HTC Sensation 4G Full Retail Price Will Be $549.99

Since so many of you ask T-Mobile what the full retail pricing would be for the HTC Sensation 4G T-Mobile just sent out a tweet letting the world know it will be $549.99. That is all.


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  • Marc Klein

    That’s kinda steep.

  • Anonymous

    Cheaper than the G2x on contract but more than the G2x when paying full retail?

    • Jerzeeloon

      That’s what I was thinking,BS,if they want that much they shoulda put a gig of ram and more then a gig of Memory.

    • Zifnab2k

      g2x price went up to make up for the influx of returns (my opinion).

  • Mr.Obvious

    Hmmm…doing all they can to get people to renew their contracts before the merger. That price is sky high!

  • Matlock

    this is going to be a $300 phone on contract it seems like! UGH, dont feel like spending that type of cash, but seems like i’ll have to suck it up.

    • Claudine Gandolfi

      It’s $199 on 2 year contract (with rebate). 

  • Anonymous

    What plan will this activate on if bought at this price ?

    • Bxcutie4life2001

      exisiting month to month, prepaid whatever

  • Barker1964

    I always pay full price. i will never have a contract. I don’t care if it seems a bit steep I want one and I am selling my MyTouch 4G in order to get it.

  • Recondo1202

    Hmmm….guess I’ll be searching Craigslist.

    • Anonymous

      It will be more expensive on Clist for a good while. I’m thinking maybe Amazon will have it at 500.

    • Anonymous

      It will be more expensive on Clist for a good while. I’m thinking maybe Amazon will have it at 500.

      • Anonymous

        Nooo T-mobile would be the cheapest place for off contract everywhere else has to make a profit so they’d price at least $100 more off contract. Best buy could be a better alternative though.

    • Anonymous

      Say hi to my G2X when you see him.  Maybe take him out for a drink?

  • Jay Alford

    My debit card just started screaming, “PLEASE NO! NO NO NO!” 

  • Anonymous

    To much for this phone. That is the price the GSII should be. The Sensation should be $500.

    • The ATL Guy

      How do you figure?

      • Anonymous

        Because the SGSII has more memory both storage and RAM. A much better processor. The Sensation still uses the old A8. Should use the A9. SGSII also has a new display technology. With the Sensations measly 1GB of internal storage I couldn’t even store my apps that can’t be moved to SD with 2 Game Loft games on it. It’s not worth the $550 and if it is the SGSII will probably be $600 or $650.

        • Sdadsad

          dude all of the posts iv read from u are about how much better the sgs2 is than the sensation! get out of here u fan boy, ur obsessed over this. 

        • Anonymous

          I’m not loyal to any manufacturer. I have owned Android devices from HTC, Samsung and LG. I like them all but I do not like the Sensation. It doesn’t have enough memory for my apps that can’t be moved to the SD. Hell, I’m at 2.8GB worth of apps right now on my G2X. I can only imagine how fast that will run out after you deduct the space the pre-loaded apps take from the 1GB of storage. I also don’t see myself purchasing a device for $550 and getting a CPU based off of the old A8 when there are A9’s available. 

  • Silent17ninja

    I got it on the money! lol I sold my HD2 for $150, my vibrant for $300, and my DSi for $150…here I come Sensation… 

    • Anonymous

      DSi, what are you 6?

      • Anonymous

        Seriously? Way to be a douche.

      • Silent17ninja

        whoa! lol dude are u in your 40’s? What a stereotypical thing to say…

      • Datnig

        he said that while clutching his 3DS covered in pokemon stickers….come on son!

    • CeeGee Borela

      HD2 for $150? i sold mine $300 to a friend of mine, my sales pitch:

      1) you know i take care of my phones like little infant babies
      2) in canada you spend $500 on a brand new one

  • HaX0788

    Does the $50 Mail In Rebate work with the unsubsedized price?

    • CeeGee Borela

      your high right?

    • Anonymous

      You have to mail it to the cellphone fairy.

  • hh


  • Cory

    ouch :(

  • Adrian Parks

    Hefty price for such a nice phone. Its all good doe!

