Verizon Hoping To Keep The iPhone For Itself After AT&T Exclusivity Ends?

Hoping to not get lost in today’s Nexus S news cycle is a report by analyst Shaw Wu of Kaufman Bros who believes that Verizon will pay to keep the iPhone away from Sprint and T-Mobile.  I believe it’s safe to say that analyst opinions like this are often steeped in fantasy more so than fact but it’s an interesting proposition.  Where we take issue with the logic is that Wu believes Android has begun to “lose some of its luster” at Verizon.  That’s where Wu might be lost in a little bit of a fantasy world since there is no indication of an Android slowdown at Verizon or pretty much anywhere else on earth.

That being said, there is little question Verizon would do well to pick up the iPhone.  It’s a handset likely to draw millions of potential subscribers.  However, to say it’s being done because Android is losing its popularity has me believing the whole “analyst” concept is something that perhaps needs to fall by the wayside.  While the Android faithful might hope for otherwise, the iPhone and Android can (and will) peacefully co-exist on Verizon and both will be likely to find happy homes within Verizon’s 93 million customers.  The same can be said for both Sprint and T-Mobile.  Both OS’s are capable of a co-existing lifestyle and we can only hope that Shaw Wu is just having a bad morning and that T-Mobile is likely to grab the iPhone in the future.

Apple Insider

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  • Anonymous

    I see big trouble for T-mobile and Sprint when AT&T loses the iPhone.

    I am only slightly concerned with Verizon getting the iPhone and its impact on T-mobile & Sprint. T-mo and Sprint lose customers to the iPhone already. If a user was leaving for the purpose of getting an iPhone, he already would have left. Verizons 4G network might provide some extra incentive, pending a 4G capable iPhone.

    I am much more concerned with how AT&T is going to react when they lose the iPhone. AT&T pays Apple mounds of cash to keep that exclusivity. With the end of the iPhone contract comes AT&T rate reductions and a progressive group of smart phones. This will put AT&T head to head with Tmo and Sprint, as AT&T undercuts Verizon.

    It’s a great time to be a capitalist.

    • TangoPapa

      This is why I think Tmo will fastly climb to #2. As Verizon pumps out iphone’s I have to image a more aggressive tiered data package and 5% increase on their monthly bills to compensate for their exclusivity. Mean while AT&T has already left sour taste in everyones mouth, their sharp decline from Apple departure will push their prices down towards TMO but will not be cheaper than TMO. So long magenta keeps up with the aggressive marketing and no serious blunders, I think they climb to #2 fast. The only phone I can see keeping AT&T relevant for the short term has got to be their Blackberry customers, they have always been loyal and AT&T wholesale business program is lightyears ahead of TMO.

  • DeathStarKiller

    I took a dump in a box, carved an apple logo in it and sold it on ebay for $600…… gotta love Apple fanboys, as mislead as they are…..

    • Anonymous

      I sold my “lucky dollars” on eBay for 20+ each

  • DeathStarKiller

    P.S. does anyone else think the new T-mobile 4G commercial chick is insanely hot? the things i would do to that b*tch…..

    • Rob Daman

      she’s not bad looking but i like the bike better but not in pink. i’d take both as is if i had a chance though.

    • Rob Daman

      she’s not bad looking but i like the bike better but not in pink. i’d take both as is if i had a chance though.

  • Xenafanatic

    wouldnt it be awesome if tmobile got the iphone and they tuned it 4 hspa+? it would be the first and only iphone currently with 4g!

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