New “myTouch” To Be Known As myTouch 4G?

So I’ve been working on getting the exact name of the “new” myTouch ever since the official announcement came out calling it the “new” myTouch. We can happily, or unhappily confirm that the device appears to be named the “myTouch 4G” if our sources are accurate. We’re not calling this one 100% as until we have something in writing that says so but from what we’ve heard from those individuals who have used the phone, there are plenty of references to that name. What say you?

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  • john

    Dude. It’s the 4th Generation myTouch.

    Btw blah’s right. 3g vs 4g is like cable vs satellite. It’s not the number of channels (speed), it’s the delivery system.

    • john

      4th Generation = 4G
      It’s real crafty & leaves a bad taste in my mouth to see tmobile playing its hand this way..

      • Mike

        MyTouchHD is the name of the new one

      • j

        actually it really only the 3rd mytouch, the mytouch 1.2 doesn’t count as was just a 3.5 mm headset jack addition, so your theory of 4th gen mtouch does not hold water

    • Seraphim

      Being a mytouch champion at the store I work at we got got an email officially calling the phone the MyTouch HD. Also my manager just came back from a meeting in Vegas where he got to play with it first hand and confirms that it is called the HD.

      • right

        The article is correct, 4g not hd. Even tho of course there is no such thing as 4g.

      • doubter

        what area are you in? i’m pretty sure you’re full of it.

  • INeedHotSpot


  • XfooYen

    Who cares what it’s called? If it’s called the “ItouchMyself 4P”, I still want one.

    • Jrsykind

      LMAO! True!

    • cissypeoples

      LOL!!! i know thats right!!! i do too! can we get a date already none of this “maybe the 3rd of Nov”

    • George


  • Jeetu

    Then why would call it 4G if it’s not acting like a real 4G? Sounds like they did the marketing first?

    What if T-Mobile enhances the HSPA+ to HSPA++ and it is now making 100Mbps and 20Mbps down? Still not call it a 4G?

    The Logic is, whatever technology you use as long as you get that speed then you’re in it.

  • TheUmmmGuy

    “This 19″ TV has a beautiful picture capable of displaying 50″ picture quality.” “My car is a Mazda RX8 with V8-like power.” “T-Mobile’s network operates at 4G speeds.”

    Statements like that are ridiculous, where no customer or spectator would get any more excited over the concept, except possibly in gaining the opportunity to label the marketing firm as a pack of idiots. I love T-Mo’s network, as it’s been the fastest and most reliable for me. But come on now guys. Call the network what it is. It’s HSPA+, not 4G.

    Stop being ashamed, and hype what you got! Verizon is preparing to start their hype of LTE. Then where will you be? T-Mobile will be the store branded artificially-flavored vanilla ice cream, while Verizon becomes Breyer’s all natural 4G Vanilla.

    • David Thomas

      No, LTE is 3.9G, so you fail hardcore, fanboy.

      • TheUmmmGuy

        Ease up there. And “fanboy”? Really? Who am I being a “fanboy” for? I’m unclear with that one. Fanboy is the best you can do when you come back with a stat of 3.9G? Yeah, OK.

        Besides, it doesn’t matter. Verizon is already testing LTE with speeds reporting real speeds at around 12Mbps, which T-Mobile is getting about 6Mbps. It’s going to be a speed war out there, and Verizon has the money and power to hype it up just as they do their muscle-phones.

      • k-mack

        i think you just answered your question of who you are a fanboy for, ummguy!…

  • Rick

    I’d just like to see it rolled out quickly, I’m so tired of the B’berry I’m stuck with because it has UMA. I was about to get the G2 but decided to wait for the myTouch to come out with the wifi calling pre-installed. Curse the intermittent signal reception in my house. Hey T-Mobile, My birthday is this month, how ’bout it?

    • sean

      nokia e73 mode = uma and ffc

      • Deaconclgi

        AND the E73 Mode has a Max of 10Mbps downloads, that is the second fastest released HSPA+ Tmobile phone besides the G2 at 14.4Mbps.