  • CeeGee Borela

    no sir thank you very much

  • Pheat17

    sadness :(

  • Vibrant Addict


  • Kife0301

    Pass, but I would spend that much off contract on the hercules not this though

    • Oreo

      Dude, I played with the infuse 4G dude that phone is a beast of a screen ha ha ha. Now think Samsung=unlocked bootloader, penta-band/future-proof for At&t, I believe one Gig of ram, and Qualcomm dual-core granted it isn’t on par with the Samsung dual-core, but I’ll take it ha ha.

  • Eugene Borodin

    Why does everyone complain?  SG II is $799 so you can’t expect this to be less then $549…. I thought it would be $599 TBH….

  • J. Williams


  • Anonymous

    I am not shocked by this. I really wasnt expecting a price point at 499. Either way I am grabbing it on contract. But for all you contract free guys, better dig deep!

  • Bobt

    Wow lol you can buy a deceng laptop for that haha

  • Anonymous

    Eh, I guess. People, beware that if you buy this phone and decide you want to return it, you’ll be charged 50 bucks.

    • callmemisterr

      75 its a smart phone

      • Anonymous

        Which is why it’s $50.

    • jarjon76

      You can thank people that abused the system for that.

      • Zifnab2k

        You can thank the faulty P.O.S. LG g2x for that abuse.

  • Anonymous

    Not a bad price if you consider the GS2 is goin for $750 or more right now. Im buyin it flatout, no contract!

  • Jizzle

    Wow tmo is becoming verizon

  • Olographics28

    DAMN…..Is so expensive.
    I was thinking like $499, but this price of $549 + TAX is going to be more that $600.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love this phone and I really want one but I guess I will have to wait a few more days to be able to get it on craigslist for $500 totals.
    I am not rich like many of you.

  • Random

    Hmmmmmm 150 more a sg2… faster and beter htc

  • Anonymous

    Ahh the Touch Pro 2 prices are back!! At least the sub’d price isnt.

    I’ll admit this phone is well worth it though.

  • Mr Tibbs

    im getting rid of my iPhone 4 for this phone can’t wait

  • Minioninnc

    I like how they said “we had a few people ask”. All nonchalantly. LOL!

  • Minioninnc

    Hmmm this makes me think about doing a contract and getting away from EM+ for this one.

    • Derrick Ford

      They still let you pay with EM+ over 19 months – NO INTEREST!

  • Y2c313

    What about just starting a new line, get the sensation for $199, then cancel after 14 days? You’d come out alot cheaper, eveb with that ETF…

    • Anonymous

      Not after you factor in the Activation fee and the pro rated bill. To much work for a couple dollars in savings. T-Mobile isn’t that dumb…

    • Adrian Parks

      The prorated bill wouldn’t be that much if you get the cheapest services. Activation fee wouldn’t be anything if you have a company discount. 

      In reality it’ll be 249.99 + 220.10 for ETF and about 40 – 50 for the prorated bill. So thats about 510-520. + 35 for the activation fee if you don’t have the company discount. 

      Not much of a difference.

      • Anonymous

        Not to mention that it might damage your Credit Report.

        • None

          Why would paying the ETF ruin your credit.  You would have fulfilled your financial obligations.

  • Izzybrexx

    Siiike…too much money….g2x was cheaper n does the same exact thing as the sensation…especially when it gets g-bread

  • Izzybrexx

    Siiike…too much money….g2x was cheaper n does the same exact thing as the sensation…especially when it gets g-bread

  • spooze

    so whats the cheapest way to get this phone for me. i already used my upgrade on a stupid blackerry. i sold it. now im looking at this phone. using my pos sidekick untill this comes out. would it be to go to targer, walmart or tmobile.

  • Jg01

    The price is a bit HIGH !! I’ll stick with the g2x. It can do the same, when fix the bugs( which will be soon). 

    This is a good device, but everyone is just getting greedy!!

  • Prod1702

    check out the benchmarks for the G2X vs. the Sensation G2X wins. Plus the G2X isn’t even on 2.3 yet. Just buy a G2X root it and your problems will be all gone. I am a happy owner of a G2X running at 1.5ghz. 

    • Zifnab2k

      Rooting doesn’t fix screen bleed, or a faulty gps (gps worked on some but not others). Don’t care what anyone says, not spending $500 on a phone that is guaranteed to have screen bleed on every single one. I checked more than I care to mention, and they all have it, and its noticable in broad daylight. If you can’t see it you’re purposely ignoring it.

