More myTouch 4G Screenshots Appear, November 3rd Launch Not Close Enough

Let’s be real clear about this right from the start since so many seem to be asking the comments without searching, the myTouch 4G (as we expect it launch, 99% confidence) will launch NOVEMBER 3rd. With that in mind we present you with a few more screen shots for you to lust over while we count down the days till launch. No live shots here but we’ve got quite a few to salivate over if you wish to see a small gallery over at this link. Enjoy the images!

[nggallery id=21]

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  • Josh M.

    I can haz Mytouch 4G?

  • hott

    this is flippin awesome!!!!!

  • Vaidyn

    Does anyone know pricing on this?

  • Fixxer56

    Just found this video of the phone on
    You tube!

    • MrMeNaCe

      lol dang ur fast

  • MrMeNaCe
  • Fixxer56

    I just happened to search for something else on youtube and there it was! Pure luck on my part.!lol

  • Mae Mae

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