  • TMOJoe

    Anyone (maybe David) know what the price will be? I sure hope it is ot over $400.

    • Kickstar13

      It will most likely run $199.99 on a 2-year contract.

      • TMOJoe

        Cool, thanks. Hopefully, I can also get that price or something close to that if I want to buy it a few months before my upgrade eligibility.

  • currator

    i am just going to throw this out there i mean just a thought dont go nuts. but isnt tmobile putting a lot of money into clearwire. so is it even a thought maybe the phone has wimax radio ip thing what ever in the new mytouch. i mean tmobile needs spectrum that clearwire has ohh. and not a fanboy of care about sprint but wimax 2.0 which is just a software update to current towers and works with wimax 1.0 is already passing thru fcc and with rollout in 2012 has 1gbps with real world speed of 100 mbps soo maybe tmobile does have 4g maybe they have not turned it on maybe it is next year remember 42mbps in 2011 what were they talking about and how is it att can only do 14.4 mbps with there hspa+ maybe i am missing something i think tmo has a ace in the whole but thats just my two cents

    remember tmo wants to use clearwire for lte maybe they already have put the tech on there towers and have to wait till they can buy more spectrum or get some from clearwire.

    let the hate comments flood gates open you first blah


    • Patrick

      Well, one of the main reasons T-Mobile was the last to roll out 3G in the states is because of the future. The newer tower’s put up only require firmware and software updates to achieve great speeds, the HSPA+ is the start of it and will increase in bandwidth after national launch. It works the same as your cable internet only have 1MB connection and now capable of 30MB. Same means of travel, just making more use of the road. I should know ;)

  • Noel

    4G SPEEDS…i wud say if it is capable of achieving said speeds and even more then u might aswell call it 4G. As it stands now..the Desire Z beats the Evo 4G speeds in some tests i have seen. Since we are talking 4G speeds then u might call it that. I suspect the Mytouch HD/4G with an even powerful new generation 1ghz snapdragon processor will perform even faster on HSPA+…or it may be a device capable of 3G,HSPA+ and 4G speeds. From the specs…looks like the Mytouch HD/4G will be a monster device…just wish it was stock Android or has the capability to turn Sense on n off. My less than a year old Nexus one still serves me superbly, hence made up my mind to bypass the recent releases and see what next year has to offer (new Dual core chip sets from Nvidia and the likes will be on devices…)

    • SPA

      I am so sick of all the idiotic comments in this forum! So many people commenting have know clue what they are talking about!! The institute in Europe that actually defines the standards for 3G has already stated that none of the current US carriers networks fall under true “4G” as defined by the standards. However, T-Mobile now has the fastest network with the most pops covered by year end. Verizon is shooting for 120 million while TMO will have 200 million. Sprint will have no where near that with clear wire/wiMax. With that said, Tmo should be well within their rights to call it’s network 4G as well. Unless someone decides Verizon and Sprint were falsely advertising, neither is T-Mobile, period.

  • BeerBellyBilly

    Wow. Looks like someone just went over the top on a stream-of-consciousness drop. As for T-Mo investing in Clearwire, it’s all about spectrum for them, but they are looking at other options for spectrum too. LightSquared has spectrum just below AWS that T-Mobile uses that they are building out LTE on, as a wholesale partner. Also, T-Mo is trying to license more spectrum above AWS as an extention to it, assuming the government is willing to vacate those bands and auction it off.

    As for WiMax, I don’t think T-Mo is interested in that at all. Sprint’s top execs have all resigned from Clearwire’s BOD. WiMax buildouts in several markets have now been delayed (Denver for one). Sprint’s new android and wp7 phones? None have WiMax on them as I am aware, but I could be wrong. My prospects and WiMax are dubious at brest, but time will tell.

  • Illegal Machine

    “MyTouch HD” or even “MyTouch + (Plus)” would be better names. Calling it 4G when it isn’t….just doesn’t seem right.

    As an educated person, how can I tell someone I own a “MyTouch 4G” when I KNOW it isn’t 4G? They may not know the difference, but they’ll surely say, “I didn’t know T-Mobile had 4G…?”