      • Anonymous

        i don’t understand why other g2x owners (had mine for about three weeks now as well, though not rooted/oc’ed because the battery life isn’t great) complain about the bleed.  exactly when are you using the phone with a completely black screen, again?

        personally, what annoys me far more are the random reboots, which have been two or three times a week.

        • Anonymous

          I have had my G2X since day one and haven’t encountered one bug, freezes, lag or screen bleed. The only tim I can see a little bit of glow in the corner is when laying in bed with all the lights out and my brightness cranked to 100% while looking at a dark screen. First off, who needs 100% brightness i a pitch black room and second off who looks at a black screen for any amount of time? I’ll stick with the more powerful phone without the non-SENSE. Also, the Sensation doesn’t even have enough memory to store my apps that can’t be moved to the SD card so that right there rules it out.

  • 26 Tech 87

    Sadness. I rather wait for the SGS II. Dont wanna waist my wife’s upgrade on it.

  • Guest

    Is there a way to talk T-Mo into giving an update early? My family has been with the company for 5+ years and I’ve had a Vibrant under contract since it came out so I’m not due for an upgrade.

    • Anonymous

      Possibly. I was able to get a full upgrade after 1 year, you just have to sweet talk them.  If the rep wont help you, ask to speak to customer loyalty.  

    • Ratelvis

      They have an early upgrade after 12 months but only if it’s to a smartphone. So yes you should be able to get the full discount pricing on this beast. I’ve had an LG G2X for like 3 weeks and I am not happy with it so might have put it up on eBay or craigslist.

  • Zifnab2k

    Not that much of a hike. Pretty sure after tax my Nexus One was well over $500… Extra $40 for all the new hardware… fair enough. Contract price is still on par with the other high end T-Mobile releases, this isn’t Verizon prices yet.

  • JayRello

    Damn! Thats almost as much as the desire was when I first got it; or around the same price. I cant remember. I’ve been through 3 phones since then. Hopefully i make enough cash by the time it comes out to buy it on release. (coming soon…. mYtouch 4G for sale on eBay!)

  • BigMixxx

    Lets not forget.  The retail price of the Thunderbolt is 750….bagillion dollars.  at 549, a better device, with a battery that will last…you cannot beat it with a stick…

  • Copyman

    You obviously didn’t look hard enough or you are just a HTC fanboy trolling away. I just looked at the first page of the Sensation forum on XDA and he is a list of the problems people are having with the Sensation:1) Display has a greenish yellow tint and whites appear almost grey.2) When watching a video, the audio cuts out at the 2 minute mark.3) Bad reception. There is a thread on XDA that has 12 pages of people complaining about it. Some have tried multiple units and multiple SIM cards.4) Dust under the screen.5) The LED notification is so dim it shouldn’t even be there. Everyone says you can’t even see it unless your in a room that is pitch black. Some are even saying it’s not working at all until others tell them to go into the bathroom and turn the lights out.6) Phone is rebooting after taking a picture.7) Swype is not recognizing traces properly.8) Phone is getting very hot.9) Some people having bad battery problems10) Bluetooth audio quality is bad and sounds distorted over multiple devices.Well, it only took me 10 minutes to find 10 problems. I only picked out the problems that multiple people were having. Good luck to everyone who buys the Sensation. Your going to need it.

    • NYUKU

      its because your not going to have it so stop H8ting! LOL
      i have a g2x but this phone will blow away any phone right now including SGS2! 
       and thats the euro version danngggg eeet!!!!! US  version will be different..
       and yeah if you not buying it then please just stay away from reading any htc sensation 4g article..thanks and have a good day :] 

      • Xboarder56

        ya he makes it look like every sigal user as those issues its just a very few

    • Anonymous

      “That’s like a problem a minute!!”

    • jarjon76

      “You’re going to need it”. 

  • Meagan

    I’ve been a Tmobile customer forever. I, along with other current Tmobile customers are interested in the latest Tmobile products.  I am sure there are more-than ‘a few people’, who inquired about the regular retail price, that many current Tmobile customers will have to fork-over if they want one.

    Its nice to know that Tmobile thinks of us as ‘a few people’.  That sounds so personable. /s

    • Reality_bites

      Oh shut up.

    • jarjon76

      A bit dramatic on your part, but thanks for sharing!

  • Peter Dudycz

    I feel a bad sensation when I hear more about this phone.

