(Update: Nationwide Data Outage In Progress) T-Mobile Outage In Seattle?

Update: Judging by your comments there is a nationwide data outage in progress, we’re looking for further information!!

Unconfirmed reports are coming in via Twitter that T-Mobile is currently out in the Seattle areas. No information is known at this time, stay tuned for details!


  • rickb928

    No problems in Phoenix or Mesa all day…

    • hecg55

      ACTUALLY my internet kept going out throughout the day yesterday here in phoenix!.. and around midnight i had no connection to 3g or edge whatsoever. woke up this morning back online

      • Ivan

        Same here, around 5:00 am no connection hours later back on

    • Macknifetx

      Mine has been fine all day in Phoenix…..Think they could be gearing up for HSPA? LOL. Just wishful thinking.

    • Kevin

      yeah i live in tempe and im doing just fine…

    • Murich

      I live in N.E. Mesa and had no data from 6am – 8 am.

    • topdawg

      same her no problem in phx or in local cities in az

  • Andy G

    Haven’t noticed anything is DC at all… Not since last week i guess… Service has been acting kinda funny now that i think about it… text were taking super long and sometimes wouldn’t go through at all… Calls worked fine though

  • http://magicbluesmoke.org Hi, I’m 12 and what is this?

    New York City… iPhone going between “o” and “E”… mostly “o”… and there used to be some data in “o” mode, but now there’s no data at all. Horrible.

    • http://magicbluesmoke.org Hi, I’m 12 and what is this?

      Still having problems. I mostly get the o/GRPS but I do get the E briefly.

    • http://magicbluesmoke.org Hi, I’m 12 and what is this?

      Finally, the last hour or so I’ve been getting my “E” reliably.

  • Big Bad C-Los

    All seems well in Corona, CA.

  • mingkee

    3G icon disappeared (no internet) on nexus one this morning, but I turn the cellular off and turned back on and the internet was back.
    Same thing happened on Behold II as well.
    Location: Brooklyn. NY.

  • Big Steele

    No data issues in Everett/Lynnwood, WA (greater seattle regional district)

  • volcanic515

    3g shut off on me around 3:30am, was still gone @ 5am and didn’t come back till after I got up 10am.

  • luis03

    :Back to normal in Houston.

  • as usual

    Creeping along as usual here in Jacksonville, NC

  • mdiggty

    I live in Seattle and everything is fine. Yesterday I had really weak signal, but no probs today

    • b2k

      still nonexistent 3g here, seattle also.

  • Kevin

    Had some intermittent issues around 2am to 6am this morning. my webconnect rocket would drop uot in both UMTS and EDGE modes.

  • Stanly

    Mine went out twice here in the Cleveland area yesterday…once around oh, say 7 PM, and then another time this morning around 5 AM for a good while. I love their internet, we have HSPA+ here so…I can forgive them :). No EDGE, no 3g, no nothing. It wasn’t a big deal….it happens.

  • dawn

    Trouble here in Oakland, CA.

  • dan

    i lost connection in Cheyenne, Wyoming around 1-4 this morning mountain time. All is good now.

  • Erwin

    Yea i woke up this morning and my data connection was gone and didnt work. So i just turned it off and turned it on and it was back to normal. Didnt have anymore problems.

  • aaron

    it`s fine in hawaii

  • Curbside78

    3G seems to be out and has been pretty much all day. Now 3:38pm in Portland, Oregon and still no 3G.

  • http://twitter.com/jrperiod jrperiod

    No problems in the Bronx – Nexus One

  • dailyreader

    I believe that Minneapolis has not seen any data related outage. I’m not sure about the 3G aspect, as I am not within a 3G area

  • volcanic515

    Well, here we go again, 3g not working and I been restarting and pulling battery over and over again for the past 25min. I’m now stuck on Edge. :(

  • Ivan

    Flushing, NY

    Signal went out around 5:00 am. Turn my CLIQ off, then back on and everything was back to normal. And still is

  • JohnF

    I’m in the Seattle/Renton area. I observed an outage both phone and data from 4:40pm until about 5:45pm on Sept. 1. Tried turning off and on several times during that hour with no luck what so ever. Calls would not even dial. Sometimes would get not on network error.

