T-Mobile Dealer Leak Confirms June 8th Release Date For HTC Sensation 4G

The HTC Sensation 4G news just keeps getting better over the weekend as we just received the above screen shot confirming the much rumored June 8th release date. This comes on top of last nights leaked screen shot that confirmed Target’s release date and pricing. However, this date is for T-Mobile directly and we expect that Target will launch the phone on a Sunday which lines up perfectly with the June 12th date.

A June 8th release date has been the rumored since the Sensation 4G was first announced as a spotted Google advertisement hinted a “6/8” release. Along with the Google advertisement which was quickly pulled, the press shot of the Sensation 4G was dated June 8th providing some supporting evidence to release date rumors. Now this screenshot gives us the confirmation we needed in order to faithfully say June 8th is indeed Sensation 4G day.


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  • Anonymous

    Taaars, get the S II, it is a much more powerful phone thanks to the ARM A9 architecture (unlike the A8 based in the Sensation and Evo 3D).   Unless you’re a chick, then get the Sensation, HTC made it to target the female buyer (hence the girly swirl on the back and underpowered processor).

    • Taaars

      Only thing…Tmobile may not get it, that would be the deal breaker, I used to be with all the other carriers at one time, so tmobile not getting it would be the deal breaker. And I have a gut feeling tmobile will not get it at all, since they probably don’t want to sign contracts with manufactures until they know whats going on with the merger.

      • Taaars

         let me say deal breaker one more time…..deal breaker

  • http://twitter.com/EzzyNYC Marc Klein

    I need a new phone and bad. The phone I have now has got a mind of it’s own.

  • PhoneKinG

    I dont think so five finger freind, that is sexist man. Evo must be a girl phone as well, yeah right. Youll probably get pissed off using touch wiz on that samsung, htc sense is much better. Either phone is fast.

  • Steveclarke33

     june 8th is samsung tab 10.1 day…sorry already taken!

  • http://profiles.google.com/yogageeta Bhagiratha das

     Well I just placed an order for the UK version of the Galaxy S2 and will be using it on tmo. Don’t really care if I only get edge service. It will hold up until a proper tmo version becomes available. 
    My current G2x is not performing as I was expecting. The bloody thing keeps restarting and at times freezes at the lock screen. 
    Was thinking of heading over to ATT again, but I will make a final decision when this merger business settles down. 
    The Sensation seems to be a good pick, but with only 1GB RAM … I don’t think so. The SGS2 is by far superior! 

    • Anonymous

      My coworker has the uk version. It’s plastic and crappy feeling. What else do you expect from Samsung. And he paid an embarrassing amount for it too. Sucker.

      • http://twitter.com/atlmann10 atlmann10

        Really the big thing with me between the Sensation and the Galaxy S II is the build quality of the phone. The sensation is a little tank compared to most anything I have seen, it has a great camera, a great display (no it is not the AMOLED + but still it is higher rez), the internal processor and GPU are great, the storage can also be added with a class 4,6, or 10 card that will be better than stock on any phone period, it is made (outer body) of Aluminum with Gorilla glass. 

    • Danishswag

       You tried replacing your G2x? It’ll be a hell of a lot cheaper than buying a galaxy S II, and usually that fixes everything. If you’re just having trouble with rebooting, head over to XDA and get the gingerbread leak, or another ROM. They don’t seem to restart. You don’t even have to be rooted for the gingerbread leak, since it’s the official version.

    • Anonymous

      Your a fool to think 1gb ram isn’t good enough…GS2 is another garbage built phone with good specs

      • Anonymous

        You are calling the guy a fool over his thinking about phone RAM?  Harsh.

        Bonus Tip: If you are going to insult someone don’t look like a moron and fool when doing so.  It’s not “your,”  it’s “you’re.” 

        You’re a flaming fool… ;)


       I am leaving ATT to go with T Mobile. My contract ends on June 1. ATT screwed me on the bill for the past year, only got half back of my overpay. Then when they”fixed it”… I lost the ability to text or receive text, no error messages to sender on either end. When I contacted ATT they referred me to the website forum. After hours on the phone for several days, they took care of my text issue and credited me another 125. Nice but far too late. Why would I want to stay there? I like the T-Mobile phones better than anyone elses and I do not want an apple anything. I left Sprint for ATT in 05. All carriers have issues, just like the phones they sell. It is all a matter of giving, taking and personal preferences.

