T-Mobile To Carry Samsung Galaxy S 2?

If we were to take a straw poll as to what already announced Android phone T-Mobile customers want to see on the Magenta network, the Galaxy S 2 would undoubtedly be at the top of the list. With that in mind we might have some good news. First comes the above picture which comes courtesy of Adobe.com and while it’s a little tough to make out, a little zooming in magic shows a decent image of the Galaxy S 2 complete with Touchwiz 4.0 icons. Compare the image above which has the same exact layout as the image below including wallpaper, widget placement and the Touchwiz 4.0 icons. Stranger photoshop magic has happened however but we’re hearing lots of buzz about the device arriving on Magenta shores.

Moving to the picture below comes via a tipster who claims they are using an existing Galaxy S 2 on the T-Mobile network right now. While we were only able to grab the one shot and its certainly possible it could be an unlocked Galaxy S 2 using Facebook on T-Mobile, we remain hopeful the Galaxy S 2 is landing on T-Mobile sometime in the not so distant future. Of course, until we have something more concrete, we’ll hold off using any words like “exclusive, confirmed or guaranteed.”


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  • Quilvio1


  • Carms

    Only 1 thing matters: Is it gonna have FLASH on the camera?

    • Bigger Mac

      Unfortunately not!

      • whosaidwhat

        Are you sure about that? The version reviewed by slashgear has flash. NFC seems to be missing though.

      • http://twitter.com/jdaclutch JdaClutch

        definitely has camera.

    • Anonymous


  • lrnano

    I will be buying sore sure.

  • Cameron W3st

    The first Galaxy phone (vibrant) sucked…I’m sure this phone will have the exact same problems…poor GPS, Lagging, bloatware and crappy old touchPiss…and a SUPER DELAY on getting the future updates of Android

    • Anonymous

      As much as you are hating on Samsung, unfortunately I have to agree. Specially touchwiz, they should have ship it with stuck android.

    • Anonymous

      I love my Vibrant
      Galaxy S 4G has no lagging issues
      Galaxy S 4G has no GPS issues
      Bloatware comes with all T-Mobile phones
      TouchWiz is way better than Stock Android. The music player alone blows the stock Android player out of the water
      Delays on Android updates are 75% T-Mobile’s fault. Samsung is has already tried to update the i9000 to 2.3.3 but apparently it was too buggy. STILL, it was one of the first 2.3.3 updates.
      Save the dramatics. Issues have already been fixed.

    • Anonymous

      LOL… 12 million Samsung Galaxy S owners disagree with your opinion. I had a Vibrant and loved it.

      And the only delay on the update to 2.2 was people in here asking for 2.2 way back when it first surfaced on the Net. People where whining “I want 2.2, why hasn’t Samsung given us 2.2.”

      Fact is, at the time 2.2 became known, up until October there was only one phone with 2.2 and no one had provided an update to existing handsets. Moreover, we got the update about two weeks after it started being officially distributed and we got it BEFORE AT&T got the update to its Samsung Galaxy S. (Go to the AT&T boards and you will find posts of AT&T SGS users complaining about not getting the update AND saying “T-Mobile got it, how come we haven’t”

      Some people. Sheesh.

    • Anonymous

      1) Poor GPS – not everybody was affected by that. I’ve got 2 phones that don’t have any of those issues.
      2) Lagging – I’ll give you that. Flashing a custom ROM saved me.
      3) Bloatware – T-mo’s fault.
      4) touchPiss – ….it wasn’t too horrible, IMO (but then again, I do prefer stock).
      5) SUPER DELAY – um, how many phones in the US that’s outside of the Nexus family are running Gingerbread?

      • Havoktek

        Your retarded, clearly the best, most flexible phone around…
        One word………….ROOT

        • http://tmonews.com David

          Don’t call someone that name. Thanks!

        • Havoktek

          No problem David. I’ll watch my rehroric.

        • http://tmonews.com David

          Thank you, I just personally hate the use of that word!

