HTC Sensation 4G Competitive Comparison

Interested to see how the T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4G compare against other high profile phones in the industry? Good because T-Mobile’s got you covered, well at the very least you’ll get some of the basics including 4G, type of processor, hdmi-output capable and whether or not the compared phones has a 4.3″ qHD screen. If might even go so far as to say that this competitive comparison is designed to make the iPhone look pretty bad. Anyone want to dispute the HTC Sensation 4G is the undisputed winner according to these comparison sheets? Of course we might have recommended that T-Mobile compares the Sensation 4G against recent phones but hey, that’s not our call.

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  • Anonymous

    Would like to see this phone in person… Engadget had some issues with it in their review…

    • Anonymous

      It’s cause it’s not made by Apple

    • cirrob

      People still read engadget? I thought once apple purchased the site only iPhone people went there to get hugs and such.

  • Ricky

    I would love a phone like that..but with a the G2…

  • Best keyboard in the industry Sidekick 4G ? Sensation X. HSPA+ 21 Sidekick 4G ? Sensation X.

    • Your comparison for keyboards makes no sense at all seeing as how the Sensation doesn’t have a physical keyboard, #fail. Also, everyone knows only Samsung uses H+21 chips since they make them so again, #fail. Its not like you’ll ever see those speeds anyway.

      • Anonymous

        #fail @ you’re “#fail” entries.

      • The same could be said of the 1.2GHz dual core processor on the sensation, The RAM included on board will never allow you to get the full power of the processor. And actually I was pulling 16mb/s yesterday in downtown Cincinnati.

        • Nate

          I fail to see how the lack of a physical keyboard translates into an arguement about processing power and random access memory.

          No one considers the sidekick a direct competitor of the sensation… because its not.

    • Your comparison for keyboards makes no sense at all seeing as how the Sensation doesn’t have a physical keyboard, #fail. Also, everyone knows only Samsung uses H+21 chips since they make them so again, #fail. Its not like you’ll ever see those speeds anyway.

    • cirrob

      I used to be like you thinking the phone needed a real keyboard… that is until I actually used an on-screen keyboard. Now I type ten times faster on my phone than I ever did with a physical phone keyboard. Now the phones I buy last longer and are less bulky… less things to break.

  • Martinchav

    why does it say 1.3 Front Facing Camera if every review even HTC website says VGA?  

    • xnifex

      I’m wondering the same thing

    • Anonymous

      because tmobile will not fact check anything. g2x quad ban much ? 

  • Kristin

    Y not make a comparison to the thunderbolt and the Samsung infuse or even the evolution 3d vs phones that’s been out for a year such as iPhone 4 or the evo 4g. Oh well, I’m still getting the sensation because I’m getting bored with my vibrant.

  • Cesn_2000

    Isn’t the front camera on the sensation a vga?

  • Kristin

    Sorry that was supposed to be evo 3d ….damn auto correct

  • Meh… I can make a comparison like that where my G1 will win in every category.   Just release the darn thing so we can all make our own judgements.

  • Brianv3ntura

    Kinda a dumb comparison as its a new phone compared to much older phones

    • Jcherry363

      Actually the G2X just came about a month ago, and the Samsung a few months before that.

  • Harper

    lolol, the retina display on the iphone has more pixels, also technically the iphone is DLNA capable since AirPlay is pretty much DLNA.  4G data speeds? sure the sensation has pseudo 4g.

    • Hating much?

    • Gm Aharrington1

      Another person upset that the apple is once again being nommed by yet another superior android phone. Air play pretty much Dlna? Either it is or isn’t. And 4G means FOURTH GENERATION. There’s you, your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. That’s fourth generation meaning there has been three prior. And it’s because of misleading apple advertisement that people misunderstand what means what. How, many iPhone users think their iPhone 4G has 4G data speeds? Thanks apple for making everyone else less educated.

