Even More Plus Unlimited Plan Will Be $59.99, Quietly Launches April 13th

Even More Plus customers who caught wind of last nights Even More $79.99 “Unlimited” Everything plan were understandably upset that they wouldn’t be able to take advantage of this offer. Well of course we did a little more digging and as you can see by the image above, Even More Plus customers will in fact be able to take advantage of this plan at the wonderful price point of $59.99. That will include Unlimited Talk, Text and Data with the stipulation that data is really only unlimited in the sense that 2 GB’s of data is provided and beyond that data speeds are throttled till the next billing cycle. Fail T-Mobile.

It wasn’t too long ago that Even More Plus plans were removed from T-Mobile.com and advertisements in retail stores across the country and thankfully those customers haven’t been forgotten.

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  • Iowa1

    Wow!, very cheap. That is almost HALF what you would pay with Verizon/AT&T

  • http://www.sadude.com SaDudE

    On this plan how much will it cost to add a line? With unlimited minutes, I can drop my tmobile land line as well and save more money. The only thing I am worried about is that I have tzones currently and I don’t want to drop it.

  • Mattmcknight

    I’m still on a Myfaves plan with my kid and trying to decide if I want to make the switch to another plan. Any suggestions??

    • Jrgcld9305

      Myfave is pretty good but think about unlimited talk to anyone instead of five people

  • tmobile hater

    why do they even bother calling it unlimited when its not unlimited? its like their lying.

    • Pcj14

      it is unlimited, its just the first 2 gigs are at full throttle. after that, the speed is slowed down with no additional charge (IMO a T-mobile fail). With AT&T, the first 2 gigs are free, after that they charge you.

      • Valid

        Ummm… by definition that’s NOT unlimited. If they’re manually slowing down your data speeds, they’re LIMITING the amount you can receive. If it was unlimited, there would not be any data caps or speed reductions – you could go full blast 24/7.

        • Anonymous

          Your argument is incredibly flawed. Based on what you’re saying, no network has truly “unlimited” data since there is a max throughput and even at max throughput continuously during a billing cycle, there is an actual maximum of data that can be transmitted. Thus in actuality, every carrier limits the amount you can receive.

          While it is true that throttling does put some restrictions on your usage, they are still a company trying to balance giving what customers want with turning a profit that their shareholders require. 2GB of unthrottled usage is a lot for the vast majority of users…not the power users that may be all over this site and often respond to such posted articles. With the prolific availability of WiFi, it would make sense that 2GB is plenty for most people.

        • http://twitter.com/xxmonkey92 Tulio Mesa

          UNLIMITED DATA in the world of cellphones is Measure by Bits and Bytes, you can’t compare unlimited to speeds because no speed is truly unlimited. Unlimited by their definition is how much data you can retrieve and how much data you can upload, after 2 gigs the speeds will just fall, you can still retrieve and upload any amount of data, it would just be 3G speeds.

          Get with it

        • http://twitter.com/xxmonkey92 Tulio Mesa

          UNLIMITED DATA in the world of cellphones is Measure by Bits and Bytes, you can’t compare unlimited to speeds because no speed is truly unlimited. Unlimited by their definition is how much data you can retrieve and how much data you can upload, after 2 gigs the speeds will just fall, you can still retrieve and upload any amount of data, it would just be 3G speeds.

          Get with it

  • Anonymous

    I would be remiss if I didn’t note that Virgin Mobile has an Unlimited talk, text, and data(truly unlimited, no throttling) plan for $60..so this plan isn’t all that revolutionary, its more reactionary. AND it already includes taxes and fees…so while T-Mobile’s is $59.99 you have to add taxes to it… Virgin Mobile includes taxes and fees in the $60 amount…
    Straight from the Virgin Mobile USA website: All of the Beyond Talk Plans are inclusive of taxes and surcharges.

    Then there is Boost Mobile.. which has an unlimited plan for $50, in addition to data, talk, and text, it also includes free 411 calls..and taxes are included… PLUS for ever six on time payments, your rate is reduced by $5, all the way down to $35.

    So, while this $59.99 on T-Mobile seems nice, when you look around at the competition you see its not really.

    • Maschwar77

      Well, if you like pathetic coverage and no customer service, Boost and Virgin are the way to go. You don’t pay that much more for T-Mobile and you get a superior network. The only way Boost and Virgin would be better is if they both were allowed to access Sprint’s native and roaming network.

