end of august so no longer followed the optimus s but have it for the transition/ipod touch type thing. 

          I am much happier with the g2x, no major issues, and have enough memory to not have to constantly u the worst disappeared after I dropped the power control widget, stability/lag much better.

          don’t know how or why a simple widget would cause instability/lag but glad I caught the post that tipped me off to it.

          It only took LG 10 months and it was botched but they do deserve credit (?) for keeping their word.  I guess after this update we should be glad ICS is likely off the table.

      • http://profiles.google.com/mrstrat Randall Ainsworth

        It’s not vanilla Android. That’s another TMO lie.

  • Jabombardier

    It is funny how people complain about getting updates when there hasn’t been any major changes to jump about.

    • Giraffe

      But iOS 5.0 has… siri!  wait, I’ve had voice searching with google this entire time, and have had no use for siri’s conversational style.  Hmm… But it’s an update, yaaaaaay!

      • Sam

        Well it you take a good look at LG G2X, it does need an update. I don’t care whether it is ICS or not, but it has multiple bugs that are very annoying. I bought LG G2X and now i hear that there are no further updates (ICS or bug fixes) I think the phone is useless to me because i am tired of it.

        • Jabombardier

          I have it also. I had few to no bugs and the bugs i had were far and few in between. After Gingerbread, i got a couple of restarts and slow and freezing performance. Problem? Ram was being used up. Solution? Kill apps running in the background. Since then, my G2X is rumning smooth like butter. Hate the gimgerbread camera but don’t see myself any longer upgrading.

      • None

        Siri isn’t part of ios5. Please know your topic of discussion prior to making an ass of yourself.

        • Giraffe

          Oh, so wait, ios5 can’t even be credited for Siri?  Looks like it IS an update for pretty much nothing.

          You’ve activated my trap.  Good day sir.

        • Giraffefailsasatroll

          Your trap?  please.  You were uninformed, made a baseless claim… and got called out.

          I’m no fanboy, but it’s obvious you’re just an idiot.

          iOS updates include new messaging features, notifications, quick links off the lock screen, find my iPhone, cloud storage options and folder creation in many applications…

          I guess it’s just an update for ‘pretty much’ nothing, though.

  • http://twitter.com/LTEstyles LTEstyles

    Wow, just wow. Elop was right, customization will be the downfall of android. I bought my wife a G2X thinking it can support at least a few more updates but I barley got one! (2.3) this is the last time I buy an android, all future phones from now on will be windows or apple. This crossing your fingers and hoping for an update has got to come to end. Btw, that also includes all full stock android os phones. An unpolished os does not deserve my money.

    • Jabombardier

      3 months for the G2X to get gingerbread aftee debut is pretty quick. I don’t call barely getting an update.

  • Hamburger12453

    although it does annoy me that G2X might not get the update, the g2x is a wonderful device all around, albeit i did root mine and i am running a custom rom, it is blazing fast, it is not the platform that’s the issue its the fact that android phones range from the original droid to the mytouch, forcing one operating system to work on all these different phones has to be a pain. And secondly i have owned an optimus T as well and i thought it was  a very good device as well, no more could be asked for for that price

  • Omgdudethatsucks

    The G2x sucks.  Those with working units just got lucky.  

    That fat POS definitely is not worth a software update.  Move on. 

    • Giraffe

      Post Gingerbread update, I know two good friends of mine that love their G2xs… I’m glad it was worth a software update then, but we’ll see if it’s worth a software update now.

      Also, I personally know I would immediately purchase a phone if I knew it was to receive Android updates for two years consistently, even if it meant that I was going for lower specs/needed to pay more for the device.  How about you all?

      • Anonymous

        well if u would buy a phone immediately if the phone was supported that long then getting the google phones will be ur best bet. so i would go with the nexus s or the galaxy nexus which should be an awesome device. 