    • Anonymous

      Except I can use DLNA with any DLNA capable device and not just a proprietary extra device made by Apple. So no it’s not DLNA it’s pseudo DLNA

  • J. Williams

    Can’t please everyone, so they just need to release it. No advertising equals horrible sales, like most of their other phones.

    Great phones, but no one knows about them.

  • Youngt82

    They need to hurry up and released this phone already :-D

  • Anonymous

    When you think Sprint or think ATT, those two phones are flag ships. No?

  • Rizo

    I’ll be the first person to defend HTC. However, wheres the comparison to the SGS2? This is the only real competitor to the Sensation. Maybe because they’ll lose? I’m still getting the Sensation though. Never again Samsung!

    • CMK

      SGS2 isn’t available on any U.S. carriers yet.

    • Anonymous

      sensation has already lost that one. sgII is clearly a better phone . if you dont mind a little plastic on the back 

      • Tortionist

        You can’t really make a valid comparison until the SGSII comes out, otherwise it’s just hearsay and worth nothing. 

  • LarryBird

    Hey Harper, I’m seeing between 8 – 10 Mbit/s on my “pseudo 4g”. Maybe that’s why the ITU classifies HSPA+ as 4G. How are the data speeds on your outdated 3G iPhone? And sure AirPlay is just like DNLA, except of course for more of Apple’s proprietary BS. As far as the displays go, the only people I’m aware of that would prefer a little bitty 3.5″ display with a few more pixels to a much larger display are girls and effeminate men with tiny little hands.

  • M Zapata80

    Why does it say that the front facing camera has 1.3 mp instead of vga? It should be the latter. C’mon now T-Mobile..stop giving the wrong information! It already is a great phone so you don’t have to do any kind of exaggeration!

  • Hehe.. you told him! Screw iPhones and there tiny screens.

    • This comment was supposed to be in reply to LarryBird. Idk how it got to the top.

  • This WILL be my next phone. No its, ands, or buts.

    • Anonymous

      Cool story bro

    • MSOREN8

      isnt it”no IF’S and’s or but’s”?

    • MSOREN8

      isnt it”no IF’S and’s or but’s”?

      • Thomas s

        Hha its butts not but. But who cares

        • cirrob

          Nope its “buts’ as in “but I don’t want to”

          Thanks for trying though

      • MarkariusJ

        ^Pompous Ass^

      • I see the typo police are out.

        Sir/ma’am, it is a hundred degrees outside, which means I am very hot and bothered. I am not worried about a one letter mistake nor do I need you to correct me on an honest mistake. I knew what i meant just as well as you. If it makes you feel any better, I corrected it. 

        Sheesh, some of you people on here kill me.

    • I have the G2x, which crushes the Sensation, when it comes to the important things! The only thing the Sensation, has over the G2x, is the qHD display. Otherwise, there’s no comparison!

      • I don’t like LG phones. The G2X has too much space at the bottom. Lol

      • Maybe for you but for me, my G2X is buggy as hell, Gps does not work at all, I have to constantly reboot the device for the phone to stop lagging so much, i have screen bleeding. Lol pretty much every problem you can think off. Oh i almost forgot for some reason the device won’t stay in silent, if i put it in silent and the phone locks up when i unlock it the sound is back…. I had to install a third party lock screen so the phone stays on silent. Also coming from a Nexus S running Gingerbread to Froyo SUUUUUUCKS!!!! IMO i think the Sensation is a way better phone and better looking than the G2X. I will definitely be returning my G2X and buying the Sensation 4G….

      • and RAM.. and maybe the construction of the device.. and that the 1080p capture is at 30fps not 24.

      • Tortionist

        Your’re also forgetting all of the bugs that the G2x has, that the Sensation might and probably won’t have.

  • lorenzo

    I’ll probably get mine at best buy or amazon for $150

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  • No Evo3D comparison? Should be simple; Sensation won’t have the 3D gimmick overhead, and I suspect it will function much better. I’m looking forward to this.