  • Meagan

    How much will a CA resident drop for the Tmobile HTC Sensation as a current Tmobile customer, out the door of a Tmobile store?

    $549.99  Tmobile HTC Sensation
    $6 Electronic Waste Recycling Fee
    CA 9.75% tax
    Total $610.20

    Are there other hidden fees that I am missing?  I guess we’ll soon all find out.
    For that price, I hope that it’ll be bug-free and not randomly reboot, like I experienced with my duo core Tmobile G2X.

    • Tylermaxwell14

      Bet your sorry your living in California.  The cost of living and taxes there is outrageous!!!

      • Anonymous

        But the living for the cost is worth it!! (Beaches, women, etc.)  :-D

        • Farhan

          You know that’s right brother! :)

        • Tylermaxwell14

          Nah… MIDWEST FOR ME :D

        • Anonymous

          Man gimmie the beaiches.  I’m tired of old land locked Kansas City, dodgin’ tornado’s and sh… lol

        • None

          There are woman in each state Pimp.  LOL

        • Anonymous

          Ha ha!

    • Patmvaldez

      Damn, and I thought the 8.25% here in Texas was high. But its the price of no state income tax lol. Still not as bad as the 12% VAT that I paid in the UK back in 1995.

  • Michael

    Wow that is a little too pricey. I’ll pick up a sealed unit on E-bay or Amazon in a month or two. 

    No shipping cost or sales tax =)

  • FreeAgent


    I have a MT3G, off-contract now, and $25 dataplan.  Want to buy the Sensation.  Should I pay retail or re-up?  If I re-up, I will lose my $25 data, right?


    • raitchison

       I was able to upgrade from my G1 to my G2 and keep my $25/mo G1 data plan.

      • FreeAgent

        Wow, that’s hard to believe.  I thought for sure they would try to tell you that the $25/mo isn’t a “qualifying data plan”.  Hmm….

        • raitchison

           It wasn’t necessarily easy, but that was probably because I bought at Costco.  Costco did not now how to keep my data plan so they added the $30 data plan to my account (in addition to the $25 G1 plan) and TMO customer service removed the $30 plan leaving the G1 plan in place.  I think in total I had to call customer service 3 times (once before I upgraded and twice after) before it was all straightened out but nobody (even Costco) ever said I wasn’t allowed to keep my G1 plan they just had a hard time putting it into the system.

          I called TMO customer service before I upgraded to make sure I could keep my G1 plan and was told I could.

        • johnny

          you can upgrade your phone and keep everything on your plan the same without touching it. everything will still work. depending where u go, they might tell you to upgrade your data plan to “receive 4G” speeds but thats just BS. your current data plan will work just fine.

          Source: I work for TMO

    • Anonymous

      My girl was able to retain her $25 5GB data plan back in Jan. when she upgraded(with full discount after only a year which was awesome) from the 3G to the 4G.  They said she couldn’t keep it when she upgraded but then I called after she got it and they went ahead and put it back down to $25.

      • Guest

        How was she able to so in only a year?

        • Anonymous

          We wondered the same thing but sure didnt ask tmobile

  • Adrian Parks

    And what about this damn MT4G’s Gingerbread? Sheesh….

    The only thing that sparked my interest in the EVO’s update is the fixing of the random text message stuff. I get tired of accidentally sending messages to random folks when I know I clicked the right name. I also hate the fact that it resends old messages when I restart my phone.

  • raitchison

    And the arbitrarily set prices keep creeping up, why doesn’t T-Mobile just say the “retail” price is $999 then customers will REALLY feel like they are getting a good deal for going on contract.

    The actual retail prices of every other kind of consumer electronics continues to decline, all except for mobile devices sold through mobile carriers where there are rebates for signing long term contracts.  If the price of a PC  behaved like the price of a smartphone we’d all have to spend $4000 for a mid-range notebook.

    The people who really get shafted in all this are those who’s phones get stolen, lost or damaged while under contract, They have to pay exorbitant prices and the carriers get to sell a device for >100% profit margins.

    • None

      Just like the PC, LED TV, laptop, etc, etc… these prices can never hold out like this.  I paid 2400 for my first PC and had to load the operating system from floppy disks.  As your average consumer, I think they are hitting the tipping point when they pass the 500 mark and really should be around 350-400.  One day we will laugh about how much we paid for this stuff (while telling the story of how we had to walk in the snow backwards to get to the store)