        • Sillyboy

          im silly…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/CeeGee-Borela/100000183782060 CeeGee Borela

    what was the phone they had last week, G2 something…. anyway yey Sammy

    would have been happier with an Optimus 3d though

  • Anonymous

    This the phone im waiting for!
    I was worried because Samsung has trademarked 3 names only right when everyone got the news Tmobile was going to be bought out by AT&T. But they might keep the “Galaxy S 2” name for Tmobile (since they already have the galaxy S 4g) and use the other 3 for the other carriers.
    99% sure this is my next phone UNLESS, The nexus 3 is announced soon with similar specs!

    • Bimmerz

      Based on what few articles I’ve read about the N3, they’re saying a Q4 launch, with some awesome specs! Although, I am hoping we’ll hear of its specs (confirmed) long before then! =o)

  • Now_onTMO

    .. and ill take one for the samsung galaxy s 2 please.. and when it does come, please don’t extract anything tmo.. can’t wait for this to come, hopefully soon! I remember last year, i signed up on tmo just to get the vibrant, it’s been great ever since..

    Just wanted to say that i saw the g slate earlier at a corporate store.. really nice!!

  • jarjon76

    2 things I hate about this phone–1) it looks too much like an iphone and 2) Touch Wiz.

    • Sintia179

      Watch out apple might call u as a witness to their case. I agree though.

    • Anonymous

      Everything samsung looks iPhonish to everyone can someone please have an original opinion for once?

  • Soloaffiliated

    T-Mobile Coming Out With All The Phones, Dnt None Of These Other Carries Want None Lol. T-Mobile Till The End Bruh Bruh.

    • Anonymous

      I not sure what you posted but it seems to support T-mobile so I am down with that.
      Can’t wait to see the actual super amoled screen in person

      • Anonymous

        Translation: T-Mobile is coming out with the most advanced Phones out of the other three. All of the other carriers phones are either already outdated compared to the GSII or bowing down to the GSII. I’ll be with T-Mobile til the end

    • Anonymous

      Lol i kno exactly what u posted bruh T-Mobile stay T-Mobile dont become att bicth T-Mobile hard bruh bruh

  • http://twitter.com/atragedymelodic Melody

    Eeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! *does her happy dance*

  • Scayo18

    i really would be more surprised if it didn’t, the Galaxy s sold the best on T-mobile to the point they made a 4g version. Of course there it’s going to be on t-mobile again

  • Anonymous

    They’re good devices for the most part. I hope this version makes it to T-Mobile customers a well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/iamm0ses Nick Kane

    So if they are already testing it does this mean it’s due for a late may early June release?

  • Anonymous

    I just hope that T-mobile leaves this phone as a quadband UTMS – something like 900/1700/1900/2100 would be perfect (and completely unlikely). At the very least, it should be a triband UTMS like the Vibrant. That was the dealbreaker for me on the G2x and I don’t wanna have to get the international version of the SGSII only to come back to the US and be stuck on T-mobile EDGE.

    • Anonymous

      Verizon will probably have this phone with lte. dont think thats too useful overseas but seems like a safer option

    • http://pharaohtechblog.blogspot.com/ Conan Kudo (???????)

      They left the Vibrant and Galaxy S 4G with UMTS 900/1700/1900/2100, why wouldn’t they do the same thing with the Galaxy S II?

      • Anonymous

        The Vibrant doesn’t support 900UTMS, just 1700/1900/2100 and AFAIK the SGS4g only sports 1700/2100 according to the official specs. I don’t think any phones sold by a US carrier has a quadband radio.

        • http://pharaohtechblog.blogspot.com/ Conan Kudo (???????)

          The FCC reports seemed to indicate that the SGS4G also supported WCDMA 1900.

