(Updated) T-Mobile Goes Official On Wi-Fi Android Calling

It’s here!! It’s finally here as T-Mobile makes Wi-Fi calling on Android officially official.  With a solution planned for a “wide selection of Android™-powered smartphones, including the recently announced new T-Mobile® myTouch® and Motorola DEFY™ with MOTOBLUR™,” this truly is an exciting opportunity for T-Mobile to differentiate their Android powered lineup. As it turns out, the service is indeed powered by the good folks at Kineto Wireless using their Smart Wi-Fi application that surfaced a few weeks back. The service will be ready out-of-the-box providing the ability to make/receive voice calls and send SMS messages from Wi-Fi access points around the globe. We’re not sure about backwards compatibility yet with devices like the Charm, Vibrant and G2 but we’ve pinged T-Mobile and await a response!

BoyGenius pinged T-Mobile on a couple of questions and received a more detailed one than we did regarding the use of minutes, though the same second paragraph was given for both our requests so we can assume this is a standard PR response.

Wi-Fi Calling for Android is built upon the same technology as UMA, but is a different implementation from our past offerings. While T-Mobile’s current Wi-Fi Calling solution which operates on BlackBerry smartphones, for instance, seamlessly hands off calls from T-Mobile’s network to Wi-Fi networks, Wi-Fi Calling for Android does not.

A pre-installed application from T-Mobile will allow customers to make and receive voice calls and SMS over an accessible Wi-Fi connection.  This provides customers with better in-door coverage and in some cases may provide the ability to make voice calls in locations where they weren’t able to do so previously.

For consumers, Wi-Fi Calling for Android increases coverage and uses voice minutes. [NOTE: calls originate on Wi-Fi, but are carried across T-Mobile’s network once beyond the initial Wi-Fi connection.]  T-Mobile also has plans for business which can help defer wireless minutes and provide cost savings.

Wi-Fi Calling will be available on the new T-Mobile myTouch, Motorola DEFY and others Android phones in the coming weeks. We are planning to expand Wi-Fi Calling for Android to as broad a selection of Android smartphones in our line-up as possible.  Éclair (2.0/2.1)  and Froyo (2.2) are the Android OS versions that currently support the application.

Just skip ahead and read the whole press release but this is exciting stuff!!!

T-Mobile Extends Wi-Fi Calling to Android Smartphones

Wi-Fi Calling To Be Available on New T-Mobile myTouch, Motorola DEFY and More

BELLEVUE, Wash. Oct. 6, 2010 T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announced its continued innovation of Wi-Fi Calling technology with the upcoming availability of built-in Wi-Fi Calling solutions planned for a wide selection of Android™-powered smartphones, including the recently announced new T-Mobile® myTouch® and Motorola DEFY™ with MOTOBLUR™.

A leader in bringing innovative and easy-to-use solutions to market to enhance indoor coverage for consumers and provide cost saving for businesses, T-Mobile hosts approximately 40 million Wi-Fi calls per month, a number that has grown steadily since the company launched Wi-Fi Calling in June 2007. In addition to consumers benefiting from enhanced coverage, T-Mobile business customers – from small business to multinational corporations – have long taken advantage of the company’s Wi-Fi Calling plan offerings, enabling them to take advantage of the enhanced coverage, as well as the opportunity for reduced domestic and international minute usage, increased enterprise mobility cost savings and improved productivity benefits this solution can deliver. Currently, T-Mobile offers Wi-Fi Calling on numerous devices including the Nokia E73 Mode™, BlackBerry® Curve™ 8520, BlackBerry® Bold™ 9700 and the new BlackBerry® Curve™ 3G.

“T-Mobile’s expansion of Wi-Fi Calling to Android smartphones is an excellent innovation, and part of our ongoing initiatives on behalf of our customers to enhance indoor coverage,” said Torrie Dorrell, vice president, connected family products and services, T-Mobile USA. “This new execution of Wi-Fi Calling technology helps us ensure that our customers’ Android-powered smartphones can keep them connected to the important people in their lives where they work, live or play.”

The implementation of Wi-Fi Calling for Android smartphones brings a new solution to a fast-growing mobile platform and broader range of smartphones for consumers and business customers.  Powered by Kineto’s Smart Wi-Fi Application, T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi Calling for Android smartphones will be ready to use out-of-the-box, providing the ability to make voice calls and send SMS from accessible Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) access points across the globe in addition to the connectivity available through T-Mobile’s mobile network. The application will also include a tutorial for the benefit of first-time users of the feature.


Wi-Fi Calling for Android is anticipated to be available on a growing selection of T-Mobile’s Android-powered smartphones in the coming months.

The new T-Mobile myTouch is expected to be available in time for the holidays, exclusively from

T-Mobile USA in four colors —white, black, plum or red. Customers can visit http://mytouch.t-mobile.com for more information.

Motorola DEFY with MOTOBLUR is expected to be available exclusively to T-Mobile USA customers in time for the holidays. For more information on Motorola DEFY with MOTOBLUR.  Customers can visit http://www.T-Mobile.com for more information.

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  • Jon

    YES!!!!! I’ve been hoping this would happen. I, too, was considering switching away from T-Mobile after having been with them since Voicestream days. I’ve been using Blackberry’s for the last few years, and UMA is the ONLY way I had a reliable enough connection to use my mobile/smart phone from my home office. Without UMA I’d HAVE to find another carrier that provides a better signal into my home.

    Much as I appreciate Blackberry’s, I’m ready for a sleek new Android smartphone. Vibrant looks great, G2 looks great…myTouch HD looks great… :) more and more choices! right now, I wish the Desire HD was coming to the US, but that doesn’t appear to be happening. 10 weeks ago go, and I’ll see what surfaces between now and then. This is a *wonderful* announcement. :)

  • Anthony

    No handoffs = weak. That’s just what i want to be switching back and forth, dropping calls.

