T-Mobile Gives Stores Permission To Sell The G2 Ahead Of Schedule

Update: A number of you are reporting via Twitter and the comments below that a large number of stores will begin sales tomorrow, still 3 days earlier than expected!

We’re not 100% sure what the exact details are at the time of this writing, however as we understand it sources are telling us that certain regions have been given the go ahead to sell the T-Mobile G2 early. That means stores in those locations are able to go ahead and release inventory to those who might have pre-ordered via retail location and do not need to wait until October 6th to purchase or regular walk-ins. We can’t confirm the exact areas of the country where this is taking place but as we understand it, it might be as wide as the entire country or as small as local markets. If you’ve been waiting for October 6th you might want to contact your local T-Mobile store and see what they say!

We have to wonder for a moment if Radio Shack and their October 3rd sales date didn’t have something to do with this?


  • ItsMichaelNotMike
    • remixfa

      Its true. Tmo stores got a fat stock of G2’s last week and apparently didnt feel the need to wait since preorder units have already been recieved. Go get em!!!! The demo units went up in the floors yesterday if you want to play with it.

      • BW

        got mine today. it is amazing.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Here it is with sorted to show Buy It Now only. Lowest is $450 (but a zero FB seller).

    The seller where it’s listed for $509.99 is cool. I bought a Slide from him, $120 less than what T-Mobile asked for it.

    I don’t know who he is, but he always gets the latest T-Mobile phones and sells them without boxes and some accessories. Typically his prices are about $100 less than from T-Mobile (except that G2, but he got that early. Typically he lists phones about 30 to 45 days after they debut). Note: lately his FB took some unwarranted hits, from nuts. Too bad for him. He used to have a 99.5 rating.


  • Hmmm?

    Alright, now that the G2 is available, lets start talking about the MyTouch HD!

  • Poindexter

    I went in to a T-mobile Limited store today and tried out the G2. Wouldn’t sell it to me tho because I don’t qualify for the full discount yet…didn’t have pricing for partially subsidized device, and wouldn’t even sell it outright for $600 without contract.

    The one I tried did have the hinge problem. Made me wonder whether if, when trying to jam it in my pocket, it might start to open, get caught on my pocket, and get damaged or slip out of my hand and fall. Played with settings and ran across an indicator of how much internal memory was available…it was something like 1.3 GB. So I guess the rest of the space is taken up by the system, pre-installed apps, etc. Went to manage apps and didn’t have the option to uninstall any of the pre-installed apps, either. Probably have to root to do that…

    • Carlos

      I had something like that….After talking to 4 different TMO reps 3 @customer service and 1 in store prior to today, all told me that once it sells in the store I could take advantage of Tmo line of credit that I had. That if I were to buy during pre-order I would have to pay for the phone outright…. So today I came out….as it turns out, I can buy it at the store, but I cannot get there, they still have to mail it to me bcs I am not due to a full upgrade, and since I had upgraded my wife’s phone and used the line of credit I did not have any credit available…

      Really sucks bcs all this was contrary to what customer service had told me just a few days before. Not to mention that just a day after my wife’s 14 days of return expired they cut the price of her BB9700 in half!!!! I was stuck with a $100 phone paying $200, no line of credit (used on the BB), and no G2 in hand….

      Got completely screwed by Tmo on this one!!!

  • Marcus

    I went to a store today and played with the G2. I went to the same website at the same time on my Vibrant and it wasn’t THAT much faster on the HSPA network.

    My first impression was “Dang this is heavy!” Overall I was unimpressed and I am sticking with my Vibrant. I really thought I would like it more. The screen is too small in comparison. I’ve gotten spoiled in the week that I’ve had the Vibrant.

    It felt well built, just not for me in particular.

    • Lance

      Did you have an HSPA signal?

    • The Shick

      You should dowload quadrant standard edition from the market, it will clock how fast your phone is compared to other android phones. There you will see the G2 is almost twice as fast as the vibrant. I have a G2 and a buddy has the vibrant, needless to say my G2 is way faster, the test proves it. Rooting your phone will make it crazy fast, only then will your vibrant beat the G2. But when root is available for G2 you’ll be left in the dust again. On the same note though, the vibrant is a very nice phone.

      • Cupcake

        It’s not the G2 that is faster, its the Android 2.2. When/If the Vibrant gets the 2.2 update it will bury the G2 in the dirt, sorry fanboy, it’s a fact.

      • don’t think so


        I’ve been getting constant 1700’s in quadrant with my G2.


        My buddy’s GalaxyS has been getting constant 900’s.

        Fact: What could be, isn’t. What is now, is.

        Fact: My G2 is already on 2.2.

        Fact: The GalaxyS is on 2.1.

        Fact: a CM rom on the GalaxyS makes it flipping fast

        Fact: a CM rom on the G2 will make it flipping fast (when there is one-soon).

        Fact: I thought “Cupcake” was much more of a fanboy and that is a fact. I did! I didn’t make it up!

        Aren’t facts fun!

        Butterfly in the skyyyyyyyy. I can go twice as hiiiiiiiighh…

      • Cupcake

        Yep, G2 fanboys. Its all thanks to 2.2. Enjoy your brick with its cloudy LCD. G2 will never be as fast as Vibrant with 2.2, sorry. I know it hurts when a new phone you buy is really not that innovative. You should have waited for the MTHD.

  • Mr. Barrow

    do tmo have a front facing cam like the iphone.


