Hands On With the HTC Sensation 4G Courtesy Of IntoMobile

It really does pay to attend conferences as our friends at Intomobile are learning at the Uplinq conference hosted by Qualcomm. They managed to find a T-Mobile branded Sensation 4G hanging around thanks to the HTC Sponsorship of the event. There is 3 minutes and 11 seconds of Sensation 4G enjoyment in the video above so get to watching and remember June 15th is just two weeks away so you’ll only have to contain your excitement a little longer!



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  • Jacosta

    Walked into two T-Mobile stores today – they are both saying June 8th!

    • vel

      where what state?

      • Drumn91

        There will never be a perfect phone but I’m sure the sensation will be an iPhone 5 spanker for sure!!

  • Anonymous

    i like, i like!

  • MrMr

    I like the lock screen shortcuts.. but other than that… eh. 


  • The ATL Guy

    WOW that is thick! 

    • The ATL Guy

      Thats what she said. 

      • The ATL Guy

        I must say that I have always been a HTC fan and LOVE the sense on my Mytouch 4g. 
        Comparing the new features of Samsung’s touchwiz I was impressed and had never really considered Samsung. 
        I think UI wise Samsung is better but I will probably go with this. 

      • Anonymous

        I’m mad you co-signed your own comment lol

        • The ATL Guy

          Sorry but I couldn’t resist.
          That does look thicker t though.

      • SuperNova

        Is that really what she said? I mean were those her exact words?

  • Petey

    I like this phone alot, but I don’t know if I should hold off til the iPhone come out or get this… tough decision. T-Mobile is becoming more aggressive with phone selections.

  • im thinking that tmobile actually meant what they said “BY june 15”.
    or store associates are just saying what the rumored date is and have no idea

  • Silent17ninja

    I love that lock screen mechanic….its one of the very many reasons my Samsung 4G is gonna be in my back up phone pocket.

  • Anonymous

    2 more weeks till i get a nexus 2 with sense.lol

  • Clint

    I love the lock screen and the 4.3inch screen but the phone itself looks so much better on paper (physically anyway). Not being rude, just stating an opinion (one that most won’t agree with…probably).  Seeing this guy handle the phone in person makes it seem less desirable (again for ME #opinion) and not stand out in the least…minus the lock screen. 

    Great phone and those that get it will probably be more than impressed and at the end of the day that is all that matter =)

    • The ATL Guy

      So are you saying it doesnt look sensational?

      • Clint


        • The ATL Guy


    • Anonymous

      In my opinion, it’s the only beastly smartphone that doesn’t look like an iphone, thus it looks quite pleasing.

      • jarjon76

        That’s one of things I like about this phone. Too many of the newer smartphones are trying to look like an iphone & frankly that’s a big turn off for me. It’s one of the reasons I don’t care for the Samsung Galaxy S line or the Touch Wiz interface. 

        • Tortionist

          Amen to that.

  • Anonymous

    I went into a store today and they also said June 8th.

    NJ by the way…

  • J. Williams

    Very nice. Hut I’m gonna use my g2x until a Sammy device drops. I like this, but I can wait. The phone I have is fast.

  • SayNo2AT&T!

    This is a bit disappointing.  The 4G speeds on the Sensation are only 14.4 Mbps, which is slower than Samsungs’ Galaxy S 4G and Sidekick 4G which run at a faster 21 Mbits/sec. 

    • Answer_me_this

      Question:  why do you realistically need faster than 14.4?  At home (DSL), I only get like 3Mbps.  What are we going to be doing on a phone that we’d need faster than 14.4?  Even Netflix streaming, should be no problem at that speed.

      Honest question.  Responses?

      • J. Williams

        You have a point.

      • Guest

        Are you like the douchebag hall monitor?
        What business is it of yours that he needs that much?
        You only get 3 because you live in ghetto

        • Answer_me_this

          Thanks *sshole.  I asked an honest question, and even stated it as such.  Why do we “need” connection speeds faster than 14.4 for a PHONE?  I’m still waiting for a good answer which will educate me, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to come from you….