  • Richardthegrape

    Can I just say how funny I find it that a month or so ago how much everyone hated, and talked crap about Samsung, and now almost everyone can’t wait for the release if this phone? Kinda funny! Seems like it will be an awesome phone though! But… I’ll stick with htc, I have an odd creepy love for my htc phones! :)

    • Anonymous

      I have always loved samsung and will stand by their awesome products. They have always exceeded expectations with me now if someone can have it like in december of 09 where a whole bunch of Samsung Tv’s and Behold 2’s we’re being given away except this time with Tv’s and GS2’s then that would be absolutely perfect.

      • Anonymous

        I have always liked Samsung. I had the Vibrant and the only complaint I had was the GPS. I own 3 Samsung TV’s, Two LCD’s and one LED. I haven’t had any problems with them and in my opinion they have a better picture than any other TV manufacturer. The only one I would say is equal to Samsung is Sony and thats because there displays come from the same factory. Any way back to phones. I currently have a G2X right now but I might end up getting the GSII depending on a couple things. I got used to Touch Wiz and I actually think it’s a pretty good UI. It’s music app is great and I love the little touches it adds like swipe to call or swipe to text. Hopefully the T-Mobile keeps the camera flash and doesn’t alter it to much.

  • Anonymous

    Another top phone headed our way, love it.

  • Anonymous

    Who DIDN’T know this or at least expect this? I would just like say I told you so.

  • Anonymous

    FINALLY A PHONE THAT CAN REPLACE MY HD2!! :) i really hope this phone comes. once u look at a superamoled screen, no other compares. once you use a 4.3″ screen, anything smaller doesnt compare. I really hope this comes to tmobile. for those complaining about touchwiz, its called xda forums..go there, spend an hour learning about rooting and flashing, and boom, you’ll have stock gingerbread (or whatever is out when this phone is released) yes it seems to resemble an iphone a tad bit, (trust me i despise iphones) but remember who supplies apple with iphone parts! lol …anyway lets hope this phone shows up for us tmo users!!!!

  • Anonymous

    https://www.t-mobile.co.uk/shop/coming-soon/ i wish tmobile US was more upfront about upcoming phones like their uk website. as you can see, they are getting a crap load of awesome phones over there, like the optimus 3d and this phone. does anyone know if tmobile uk phones work on the same 3g bands as as tmobile us? if anything i’ll order from the uk if it does!

    • Phonegeek

      No they do not :/ best you can get is edge


    T-MO ur giving me headache! LOL
    first the g2x .
    second htc sensation.
    and now this ! what do you want me to do?!?!? LOL

    loving it though!

    • Frankvallynot

      Buy all 3 that’s what they want you to do lmfao

  • Anonymous

    They are beginning to sway me and I believe this will be the next phone for me. I was going to get the G2X (played with it in the store) but then I decided to wait and see when the Sensation and SGS2 come out. I want at least 8GB internal storage so that leaves the Sensation out right there (it only has 1GB internal storage). I like the 1GB RAM on the SGS2 also when compared to the 768MB on Sensation and the 512MB on G2X. SAMOLED + looks gorgeous as well instead of LCD’s on HTC Sensation and G2X (though they both look good). It also has HSPA+ of up to 21Mpbs as opposed to 14.4Mbps on G2X or Sensation.

    There are only 3 major things I hated about the Galaxy S and they have been fixed. They are as follows:

    1. RFS file system sucked – ext4 is now on the SGS2
    2. GPS fail – GPS has worked great for reviewers so far on the SGS2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SHJ6wFi7H8
    3. Pentile Matrix screen – It is now RGB Matrix on SGS2

    Check out the review of a pre-production version with the 1GHz Exynos (1.2GHz will be in the final retail release) and a tour of the Touch Wiz 4.0 interface *crickets* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4d-wWCf4CQ&feature=related

    It looks pretty damn nice to me. As for Touch Wiz, there is always ADW, Launcher Pro, etc. so this is a non-issue for me. The updates don’t bother me either as it’s releasing with the most current version of Gingerbread 2.3.3 this time. Heck, it’s been over 4 months since Gingerbread has been out and no one has the official update here in the U.S. with the exception of the Nexus branded devices. So no particular phone manufacturer (or wireless carrier) has been speedy this year with updates so that’s not an issue for me.

