T-Mobile G2 Pre-Order Is A Go For Tomorrow, Release October 6th!

We’ll just make this a super quick post but the T-Mobile G2 with Google will be available for pre-order starting tonight and running through October 4th with a release date on October 6th.  I can’t say how happy I am that the October 16th delayed release info was wrong, but I love it when information like that is wrong in the favor of an earlier date!  Get your credit cards ready!

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  • Ryan

    249.99 + 45 taxes + 18 upgrade fee + 5.99 shipping = $319 WITH 2-YEAR CONTRACT

    no thanks.

    • Kickstar13

      $199.99 with a $50 MIR.

      • Foxeh

        More like $264 after $50 MIR, at least for my area. My taxes/fees are $5 lower than Ryan’s… which are still definitely more fees than taxes only to have them tack on another $18 fee. And of course you gotta pay for shipping.

        I like T-Mobile, but not this much. To me, that price is not worth a contract extension, no way.

        Time to shop around, methinks.

    • wack mode

      yes thank u

    • wack mode

      pre ordered full price hahaaahaha

  • amejr999

    It’s available in My T-Mobile. $250-$50 MIR.

    • JustTravy

      Hey just for reference what’s your location?

      • amejr999


  • JUST A G2 :)


  • techromancer7

    Just ordered mine! im in brooklyn, ny!

  • toby

    Just pre-ordered, yay!

  • lakeshow

    Im gonna stay up and pre order this! Whos with me? :)

  • aaronhowardnm

    What is the site to pre order the link Tmobile sent out is just the registration page?

  • TechRep3

    I just ordered mine. I work for T-mobile so had to go threw My-Tmobile to do so

    • joel

      Hey man, are you able to do the status check of your order? I’m also an employee, and mine won’t pull up.

  • JustTravy

    BINGOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! JUST Ordered Mine.

  • dcman

    Just got mine.
    “Your order will be shipped to your billing address. (For security reasons we only ship to your billing address.)

    Order Date: 09/23/2010 at 10:21:11 PM

    Your order’s estimated delivery date: 9/30/2010.

    You can review your order on the order status page”

    • dcman

      I live in Los Angeles

  • Stranger…

    [Doing a little Dance]
    Ordered mine!!

    So why the heck did we “sign up” on that G2 site anyway?

    • dcman

      to waist time.

  • aaronhowardnm

    Damnit to heck the pre order site is not live yet and I can’t order currently from logging into my MyTmobile account this sucks LOL

  • chad

    Just got mine- in pittsburgh I have emp used my eip paid 60 tonight and will pay 25 over 19 months will be on my door step on/before oct 2

  • CongoMan

    well i can get to the pre-order now page but its not showing up in the my.t-mobile.com phone list after i log in.

  • gMoney

    Ordered. Hopefully I will get it early like I did with the G1. I leave for Vegas on Oct 3rd for my wedding!

  • JoJo

    I don’t see the phone there.

  • gMoney

    Now mine says estimated delivery date 9/27/10!

    • Chad

      yea now mine says 9/26

  • quadbaby

    I can get it to go thru online and Customer Care says it is out of stock right now…anybody else having issues with calling in?

  • derrickps3

    wow, right before my birthday……….but not the phone i am waiting for, waiting on the mytouch hd

  • Tom

    It’s not showing up for me on the list either. :(

    If they sold out already I’ll be a sad boy.

  • ken

    Just placed my order but stupid me I forgot to write down my order number so I am unable to track it doh!

  • KautiousNupe

    That got-dang-it order site and tmobile.com is messing with my emotions!! I ordered it..or at least I thought I did! I put my credit information and everything in. Agreed to the Terms and Services and hit submit! It seemed like everything went through..but I wasnt sure and I never got a screen with an order number. I called Tmobile and they said that they dont know whats going on.


    I guess I’ll just try again later.


    Just ordered it! Ha Haaaaa….


      I spoke with customer care because it is not showing on the website….

    • KautiousNupe

      I tried to get them to expedite the shipping, so that I could get it like next Tuesday, but I was unsuccessful. Did you try?? Its possible to pay extra to get it shipped to you faster on the website, but customer care said they could only guarantee to get it to me by the launch date! :-(

  • Marco

    Wow.. i got got a delivery confirmation 20 min ago with a tracking # and i’ll get it on tuesday and that’s with express shipping, but weird thing on the ups site it says .80 lb

    • KautiousNupe

      Really???? Did you order it through customer care or the website??

  • Marco

    website.. 3 day select

  • olypdd

    One of this pitfalls of the Nexus One is the touchscreen and sensor used. I won’t buy another device with the same. I wonder if the G2 is using the new ATMEL technology like the Galaxy S and Evo, etc.? If not, I will not keep it. After dealing with touchscreen issues on the N1, I am happy to wait for the right device. I believe HTC is using this in their new devices now, BUT, I would like this confirmed for the G2.