      • Blackcat3119

        Well gettin my amaze today. I don’t know about 2 years, its a long time, but, doing a lot of research I know HTC has a rep for taking care of their customers. Sure the screen is not AMOLED. And the phone is expensive, I’m ok with that. I’ve tried it at tmo store, its all class. This is off topic but for the last 7 years I’ve bought all my phones from tmo, always had good luck. Was thinkin of gettin the amaze from online, wirefly would save me $. Its not like I HAVE to have the phone today. There’s other sellers, best buy etc. I’m talkin only about the ones who have direct contract with tmo. ???

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    LG’s announcement that the G2X will not be getting ICS is consistent with what I posted four months ago. In searching my computer for what I said back then here is what I found.

    TEM STACK:  ItsMichaelNotMike
    DATE POSTED: 2011-07-07  13:50:18
    UPDATED: 2011-07-07  13:53:12
    SOURCE OF CONTENT: Reuters press services
    ITEM IS IN: Main Group
    SWITCHES: Text 2,714 chars; 428 words:  Rich text N;  Image switch T

    “This (Reuters) article is most interesting and revealing.  Perhaps this explains why the G2X is having problems and dragging its feet on updates…”

    ‘Reuters – LG Electronics Inc., the South Korean firm and the third-largest phone maker globally by volume, Thursday (July 7, 2011) said it was unable to predict a turnaround time for the phones unit, which has reported four consecutive quarterly losses. LG slashed its sales targets on Thursday, as it struggles to break into the fiercely-competitive smartphone market.

    The next few quarters are going to be brutal. Nokia and Blackberry maker RIM are cutting prices and margins to stem eroding market share while others such as Samsung see a window of opportunity to grab share. It’s a storm that will undoubtedly result in some high-profile casualties.’

    Since providing handset updates is costly to a manufacturer (testing, setting up and implementing the update process, tech support when things go wrong, etc.) my assumption is that LG simply did not want to pay for the G2X to get updated, especially if LG is suffering money problems.

    And since only the truly geeky care about updates, LG saw no reason to incur the expense if the update to ICS would go unappreciated and probably unnoticed by those who kept the G2X despite its “lemon” status.

    • Kevin Stanislawski

      Hahaha “Only the truly geeky care about updates.”

      Hahaha LG is so dumb and doesn’t even think once about their customers. Wasn’t that their bloody TARGET MARKET for the phone, the truly geeky???? I maen, that’s why I bought the thing! Ignorant company.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I don’t know if it is a matter of not caring. It is simply quite costly to provide updates every few months. And that’s what it takes to keep users updated, providing new Android iterations every four months. (Since T-Mobile got Android, on the G1, Google on average has come out with a new version of Android every four months. IMO that’s ridiculous.)

  • None

    Jesus people… you ever think it might just be that android is not all that good?  I do not need 75 flashlight apps…So I think it may be time to move on over to another OS.  If they (whoever *they* may be) cannot keep a phone in the current updates 6-8 months after release, there is a problem in someone’s business model.  Yet most of you continue to wade into the android pool over and over.

    • Giraffe

      Strange, it seems to work for Microsoft.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6JUK2RDOPHCULTIFWTNRVQ4PYQ JonathanW

      jesus, go to bgr.com ifan boy. You should root your android device anyways. I love me some g2x. Going to be rocking some ics in no time. 

      • None

        I actually meant Windows Phone.

    • http://profiles.google.com/mrstrat Randall Ainsworth

      Like what…Windows Phone 7? I guess it’s OK if you like retarded interfaces and minimal Mac support.

  • http://twitter.com/hpfrantzy5 Frantzy JeanPhilippe

    great, make a dual core phone for a single core supported OS and not update to a dual core supported OS. Just great..

  • Grooveoriented

    Well I guess this thread proves smart phones aren’t for dumb people. TMonews on the other hand…

  • Kelly

    Looks like it’s time to change carriers and go with the iphone 4s…. That was the one thing I was holding out for. 

    • http://profiles.google.com/mrstrat Randall Ainsworth

      The 4S is an interim model just like the iPad 2. Wait for the 5.