      • Anonymous

        Its a funny thing that Virgin Mobile and Boost CDMA coverage. In some regions, the coverage is just as good as Sprint (like in Pittsburgh), but like you said, you don’t have the same roaming options. It still is really great coverage though, and even superior to tmobys in many ways because of the widespread 3G. I am very impressed with T-Mobiles continued expansion though, I am starting to see HSPA pop up in the suburbs more and more around Pburgh, and as we all know, magenta has THE HSPA network to rule all others.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ORATYOTJ7JNYLA5YU2VU663PAE Flip

          Virgin Mobile is running on Sprint’s network. They still have unlimited, but throttle at 5gb. (I have a Virgin USB modem)

        • Anonymous

          It was just pointed out that USB Modems and MiFi units are capped at 5GB and not phones, just like what Sprint does with 3G mobile broadband now.

    • http://spritemoney.myopenid.com/ Andrew A

      Virgin Mobile is not truly unlimited anymore :(

      • Anonymous

        That’s where you are wrong…
        The Mobile Broadband plan(mifi) is what has a data cap now…but the phones are unlimited… the only thing they say is, “unlimited does not mean unreasonable”

        • Anonymous

          Virgin users are constantly complaining about no data, slow data and sms problems though and while I’m sure everyone isn’t it does seem to be an issue for many.

    • Ajith Antony

      Also, Virgin and Boost only work with their branded devices. There are only two Android phones for Virgin, and they are both low cost models, Intercept and Optimus.

  • Notnow

    http://www.mysimplemobile.com/ Runs off Tmobile network. same price $60 unlim everything

    • Maschwar77

      It is not the same thing. The coverage is not as comprehensive and does not roam. I will keep T-Mobile, thank you very much.

      • Quailallstar

        BS! I have one phone on SimpleMobile and one on T-Mobile; same exact thing buddy. Only difference is the time you are on hold with SimpleMobile vs. T-Mobile for customer service.

        • Anonymous

          You’re wrong and Maschwar is correct. You do not have the expansive coverage that T-Mobile offers since you can’t roam. Taking a minute to look at the coverage maps of the two would have proven that.



          You most likely don’t travel to areas that are outside of Simple Mobile’s coverage to notice.

          – VDubb

        • http://twitter.com/pindiscount PIN Discount

           SIMple Mobile is a good option for Blackberry, but SkyView is now the best option under ATT network

    • P-rez

      And with simple mobile tax is included. With Tmo you’ll have to pay taxes and FCC fees.

  • Minioninnc

    I’m down with this! :) Get it, got it, good! Coming soon anyway :)

  • ThreeFourSeven

    This is just like at&t but they call it unlimited cause they throttled you afterwards. SMH!!

  • Derrick227

    this is great news, i already have the EMP plan of 59.99 with the 500 mins……so going unlimited will do me good

  • TheGrandWizard

    i hate people complaining about the 2gig throttle speed! F*&K i work at tmobile and when i see customers usage id say 9 out of 10 people don’t use over 2 gigs, even on androids……unlimited everything on a EMP plan is 80 dollars they are giving you a 20 dollar discount! are you kidding me thats an amazing deal…..but i have seen a drop in customers upgrading and signing up with new service because of the whole AT&T thing so hopefully these plans help pull in customers

    • Maschwar77

      It kind of just goes to show how Americans are used to having customer service think for them. It is unlimited, they only throttle the speeds after 2GB of usage. Even at throttled speeds, it is still very useable. In one month, on my Android phone, I have only used almost 150MB. I agree, the deal is amazing especially considering this a post paid plan with post paid benefits. Sure you may save a small amount of money using Virgin’s smart phone service/coverage area still doesn’t compete with a true postpaid plan that roams without additional fee.

    • Goober007

      I would say you are kind of TheGrandAss. It’s just a job. Quit bulldogging for your master for free.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_F7V6C22THBTBKRFS6G2WKDKTOU eric

    this is a tempting plan to keep me from jumping the magenta ship before it crashes into the at&t iceberg..