  • http://hand-gadget.com Alex Nguyen

    Isn’t it funny how people use to bag on Samsung so much after the release of the original Galaxy S devices in the states because Froyo was coming so slow? Now look at how anxious people are for the SGS2 to come out. It just shows that most people don’t really care about things like updates on time, so long as the phone looks good to them, the average consumer doesn’t really know or care about anything else. Read more of what I think about this matter here: http://wp.me/p1wchx-17

  • Havoktek

    The one to rule them all is coming!

  • frpo23

    Pure Android (G2x) >>>> Sense 3 >>>> Touchwhiz

    • Home

      I must be the only one who actually likes touchwiz

  • Clifford891

    Half the times I go on facebook it tells be I have a different phone or tablet than what im on….. But hope it does come

    • Anonymous

      On a Vibrant it thinks the device is a Galaxy Tab.

      • deff

        or on a cliq it tells me I have a defy…

        *chirp* what no one else has a cliq anymore? sheesh.

  • http://twitter.com/SParKlngCyaNide SparklingCyanide

    niiiiiccceee T-Mobile I did expect this but you are SPOILING us! thank you and please don’t stop even “after” this proposed merger fails. ; ) then you can use that 3 Billion to build us an even more fantastic network.

  • Anonymous

    Is anyone really surprised here? Someone stated below the obvious that the Vibrant sold more on mobile than any other carrier… Why wouldn’t they get the second edition? Just giving the GS4G time to run it’s course… I will echo the sentiments of the people below though, most people on this site were ready to burn down Samsung HQ in January, now everyone is waiting on this phone. What happened to all the tmobile has no “super phones” people?

    • Anonymous

      First, I don’t think its about surprise at this point. It’s about the fact that we have zero indication as to WHEN we will get it. With rumors like 3rd quarter after Canada, anything pointing towards a sooner release is gonna be exciting news.

      Second, “What happened to all the tmobile has no “super phones” people?”, well thats pretty obvious considering we now have superphones. Aint it?

      • http://twitter.com/sgleon99 Gunnar

        “super phones” people?” was one of the people and guess what i am dumping Verizon moving to TMobile with family plan, it is either the LG GX2 or the HTC Sensation not sure will have to compare.
        love the 4.3 screen but really love fact that LG GX2 is pure Android

      • Anonymous

        This may not have been a surprise to you, however if you read through the threads, a good portion of people were under the impression we wouldn’t get this device.

        Secondly your comment of when is such a loaded statement, it sets up my obvious follow-up of when do you ever really know the dates of these launches? When is the EVO 3D launching? Verizon announced the Droid Bionic & LG Revolution 3 months ago, when are those phones launching? Q3? Late Q3? When do they not get pushed back? You don’t feel like Samsungs modeling everything Galaxy around everything Apple would lead one to believe a annual cycle of phones would have this phone launch around mid July?

        As far as your implication that the super phone argument is obvious, again this poses the question I have still been unable to get a straight answer to since December, WTF is a super phone and who has them? If a super phones qualifications only need be that they have 4.3″ screen and Android why can’t anyone say that? I have argued on behalf of Tmobiles lineup for a few months now because the superphone argument is ridiculous and downright stupid. It’s an opinion, you can’t quantify “super phone”. So my question is what changed? Verizons phones weren’t more technologically advanced than tmos. Neither were ATTs or Sprints. However the G2, Vibrant, HD7, MT4G didn’t fit the bill so since this is so obvious please give me the privilege of enlightenment. It’s some weird double standard people have with tmo where everything they do is bashed, like the people that came in here saying the EVO Shift was starting to look better than tmo devices despite the shift being a rebranded desire Z full of bloatware.

        Those “tmobile has no super phones people” were a bunch of complainers, the same way I find the irony in everyone waiting on and being excited about Samsungs GS2 even though tmonews’ bloggers almost unanimously thought of Samsung as a punching bag for the greater part of last quarter and had nothing other than mud to sling. It’s just hypocritical but comical how fast people forget or flip flop. So please excuse my ignorance I guess???

