Now This Is Just Getting Weird, Micro-sim Cards Arriving At T-Mobile Stores

Update: There seems to be a pretty mixed opinion on this but it sounds like these are for the Galaxy Tab.

Ok so now this is just getting weird, first the iPhone cable arrives and now Micro-sim cards arrive. Need we remind anyone that Micro-sim cards are what powers the Apple iPad and iPhone 4. As of yet, no other devices in the United States work with this sim card so it begs the question, why is T-Mobile receiving them? Boygenius pinged T-Mobile earlier today and received word back the cables themselves are for customers who are using unlocked iPhone handsets, just like we thought would be the logical reason. Ok fine, we’ll give them that, it does indeed make a lot of sense that T-Mobile would carry accessories for ALL their customers as many of you pointed out, they did carry accessories for the Nexus One in store, a phone that wasn’t sold at any of their retail outlets.

Yet, the sim card images push the issue a little further away from the logical and into the “just what is going on” realm. We can’t say anything at this point as simply do not know and we would urge that there are no present indicators T-Mobile is set to receive the iPhone any time in the near future. So we might wonder if T-Mobile is making a transitional shift to Micro-sim cards? Are they more functional or do they have more memory? Just what is going on!

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  • T-MoMike

    Could this be linked to the Galaxy Tab or Nexus S? Speculations only.

    • Ramrod

      You’re right. This is for the Galaxy Tab. I remember reading a while back ago that the Galaxy Tab supported Micro Sim. I’ll post the source link if I can find it.

  • soviet4ever


  • Edgar Tenorio

    I got this reply on twitter from them…
    “@Tmobile: Lot’s of our customer here and internationally use the iPhone we wanted to have some accessories for them. ^CG”

  • soviet4ever

    just talk to my friend that is gm at tmobile about iphone coming, he answered no way and woala. wierd

  • Noah

    I’m gonna guess that maybe…just maybe the iPad will be available through TMO shortly after the iPhone 4. I think AT&T finally lost their exclusivity to the iPhone


    That dude has some dirty fingernails.

    • ren

      hahahahahaha!!! I was about to say the same thing.

  • Abel2fresh4u

    Just say it welcome to tmobile iphone fanboys sadly

  • jimmy

    need to clean them fingernails.
    I would so laugh if T-mobile gets the iPhone before Verizon. Verizon would go crazy and begin attacking T-mobile like how they attack at&t.

  • khan

    This could be for the iPad but who knows it could be for the iPhone. Personally I would not mind cause this might be what will push T-Mobile out of 4th place here in the U.S.

    • 2FR35H

      Real question is do we really want t-mobile first in line? I mean look at us now only 4th place and getting data caps to 5gbs from the 10gb previously.

  • Omeer

    Transition to micro SIM cards for which devices exactly? It makes no sense to change to micro SIMs even if it edges out traditional SIM cards in features/benefits. All current T-mo devices would require a converter/adapter for those things to even fit. At this point, I’d say we’re getting the iPhone or the iPad some time soon and it makes perfect sense for T-mo to be secretive since no official announcement has been made yet. It’s standard stuff for companies to deny anything and everything not officially announced by themselves.

    • VibrantOwnr

      if i am correct, arent micro sims the same exact thing as regular sims except for physical size? i have seen cutters online to convert regular sims to work with micro sim devices (iphone, ipad…). Please correct me if i am wrong

      • Omeer

        I’m not quite sure myself. I was speaking hypothetically at the moment but I “think” micro SIM’s might have more capacity in terms of memory and such. You’re right about regular SIM’s being outfitted to look like micro SIM’s but that wouldn’t give it the added benefits of a real micro SIM “if” they do have any added benefits. Regular SIM’s work in micro SIM devices because their basic function is the same, to identify the end user on a particular network. The pin’s are exactly identical and in the same place on both SIM cards with size being the only difference.

      • Yyevo

        You are correct, sir!