  • Anonymous

    Thats great. I have EMP for $59.99 and am currently limited to 500 talk. I have checked my data usage and I dont go anywhere near 2gig(yes a loser in the techgeek world..no gaming, etc.). But I go on the internet, check stock quotes, check email, check weather, news, look at youtube. However, I go on on wifi a lot because my iphone doesnt get 3G service. So that could change with a new t-mo phone. Problem, new phone will cost $400-$500 off plan. Only way to keep $59.99… Or buy mytouch4g for $300 on ebay, craiglist, trusting seller..

    • AT&T-Mobile Man

      Full retail price for the 3G T-Mobile LG Optimus T is only $239.99. If credit worthy, can buy the device for $12 down and $12/mo (19 additional months interest-free) added to monthly phone bill. Will have to pay state sales tax on the entire $239.99 along with the $12 down payment (Even More Plus plans only) at time of purchase.

      • http://www.volkswagen.de Quailallstar

        That would only be the price with a contact plan correct?

      • Blogo1111

        why would I want a AA minor league phone compared to the mt4g, samsung 4g, g2x, etc.

  • Yodany

    I am with t- mobile for past 4 years and currently out of contract. What would be the best family plan (2 lines) for me considering we never go beyond 500 anytime minutes + 100 texts + 2GB data between 2 of us?

  • http://twitter.com/Spokker Spokker

    I use my data allowance without remorse. I commute and I don’t apologize for streaming music or video during that commute.

    I would often scrape the bottom of the 10 GB limit, now with the 5 GB limit I hit it every month. Interestingly enough, I would be willing to pay more for more data. In fact, I am willing to pay a fair price per megabyte, that is, pay for what I use.

    In fact, this would be an incentive not to use as much data as you can for most users. Sometimes when I get home, I don’t even switch to wi-fi. Look, there’s a data allownace and I’m going to use it. But if I paid per megabyte, I’d switch to wi-fi every time. In fact, I would switch to my school’s wi-fi! Today, I continue to use 3G even when I’m at school.

    But I love the hypocrisy of these companies. They cry and cry about data usage and impose caps, yet they refuse to charge per megabyte as they should. And when you come in way under the cap, you don’t get a credit. There’s no incentive to conserve.

    • Cray820

      Ok Ideally most people, unlike you, would prefer to pay a flat rate rather than per megabyte. On the other hand T-mobile’s data caps makes paying per-megabyte more sense. When ATT switch to a tiered data plan I thought T-mobile was going to take advantage and come up with a plan that puts ATT to shame but instead they came up with a data cap that makes ATT tiered data system look like a better idea.

  • Jay

    How do you even sign up for this? Will it show up on my online account or would I have to go to a store?
    Also, is this for 2 lines?Thanks.

  • Jay

    How do you even sign up for this? Will it show up on my online account or would I have to go to a store?
    Also, is this for 2 lines?Thanks.

  • http://twitter.com/iDiotGear Rob Daman

    tmo just always has some kind of trick under their sleeves. well it’s all of them but since i’m on tmo i’ll accuse them more.

    • Alvin B.

      The trick, at least for EM+ customers, is that the line “Even More Plus customers will in fact be able to take advantage of this plan at the wonderful price point of $59.99. ” according to TMOnews above is not actually the case. I tried to change my account and I would actually be paying $15 more. That would be okay if I really NEEDED the extra time, but it certainly isn’t $59.99.

  • http://twitter.com/iDiotGear Rob Daman

    tmo just always has some kind of trick under their sleeves. well it’s all of them but since i’m on tmo i’ll accuse them more.

  • Firemantmob69

    theres also a 79.99 unlimited data talk text plan coming out the 13th as well . the only thing is that 2G capps that sucks! i use almost 9 gb but i also have a grandfatheres plan im cool. it suck that speeds have to be throttled though its definately a kicker

    • zach

       learn how to string a sentence together, good god reading your post was painfull.

  • Ebagsayz

    So…I’m a tmobile customer, on a old old plan out of contract and I can get this or do I have to be on a “even more” plan to be able to switch? The article is little misleading to me.

    This plans sounds great I just lost my 5$ unlimited suncom “tzone” data internet from switching my originally suncom card to tmobile sim(Tmo bought them, lost my old sim). They know I use a G2 android device with the new sim and won’t give me access to internet now…

    • http://twitter.com/darthenol Glenn McCloud

      Just hung up with the TMO Retentions Dept. and the rep. told me I could switch over to this plan with no contract from my current Loyalty Unlimited Talk and $5/mo “dumb phone” unlimited data plan, no problem.