    Then I have to explain that they don’t. But they named the phone 4G anyway.

    C’mon T-Mobile….

  • Chris

    3G and 4G labels are ridiculous in themselves. The ‘G’ stands for generation anyway, and has no connection with actual hard specs. Everybody has been playing this same game of debating what ‘G’ their network is. It’s why we’ve got the BS of 2.75G and 3.75G, etc… It’s all marketing BS. All that’s relevant is the actual data speed. T-Mobile is trying to get people to not discount their service just because it’s using technology some people label as “3G”. Labels which I think are complete fodder.

  • deke218

    The 4G has nothing to do with connection speed people. It’s the 4th generation of the phone. The iCrap 4G isn’t a 4G speed phone either.

    • Illegal Machine

      It’s called the “iPhone 4” not “iPhone 4G”.

      You’re like the 4th person to say that in these comments. Are there really THAT many people who are getting the name wrong? It’s the most talked about phone on the planet.

      • Not Really

        When I was working for T-Mobile Android Support you would not believe how many people called the original MyTouch a “G2”, then would argue with me that it wasn’t the mytouch and was actually called G2. People hear what they want to hear and of course nobody is ever wrong. What amazes me is the people that “knew” so much about the phones were the ones calling in to get common procedures and basic user information. Then get mad when the phone wouldn’t do some obscure thing that they thought should be in there and when it wouldn’t they’d want their money back for the phone they’d had for 4 mos. People need to research these devices before they drop $200 t0 $500 for a device they know nothing about.

      • Deke218

        No, I usually call it the iCrap 4G and at launch the iCrap 4 was known as the iCrap 4G. Still its crap.

  • milkykung

    Well, isn’t it called “MyTouch Emerald” rather than “MyTouch 4G” according to your previous update on features comparison chart? []

    IMHO, the way the model is called is as important as features and design itself. It helps marketing strategist tackling customers with birghter and stronger spotlight.

    Catchy model name like “HTC HERO” or “Legend” is great but “MyTouch Emerald” can be misleading as it does not have any elements in GREEN or is it the battery color? lol

    Surely, this is my opinion, yours might differ. Can’t wait to see pricelist of this phone.


  • 3g

    It gets speeds faster then my cliq xt right now, plus I have family back home so, mobile video calling would be great. Don’t think they will slap on to much sence on it so I’m getting it.

    Don’t care what it was called, its faster and better then my current phone. Can’t wait for out to chime out.

  • andrew

    I thought myTouch HD was a good name. I think, since Sprint has really been marketing the 4G stuff, that they should go with a different name to distinguish themselves in the marketplace.

  • bo

    sprint says they offer a 4G network. What they offer is simply Wi-Max which isn’t really another generation of cellular coverage as in GSM->EDGE->UMTS etc… the terms 3G and 4G have been turned into simply marketing terms relative to the speeds of the networks. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ is faster than Sprint’s “4G” Wi-Max network, so why can’t T-Mobile brand the HSPA+ as 4G? I’ve been happy with them saying simply “4G Speeds” instead of straight up 4G, but who cares? it’s marketing!

    All this from a Wireless Engineer :-)

    • TheUmmmGuy

      And when marketing starts calling the color blue “red”, should it be accepted because it’s marketing? If 4G stands for “4th generation device”, that’s one thing. But T-Mobile has signs up that read “4G speeds”, which obviously means that there’s a push in marketing. Something just doesn’t sit well with me there. Especially when I’ve heard T-Mobile reps call their network 4G because they lack the education.

      I’d debunk 4G immediately and call it for what it is and hype HSPA+ as the best of the best for the time. Maybe give a checklist as to why HSPA+ is better than 4G (cheaper, backwards compatibile, faster than home DSL, etc).

      • sandytoes


  • Rilesman

    I think it will be a blunder in the long run calling it 4G. But having 4 in there and discussing 4G speeds would be acceptable.