  • Farhan

    So the US version of the Sensation has a 1.3MP front camera as opposed to the vga camera in the UK version?

    I hope the US one also has more internal memory than 1GB.

    • It’s 1 GB given and the rest is locked, but I think the 1GB is just for apps.. right? if not that’s horrible (i.e 8 megapixel camera photos, 1080p video, etc.) eating up memory.

  • The Sensation 4G only has a VGA front facing camera according to another document I have so which document is right and which is wrong?

    • in a video review I watched he goes into settings and it says VGA

    • Jcj1969

      per the pictures posted in the article it shows 1.3 MP for front and 8 MP for back. 

  • Drepope100

    Besides having a 4’3 inch screen, I fail to see how it best phones like the G2X!

    • Nate

      Screen size and resolution is it. The tegra chipset vs. The qualcomm is a moot point.

      Oh, and the sensation has more random access memory.

      • Drepope100

        I Agree, but the sensation only has 1gb of internal memory while the G2X has 8gb. At the end of the day, I believe it boils down to overall performance. I just how HTC overlay doesn’t hurt its speed factor.

        • Drepope100


        • Nate

          There will be far more support for the g2x, as it has an unlocked bootloader and has already acquired an impressive number of development. I’m running 2.3.3 gingerbread on my g2x right now thanks to bionix.

        • Well that’s a good point on the development angle, being the G2x is a G-series phone it’d receive the development support especially from Cyanogen, but then there’s the (understood) fact(, no it’s not really a fact) that HTC devices are loved by Developers and the XDA community.. and that in itself will bring development to it, whether one will be larger than the other is a bit hard too say; but the G2x would arguably the most supported for a while.

        • Tortionist

          It’s a tough call. What would be funny is if people dogged the Sensation for the G2X and the Sensation were to have very few and minor problems compared to the G2X. I’d laugh.

  • Raysharry

    It’s a beast for sure, to bad I switch to sprint

  • Anonymous

    HTC and LG need to stop being cheap! They should include the necessary HDMI adaptors in the box like Nokia does!

    • Nate

      Sounds like you, as the consumer, need to stop being cheap and buy an add-on that isn’t manufactured OEM by LG or htc and isn’t required for daily use of the phone.

      Next you’ll be asking for cases and screen protectors.

      • Anonymous

        Soooooooo, sounds like you are not used to getting all of your cables in the box with the phone…..

        I’m sorry but I have gotten TV-Out cables included in the box, made by the phone manufacturers, for the last 3 smartphones that I have bought so for me, yes, it is cheap for the OEM to make TV out ports on the phone and NOT include the cable. Not everyone is wrapped up in the US only way of doing things.

        And no, I will not be asking for screen protectors or cases as my last phone doesn’t need a screen protector and I buy a new case with each phone. 

        • Nate

          You don’t NEED an HDMI cable, either.

          Please stop acting like a spoiled little child and accept that these things may be left out to keep costs down, so people like you wont have to complain about spending $550 instead of $500 for the device.

          I understand that you think the world, and by default LG and HTC, owe you something… but that’s simply not the case.

        • Anonymous

          Nate, I don’t know why and how you think you know me but you don’t. I don’t think that anyone owes me anything and unless I state that the world, and by default LG and HTC, owe me something, that is simply not the case and you don’t know what you are talking about. You, Nate, don’t understand anything about me.

          And also, what is your problem, saying I am acting like a spoiled little child. You talk as if you know everything yet your words show that you know nothing.

          “People like me”, since you know me, buy unlocked devices that cost more than $550 from around the wolrd. If I can spend $500 why worry about spending 50 more, since you know me and people like me.

          You sound full of yourself. Not once did I put you down or your opinion or the way you buy your devices. Don’t talk to me about needs either. You don’t know what I need and as a matter of fact, my phone is connected to my HDTV via HDMI right now as I am reviewing a video I recorded from a conference today.