        • Anonymous

          Aight the first part of my reply was not intended to be argumentative but rather just how I feel about information about the phone being released. Just my opinion really.

          I apologize for the “obvious” part. From my POV on Tmonews this year, there has been worlds less bitching about “superphones” on TMO. Maybe your still seeing it but I honestly haven’t. With the rumor of the Pyramid months back and the Optimus 2x heading our way, that surely quieted a lot of people down. And here they are in the flesh.

          I think it’s safe to say the the vast majority of this site’s readers want Android. Android absolutely dominates T-Mobile’s shopping list so when the majority of people demand a Superphone they want an Android with atleast most of the bells and whistles.

          The Vibrant and MT4G are by far superphones but they have individual problems to make people bitch about em. G2 aint nearly a superphone with its smaller screen, no HDMI, no FFC, 800Mhz processor(underclocked or not) but that doesnt mean its not a really good phone. Even though I have no desire for an HD7 I still consider it a superphone.

          I saw a lot of hatred for all things samsung and I still see a good amount of people trashing Samsung. A lot of people just hated the Vibrant and probably blamed Samsung and it’s probably those people who are willing to give Samsung another try with the SGS2 and for good reason. If you compare the Vibrant(not the SGS 4G) to the SGS2 then it’s like a Corvette next to a high end Cruze.


    I dont understand why Samsung is stubborn with the touch wiz. All it does is give the phone more things to process slowing it down. Not to mention the static icons at the bottom taking up 1/5th of the screen is just silly. I want to be able to use my entire screen.
    I am sure it will be nice but Not for me.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry but…

      “I dont understand why Motorola is stubborn with the Motoblur.”
      “I dont understand why Dell is stubborn with the Stage”
      “I dont understand why HTC is stubborn with the Sense”

      The list probably goes on.

      • Havoktek

        I feel ya’ P…
        Yet you know, it’s business…I bet if Android didn’t have the open source nature, we wouldn’t see this.

        • Anonymous

          Hey I’m not complaining. I don’t see why he’s pointing out Samsung for skinning android as if they are the only one to do it. I like Touch Wiz personally and welcome 4.0.

        • Havoktek

          Word, I look forward to the interface myself, you know it’s vastly improved.
          All these hater-types gotta nickel and dime stuff, when you know your’re gonna buy it, root it and love it.
          It is what it is, truth be told this phone is gonna kick some major tail. Skin or no Skin….lol!
          Sheesh, he’s a TMO! Have some pride in your products homie!

        • Havoktek

          (TMO Rep)

        • None

          I like it too (and your new avatar Pimp)

        • Anonymous

          THX! Just got it serviced today so I’m ridin’ like a maniac!

    • Havoktek

      Dude you being a TMO tech should know this better than anyone,
      Touchwiz is just not window dressing to slow things down its a brand, an identity, an interface that seperates it from the other Android super phones.
      They didn’t just install and release this without some serious testing and study group feedback.
      Let Motor have BLUR, the Nexus be ASOP, and let this phone Ill be proud to pay full price for have to own this!

      • Havoktek

        See that’s what I get for typing in the freaking wind, typos!

  • Anonymous

    Well I’m gonna take this with a grain…(more like an ice cube sized chunk) of salt but atleast its a small reason to get excited about the best phone of the Summer lol yes for the next 2 quarters!!

    Also I love hearing all the “Touch Wiz this” and “the Vibrant sucked that” 12 MILLION Galaxy S’ SOLD for a reason and the SGS2 will surely follow in its footsteps.

    Keep it coming David.

    • Anonymous

      12 million SG’s sold
      Garth Brooks is among the top album sellers of all time.
      Kim Kardashian is a star for f’ing on cam.

      You know what I’m getting at?

      • Anonymous

        I’m usually good at these kind of riddles but you’ve stumped me on this one.

