HTC Pyramid Reappears In The Wild, Still No Word From T-Mobile

We’re still waiting for T-Mobile to give the official nod to the upcoming HTC Pyramid, until then we’ll continue to make do with the leaked shots. This time we’re seeing more of the Pyramid in the wild courtesy of As it stands, the specs acquired by the individual (s) over at XDA differ from our own. The XDA post states the Pyramid will come with a 960 x 540 qHD screen whereas our own intel pointed to a 800 x 400 display. So in regards to the screen we’re hoping the XDA intel is accurate. On the flip side, XDA states the Pyramid will come with Android 2.3.2 and our intel says the Pyramid will in fact come with Android 2.4. So let’s hope our ninjas are right on that front.

On the agreement side, both XDA and our intel says the Pyramid runs HTC’s Sense 3.0, has a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 768 MB of Ram and an 8 megapixel camera. One thing is for sure, we’re looking at T-Mobile’s first 4.3″ Android device and it’s shaping up to be quite the powerhouse. All signs still point to a June launch from what we are hearing. While we’re disappointed T-Mobile didn’t mention anything about the Pyramid at CTIA, we’re willing to overlook that if they drop this thing right on schedule.

PhoneDog via XDA Developers

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  • Kevin N

    I hear Tmo is launching the Moto Razor soon!

  • Punisher2all

    This website is being flooded with ads! Especially pop up ads (which are the most annoying)…Anywho, when they say it comes with a dual 1.2 dual core processor. Do they mean two 600MHz processors, or two 1.2Ghz processors?

    • Antbankz23

      whenever the say dual, its twice the processor they say, so 2 of the 1.2ghz processors =2.4ghz all together….

      • Simon Yu

        Well no Processors don’t add together in speed..

      • Felipe Zamora

        Think of it like this. . .Your car has 4 tires each going at 60mph, does that mean your car is going at 240 miles per hour?

    • Quailallstar

      Ad blocker for Firefox is your friend ;)

  • UPSsucks

    [x] do want

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what the actual backing of the device will look like. I prefer having a solid metal, plastic or rubbery back instead of a split.

    @Punisher 1.2ghz dual core mean 1.2ghz processor with two core processors. Please google it, instead of asking.

    • Roman

      Shut up.

  • Tim

    Sense and no Genius button? No chance is this coming to T-mo US.

    • Nicholas T Mcghee

      Sense and no genius button just means its not “G” series phone… or a myTouch… there is no rule against sense and no mandatory law about genius buttons either… the G2 has no genius button and the mytouch slide has sense… as does the mytouch 4g…

  • BlueMonkey1

    The back is kinda ugly :

    • jerry

      Good thing you need to look at the back when you use it

      • Cybersedan

        I was thinking the same thing, who’s looking at the back of their phone, most of the time it’s covered by a case anyway.

        • Anonymous

          Usually it is, but I want to buy a phone that is good looking. I prefer a a clear full body protection, so I can still show off my phone’s good looks.

    • Corona10

      Its tight. Much better looking than their previous phones. And it doesnt have the fugly 3d red border around the lens on the back like the EVo3d. I think the back looks really nice.

  • op-tMo

    Htc is holding a press on 4/12/2011 yeeeeeeeee! Lets hope they announce this device.

  • Mr Tibbs

    Best phone ive seen so far 4.3″ screen cant wait

  • gray

    Well I don’t know if this is some bullshit April fools joke but I’ve been reading that this phone wont be coming to the U.S. like we expected. Here’s a link

    I hope this is a f***ing joke! If this is true, then it looks like the LG G2x is the way to go.

  • TMOprophet

    End of May release in France, via Frandroid and androidevolutions

    US launch June/July???

  • Anonymous

  • Kevin N

    Tmo needs to get in the game!!

  • dj7

    I’ve been waiting for this apex phone…..HTC PYRAMID….get with it T-Mobile and bring it on asap!

  • Morris

    Why are HTC screens so pale grey when turned off?

  • Philosophics

    I’ll hold out for the 4.3″ with a keyboard. Still don’t know why it’s so hard for HTC to make that…

    • Edward_2k1

      Tmobile need a 4.3 HTC android phone with a front facing camera, along with a kickstand on the back also preloaded with a top movie and label it as a flagship phone and advertise it like everyone else does like verizon does the thunderbolt. If that happens i’m in all the way.

      • Bryce McSherry

        Why does it need a movie preloaded…? Avatar is almost exclusively the reason I DID NOT buy a Vibrant…I only ended up with one because it was found in a trash can fully functioning.

        • Lance Bell


        • Anonymous

          You have got to be kidding me. Ever heard of deleting a file?

    • Chris

      you really want something that bulky?

      probably be real heavy too

    • Reinzane

      No, I completely agree. It shouldn’t be so impossible to give me a size efficient keyboard phone with front facing camera and 4G. I want the Galaxy S4G, no flash, I want the G2X, no keyboard. Come ON!

  • Anonymous

  • Ubettasangboy

    i thought it was supposed to be may?!!??!?!!

  • Anonymous

  • PNUT

    Why doesn’t anyone create Android phones with keyboards anymore?! I know the G2 is out there, but it is already obsolete. I’m surprised market research points toward keyboardless phones, because I still text just as much as I used to….but it takes me longer. ANNOYING!

    • Hilton T.Y

      With the gingerbread keyboard you’ll get over it. That thing is fast. I used to be a physical keyboard zealot too (owned the MDA, G1 and cliq), but once you go keyboardless and see how much sexier your phone is you can’t go back. well, for a short while I went from a Nexus One to a MT3GS due to no insurance coverage for the Nexus, but when I did I found that I never actually slid the keyboard out. It mostly took longer to get the KB out than it did to just tap out the message on the screen.

  • Anonymous

    I hope it has an HD front facing cam, an unlocked OS, HDMI out, and DLNA/WIDI support.

    • gray

      Hahaha HD from facing cam? Yeah right dude c’mon… You really think they would ship this phone with a 5MP front facing camera? that would jack they final price up so high, I highly doubt HTC or any or there cellphone maker would be that generous. The most you’re going to get is 1.3MP (now) maybe in the future but not right now. As for the HDMI out it’s a possibility. They already said it supports DLNA.

  • Odai Jaber
  • Anonymous

    HTC flipped the switch,Pyramid is HTC sensation,to be released in stupid UK and announcement on this device on april 12th in England.

  • Anonymous

    No hdmi mirroring??