          So please, you need to back off. If you are comfortable paying for something that could/can/should be included in the box (OEM HDMI adaptor, NOT cable) as shown by other OEMs yet keeping their devices CHEAPER than ones that don’t include the adaptors. (there goes your keeping the costs down, and like I said originally, HTC and LG need to stop being cheap, but YOU support them being cheap….to keep costs down…and pass it on to you. Do you work for those companies?)

          Bottom line, OEMs can include the adaptors. I would rather they did. You rather that we pay for them. That is fine, we have different opinions.

          Here is the problem, don’t act you like know me and attack me or my opinion.

        • Nate

          The problem is, I do know you. You’re the pretentious type. You like to appear affluent and influential, all while whining over a $20 cable.

          Buy your overpriced, apparently, unlocked phones. $500 buys me an unlocked g2x, and is the estimated price of a sensation.

          No, I do not work for any oems. I just don’t like when people bitch just to bitch.

        • goons

        • Anonymous

          LOL :)

        • Anonymous

          So you continue…..

          Lets go over notes from your last post:

          1: Now you “know” that my phones are overpriced?Overpriced is based on a person’s opinion of value. So now you can read my mind, know what devices I own AND know how valuable they are to me…? 

          2: $500 buys you a g2x and sensation? Great for you, I didn’t ask you and frankly don’t care. Does everything have to be about you?

          3: I am trying to be influential and affluent, while whining over a $20 cable?

          So you read invisible words where I am appearing to be affluent and influence readers to do something? I don’t recall or see words that I typed doing either of those. Don’t put your words on my post. So again, it isn’t all about you or what you think.

          Then, you add a price to a cable, that I have not identified and then proceed to say that I am whining over the cable. Where? Should I pretend and write “OMG!!!!! I HAVE TO PAY 4 THE CABLZ HTC IS THE SUXXORS WITH THEEIIRRR CHEAPNESS….I CANT BELIEVZ LG CHARGES FOR THE ADAPTORZ….LIFES NOT GOOD…RECESSION FTW!!! 

          4: Then you say you don’t like when people do a certain thing that I have not done. I gave a reason for my statement. I didn’t say what I said for nothing. Did you read that or were you too busy imagining that I was whining and being influential?

          I am not YOU and you don’t know me.

          I will give you my opinion so you don’t have to guess and lie: $500 buys you what you want, I would not buy those 2 phones you listed for that price because they are not worth that much for my use.

          There you go, now you know my opinion on that, and knowing is half the battle.

          Really? No really? Anyone that can confidently say they know someone when ALL facts show that you don’t know me at all, is deceived person. Really, you insist and believe you know me and can tell me about the content of my character? Wow.

          You sir…..are hilarious! Please continue.

      • Anonymous

        doesnt blackberry provide cases? and didnt htc used to provide screen protectors? big companies can provide cases and screen protectors for a dollar or two more easily they just dont want to

    • jarjon76

      HDMI adapters are fairly cheap and easily obtainable. Not everything you want for this phone is going to be in the box, however everything you need to use the device on a daily basis will be there.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the reply.

        • jarjon76

          Sure, no problem. Anytime.

  • Anonymous

    This seems highly specific. I’m just saying but anyway the Sensation is a good phone but I’m holding out for the new Samsung dual-core

    • Crazythunder1968

      what seems “highly specific”?

      • like them comparing the qhd display with the iphone’s display. Sure Iphone does not have that specific display, buy the iphones is superior regardless

        • Maxlaw

          Try an Android phone with a vibrant 4.3″ screen, especially one like the HTC Thunderbolt (as my wife had), and you might not be so iPhone happy!

        • Wait what? the Thunderbolt’s display is SLCD and of WVGA resolution which isn’t quite as good as IPS LCD technology in the iPhone 4 and it’s resolution is much higher than the Thunderbolt’s.
          Not an iPhone/Apple fanboy but.. these are the facts.. or at least the specs.