      The TMO rep. also told me that all current TMO plans will be grandfathered into AT&T, “no questions, no problem”. So, I’m thinking of switching as a hedge against the higher AT&T plans, especially if we can FINALLY have official support for the iPhone, this plan will be a bargain compared to mothership AT&T’s plans.

      FWIW, when asked, the Retentions Dept. rep. told me it’s a “done deal” the acquisition happens.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ORATYOTJ7JNYLA5YU2VU663PAE Flip

        I would take what the retentions rep. says with a grain of salt… Does the rep have a friend in congress or the FCC? Will the rep. send you a letter that states you will be granfathered in when AT&T takes over?

        • http://twitter.com/darthenol Glenn McCloud

          I hear ya…just repeating what was mentioned to me.

  • Anonymous

    Wait, so right now they throttle at 5GB, and now with this plan they will throttle at 2GB? Is that right?

  • Msjones0228

    I just spoke to the rude people at T-mobile and they will not have any specials or deals like this for family plans. These people are so very rude every time I call in. I have never called a company and their CS reps try to tell me what I want and need and those non ENGLISH speaking crows at t-mobile are forever doing that. I CAN”T STAND THEM

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JMTPE5NTJCFYV2A7YTRSX3CVBE John Strange

    I have the 59.99 even more plus plan. I had to yell and argue and get a supervisor and give them the promotion code listed on the promotion screen cap but I finally got it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1322800544 Joe Pacheco

    sounds like at&t is behind this

  • pdmt99

    I was just told by Customer Service that this offer was cancelled. I tried but they said they were unable to forward me a copy of the communique they were reading off of, or point me to an on-line posting. I did not bother to kick-it up to a supervisor to argue.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JMTPE5NTJCFYV2A7YTRSX3CVBE John Strange

    I just checked my plan and then clicked on the “pending changes” and it is there for 59.99 It took me arguing they day it started and reading the promo code but I got it. I called in as soon as it hit and thank god I did, I was going to metro for their unlimited 60 plan and I am so happy I get that price w/ tmo CS…even att CS will be better then metro or straight talks CS.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JMTPE5NTJCFYV2A7YTRSX3CVBE John Strange

    T-Mobile changed my pending plan of 59.99 that I singed up for on April 13 to 79.99 and then deleted the change all together and kept me on my old plan and fully removed my blackberry data!!. After yelling at 5 people, 2 supervisors in billing and customer retention they all lied and said they didnt know what I was talking about. 1 super said they dont have bundles and that i signed up for the 59 unlimited talk and then had 10 unlimited text and 10 unlimited data and that is how it is unlimited everything at 59.99. When I called back and asked where to email my screen shot and their legal department they said “oh yea we know what plan you are talking about, we did have it but pulled it before the launch, some systems did not remove it and that is why it was added but it is not a promotion we can give you, sorry. If you want unlimited everything it is 79.99 CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EMAIL ME AND LET ME KNOW IF THEY SUCCESFULLY HAVE THE EVEN MORE PLUS 59.99 PLAN ACTIVE ON THEIR ACCOUNT? IF SO I AM GOING TO FILE A BAIT AND SWITCH LAWSUIT AND PUSH FOR A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT: apathetic30@yahoo.com

    • AC

      Same thing happened to my wife today. CSR was completely contentious and rude to my wife and accused her of making it up. Even accused the 3 previous reps and techs she spoke to over the weekend (regarding the inaccessible data) that they were “mistaken” and didn’t know what they were doing.

      I had to call Tmobile back and argue for half an hour that the plan existed and we weren’t making it up. She wasn’t as contentious but was somewhat patronizing and said “I can’t create a plan out of nowhere for you.” Showed the CSR my wife’s account notes that clearly said she was added then taken off before she became more polite and added the plan back.

      Will definitely be keeping an eye on her account activities to see if Tmobile tries to pull anything else. Advise all who got on this plan to do the same.

  • LJenkinsR

    This summer I renewed my plan for the 59.99 unlimited talk, text and data.  I purchased a new phone and I got the billed to me.  I have just been paying my bill without even noticing that I have been paying 49.99 for unlimited talk, text & 20 for data.  Has anyone had this same issue?  I have been on  a phone with a rep and she has advised me that they never had such a plan.  I would have never renewed my service