        • SayNotoATT

           Please speak for yourself.  If you don’t need a phone faster than 14.4 mpbs than that is the case for you.  My smartphone is more than just a phone.  I download podcasts using BeyondPodcast and the faster my video files download, the better.

          Also, if a consumer is going to drop 200 bucks for a device, then I’d rather get more for my money (21mbps > 14.4).

        • Guest

          you wont even see 21mbps yet. i work for t-mobile. tell me a place where youll even get 14.4 on any carrier. not going to happen. tmobile is rolling out “42 mbps” now into the summer. show me a screen shot of a speed test on anywhere close to 21. hahaha

        • ktwist

          We alll know that 14.4 doesn’t mean the phone will achieve that speed. My mytouch 4g in Chicago gets 2mbps-5mbps and my galaxy 4g gets between 4mbps to 12mbps. The difference is in download speeds such as YouTube, app downloads and in the future Netflix buffering. Also if you tether you achieve faster download speeds for your laptops browser. If I’m paying the same price for internet wether its 3G or 4G with Tmobile, wouldn’t you want a faster device to take advantage of your network? I have a 42mbps laptop stick and it’s only achieving between 12mbps and 15mbps in a 42mbps Chicago market!

        • Tortionist

          I can live without 21 Mbps since I have Wifi, but when i’m traveling, I have no Wifi, so the faster the better. If I remember correctly, Wifi is either 40 mbps or 50 mbps. As for going beyond a dual core processor, that would be like putting a Lamborghini engine in a VW Van. Which means it’ll be buggy as hell for a while and it’ll be pointless. Dual core processors are only good for graphics intensive games, quad core is just overkill on a phone, it’s almost overkill on a PC.

        • Auser72

          Most ghettos are located in heart of major cities, so really its the opposite. They are usually privy to the fastest of speeds. But i understand the comment wasnt to enlighten, but a attempt to put someone else down. So Sad :-(

        • Anonymous


      • Reality_bites

        Because a lot of people go off specs and not real world performance. Android is not even fully optimized for dual core processors and yet people want quad cores. Why? Same reason – I don’t know what it means or works but i want it.

      • Anonymous

        To answer your question more respectuflly:  My home wifi connection (avg 10Mbps) is noticeably faster than my HSPA+ connection (avg 2-3.2Mbps at home).  If TMO’s real world 4G was equal to or greater than my wifi then I would turn off my phones wifi.  Until then…

    • Auser72

      @Answer_me_this, no one has answered your question. What real needs are there for Speeds at or above 14.4 Mbps. Unless you are planning on running multiple  multi-media(mainly video) applications at one time on a smartphone, there is none. If I am wrong, Please educate me. 

  • Anonymous

    oooh I can’t wait till these guys get their hands on a Hercules!! Patience…

    • jarjon76

      Why do you feel the need to comment about the Hercules on every Sensation post? We get, you like the Hercules. Are you trying to troll?

      • Anonymous

        Yes im a big time Samsung troll. You called me out.

        • jarjon76

          Wasn’t trying to “call you out”, just asked a simple question. Evasion noted.

        • Anonymous

          No evasion. I straight up admitted Im a Samsung Troll.

    • The ATL Guy

      That new touch wiz looks pretty sweet

  • velko

    is it possible to connect this device to a TV by hdmi if yes how?  it only has micro usb out not micro hdmi out how am i suppose to find a cable from micro usb to hdmi to my knowledge there is only a samsung cable that is use for the samsung galaxy s that is micro usb to hdmi that cost around 150 dollars? there is not a such thing as micro usb to hdmi affordable cable! there is a ton of micro hdmi to hdmi cables at a decent price but not micro usb to hdmi! can somebody please post a link to where i can buy one?

    • JungleJunkie

      Look for a MHL cable.  Not too expensive.

    • Answer_me_this

      Mmm, googling “HTC Sensation” and then going to the spec page setup by HTC:

      *  “share movies and photos to your big screen TV wirelessly via DLNA.”
      *  “special cable required for HDMI connection.”