    What is their plan on the MyTouch naming convention? How will we distinguish from one to the next? I am ok with the MyTouch (insert crystal/stone name here)

  • ogopogo

    Wow! This is a lot of discussion over a name. So what if they call it 4G? What does G2 mean? Google-2?? Who cares? What does Nexus mean? Again, who cares? They can call it anything they want, and if it stirs up discussions about it – great! It’s a great way to advertise the phone without advertising the phone.

  • bambam

    I am a tmobile rep who is getting one. I was told its going to be called the Mytouch HD. They are supposed to come in starting this Friday to the “android” reps in each store.

    • Midori

      Could you announce the phones UI when you get one.

  • Deaconclgi

    I don’t care what T-Mobile calls their network, all I know is that when my N900 shows 3.5G, I get 5-8 Mbps. I call that FMNA+ “Fastest Mobile Network in America+”

  • 3Gsurfer


    We know what your talking about, even my retard brother got your point the first time you made it. I don’t care is T-Mobile doesn’t have real 4G, or if they are not using IP whatever, or if they call the phone “my-stick-up-@ss 4G” all we want to quilty. Just because Sprint gives real 4G doesn’t make it better. I will stay with 3.5Gm for one reason, its faster. I don’t care if Verizon came out with 7G tomorrow, as long as T-Mobile’s HSPA+ is faster, I’m with T-Mobile. Let T-Mobile call it 4G, let it be called “myTouch 4G” I really don’t care. All I care about it quility, speed, and if it is user-friendly. I am not a T-Mobile fan boy, tmonews does not host tmo fanboys. Just because you got your $150 check from Taco Bell and want to save up for this phone, that’s all good, but quit trolling. No one asked for your mentally-challenged, retard based, down’s syndrome input. Go drive your 1995 GEO down to the T-Mobile store and talk to them about whether or not T-Mobile has true 4G.

    For me, if my phone runs speeds of 4G, BEST BELIEVE I’m calling my phone a 4G phone. You also had other names for the device, guess what? NO ONE CARES! I just want to know the name of the damn phone, I’m tried of calling it “the new” “mytouch.”

    myTouch Burst? Really Blah? Sounds like something I would do to your mom.
    myTouch Plus? Made by HTC, not Palm.

    So get off here and go make me some tacos for when I come up to your Taco Bell, and make sure they got extra meat on them.


    • 2006mr

      @3gsurfer……ROTFLMAO!!!!!! I too work fir tmo and I come to this site everyday fir entertainment and if course news. With that said honestly who really cares what the network or phone name is. Why? Bc the cust is always right (for the sake of this post). Y’all will call the network and phone what ever u like and at the end of the day…… I myself just laugh and continue with my calls. But good one 3gsurfer

  • Joonyerr

    MYTOUCH 3! sounds sexy

  • Josh

    The only thing that matters what it is called is what I will call it… and that will be :


  • Rick-a-billy

    QUESTION Do you guys really think this is project emerald??? Feedback please :)

  • Cat

    eh….show me HSPA++++ is fastest speed. show me mytouch HD “the flash” or “hyperdrive” dc comic and space. show me real speed. that’s all

  • Barry

    Ok personally I don’t care whether it’s called 4G or not my question is. ok let’s say in a year HSPA+ can go to 100mbps download and 20mbps up and LTE or WiMax goes to 100mbps down and 20mbps up and as some pointed out they are different technologies in theory there’s no difference so what would set them apart and make one better than the other ???

    @Rick-a-billy David has pointed out many time over that he feels the MyTouch HD/Emerald/4G is project emerald.

  • Midori

    How long did it take to see what the G2 was like turned on before it was officially released because it is rumored to come out November 3 which is in less than a month from now?

    • Midori

      by it I mean the myTouch. It has like 21 more rumored days to go

  • CaptObvious

    This is absolutely Project Emerald.

