So How Exactly Do iPhone, Android And Blackberry Users See Each Other?

To say that iPhone, Blackberry and Android users are an opinionated bunch would be the single most truthful statement I’ve ever made on this site.  C-Section Comics agrees and has put together this handy little cartoon to help sort out the whole smartphone wars escapade.  I could summarize it for you but it’s really just better if you look for yourself!

Intomobile via C-Section Comics

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  • 30014

    That pretty much sums up how I view iphone and bb users.

  • eYe

    How true…

  • bmg314

    Ha lol thats just awesome….and pretty much right on target. Too funny.

  • Magenta Magic

    LOVE IT!!!

  • Foxeh

    Hah! Brilliant! Even the punch line is good. This is seriously dead on on all accounts.

  • Bimmerz

    Saw this earlier, too funny – and pretty accurate too! lol

  • shhhh

    Love it!

  • Cybersedan

    Very much on point, Love it!!

  • fatboy97

    GREAT!!!! LMAO!!!

  • vinyldestination

    So true and seeing that dinosaur really was the icing on the cake.

  • hdandroid

    So hOW do we see windows phone/mobile users? Lol

    • TechieChicky

      we don’t

      • teesquared


        OMG! made my day

        **buys HD7**

      • Pimpstrong

        LMAOOO! Sums it up

    • Technogen

      They are those specs of dust that got on your monitor at the bottom of the picture.

    • ren


    • J

      Windows Who? What’s that…

    • Pimpstrong

      For windows mobile users, I invision an angry guy in slacks and a loosened tie with a stylus in his ear holding his phone up in the air getting ready to “THROW IT ON THE GROUND!”

      • Yeah, that kinda describes me. Well, maybe jeans and a collared shirt, anyway. But definitely ready to see how high my phone will bounce!! Can’t wait for my Android phone. I’m ready to look like Einstein, but will probably look like a cross between the ol’ fogey BB user and the pizza boy .

  • SublimeDavid

    LOLLLLLLL Favorite post of the day, made my day a better one instantly. Thanks!

  • sandytoes

    Holy crap this has to be the most accurate description of all there platform users. The dinosaur made me literally lol for like 2 minutes. I gotta show this to my coworkers cuz according to this they’re all dinosaurs lol.

  • LMAO Funny. Its only tech. Some peopole (Fanboys) take it way too seriously.

    Stay thirsty my friends!

  • Jezabel

    Posting to tumblr. TY. Best laugh I’ve had all day!

  • Jmts80

    Lmao that is dead on!

  • Eddie Android

    Right on the money! But what about WM and symbian?

    • tipsofme

      Who? lol

  • Fam

    The only reason that I hate on the iphone is because of their apps. They have some pretty cool apps. That’s not to say that android doesn’t android is top notch for me. but I’m pretty sure we’ll catch up

  • Serotheo

    I don’t get the Pizza Guy one :\.. I loled at the Dinosaur.. it makes sense

    • fam

      The pizza man obviously means the navigation that android has of google maps…..

    • SublimeDavid

      poor peoples blackberry who are budgeting and who dont understand blackberries and their functionalities I guess…

  • alljokesaside

    Pizza guy… i guess they are saying broke or budgeting??

    • John

      Not in the business world is my guess.

    • bmg314

      The part of a joke that you dont get is usually the part that most closely applies to you.

      Just sayin’. ;)

  • Dave

    LMFAO! Right on!

  • GPL

    That is absolutely hilarious! I especially like the way Android users see iPhone users. I absolutely blew the mind of a guy training me on a new computer software at work yesterday when I showed him voice search on Android, and how you could use Google Goggles to do OCR scanning, which you can then copy and paste into an email.

  • OldPro

    Pizza Guy = advanced burger flipper, doesn’t have real business job :) ie: BB User doesn’t see Android as real business phone.

    This is hilarious and spot on. What a great chart!

    • XfooYen

      Android ISN”T a real business phone. But the pizza business….hmmmmm….that sounds pretty lucrative.

  • Bryanez

    nice. This was a good post. Real funny.

  • John

    And can you believe it, no idiots complaining about anything! This has to be the best post of the day! Thanks David. ;)

  • Dazaraza

    A zombie would have been berry than the reaper

    • JM77

      Its a religious zealot. You know, for the apple fanatics.
      They could have used a sheep just as well! :-)

    • D

      It’s not a reaper. It’s a member of a cult.

  • Dazaraza

    A zombie would have been better than the reaper

    • SublimeDavid

      deathgrip or evil witches who own iphones

  • XfooYen

    I gotta go bang some Apple users.

  • Alexander


  • Some of the most zealous comments, even to the point of threats against life, have been by Android users. It’s a bit disgusting. For God’s sake, it’s a damned phone operating system, not a religion or a way of life. Get a grip.

    I don’t see such hate from any other group of mobile phone users.

  • Pimpstrong

    That’s awsome. The question is though, how do smartphone useres view featurephone users? That Dinosaur up there looks about right to me.

  • Sk817Lakai

    For WP7 I see a nerdy pimply teenager with a small head and a leather jacket. That’s my android perspective.

  • sorandkairi

    palm and windows…? huh makes you think…..naw no it doesnt, it makes sense!

  • Slick Vic

    Funny because it’s true! :D

  • Vladimir

    Where are Windows Mobile/windows phone 7, symbian & palm os?

  • abel2fresh4u


  • abel2fresh4u

    david this made my day hahahaha its sooo true. android ftw

  • No zombie in the iphone section… HUGE FAIL.