    • BrianH

      Don’t take it personally … but this just sounds like a reason to complain. Switch back and forth? What do you intend to do? Make a call on wi-fi at home, get in your car while on the call and drive around the block?

      If you have coverage where you are, there’s no need to make your call over wi-fi. If you’re in fact at home (or anywhere with no signal) you either finish your call before you travel … or you say “hey, I’ll call you right back.”

      • Cassie

        I agree we seem to have a negative Nancy here…Get over it. This is better than NO wii calling for those who need it. I switched to Sprint because I was tired of waiting. Nw 1 month later here it is =P Oh well, it is what it is. I say GREAT to the wifi calling and OH WELL to the no-hand off stuff. *thumbs up because T-Mobile is stepping up to the plate!!!*

      • Androidfeen

        Lmao thats right

  • J-Hop2o6

    it’ll be nice to have a plan like this

    No Minutes deducted = $5-10 add-on
    Minutes deducted = FREE

  • OtherGuy

    Whats the number to the loyality department?

    • Cassie

      And let me guess you are planning of taking advantage of it…the loyalty department doesn’t have a number. Call and ruin a general reps day and I dare you to ask for the dept by name lol. That’ll get you well served.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Anyone wondering where and if the iPhone fits into all of these new offerings by T-Mobile?

    WSJ just confirmed the iPhone is going to Verizon:


    • peter

      Honestly, who cares about iPhone?

      • Androidfeen

        Yea who the f*ck cares about iphone lmao iphone is already out of the game, I found a lost iphone 3gs and it was so disappointing I gave it away lol, android already sold more than iphone, android is growin too fast at a way more faster rate than phone seriously I don’t know why some ppl are still talking about the iphone android does everything and more than the iphone does ever since nexus 1 came out iphone became history, not even the iphone 4 step up to the nexus one which is already old

    • Drew

      Ummmm…. NO!! Why would we talk about T-Mobile extending Wi-fi calling to Android devices and in turn be concerned about the iPhone who’s not “officially” on T-Mo’s network?? And just so you know, WSJ has been talking that nonsense for a yr and a half… go away already.

  • MeMyselfandI

    Voice and SMS are good, but too bad you can’t get data over the UMA link…

    • Ted C.

      Since Wifi is a data-connection you already have the one you’re looking for. The UMA data connection piece really only adds value if TMo implements handoffs… which they’ve said they won’t. That’s why they can’t call it UMA.

      • Cassie

        That’s just untrue Ted C. you obviously don’t lack good reception in your home. Smh.

  • upnorth85

    Guys, don’t worry unduly about the hand-off. Hand-offs rarely work. They work when you meander in and out but calls drop when you move out completely. I have Wi-Fi at home and work and sometimes use the UMA. My calls invariably drop when I leave home or work. When I am overseas I never ever have the cell phone connected to the tower. I use the UMA only on Wi-Fi. In short this a technicality. I personally think with the Wi-Fi calling coming to Android, this is the final nail in the coffin for Blackbery. Before you get the impression that I am bashing BB, let me tell you that I am a stock holder in RIMM and have used BB for many years now and just got myself a BB Bold. I however would seriously consider moving to an Android device if BB continues to have such a poor user interface.

  • Bryanez

    Talked to a tmobile rep today. Said he came from a HTC event and that wifi calling is coming to the G2. Oh and i got mah G2 today! yay!

  • bmg314

    So, someone please let me know if this is just me….why are they calling it the Tmobile MyTouch? I mean, why is it not being called the MyTouch HD? Should anything be read into that?

    • J-Hop2o6

      its not really HD compared to the competition.. its HD from the other mytouch’s.. but they should just call it myTouch 2

      • WhatRUTouching?


  • Android_User

    You can already do all this on Android phones all free with Google Voice + Sipdroid, and it doesn’ tuse ANY t-mobile minutes… I use it already.

    • padiberry

      voip isn’t the same at all – uma/wifi calling works with your same tmobile number (ie when I call clients using uma/wifi calling, they see my tmobile number on their caller id), and minutes are counted as if you were physically on the tmobile network (that’s important if you live where tmobile doesn’t have coverage – log more than 1/2 of your monthly minutes on roaming networks & you’ll soon get a “dear john” letter)

      handoff on uma rarely works anyway – I won’t miss it.

  • 2006mr

    its called the mytouch HD bc the video will/can be recorded in HD quality

  • http://blog.polinchock.com David

    Does anyone have confirmation about wifi callig and the G2? It would kinda’ suck to find out it won’t support it, since it appears to have the right hardware/software.

  • Clem

    I still have one of these grandfathered UMA family plans where the entire family gets unlimited UMA calling for $9.99 a month. I hope I get to keep this plan when I finally upgrade my 3 year old bb curve to a Motorolla Defy….

    • padiberry

      according to the rep I spoke with last night, we will keep our grandfathered uma feature & have unlimited wifi minutes. he was reading directly from their wifi calling training docs. in fact, some of my phones will continue to use uma while some will be upgraded to wifi calling.

      • Clem

        cool. great news. thanks.

  • reddragon72

    So we have 3 phones in the wild and not one person anywhere could rip the needed files from them? Dang come on dev’s you guys are slack’n… j/k

    Still no word on this hitting any phone anytime soon. Come on T-mobile, you have the app done, you have the testing done, you know it all works, now just push the frign thing out for crying out loud!!!!

  • tmouser

    Do we know what this app is called yet? Is it available in the Market?

  • Phoneguru4

    will it ever be on nexus one?