  • soviet4ever

    well if its for ipad than it would run on edge, whats the point. verizon sells only wifi ipads.

  • kane

    Does anyone know if the galaxy tab uses micro sim card? If not then, HOLY SH#T!

  • soviet4ever

    galaxy tab uses standard, its iphone i am sure

  • soviet4ever
    • Elias

      Wow Soviet I think you got it right!

      • Cybersedan

        Interesting, I remember that article, makes you go hmmmmmmm.

      • VibrantOwnr

        we are talking about the line that says “Apple is in the process of manufacturing an AWS-compliant iPhone and that we should “expect an announcement in the coming months”..Right?

  • andy

    for the iPhone 4

  • alex32g2

    i smell iphone 4 in the horizon

  • Anony Mouse

    T-mobile is getting the iPhone. Its been hush hush for a bit, but the iPhone is coming to T-Mobile and the micro-sd sim card is just confirmation that it will be either the iPhone 4 or 5. (not the 3GS like some idiot store manager tried saying). I have it on good authority from the company that they are. The question is not whether or not they are getting the iPhone, but as to how long it will take. Afterall, Apple is notorious for delaying things lately. Look at the mythical white iPhone that apparently isnt even coming (hoax?) or the fact that while other manufacturers release new phones every 1-3 months…apple takes a whole year to release a new model. (no wonder they are starting to lose so much ground…thats like apple using a single action revolver against someone with a minigun.)

  • soviet4ever

    hd7, nexus s?, nexus one, g2, mytouch4g and iphone. too many choices, great job tmo, no complaints here.

  • Juan

    I have a guess. Remember that the iPad 3G is actually unlock. The only reason that AT&T is having “exclusivity” is because they were the only ones that had Micro SIM cards. Now, if TMOBILE starts getting / selling Micro SIM cards, then we can buy an iPad 3G and use it with The Largest 4G Network, TMOBILE!

    • Ramrod

      Only one problem with that. As it stands now, the iPad does not support T-Mobile’s AWS 3G bands. At best you’d be able to get Edge (2G) from T-Mobile on the iPad.

  • alex32g2

    im sure its for the galaxy tab…now that i think about it

  • Elias

    Maybe this is Project Emerald? ;p

  • Omeer
    • Petey

      I thought the Galaxy Tab uses the regular standard sim card?

    • Lukian

      tab uses full sized sim cards

    • Omeer

      Well I’m not saying that it doesn’t or that it does. It’s Engadget that’s saying it’s for the Galaxy Tab. It’s plausible that the T-mobile version uses mini SIM cards. There’s a world of possibilities as to what the mini SIM cards mean but as of now we have no choice but to wait.

  • soviet4ever

    why comments were erased?

    • David, Managing Editor

      What comments were erased??

      • soviet4ever

        its fine david, my comp wasnt loading them, love ur work btw, tnx

  • soviet4ever

    oh its fine now, ipad runs 850/1900 for 3g not 1700/2100 as tmo, whats the point running ipad on edge

  • soviet4ever

    looks like standard sim

    • Cybersedan

      That’s definitely a standard SIM, no doubt at all.

    • Walter

      It is standard. I looked at the video and saw the size. It cant be for the Tab. This is toying with my mind. I was gonna buy a vibrant next week just because of the Iphone UI. I had an unlocked iphone for years and couldnt take a the edge any longer. so then i got a cliq xt. This phone has made me no longer feel welcome to android because google has a problem with there manufacturers ui and updates. They stop supporting phones that are less than a year old.(cliq xt, 1.5) When apple didnt update the original iphone to ios thats fine b/c the phone is 3 yrs old, but android is….. whats the word….. FRAGMENTED. If this happens i will have no need for a vibrant.

      • Sunslap

        Cliq 2.1 update is currently being tested and should be released soon. The problem in your situation is Motorola not tweaking/tailoring the updates for your device in a timely manner(not Google’s fault). Then again, Motorola isn’t splitting it’s cellular division into a separate company because of it’s many great devices in the last few years…quite the opposite.