    • Samnir

      I’m sorry the world lacks help for you. For you claim something doesn’t exist but ask a question to where as the only solution that can possibly be is the very thing you said doesn’t exist. >.>  Micro USB to HDMI is the solution, furthermore: I hate you.

  • Anonymous

    Not bad. How’s the pinch to zoom on Phonedog?

  • Steady

    Hey Guys.. Spoke one of my friends from tmobile and he said that the reason it says” by June 15″ it’s because they should have plenty on stock for everyone. It is coming out at June 8 which will sell out fast. So by the 15, The next shipment will arrive.

  • Bassplaye555

    It’s a cool phone but the lack of internal memory is a major turn off. I got rid of my galaxy 4g because I was sick of running out of space and uninstalling apps to make room. G2x is better

    • Silent17ninja

      I have the Galaxy 4G and I have never ran out of space…and no I have almost 6 gigs of stuff on my phone besides the crapware. Theres an app for apps to sd card.

    • Zifnab2k

      except the endless list of issues the g2x has.

      • Mgkaotic

        HTC has had plenty of issues of their own when it comes to launching a device, just look at the HD2.

        • Anonymous

          If the HD2 was the first “EVO” then the entire universe would be different today.  T-Mobile might actually be gaining customers.  What a missed opportunity.

  • …Still should have a physical camera button. You can never go wrong with a physical camera button. Kinda hard to take a picture and trying to determine if your finger is on the shutter button…just saying.

    • I need a camera button on the side. Its a must. I don’t like using the touch screen for taking pictures.

      • Ithitmeallatonce

        a “must”?? LOLOLLL Sweet Jesus in heaven are people becoming such wussies. This is what’s wrong with the world. Can you imagine your Grandpa complaining cause his handheld, battery powered computer/GPS/MP3 player/address book/phone combo didn’t have a little buttony wuttony. Man up dude

        • Here we go again with the whack attackers. 

          Just because I said I need it doesn’t mean I’m saying its a deal breaker. This is whats wrong with people who assume. Always making asses out of themselves. 

        • Samnir

          Saying something is a must puts the implication that without it (being a necessity that it is) you wont carry the product, don’t get mad at people when you chose a specific phrase and people commented on it

        • Please stop talking now.

        • jarjon76

          I agree that a physical camera button is something I prefer, but I can live without it, esp with this phone. In fact, this will be my first all touch screen phone, so there are 2 things I have to get used to. No big deal, though.

  • I so cant wait! 

    I like this phone and will love the 4.3″ feel in my hand.

    • Anonymous

      Years of familiarity one would assume….

    • Crazythunder1968

      that just doesn’t sound right

      • I know, I know…Lol

        Please get your head out of the gutter! xD

        I tried to say it without it sounding like I was talking about something else.

  • Anonymous

    I just soiled myself. I hope Tmonews will pay for new underwear.

    • jaZzyjeff

      Soiled youself, what are you 6? XD

      • Anonymous

        7. 7 years old

  • ktwist

    WTF I thought this phone was an aluminum unibody design? What’s with that cheap plastic one piece cover, damn I was fooled for months! I must be blind and missed that I apologize for my rant but I was really hoping for a metal frame:(

    • Mario

      It does have metal, the entire back can’t be metal because it also has the antennas on it, go to YouTube and do a search on it you’ll get alot of videos from Europe but its still English

  • these specs are the specs i have been wanting for about 2 years now and finally i cant get my hands on it. but now that its coming im set on my next expectations for the future phone from HTC. i am HTC die hard great manufacturing company

  • 4G

    my local stores are saying june 8th?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    • Silent17ninja

      yeah, they say the first shipment is on June 8th and the second shipment is on the 12th or 15th. The expect the June 8th shipment to be gone in a matter of hours

  • Anonymous

    All good and nice till you get to the weight, 148 g. HOLY!