    Had my g2 since thursday. Pre-ordered thu T-Mo. The net is fast! The phone is an upgraded version of the G1 and really a heavy sturdy phone (nothing like the plastic vibrant) but nothing really knocks my socks off…. There’s nothing really “NEW”…

    • Frigadroid

      Why do people have such a problem with plastic? Would you prefer a 1980s ford mustang or chevy camaro over a 2011 model ? I like the fact that the vibrant is so light. If I want to work out my arms that’s what I have a golds membership for. Also when it comes to speed if the g2 doesn’t beat the Vibrant with hspa + then what’s the point of having the + ? Don’t think I’m hating on the g2 if it had a bigger samoled display and no keyboard I would sell my Vibrant today, but the speed to me is irrelevant when the vibrant brings up a web page in the blink of an eye I’m not going to be envious of any phone that’s a nano second faster.

      • whooptang

        ..so why then are you even giving a rip? EH? Seems like YOU DO care. The G2 IS the new highness. Does that make all other phones pieces of junk? OF COURSE NOT. Argue about it all ya want. In fact I welcome it. The more people argue that the G2 ISN’T the new highness, the more it confirms.


        btw, you consider a heavy phone a “workout”? ^_^ It’s a good thing you have that membership. You should use it! Fitness is greatness!

  • bronxlcsw

    Well i walk into the Tmobile store in Bronx NY zip 10473. They give me the phone on an add a line account. Not only that i got another G2 for free. So i got 2 G2 devices. I must say its one heavy device. looks like it would last a nuclear blast though. Video looks much better on the Vibrant. Comes with 8gb Microsd card. I am not feeling the love for this phone yet.

  • Travis

    I got my new G2 yesterday. The TMo store didn’t have one but I had one reserved at Radio Shack. It does everything I wanted my G1 to do and more. Very pleased. Nice solid phone.

  • bronxlcsw

    Dont get me wrong, this phone looks and feels awsome. Its just that i dont see a whole lot of difference between it and the Vibrant feature wise. In fact the movies i have on the vibrant look better. And the vibrant is connected to the HSDPA network giving me close to 7mbs and the G2 is at 9mbs. Keyboard is a little cramped but acceptable.

  • http://Tmonews Datdude

    To be the company that brought “THE 1ST ANDROID PHONE TO MARKET” T-Mobile needs to ACT LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The HD2 was nice; the My Touch Slide was nice also. But the G2 is WEAK, SOFT, and none thing close to what the modern day use is wonting to do. No one wants to sing a 2yr contract on a phone that has last year’s technology on it today. Stop bringing base mobile phones to the store and then letting other carries come with the same phone but more features to make yours look weak.

    • Andrew

      And stop learning to spell and make complete sentences!!!!!!!

    • JeezeLouise

      I happen to think the G2 is a fantastic piece of equipment. It outperforms my Evo by a LONGSHOT. It’s the perfect size, the screen is gorgeous, it’s battery life thus far, has been good, it’s freaking fast, and is just over-all, amazing. I didn’t get a 2 year contract for mine. I just went and bought two of them. No biggy.

      What exactly is “modern day”. Hrmmmm? I’ll bet that I do much more with my G2 already then you have EVER done with all of your phones COMBINED.

      I diagnose cars via OBD with my phone. I map various trails while riding my dirt bike. I check my heart-rate because I have to. I check the surf and tide report because I ride waves. I monitor my runs/jogs. I check various email accounts including an exchange server. I play games (derrr), I scan bar-codes and not just for the hell of it either. I keep up with news, weather, friends and family just like every other android device. I buy things. I sell things. I plan trips. I remember where my car is. I find the best restaurants and movies in the area. I use the damned flashlight when It’s too dark to see. I find out which direction I’m headed. I take photos and videos to document experiences and I share them on the cloud. I am reminded of important dates and events. I plan important dates and events. I trip out on google earth and most importantly…

      I burst many bubbles and throw many, many angry birds while sitting on the throne. Just like pretty much every…other…android.

      What I do NOT do is video chat. I don’t like video chat. It creeps me out.

      With it’s 45 nanometer architecture, this phone is of THE LATEST technology. I’m sorry that you are uninformed.

  • TuroTheGreat

    Just got off customer care and after being immediately transferred to loyalty. The rep offered me $99 for one phone and $154 for the second phone (still in contract) for the G2. Also got data plans for $20 each and he waived the activation and shipping fees! An awesome deal in my opinion.

  • Mr. Barrow

    can some1 tell me where i can see a vid on tethering the g2 please. ty

  • AM123

    Easily the best phone I have ever held in my hands! Build quality is amazing and stock(ish) android is FAST! Loved all 2 hrs I had it. But alas, I had to return it. The damn hinge was loosy goosy. If I held it in my finger tips at the bottom and turned my wrist 360 degrees, it would open and gimp. And although the keyboard is really nice, I think I actually prefer no keyboard. I’m waiting for t-mo to receive it and upgrade their system with my return before I can go pick a solidly tight one at their retail store.
    Enjoy yours everybody!

  • harvey

    Just got the G2 yesterday and did a speed test. I am getting 5.96 down and 1.62 up in Missouri City a suburb of Houston,TX.

    I am enjoying my phone and honestly notice the difference in speed. I gave my wife my Vibrant and sold her MyTouch slide yesterday on Craigslist for 300.00.

    Not regretting the G2 purchase so far.