T-Mobile Posts Three New Sidekick 4G Videos

Not to be forgotten in the midst of AT&T news is the rollout of brand new handsets including the Sidekick 4G. With the hopes of building a little more excitement for the re-launch of the Sidekick brand T-Mobile has posted three more videos to their YouTube channel showing off Messaging, Movies and Music and Google services.

I’d have to say one of the most exciting aspects of the Sidekick 4G is the group text feature allowing you to text to…a group. Group messaging isn’t limited to the Sidekick 4G and will work with any device. Cloud texting allows you to text right from the comfort of your PC. With Group texting being one of the “in” things right now, it’s a great time for the Sidekick to bring this feature to the T-Mobile masses.

Enjoy the vids!

T-Mobile YouTube

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  • Jtothada

    who knows how much is off contract price?

    • Victor

      a kidney and half of the other! lol a crappy phone is a lot of money out of contract

  • Rome42

    idk why everyone is making a big deal about this “group texting” any android phone can group text! so why is it the most exciting aspect of this phone?!?! lol

    • Oreo

      Love’s it when people talk of what they dont know of. smh

  • Verizon has something like 8 new android units coming in the next 60 days. Come on t mobile could you plz get some new PHONES!?


    • whosaidwhat

      Yeah…That’s a good looking list. T-Mobile has never had a list like that before. Sad but true. I’ll either get the G2X and wait for the Pyramid or go wherever the SGS2 goes.

    • T-Mobile is making moves with more Androids, slowly, but surely.

  • Anonymous

    Useless in portrait mode or something?

  • Slapping a 4g radio and Android in an old sidekick does not make it a cutting edge device…

    • Taylormon

      The only thing that makes it a sidekick is the fact that it has the body of a sidekick, and for people like me, this makes the transition to a new type of phone a little easier. If they kept the same os style but put Android underneath it, I’d be happier, but you can’t do anything about the death of an infamous phone series. It’s more of an Android then it is a sidekick, but atleast to the touch, it’ll be a sidekick.

  • SidekickIsDead

    I’m glad the ‘Movies & Music’ video showed the guy TALKING about these features and NOT showing or hearing any actual stuff…

  • Anonymous

    I love how he says you can download an entire movie, but fails to let you know that after 5gb your device becomes pretty much unusable….

    • Khalintsisstupid

      why are you complaining… people like you find something to complain about… its 5 rows of keys damn it i like 4 rows… how bout you just connect to wifi when you downloading movies… or shut up and go to AT&T and go pay more…

      • DatNizzle

        AT&T has a 4gb cap. You pay more for less. Khalints is right, that’s the first thing I thought. since you pay for the movies maybe the could do it where those don’t count towards our cap. Besides, just about all the features of this phone are shared by phones T-mobile already has. I’m not complaining, it just seems like T-Mobile is hoping the Sidekick Name sells the phone. The Media Room, Check. Social networks, check- except myspace on the MT4G. Not sure about group text, don’t use it. And that special button for quickly opening recent apps? Hold the home button and they pop up on any android phone. Exclusive features sold the Sidekick, not the name.

      • Anonymous

        The way he is talking he’s pretty much implying that you can “watch tv” or “download an entire movie” over their “4g” network. Which of course, technically you CAN, but im sure there will be a lot of P.O’d customers that will call complaining that their “internet slowed down” because of the 5gb throttle point. Its bad advertising and it only aggravates people in the end and gives them a bad experience, probably losing a customer along the way.

        That’s all I was saying, of course people like you will always be sheep to these companies and never complain about anything, even if its something as simple, but severe, as false advertising.

        EDIT: One more thing, even if he meant you could do those things over wifi, why would that set the sidekick apart? I can do those things over wifi too and I have a t-mobile G2, heck, my old G1 can also do those things over wifi, why is the sidekick any different? The 4G right? Common sense… use it…

    • Daddy

      You also fail to realize you use absolutely no MBs when connceting to wi-fi. Download huge files and data on wi-fi for free so you save your precious 5gb cap.

  • *Kinda want one, it’s just something about the Sidekick that just gets me no matter how not ultra high-end they are* *Continues to deliberate between getting Sidekick 4G & LG Optimus G2x* 1st come, 1st serve? hmm…

    • Anonymous

      com’on man! u know the G2X is wayyyy better ;)

      • Yeah.. feature & spec wise, but it all boils down to a matter of preference in the end. To be honest, it might be whichever one releases 1st. Because I don’t have a phone now, & I really need one. So… we’ll see.Somebody said they knew some T-Mobile people & it’s releasing April 6th, then I’ve heard the infamous April 20th.

        • Anonymous

          i just got a feeling that the sidekick is gonna drop first.

        • It might (especially due to all the promotional video’s). I hope the Optimus drops in April too, so I can decide between the 2, hands-on. My friends are already nagging me about when I’m gonna get a phone, lol

        • alex

          i heard the sidekick is getting dropped in may, my cousin told his younger bro, and he works in tmo

        • I hope not, & I highly doubt it. Considering they’ve been had the Sidekick sign up page out for almost a month going on now, & they’ve already started all the promo videos online & stuff.

        • Kahunaman

          Sidekick brand reps have a traing/get free phone april 12. Corporate retail and if they are cool with the mm.