  • GetReal

    Listen LTE is not 4g for the people who are saying that. 4g is about the delivery rather then it representing a advancement in tech. HSPA+ quite a few time in a few cities have beaten sprints 4g network in speeds, remember that HSPA+ is not fully rolled out yet. Hell I live in Chicago and we have yet to get it and we are one of the top three most important cities when it comes to most things. So who knows how fast it will be once its rolled out in a complete network form and not a partial one

  • Chosen1

    I am on the fence guys?!
    I am sick of my iphone 3g and am ready to jump ship. I like the looks of the G2 but feel like I might regret getting it when the mytouch emerald comes out…


    my friend who works at tmobs is suggesting I wait for the mytouch….

    Hurry up!!!! haha

  • Yawn

    Wow — that’s pretty deceptive marketing. Tmo basically admits that it’s not a 4g network by their very boast of having “4g like speeds” or however the tag goes.

  • Mr Cker

    More WP7 news Please!

  • That deal

    You guys saying t mobile doesn’t have real 4g .. Are you retarded? Sprint 4g network runs at 11mbps… T mobile runs at 16mpbs and is said to hit as fast as 25mbps.. Last time I went to school I learened that the higher number is better. So 16 mbps > 11 mbps… t mobile should just say it has 5g since it is has THE FASTEST MOBILE NETWORK IN THE UNITED STATES

    • NYC Dude

      I think nobody is “retarded” here, since none of the Big Four actually has truly a 4G service, as of yet (It’s now January 2011.) Needless to say, you can market anything as 4G or 4000G for that matter, but the truth is, if you were to stick to the real definition of 4G, then nobody is yet to offer it.

      Yes, you might have gone to school, but you still need some enlightment here. CHeck this out:

    • NYC Dude

      I think nobody is “retarded” here, since none of the Big Four actually has truly a 4G service, as of yet (It’s now January 2011.) Needless to say, you can market anything as 4G or 4000G for that matter, but the truth is, if you were to stick to the real definition of 4G, then nobody is yet to offer it.

      Yes, you might have gone to school, but you still need some enlightment here. CHeck this out:

  • That deal

    You guys saying t mobile doesn’t have real 4g .. Are you retarded? Sprint 4g network runs at 11mbps… T mobile runs at 16mpbs and is said to hit as fast as 25mbps.. Last time I went to school I learened that the higher number is better. So 16 mbps > 11 mbps… t mobile should just say it has 5g since it is has THE FASTEST MOBILE NETWORK IN THE UNITED STATES

  • Rilesman

    I think T-Mobile should call the HSPA+ the “H Network” and when speeds are bumped to 42Mbps then they can call it the “H+ Network” Then make a nice little bar graph with large letters of GPRS, EDGE, 3G, H-Network. Also they need to show the graph repeatedly in the middle of the screen so all of us that DVR fast forward will instead see the Graph fairly solid and get brainwashed how fast the H-Network is…appears.

    Just a crazy idea. Thank goodness I am not in marketing. But a study does show commercials that repeat their symbol or message repeatedly in the middle of the screen still resonate with forwarding DVR crowd.

    Wouldn’t even have to be long commercials, short spots of phones or images dancing around the edge…with the graph and H-Network in Magenta, then followed by the words T-Mobile…action on the edge. Can I get my check now?

  • bcj

    I vote MyTouch+

    I can’t believe I read all these comments and still don’t know when and how much for full price.


  • sos

    verizon will be getting iphone in december….

  • jahc

    when is this phone going to come out?!

  • fcbayernfan

    Actually, “mytouch” is pretty lame in and of itself. It just doesn’t sound “cool.” It just doesn’t sound “hip” like droid, evo, or iphone. Tmo should have dropped the mytouch moniker and rebranded the phone as MTHD or MT4G…can’t go wrong with acronyms! :-)

  • Joshua

    It’s called “4g” because it’s gonna cost 4 grand you fools. None of you are right! 4k on contract, 8k off contract. Start saving!

    • 3Gsurfer


  • miketmo

    T-mobile’s HSPA+ network is larger then att’s, sprints 4g, or verizons network combined! this phone is gonna take a huge steamy sh*t on Iphone 4, droid x, Evo, AND the galaxy phones!!! first week of november baby!

  • bambam

    Its the mytouch hd