  • WhozURDaddy

    Guys these have been available for awhile now. They’ve been on Amazon since June 5th.

    They’re for the iPad 3G.

  • Shawn

    Weird that tmo all of a sudden started specifically targetting att. Could it be they are doing that to show off their network to current att iphone owners so when the iphone comes to tmo they want to switch for the faster speeds? 4G and iphone 4 together… who wouldn’t come to tmo?

  • snapdragin

    What about the possibility of stores have the availability for unlocked iphone 4, only thing that prevents customer from being able to use it is sim card. Maybe this is an added ploy to the mix to convert as many att customers as possible even if it means no contract?????

    • tipsofme

      Thats funny that you say that. We had a store visit from Poncho Hall and he said T-Mobile was toying with this idea and trying to figure out if the could market it…. Hmmmm I didn’t think they would go through with it. FYI the new CEO who is making all this noise already has a relationship with jobs. He used the iPhone to make T-Mobile Germany NUMBER ONE! Fuel-Fire.

  • jesus

    Maybe since theyre talking all this smack aboout Att’s network, with this their trying to say we welcome unlocked iPhone users to use our network. Heck we have accesories and sim cards for you guys made already :D

  • joeyg

    something BIG is coming 11/20/2010 ..just wait…

    • VibrantOwnr

      why november 20?

  • Spencer

    From what I’ve heard, micro sims are worse than normal sims. I don’t know if is true or why,i think I heard this fromengadget but I’m not sure

    • 2006mr

      Well I cant tell. I have a mirco sim that was cut perfectly for my unlocked iphone 4. I cant the a difference

      • 2006mr

        I MEANT cant tell the difference

    • Sunslap

      It’s my understanding that the only difference is the amount of plastic surrounding the built-in logic board, but nothing inherently different about the logic board’s standards.

  • Bishop

    The t looks orange on my phone. Who needs the iphone anyway. My mytouch 4g will do better. If I can get good 4g here anyways.

  • soviet4ever

    g1 ftw

  • foo

    isnt the HD7 revealed to have a microsim slot in them?

    • MattB

      No. Got them in my stores yesterday. Regular SIM.

  • kershon

    T-Mobile Germany has iphone. New ceo T-Mo USA is from Germany. And he is known for being agressive. Anybody think this could be a clue? And now micro-sims show up. Just saying.

    • tipsofme

      Ive been saying this for months now. He already knows Jobs well and how he works. This would NOT be hard for him to pull off at all.

  • TonyJohns

    I said it and I will say it again. T-Mobile is getting the iphone in Q1 of 2011.

    Why would T-Mobile carry iphone accessories. Even if it is to support unlocked iphone users, there are hundreds of other unlocked devices being used on Tmo’s network, why aren’t they carrying accessories for these users?

    C’mon people think. Its clearly obvious the iphone is coming. Whether you want it to or not.

    • kershon

      I agree. If users of unlocked phones want accessories why not go to third party sellers or the original carrier? Selection for them would be much better. It makes no sense to carry accessories for iphone unless T-Mo sells and supports it.

  • Mr Tibbs

    come on t-mobile we need the iphone

  • Sunslap

    I’m sure T-Mo will get the iPhone at some point, whether 2 weeks or 2 years, its not going to stay at AT&T forever if Apple plans to remain relevant in the U.S. This doesn’t suggest it’s coming any time soon in my opinion.

    I expect manufacturers would be glad to move away from the current sim card form to the micro sim. It only makes sense that as devices and their components become more capable, internal real estate becomes more valuable. Sim cards waste a lot of space in current form factor and micro-sims just do away with that. These are still backward compatible via adaptor, so why not make them available for users and manufacturers. T-Mobile iPhone 4 and iPad users are aplenty, so it saves them the trouble of having to trim a current sim to fit, a process that’s easy to do, but easy to do less-than-perfect.