        • why didnt u buy a cheap android phone off contract for 300 and then when the next phone is comin out return it 2 weeks prior to release and youll get a refund in 2 weeks from the temp phone and u can use that on ur new perm phone. u can buy a phone off contract and return in within 30days(15 in some states, 30 in cali) and get all your money back except 10$ restocking fee. i did this only the sad thing is you can only do it twice :/. im on my g1 until the g2x comes out. hopefully soon. i def suggest the g2x over the sidekick. im sure cyanogen will have a working cm7 on that thing in less than 2 weeks giving us gingerbread :)

        • Really? So, I’ll have 2 weeks or 20 days? & I didn’t do it because I didn’t know about this. Well actually… I didn’t really think about it, & I’m very cautious about my money. Don’t wanna buy it, then have to keep it if I don’t want it in the 1st place. Thanks for the tip thou *waits for reply to answer my questions*

  • Cliquser

    i want a phone that’s zippy and has a fast processor and ram. this phone i’ve seen a couple of lags in the review videos which isn’t attractive because my cliq now freezes and lags and i HATE that. the g2x videos never seem to have lag, however it doesn’t have the keyboard. hopefully they come out with the rumored mytouch 4g slide, or else i might just go with the g2x or pyramid if it ever comes to tmobile.

  • Anonymous

    Finally, a 5-row keyboard device from Tmobile!

  • Jdadmays

    I like this device what a great coe back for a brand that was dead. I think that this is going to be a great midrange device and what a great looking keyboard. Can’t wait

  • abeezy27

    I really can’t wait for the Android Sidekick to be released. Does anyone know when it’s coming?

    • Kahunaman

      I have a training for it april 12

      • Aspcagirl89

        What’s the time frame between training and the actual release? I’ve been anticipating this for like a year. Goodbye G2, Hello Sidekick. :)

        • Kahunaman

          Typically one to two weeks on most of these. I got the vibrant training/phone about a week before national launch. Had to sign confidentiality agreement that i would not let anyone use it or show it to the public. This wil be a great addition to our line up and a nice midrange phone.

        • Aspcagirl89

          Okay. Thank you, good sir. :) hopefully it’s the 19th rather than the 26th. :)

    • V Hernandez99

      april 20th most likely along with the g2x

  • Kendra

    I really wanted this phone and then the merger talk happened.

  • Petey

    I don’t want this, I want the next iPhone, hope it comes to t-mobile!

  • I really can’t wait for the Android Sidekick to be released. Does anyone know when it’s coming?

    • Kahunaman

      Answered 2 posts below

  • Cxjdh


  • TaylorGangorbuyATT

    For some reason all of this Sidekick 4G hype brings back my traumatic G1 days as T-Mobile pushed the Mytough 3G and 3G Slide while Evos and Droids were flying off the shelves. The phone looks cool, but I really want more info on the G2X or Optimus 3D. Except for the Vibrant, nothing lately from T-Mobile has really caught my attention from my Nexus One.

  • I like how T-Mobile tries to give these videos of the sidekick a “Blog type of phone review” example :phonedog unboxing. The guy probably got paid for one day to work with tmobile to review this phone. Let the pro’s do it tmobile, phone dog Aaron FTW!

    • guest

      What the hell happened to Noah?

      • Well, Noah wouldn’t be doing these videos because they are official T-Mobile vids!

  • btw, say NO to the AT&T buy out.

    • guest

      Haha.. I like that. Kind of catchy like the “just say NO to drugs” slogan.

    • AT&T hater

      Is there an app for that?



  • Azizmorani

    dude show the screen all you showed was you handlin it.

  • azizmorani

    thanks for sticking

  • Sstang09

    IM THRILLED!… but i have the iphone4.. bummer! now that att and tmobile are together.. can i switch the sidekick4g? of do i have to cancel my contract with att and go with tmobile? SOMEONE HELP !

    • unfortunately the merger wont go through for about a year if it does go through. ur stuck on at&t for good it seems. ill be on tmo until it dies! :/

  • reddz

    this will be my phone/messaging device… and my G-Slate will be my media device… #winning!

  • wish you showed how to download the movies

  • wow they killed the sidekick, a great phone with a great community and forced them into crappy android OS. Good luck guys, Im ditching my Android Phone “HTC G2” back to the iPhone4 I GO!!!

  • Anonymous

    This phone sucks! It has no camera flash, no HDMI port, and look how thick it is! The back of it isn’t even attractive. I can’t beleive Samsung would even let this out, whatever happened to QC (quality Check).

  • sidekicks4life

    Im just going to unlock my sidekick 08 and switch to at&t. This phone only has 3mp camera and no flash also it just plain ugly

  • I am also fan of T-Mobile sidekick .It is best. I think it is best mobile company in world. You gave us a wonderful information about. Thanks for sharing us your nice views.


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  • Ashley

    i’ve had t-mobile for about 4 years now. i also have this phone & it’s horrible. always restaring, freezing, & the touch screen pushes things itself. most of the time the touch sensor isn’t working & things get pushed when i don’t even touch the screen. i absolutely hate this phone. prior to it, i had the HTC HD2 & it worked perfectly fine. but this phone, the worst phone to have, without a doubt.