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iPhone Cable Appears In T-Mobile Stores, Why?

David’s Update: I’ve amended the text below since at least a few took some of the wording out of context. This cable absolutely does NOT prove T-Mobile is getting the iPhone, especially tomorrow.  You shouldn’t return a recently purchased device waiting for this and you shouldn’t start camping outside your local T-Mobile.  The arrival of this cable is peculiar and the likely solution is that T-Mobile produced a 99 cent cable it can sell for $14.99.  There are plenty of unlocked iPhone users which T-Mobile supports wholeheartedly so why not try and sell them something too?

Stop.  Breathe.  Calm down.  Let’s not let this get out of hand, but, yes, you did read that title correctly.  It appears that some T-Mobile stores are receiving stock of these iPhone and iPod sync and charging cables, but what does it mean (Don’t click this if you already know where it links to)?  Seriously though, what do we have going on here?  The first answer is easy, and we have tons of rumors that point in that directionbut it is less likely because we can’t imagine the very first leak that could prove it is a data cable.  I’ll pose another 1000% more likely possibility, just to make you think.  T-Mobile has said before that they support unlocked iPhone’s on their network, and a number of customers use them.  So maybe T-Mobile just stocking a product to help those customers and make some more profit.  I’ll let you decide.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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