    I’m just saying…there are a lot of reasons to offer these, so what the hell, pick your favorite reason and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

  • Josh M.

    oh goodness people, its for the iphone 4 and/or ipad….its bound to happen, so they are just receiving product before they receive the phone…YOULL SEE

  • jason

    I haven’t received micro sims or those cables in my store. Galaxy Tab uses a regular sim. November 20th is a Saturday, nothing gets released on saturdays, unless you were hinting on some sort of announcement which still seems odd to be done on a weekend.

  • Josh M.
  • bno762

    forgive me if this has been covered- I understand that the micro sim cards work on the galaxy tab…but what about the powet cable that has just shown up? I’ve always bought into the notion that we’d see an iphone on tmo b4 verizon.

    • Lukian

      tab uses full size sim

  • crzy

    right before the G2 came out uncle Sam says it’s completely legal to unlock/jailbreak/whatever phones…maybe tmo starts helping people jailbreak Iphones? Just another thought to throw in there.

  • Richard

    Okay, first think about this. The reason T-Mobile had Nexus accessories…well T-Mobile supported it via the network. Makes sense. Anyone actually believe we are going to carry accessories for the iphone/ipod just to help “support,” the international, etc customer base? Come on. I’m hearing small stores are getting these. Stores that normally don’t see any iphone international users, and few if any iphone crossovers. I seriously doublt apple would let T-Mobile box something up of theirs for a profit; unless there was a tie in. Just saying.

  • 2006mr

    So here’s my thoughts as an employee of Tmobile (custcare)…it is a FACT that AT&T deal with Apple is expired and done with! That said, Tmo will continue to advertise the newest products (Tablet, G2, my touch4G) for several reasons. (1)To make that MONEY now and (2) to lock customers into the 2yr contract if they can. To add, in order to do this they need to inform the world what other phones(Drioid, iphone, evo) CANT do to get the customer to upgrade to that particular device. In contrast, I do believe that T-Mobile is coming w/their own version on the iphone. Why? Well it just makes sense right? At least everyone on this forum has GREAT opinions. Needless to say, A big day, an apple day was all mentioned on this discussion board and the other one. It will make no retail/business sense why Tmobile will wait this long to start selling Iphone/Ipod/Ipad accessories NOW when customers been using unlock’d iphones for years! Dont you think Tmo would of/should of done this long time ago if they wanted to make money? Last, Tmo definitely has this on the HUSH HUSH for real. Why? We here in custcare TALK too much (thats our job, lol). We would spread the word like FIRRRRRRRRE!! As a result, no one would upgrade to those new phones now (G2,mytouch 4G, etc) let alone data features profit and locking the customer into a 2 yr contract. SO, even if the customer wanted to upgrade/buy a Tmo iphone they would pay retail price/no discounts; which is more money for Tmo and Apple. Im just saying and these are my thoughts…..BTW, if my speculations are true, please dont even think you can threatening to cancel bc guess what? Where you gonna go? AT&T? Verizon? LOL JK but so serious..

    • tipsofme

      Sorry to bust your WHY HAVENT THEY BEEN DOING IT FOR YEARS? Bubble but unlocking just became legal this summer… Thats why. Next.

      • Josh M.

        it became legal, but carriers still do everything in their power to prevent you from doing so a la G2…

      • Joezz

        Last I heard jailbreaking became legal, UNLOCKING did NOT

  • currator

    anyone say white iphone. now that would be big. lol. talk about a slap to the face att would go crazy.

  • zach

    tho r for the iphone4 sims

  • Lukian

    ^^^ that would be hilarious if they launched the white iphone on T-Mo instead of AT&T

  • Vibrant addict

    Wow this deff points to an Apple product on Magenta. unless some future Tmobile product is going micro.

    And as far as I know it’s only a size difference, hence cutting sim card for iPhone 4


    It’s for all of those jail broke iPhones tmobile is supporting.