          If you want to use the Samsung Galaxy S series, or G2x as comparison then sure..those are comparable, and LG’s Nova screen on the Black.

        • This iPhone you speak of is old news now. Even if they come out with a new iPhone with upgraded specs, the speed at which new Android phones are being distributed the iPhone is lagging behind. 

          The Resolution for cellphone displays have hit a barrier if you ask me. At 4 – 5 inches 1080p and 720p are indistinguishable. What we should be asking is what the external resolution capabilities are. Hows does it look outputting to my LCD/PLASMA television. Is it a DLNA only or HDMI connection? Does it render properly? what is the frame rate? That is where it is going, at least with the screens and GPUs. 

  • Cincinnati represent! Lol

    • This was supposed to be in reply to Lawless_1

  • #fail at you for being alive. 

    • This was supposed to be in reply to JDMinPDX 

  • David, how come everytime I reply to someone, it ends up at the top?

  • TheKoreanKkim

    Sensation or G2x? I’d like to know which one i should get. I apready know all the specs and UI features of both devices. But I am actually looking for real life performance quality. Please reply with unbiased information

    • They are supposed to be on par in the internal hardware area as the Snapdragon CPU is a bit slower but it is overclocked to match the performance of the Tegra 2. Oh and a custom rom on the sensation, especially a stock one, would be much better as it has more RAM than the G2x, which means better multitasking, but running the stock Sense it needs that extra RAM as Sense is very UI heavy.

  • LMAO!!!! YES IT DOES!!!

  • Stuart

    ok compare now the cpu and gpu??? sensation is slow like my a.s.s.!!!

    • Sensation beats out those handsets and the handset is clocked at 1.2Ghz to match the Tegra 2’s performance.

    • jarjon76

      REALLY didn’t need to know about your ass, but that aside the Sensation is plenty fast. Not sure what you’re looking at.

    • Respawn

      So….. Does that mean you should lay off the caffeine then? I think so.

    • Anonymous

      Stuart… that’s not a good benchmark because we have no idea how slow your butt is compared to these devices.

      • None

        OMG, a one sentence comment?!?!

        • None

          Nevermind… Clearly the calm before the storm.  LOL

    • Anonymous

      Didn’t your butt score a 9 on the quadrant test?

  • vecl

    is it gonna be possible to install the netflix app on this phone?

    • tmo88

      At first I could but it stopped working, and isn’t poping up on the market since I have been receiving updates……

  • Anonymous

    It’s interesting to see a carrier include microSD as a feature.  I don’t know about others, but I won’t buy a phone with fixed storage and no ability to add external storage.  Same goes for tablets.

    I contend that people will eventually shy away from phones that don’t provide “microSD support” because users are finding out that 16GB and even 32GB is not that much space in these days of movies (that are 1GB minimum for a two hour movie), MP3 libraries, and videos shot in 720p or 1080p HD format.

  • Anonymous

    I was looking over the Acer Iconia tablet this weekend.  If you have not seen that tablet, take a look at it, that is a sweet device. 

    With the debut of some smoking “non-carrier” WiFi tablets this year I am ever so close to getting the Acer or the ASUS Transformer and passing on a $500+ large screen superphone like the Sensation.  This is because I have used my large screen phones (Touch Pro2, HD2, Vibrant) mostly for watching movies and rarely for viewing anything that requires a 4″ or bigger screen. (I have never enjoyed viewing web pages on my phones.  For me even a 4.3″ display is too small for viewing online versions of newspapers, for example.

    Moreover, as some have said on here and elsewhere, in this tanked economy people are deciding on getting either a large display phone or a tablet, but only those with disposable cash are getting both. (And with gas being $4+ for the past few months that has deterred buying any of these products.)