  • http://www.jibenow.com/linuxnerds kdegeek

    I’m in the Hopkinsville KY area…. mines been acting odd all day….

  • PP

    I am a rep in Philly. My Data was out when I woke up, came back up when I restarted my slide. Had some customers with the same issue and a restart worked for them also. No update had been sent to reps from the company as of 6PM.

  • brandonz

    Manhattan, Ny, just 10 minutes on my blackberry, couldn’t load a website.

  • Sasha

    I just got hit with this around 5: 50 and I’m in the suburbs around Seattle. Hope it comes back soon!

  • tmogeek

    Took a hit here in SoCal. Seemed localized. At home the wife didn’t have 3G all day and I was fine at work. I get home and the 3G is down for me too. No 3G, but I could get data if I toggled to Edge. An hour later all was fine. N1 and MyTouch.

  • http://twitter.com/magma9495 magma9495

    working fine in Ft.Lauderdale FL for me

  • Nicholas

    My mytouch wasnt showing any e g or 3g at all starting last night, and still goes in n out of it

  • Nicholas

    My mytouch wasnt showing any e g or 3g at all starting last night, and still goes in n out of it here in pasadena outside LA

  • R

    My internet on my unlocked iPhone kept would NOT work today. I thought my phone was just messed up.

  • misstree

    been out all day here in so. Cal tried thrme reboot but still no go

  • http://www.twitter.com/sopaopa Sopa

    This morning my charm wasn’t getting service but then I changed to my Slide and it worked for a bit but I kept losing service through out the day. People said they’ve been trying to call me but I never did get the call, no missed call notice either. I was in Centralia when it started and I am now in Tacoma. My texts would take forever to go through and sometimes wouldn’t go through at all.

  • Matt

    I’m getting emergency calls only as my network in pittsburgh pa

  • theBIGmack

    I live in the Bay Area (Sunnyvale, CA) and there are always issues :T

  • mjN1

    I hope they are working on HSPA+ maybe thats why were going thru this .

  • pat

    im in nj no service for 3 hrs now messed up my date with this girl :(

  • Francois

    Outages on Monday and Thursday for data and voice in Orange County, CA

  • somebody

    i thought this was normal tmobil service…

    i have full bars in some areas and cant make a call or do anything..

  • kershon

    No problems all day in central Illinois.

  • Detroitking02

    I was stuck on Edge all last night now this morning 3G has returned

  • http://squarecat.com Scott B

    Was having the dropped data yesterday and the day prior.

    Did a speed test this morning. Not necessarily much faster but the ping time was half normal. (I test every 2-4 days at work, along the commute, and at home.)

  • nobreak1970

    Here in the deep south of Alabama data has been in and out all day.

  • holiday

    Orlando is having serious data problems

  • holiday

    Orlando florida is having serious data problems

  • Andy

    I have had issues with signal for the last few between Pensacola and Atlanta.

  • TomCruise

    issues with data in Chicago area on Sep 02 morning. its ok now.

    but overall have been seeing issues with data and voice in n/w suburbs since past 2 months. is really frustrating to constantly get a call failed or network busy message when i have to call somebody urgently.

    hope tmobile fixes this soon.

  • SusieJ

    Haven’t been able to send SMSS messages all day here in San Diego

  • Neverglow

    Yeah, same outage Midnight on till about 9AM in Vegas the morning of the 2nd.

  • http://Tmomews Gina

    This is a normal thing with t-mobile over here in puerto Rico t-mobile always has those kind of problems also t-mobile doesn’t have 3G Over here that’s why ima switch to sprint or Claro or maybe AT&T because they do have 3G