  • Anonymous


  • Ms_Matrix2515

     Damn, I wish it was time now! I’m ready to get my hands on this phone. Merger be damn. I’m not happy about it, but if I have to change my phone, it’s no different from what I’m doing now. I never lasted 2 years with a phone yet.

  • Anonymous


  • Pixelpainter

    It appears that rumours are saying that this phone may have a locked bootloader….. no rooting could b a dealbreaker. I was very excited to get this phone, my ancient 3 yr old G1 really needs to retire.

    • http://www.volkswagen.de Michael

      I hope this is just a rumor and not true. Standing by on the June 8th launch date to see who hacks this phone 1st and how easy/hard it may be.

      • http://twitter.com/atlmann10 atlmann10

        It is already hacked and not only that I have heard HTC will also be updating to an unlocked bootloader in an auto update as well by the end of June or middle of July. Not that it matters the one (unlocked boot loader) is official. The other is not as long as you do a full backup when it is brand new (which you should do any way if or if not you intend to load a new ROM) so that if you have any problems you can reload it to stock.

  • http://www.fiftyonemarketing.com Deacon

    really into a heated debate with myself now on whether or not to go for the Sensation…i LOVE my MT4G but i’ve always wanted to at least try a 4.3 that appealed to me… 

  • Anonymous

    I thought we were talking about “quality hardware,” and you’re response is “it’s all about the software?”

  • Anonymous

    For those people debating in their minds whether to get the HTCS or SGS2 (and won’t be getting both, one for each of your two lines), I have read that some are concerned that T-Mobile may not be getting the SGS2.  Don’t fret.

    I stand by my prediction three months ago that T-Mobile will debut the Samsung Galaxy S II in July 2011.  IMO this is because:

    — July is when T-Mobile introduces its “summer phone.” 

    — T-Mobile has already bought the SGS2 for T-Mobile UK, so there’s no reason to believe it won’t be getting the phone for the U.S. division.


    — T-Mobile rarely talks about two upcoming superphones at the same time.

    — Samsung wants to be #1 in the world for 2011, taking that spot from Nokia (official goal).  It has acknowledged that getting the SGS2 on to as many carriers’ shelves is that way to do that.  (E.g. in South Korea Samsung sold over 120,000 SGS2s on its debuting weekend.  The phone is HOT and Samsung knows it.)  Samsung is debuting the SGS2 in 120 countries by early June.

    — T-Mobile introduced the Samsung Galaxy S in July 2010.  Both T-Mobile and Samsung appear to like July product launches.

    — Given T-Mobile’s penchant to include top tier going-to-DVD action or science fiction movies, July is about right for Battlefield: Los Angeles to be included on the SGS2. (Or maybe that movie might go on to the Sensation.)

    — Similar to the Samsung Galaxy S before it was made official as coming to T-Mobile, there’s been SGS2 handsets appearing with T-Mobile software on the screen.

    — T-Mobile is hemorrhaging customers.  The Company is desperately taking steps to stem the exodus and to attract new customers.  One way it’s doing this is introducing hot phones ASAP.

    — Top T-Mobile management has admitted, repeatedly, that T-Mobile’s problems were in part caused by lack of high end handsets, including the iPhone. T-Mobile does not want to repeat past mistakes, which delaying or holding back on the SGS2 debut would be.


     just loaded sense 3.0 on my mytouch 4g and it is amazing cant wait for the sensation running 3.0 with a duel core, gonna to be nice.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=814860522 Loren Jackson

      Where did you get the Sense 3.0 for your myTouch and how did you load it? I have the same phone and would love to do that! 

  • Osama

    im gonna change my root/ntegra vanilla for a htc sensation??? no way !! htc sensation for games? no way ! too slow !! 

  • Gator9422

    i dont know why ppl are suped about the galaxy s2..sure the technology is great but touchwiz?? common man its an iphone copycat…htc sense is so much better and the widgets are gorgeous…samsung phones are shitty build quality

    • Fray Contreras

      The HTC Sense is getting old. Its always the same. The Sense on the Windows Phone is pretty different and its better. Samsung has really good phones. Nothing cant beat the Super Amoled. 

  • Synergeticink

    How big is the sd card that comes with it??

  • Nguyenthanh_tung

    where is the htc sensation come from