iPhone Cable Appears In T-Mobile Stores, Why?

David’s Update: I’ve amended the text below since at least a few took some of the wording out of context. This cable absolutely does NOT prove T-Mobile is getting the iPhone, especially tomorrow.  You shouldn’t return a recently purchased device waiting for this and you shouldn’t start camping outside your local T-Mobile.  The arrival of this cable is peculiar and the likely solution is that T-Mobile produced a 99 cent cable it can sell for $14.99.  There are plenty of unlocked iPhone users which T-Mobile supports wholeheartedly so why not try and sell them something too?

Stop.  Breathe.  Calm down.  Let’s not let this get out of hand, but, yes, you did read that title correctly.  It appears that some T-Mobile stores are receiving stock of these iPhone and iPod sync and charging cables, but what does it mean (Don’t click this if you already know where it links to)?  Seriously though, what do we have going on here?  The first answer is easy, and we have tons of rumors that point in that directionbut it is less likely because we can’t imagine the very first leak that could prove it is a data cable.  I’ll pose another 1000% more likely possibility, just to make you think.  T-Mobile has said before that they support unlocked iPhone’s on their network, and a number of customers use them.  So maybe T-Mobile just stocking a product to help those customers and make some more profit.  I’ll let you decide.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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    It’s pretty obvious they’re just trying to make money with an overpriced cable.

  • duke006

    Ile will be getting the Ip4.According to an apple spokes person from houston

    • NJ

      Where did u hear that from???

    • NJ

      where did u hear that from??

  • justsayin

    The event calendar provided to T-Mo employees has an “Apple Day” on it for the month of November. Just sayin ‘.

    • annon

      What employees? I haven’t gotten any emails or memos! lol. Did I miss the apple train?

      • justsayin’

        @annon, it will be sent out soon. I am surprised HR has not sent the November Calendar out yet, as it is already Nov 6th. I can tell you late in the month, on a Friday (26th?) it’s Loungewear Day! LOL! It was in a video we say yesterday. Of course, our supervisor quickly denied that is was “Apple” related and said it was something else, but this is mighty coincidental.

  • DK
  • chris

    Justsayin are you being truthful or ur just playing with our heads?

    • justsayin’

      @Chris. I am not playing. I was not paying attention to the video at all until several co-workers excitedly said “What’s Apple Day? Are we getting the iPhone?” At which time the slide was quickly forwarded and we were told that it was related to something else and was not iPhone related. Again, coincidence?

  • Amir

    The cables are for the Samsung Tab. It uses the same 30-pin connector as the iPhone/iPad

    • Chris

      That is what I thought. I saw that they use the same cable and figured it would be for the Tab. The microSIM could have came from T-Mobile Europe since they sell iPhones…

    • RockTripod

      That doesn’t make sense. iPhone/iPad cables are proprietary, and now Apple decides Samsung can use them too? I call shenanigans.

      • David, Managing Editor

        There is absolutely ZERO reason that a cable capable of both iPhone AND Galaxy Tab charging would come in packaging just labeled for the iPhone. That’s misleading and terrible business, so let’s think rationally and realize it can’t be that, it’s got to be for an iPhone device, and like T-Mobile said, it could just be to serve the unlocked customer base.

    • Louisd

      @Amir: Then why doesn’t it say that on the package

  • cupcake

    ….Samsung Galaxy Tab…… Hello! It has the same connection…..People, do the math!

    • David, Managing Editor

      Can you explain why it didn’t come in Samsung or Tab packaging? Very unlikely T-Mobile would produce a product and label it for sale for another while supporting it for a totally different product.

    • darkknight49

      if it was the same cable, im sure Apple would have already filled about 12 infringement lawsuits.

  • Mingilicious

    Why would a cable that is Apple’s proprietary connector be used for a Samsung product? You should all know better.

    They look similar but they are not at all compatible. You guys have your information wrong.

  • http://www.magicbluesmoke.org/ longcat

    T-mobile should have done this a long time ago, and also sell iPhone screen films. Lots of people with iPhones use T-mobile, it just makes sense. When I had my iPhone with T-mobile, my first instinct was to check out a T-mobile store to see if they had a screen film but they didn’t. They could have made profit off of me but missed that opportunity.

    • chris

      Why would you go to a t-mobile store to look for a iphone screen protector. Sound silly. Selling an iphone cable at a tmobile store for unlocked iphone users is silly too. They can be found in every electronic store.

  • HowdyDoody

    Sad to see T Mob go Apple. They may think its cool.. Oh well.. not too concerned while Apple has just 3.5MPS limit on their phones. No HSPA+ we’re looking good.

    Not concerned about users buying an Iphone, hey if they are fools enough to pay for an overpriced product, kudos to them for loosing their money.

    What I worry about it network quality,. I use 80-90% of my bandwith and do love what T Mob offers. But if they bring a hoard of not so bright iPhone users that quality will go down and Sprint is looking real nice. To bad its just CDMA, and would be limited to one radio at a time.

  • Lizzy

    Select T-Mobile stores will soon begin carrying iPod/iPhone charge and Sync cables to support customers who may be using an unlocked iPhone or are traveling from outside the United States and using an iPhone while roaming on our network. T-Mobile carries the iPhone in Europe, so many people traveling to the U.S. roam on our network with their iPhones. The iPod/iPhone cable also makes a great companion product for our line of MicroUSB charging solutions. The cable can be plugged into the USB port of the universal MicroUSB car, wall or two-in-one chargers to provide customers with a charging solution for their iPod when they are on the go.

    • Petey

      I think this is just an excuse… they must of have something up their sleeves.

  • SpeakEazy

    The iPhone has been available for T-Mobile in the UK for a while now