        • Anonymous

          I was being too cryptic, as I usually am.

          I’m merely stating that if a product sells great, or a person becomes famous and makes millions of dollars, it does not equate to quality of said product or person.

        • Havoktek

          mmmmm, OK i dig your point, however the quality of the phone has been reviewed overseas at least


        • Anonymous

          So what are you trying to say? Things that sell wildly don’t just sell for no reason, people actually like the product no matter how strange it may seem to you but its true. Kim K was great f-ing on cam so she became famous, she wouldn’t have became famous at least not in a sexy way if she wasn’t sexy to eff. Garth Brooks people obviously liked his album otherwise why would his albums be top seelers? albums are able to be previewed before they’re bought. As well as SGS’s are able to be tested before they are bought. So how can you say that it is not a quality product? If you can test it before you buy it how is that NOT buying for quality?

        • Anonymous

          I was making it clear that mentioning sales means nothing, it’s the quality of the product. Plenty of shitty products have sold millions, correct? If you like Garth Brooks, fine, switch it around to Katy Perry if you wish. The actual examples don’t matter…and if you think that was the point, you missed the point entirely.

          You know how many product sell well because of the lowest common denominator? That’s my point…don’t show me sales, show me the quality.

          And this appears to be a quality product. But it’s not because the Galaxy line sold 12 million phones./

          Over-explanation finished/

        • Anonymous

          I chose not to fight this battle. GL JB.

      • Havoktek

        Right, fill in the blanks for the ones multitaskin’ at work please!

  • http://cosmicbreeze.tumblr.com/ DtheArtist

    T-Mobile’s definitely going in for the kill!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HK7ALWU4PMZC7SUZ4NZLXDT6R4 Chad

    I have no interest in Sammy phones except for the Nexus S. But I’m all for T-Mobile thriving and this phone will help the cause. If we get this T-Mobile will undoubtedly have the best phone line-up in America for 2011 thus far we actually already do. GO TMO!

  • Havoktek

    Hate it or love it the phone is going to be on top…….
    HTC get your battery issue in check…..
    Apple get your lawsuits ready
    LG better get an XL version ready


    Mmmmm tasty worldwide domination……..

    Don’t hate….appreciate! TMO will rock the industry to the end.

  • http://profiles.google.com/demmelha Dan Emmelhainz

    No love for the samsuck… I got my eye keenly on the sensation… mmm delicious superphone….

    • Havoktek

      Knuckle up then cheif, it’s a battle to the death for the Samsuck & the HTseeeemybatterydrain!

      • http://profiles.google.com/demmelha Dan Emmelhainz

        Samseemyscreendrain… Samneverseeginger…. SamnoGPSfix…. judge for yourself. :)

        • Havoktek

          Judged it already slick, holding back all pretenders till this drops……….

          Didn’t you know it already is going to ship with Ginger? (at least overseas it has) get it right.

          What GPS issues? new modems, new antennae, GPS issues fixed!

          Enjoy the screen drain, it’s SUPER get it? It will be fixed any ways, don’t believe everything you see on you tube

          Yum, yum eat it up!

        • Anonymous

          My Nexus S would like to disagree with you. Thank that is all.

    • Anonymous

      Most definitely a battle of Epic Proportions.

  • http://profiles.google.com/yogageeta Bhagiratha das

    I am hoping that it will come over to tmo … the wait and expectation is killing me!!! :)

  • JAZZ

    Now that my Vibrant was updated, I love it, and I actually like Touchwiz. I would love to get the Galaxy S II (Vibrant II?) but if it’s not quad band, it’ll be tough to consider. I don’t want to get it, and then a year later the merger is over and ATT starts switching all of TMO’s bandwith and the phone becomes a paperweight.

    • Jr

      There won’t be a merger, you can bet on it not happening. Think of this. What happens when it doesn’t go through.

      ATT pays TMO $3Billion, gives them their unused bandwidth, gives TMO a roaming agreement for a undisclosed but cheap price. Why would TMO want the merger to go through?