    Sidenote: I suspect things are really bad for T-Mobile. Assuming most T-Mobile customers are with the carrier because they are “value conscious,” all its customers’ money is going into the gas tank. IMHO people are making do with what they have and are not in a hurry to buy T-Mobile’s products.

    Bonus Comment: The ASUS is another smokin tablet, that you might opt for instead of the Sensation or SGSII.   If it was not on back order I’d buy it instead of the Acer Iconia.

    • Anonymous

      Ironically I handled one at BB yesterday. Physically the thing is sexy. I love the design even more so than the iPad2.

      However it was bogged down and at times unresponsive. I assume it was due to it being a display model though. Also the screen is covered with visible touch sensor dots which were clearly visible.

      I can’t wait to see Samsungs Tab 10.1

    • Anonymous

      Ironically I handled one at BB yesterday. Physically the thing is sexy. I love the design even more so than the iPad2.

      However it was bogged down and at times unresponsive. I assume it was due to it being a display model though. Also the screen is covered with visible touch sensor dots which were clearly visible.

      I can’t wait to see Samsungs Tab 10.1

      • Anonymous

        PimpStrong… thanks for the post.

        Yes, that unit was slow because it was a floor model subject to all kinds of abuse.

        I too looked at one at Best Buy.  I watched people walking up to it and trying to do all kinds of things on and to it.  For example, the Acer Iconia comes with two games that are fairly hard on the graphics.  On the Best Buy unit the game performed poorly (lag) because GPU and CPU were “clogged” with all kinds of crap.

        I used one at Staples where there was 1/500th the foot traffic of Best Buy.  The same game on the Staples unit performed quite well (which is why Acer included the games, to show off the Iconia’s graphics and processing capabilities.  Just at T-Mobile includes graphically intense movies to show off capability of its phones).

    • Deff

      Gas is 2.97 in NJ. Wherever you live, you’re getting ripped :D

  • Thagreat93

    the HTC sensation 4G shittn on em

  • Gma

    So David you giving up your iphone and buying one of these?


    Lets compare new phone with older ones. Says something that you are doing so. The LTE iphone will rock your world.

    Cmon trade in the MT4g and get one of these babies that will be useless in a year plus or minus.

    • H8stylist

      what point is there in comparing a phone to a phone that hasn’t been released?  whenever a comparison is done in any category, it is always compared against like products, no matter how old.  if you noticed, there is no cross carrier comparisons either, and last i checked the G2X is not that old.  it’s actually one of the latest smartphones released that is comparable to the sensation.

      oh, and the LTE iphone?  it’s still exactly that, an iphone.  a proprietary close minded smartphone that will attract the sheep of the world regardless of whether or not it is actually better than the other smartphone offerings.

  • GB

    Is the Sensation’s front camera VGA or 1.3 MP?

  • Celtic88

    This compariison chart is wrong.. LOL it says the sensation has a 1.3 MP front facing camera.. FAKE!!

    • It’s not fake but clearly the first chart posted had wrong information. The second one which was of course updated after the first has the correct info.

  • Junieruiz

    Sensation 4G Has a VGA Camera not a 1.3 camera and no HDMI The t mobile store around my area Has one on display

    • H8stylist

      if you noticed the asterisks next to the checkmark (asterisks denote information that in most cases is important).  the asterisks notate that the hdmi output requires an accessory that is sold seperately.

      • Celtic88

        it still doesnt explain it saying the sensation has a 1.3 mp front facing camera

  • Lol at iphone 4 !! :D

  • rocky

    Two problems here:

    1. In things that the Sensation is deficient in – (e.g. memory) they are not listed at all.

    2. It’s sort of silly to compare it to the EVO 3G. It should be compared against the EVO 3D which will be released less than a couple of weeks after the the Sensation.

  • Mustangrsc

    hmmm, why do people stick with iphones? because apple is “magical” and “redefining” lol. that is totally what the stats say