  • Andy MacGillvray

    I heard that the statement was retracted

  • Kevin Stanislawski

    There is absolutely no reason to own a G2x that isn’t rooted. If you do and it’s not rooted–stop torturing yourself, honestly. Just go install Cyanogenmod 7. You’ll love your life so much better. It already even has a few features that ICS is introducing (swipe to get rid of notifications, etc.)

    I mean this bugs the hell out of me because what kind of dick company does this to consumers that put faith in their products, but whatever. If they want to send out the message that their shit sucks balls and even they don’t care about it themselves–they can go nuts cuz that’s one hell of a marketing campaign. 

    G2x made me swear of LG smartphones–once this hardware gets old, I’ll never go back. ‘Life’s Good’ my brown star.

    • Jabombardier

      Many reasons to own a non rooted G2X. One is that it woks very well after the gingerbread update.

      • /mel

        ………….also, I would think you would lose the WiFi Calling

        • Robert Turner

          not true

  • Guest

    CM9 for the win

    • http://profiles.google.com/steven.schaak Steven Schaak

      cant wait, maybe it’ll be a very nice xmas present ;)

  • zps

    my g2x is great post gingerbread.  free hot-spotting for the win!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EVZR6774PL27ROXUJQSQQEP4X4 Mauni M

    My G2x is a great phone. I guess I was lucky. I love the vanilla clean feel, No Sense or TouchWiz slowing me down. Bummer about ICS but jelly beans will be a nice upgrade.   

    • http://profiles.google.com/steven.schaak Steven Schaak

      If it wont officially get ICS then I doubt it’ll officially get JB.

      That said, I love my g2x and I’m glad I rooted it. I’m sure the CM team will get ICS on the g2x no problem.

      As for jelly bean, just don’t even talk about it, it’s way too far off.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7MOKQBK44A5AY4IZP4HNHY4V4M Bob

    Glad I never chose to go with one of these and stayed with the Nexus, it had the worst build quality I have ever seen in a phone.

    • Beauty91805

      The Nexus isn’t even getting ICS from what I’ve read.

  • Velociraptor

    This article needs to be updated since LG responded that it is still testing ICS on O2x and G2x.

  • Riodejaneiro

    trash…trash…trash life is never good with lg !!! 

  • Kevin

    Someone please tell me the Headline of this Article is a TYPO “LG G2X May Not Get Ice Cream Sandwich”. I’m not even going to read this Article to spoil my day. smh

  • dgarra

    Wait, did you guys really reference the O2X as the same thing as the G2X? The O2X is a skinned phone that still runs Froyo, G2X is a vanilla phone thats on Gingerbread.  That’s terrible reporting.

    Anyway as everybody knows by now, LG announced the O2X will be getting ICS. No word on the G2X yet.

  • Bill Kelly

    Buying the G2x is the biggest reason I can find to root your phone. The stock version of 2.2 AND 2.3 blew. If it weren’t for better ROMs this phone would be utter crap, but since I’ve known that since 5/11 I’m not really surprised. Now all I have to wait for is a CM 8 for the phone so I can get my ICS on!

  • Bill Kelly

    Buying the G2x is the biggest reason I can find to root your phone. The stock version of 2.2 AND 2.3 blew. If it weren’t for better ROMs this phone would be utter crap, but since I’ve known that since 5/11 I’m not really surprised. Now all I have to wait for is a CM 8 for the phone so I can get my ICS on!

  • Zbuarabia

    i was so excited when i bought my g2x but now 2 month later i just want to smash it. It alwasy shuts off by itself while charging. And i dont recieve all the text messages that are being sent to me. Does any1 else have this problem?

    • Beauty91805

      I too had that problem but learned if I cleaned my phone out every so often it will work just fine. Clear out your call log, text messages, web history, cache, etc. Take care of your phone. :)

  • Beauty91805

    I can’t believe how many problems everyone had with their phones, my G2X has been working just fine with me. I guess the only thing I can complain about is the uncertainty of whether or not we will be receiving ICS. :(