      This is TMO’s way to leading ATT on and then they strangle them when the FCC disapproves the sale. ATT falls to number three because TMO grows their infrastructure and client base. YIPPEE

      I for one am very excited.

      • http://www.volkswagen.de Michael

        I pray you are right :)

      • http://tmonews.com David

        Whatever you are smoking this morning, I want some!!! :-)

        • Jr

          Mark my words.

      • Havoktek

        Puff, Puff, pass………….

      • Anonymous

        That’s just crazytalk.How would TMO know that the FCC won’t approve the merger?

        • Jr

          I didn’t say they do but the upside is fantastic. They get what I mentioned if the deal doesn’t go through and they get $39B if it does. Either way TMO wins. BUT, I think that there is too much brewing now that the merger will be seriously scrutinized. The FCC knows that Sprint will cease to exist in the coming years if this goes through so that would lead to only TWO major carriers in the U.S.. Sorry can’t see them letting this happen.

      • donny_c

        Jr, just to clarify T-Mobile doesn’t have a choice in the matter. They are being sold by Deutsche Telekom and I can think of 39 billion reasons that DT would want this merger to go through.

        While your made up and (almost) completely impossible scenario would be nice, the likelihood of that happening is minuscule. I believe that AT&T will ensure that this merger goes through, they certainly have the resources to do so.

  • Anonymous

    This is the one I’m waiting for, hopefully I’ll get to compare it to the Sensation. To see what the qhd looks like compared to the samoled plus display.

  • http://twitter.com/mrjlwilliams J. Williams

    I will grab this up ASAP.

  • http://www.volkswagen.de Michael

    So if and when this phone hits T-Mobile USA when should we expect it?

  • Youngt82

    T-mobile will be getting this phone. Will be named Samsung Galaxy S 2 4G or Vibrant 2 4G :) Anywho yesss T-Mobile isn’t going to stop ,they’re going in hard ever since they been independent now and could have fun with all these great phones especially because they don’t want the merger to happen with At&t lol keep up the good work guys ,can’t stop won’t stop!

    • Anonymous

      Bad Boy

  • Anonymous

    The Sensation and the Galaxy S 11 are the two best future phones to date. Crazy that T-Mobile is selling out when IMO they have never been stronger and could get much stronger. My last comment on the AT&T radios, AT&T and T-Mobile would do so much for the way that their current and future customers look at them if they would at least appear to be thinking of the customer needs. By future proofing the new phones, it would make current T-Mobile customers want to switch to AT&T when and if buy out occurs and they would want to stay with T-Mobile until the very last day. Simple customer relation. Who ever is running these companies can not see past their hands. Just to have the radio bands available would be so smart. The # of hackers would be so minute compared to the #’s of future customers it would be future customer insurance. Been up all night sorry for the rant.

    • Havoc96pl

      I agree with the Sensation and S2 being on top.

      First off to all the people saying all these new phones coming out look like iphones need to do research, realize just what they are saying. The Galaxy was THE phone of 2010, the S2 is going to be THE phone of 2011 alongside the Sensation.Yes Samsung is terrible at supporting their devices after purchase but to all of you who keep crying to samsung about updates need to just live with it, or if its such a big issue for you root the damn phone which takes literally 7 seconds to do and hop over to the Vibrant or Galaxy section of XDA and see just how vast custom roms are available. Thats the beauty of ANDROID people!!!! You dont have to use what you get out the box, customize the hell out of it if you need to. Unlike iPhones which are really “Steve Jobs Phones”. Samsung release the s700 I believe it was called in 2006, BEFORE the Iphone debuted and Apple copied Samsungs look. So please STFU …….

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ASLY6MKMKHP2HSETXPT73RZNPA infantry11b

        I agree, and they also need to understand there are only so many designs you can throw at a touch screen only phone.

    • JT

      I agree with you 100%. Unfortunately the powers to be only see the money and could care less about their customers. If they cared there would never be any customer service issues. That is why I have stayed with T-Mobile for over 5 years. Too bad they want to sell especially now with all the positive things going on!!!!