    • Ithitmeallatonce

      what…as opposed to the 137 of the iPhone 4?? HAHAHAHA. Can’t handle that extra 10 GRAMS!!!! Literally worst commend ever. If this was my blog I’d ban you

      • Anonymous

        What the hell man? why the attack?? I was comparing it to the Samsung Galaxy S2 at 118 Grams….
        I always have my phone in my pants and that is a huge difference for me..

        • MrWizard

          You do realize that 30grams = 1oz., right?  So that extra one ounce is gonna weigh you down? :)

        • Samnir


        • Anonymous

          You pretty much validated why he attacked you right there. 

        • jarjon76

          Really? Are your legs so weak it can’t support an extra 30 grams? C’mon, stop nitpicking.

        • Jess

          Yeah but the galaxy s line feels and looks like cheap plastic (because it is). Can’t imagine the s2 being any different considering the specs. I’d rather take my chances with a tiny tiny bit of extra weight.

          Speaking of the s2, just curious on opinions, is it me or does the galaxy s2 look even more like the iPhone since the lawsuit? Even more so than the previous galaxy phones?

  • Vibrant4gUser

    One of the worst reviews made on a phone….

    • Richardthegrape

      It’s not a review dummy, it’s a quick hands on look.

      He even said they will have a full review later on


    this should have been the nexus s

  • hecg55

    lol he said “pretty” elements
    …. and i may be completely wrong but it the antennas are on the battery cover will that make us get bumpers like the stupid iphone????

  • Ondawire

    Wow no HDMI and only 1gb of internal memory and it running sense and not vanilla android????? So glad i bought the LG G2X. 

    • TweetMo

      Couldn’t a Micro USB to HDMI cable be used? What about the Dual Core. Your right on Sense. Still going to be TMo’s best.

    • Samnir

      >.> FYI It has built in HDMI support through the Micro USB port, something that all phones are going to be doing here in the future. Propitiatory HDMI ports are a thing of the past my friend. (1gb is plenty internal Storage, [don’t use the word memory as that applies solely to R.A.M.])  Sense is a Temp Situation for Custom Romers =P

      • ImAmericunt

        How you gonna play 2 hours of media without charger your HTC sensation sucks battery??? You don’t know what you talk about “friend”HDMI port is for the reason!!
        And charger for other!!!!
        ze ruela! Moron

        • Easily.  Screen uses more battery then anything else in your phone so by playing your media on externally powered screen  you will not use THAT much battery and will be just fine.  Besides, I could easily watch 2hr movie on my MT4G, I don’t see why Sensation couldn’t do it.

        • Xboarder56

          plus the htc hdmi adaptor has hdmi port and charging in one adapter so you get both charger and hdmi


        • Jess

          Before you go throwing the word moron around know what you’re talking about first. The hdmi is build in the micro usb port, and it actually uses an mhl / hdmi cable. Mhl allows you to charge the device at the same time, and use any tv remote to control the device. “friend”

  • MzHtown05

    So my tmo location said the same thing June 8th, but I wish they would do pre-orders. Hopefully I can get my hands on one and not have to wait until June 15th. 

  • KM

    Could have checked if it had an unlocked bootloader. S-OFF

  • Anonymous

    WOW! how awesome it feels in your hand when the battery cover is off…

  • melikey4g

    I got to hold one around 2 months ago. It feels as solid as mytouch 4g, but bigger. When cruising through the home screens, it cycles through to the other side. So dont reach the end. And if you spin it fast enough, the home pages shrink away from and look like masrer program from tron. The weather animation is amazing, hopfully it cloudy out when i get mine, cause its like flying through the clouds. The camera auto adjusts before you take pics, so pics are taken quicker. A lot of people hate sense, but hopfully they got it right this time. Looking forward to it and June 18th! (All hands work day)

  • 4G_or_not_4G

    Originally the Iphone was the fun to have phone…it could do things that windows and Blackberry could only hope for…then came Android…so young trying hard with a lot of potential but not there yet…well my friends the tied is starting to change and the Androids are becoming the fun to have phones and the Iphones are the ones becoming stagnate in Steve Jobs view of the world…Rock on HTC…Rock on Android!