  • Frankvallynot

    I loved my vibrant even after the froyo update but I’m going to the HTC sensation just seems it would b a better upgrade

  • Anonymous
  • Alin_b1084

    This is the Engadget site saying that the galaxy s2 will be available to even more countries than the galaxy s. I dont see any reason why t-mobile wouldn’t carry this. I just hope its soon and that this model will not be stripped like the Vibrant. Here’s the link

  • Killahgold

    Bring it with a keyboard like the epic and I’m all in

    • 19fonzy

      Keyboards are wack

      • Anonymous

        LOL. I don’t like them either.

  • Anonymous

    In the Spring of 1941, AT&T… (just kidding David, not going there)

    I hope SGS2 arrives in the same time frame as Sensation and the Doubleshot, assuming Doubleshot boasts spec and appearance of 2011 high end phone. With those 3 phones, most if not all full discount eligible customers will have a powerhouse selection all other carriers can be jealous of.

    Even if the SGS2 versions headed to other carriers feature NFC and the one we got doesn’t, there is a good chance that they will be delayed as AT&T and Verizon add restrictions to their devices. A temporary exclusivity on the SGS2 would be sweet and could help gain new subscriptions.

    • Anonymous

      June 3rd is my Full Upgrade LOL!! I paid cash on day one for my Vibrant for this very reason. The summer line up is gonna be ridiculous!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ASLY6MKMKHP2HSETXPT73RZNPA infantry11b

        that’s a bit of change to drop on a phone.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ASLY6MKMKHP2HSETXPT73RZNPA infantry11b

        that’s a bit of change to drop on a phone.

        • Anonymous

          Coming from a nearly bricked Touch Pro 2 I didnt have much choice and signing a new tract to save a measly hundred bucks or so just didn’t seem wise.

          But yes, it was a bit of change.

    • http://pharaohtechblog.blogspot.com/ Conan Kudo (???????)

      The T-Mobile version will have NFC. Remember that AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon are working together on “Iris”, a standardized NFC payment system. AT&T’s version will also have NFC. T-Mobile’s version will also be pentaband, just like the Samsung Vibrant before it.

      • Anonymous

        Quadband, not pentaband.

  • whosaidwhat

    “For a handset with such a broad range of standout features and specs, the Galaxy S II is remarkably easy to summarize. It’s the best Android smartphone yet, but more importantly, it might well be the best smartphone, period. Of course, a 4.3-inch screen size won’t suit everyone, no matter how stupendously thin the device that carries it may be, and we also can’t say for sure that the Galaxy S II would justify a long-term iOS user foresaking his investment into one ecosystem and making the leap to another. Nonetheless, if you’re asking us what smartphone to buy today, unconstrained by such externalities, the Galaxy S II would be the clear choice. Sometimes it’s just as simple as that.” Engadget

    That coming from Engadget is HUGE. Now I need the release date. ASAP. David, go talk to your ninjas. “Pretty Please”

  • Anonymous

    “It’s the best Android smartphone yet, but more importantly, it might well be the best smartphone, period.”

    – Engadget


  • Manchi

    T-Mobile will probably announce a SGS2 with some functions off. After 6 months of release, they will release another version with almost full. 6 more months later, they will release a version close to the original SGS2. This is how they did for users who bought Vibrant.

    • Manchi

      Oh, and don’t expect a lot of bug fix or support for the software they released too.

    • Anonymous

      Cool story

  • Patmvaldez

    Here’s what I want to know. Does the Galaxy s2 have a notification LED? That was a major omission in the Galaxy S and is the only thing my wife hates about her Galaxy S 4g.

    • Virtue

      It doesn’t have any notification LED. However, you can use NoLED which could serve as a replacement.

      • Patmvaldez

        My wife downloaded that but it seems to be horribly buggy at times. She’s had to reinstall it twice.

  • My Last T_mobile Phone

    Come on! i been waiting for like forever for this