T-Mobile G2 First Impressions

It’s hard to believe that its already been two years since the first Android handset was released, the T-Mobile G1. And now we have the G1’s successor, the new T-Mobile G2. We were fortunate enough to get some first impressions after stopping by our local T-Mobile store:

Weighing in at 6.5 onces, the G2 felt a lot heavier than we had thought it would be. While heavy, it felt  very solid in the hand compared to the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant which presented a cheap plasticy feel to it. The 3.7 inch Super LCD  touch screen, although not as vivid as the Galaxy S Super AMOLED screen, the display on the G2 was vibrant.  The hinge mechanism also felt solid and was slick and smooth when sliding the keyboard in and out. As for the physical QWERTY on this bad boy, its one of the best we’ve seen to date. The separated keys made the keyboard a pleasure to use and offered increased typing speed with little to no errors. The T-Mobile G2’s Qualcomm MSM7230 processor which is clocked at 800MHz seemed a lot faster than the 1GHz SnapDragon on the Nexus One. Opening and closing applications was almost instant and we didn’t notice any lag at all. In short, the G2 was very snappy and definitely as good as the 1GHz processors out there, if not better. If we had to describe this handset in three words we’d say, SEXY, FAST, and SEXY. Stay tuned, as we hope to have a full review for you guys in the coming weeks!

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  • Patrick

    question for anyone who ordered through customer loyalty-
    when i talked to a customer loyalty rep they got the phone down for me to 149 and free shipping with no maail in rebate, and im assuming when i call back and actually make the purchase ill be able to get the upgrade fee waived..but what about the taxes? ive read a few posts on here where the taxes have been waived(which is great because those are 50 bucks!). but i guess my question is, did you get your taxes waived, and is it possible for them to do that? what kind of deal did you get through loyalty?

    • john

      Nobody can waive your taxes, this is america. There is no upgrade fee with loyalty, there are some things you read on the internet you shouldn’t believe.

    • ZuluDelta9

      Bad luck if you’re in California–the only state where you pay tax on the FULL amount. So it’s $149.99 + 8.75% (?) on $499.99 — fail. I’m not sure if it depends on where you live though. For example, El Monte & Whittier tax rate = 10.25%!

      Came out to like $192 or something.

      • JC

        @Zulu since when does 10.25% of $499 equal $192??? Someone needs to go back to math class… lol JK

      • john

        @jc, I’m sure he meant 10% of 499 plus his initial 149.99 came out to 192ish

      • ZuluDelta9


        Sorry let me clarify. I didn’t pay the 10.25% tax rate. I paid the 8.75% tax on $499.99. I meant to say what I paid total was $192-193 ish and I don’t know if it depends on where you live (like in the cities where you have 10.25%).

  • 2FR35H

    Lol why does it say samsung when my computer mouse rolls over the picture of the first four g2 pics here? lmao.

    • VibrantGuy

      possibly, the pics were taken with a Vibrant??

      • Kickstar13

        Correct, we took the pics with a Galaxy S handset.

      • pimpstrong

        Thats a Fascinate. You can tell by the extra bezel portion under the camera. Shame on you guys!! “a Galaxy S handset” LMAO

  • Eric

    yo this phone is the ish

    • Steve Jobless

      I don’t know how to say this nicely… Stop.

  • Foxeh

    Engadget has their own unboxing pics now with a nice thickness comparison to the G1.


    Looks like the measurements in the G1’s specs don’t count the chin. Such a nice device, the G2…

  • jc

    Having upgraded from a G1 to G2, besides liking darn near everything that’s new, there’s a couple things that are really irritating, right off the cuff.

    1) No status LED. I don’t like my phones to make noise when I receive email, especially in my office. The phone is usually sitting where I can see it, and when I notice the LED blinking, I check my email. Can’t do that anymore…

    2) Contact Groups is missing. The Contacts app/interface displays EVERYTHING in your contact list, in alphabetical order. I much preferred the G1 groups, where I could put friends in a list I usually kept as the selected list, businesses in another, veterinary contacts in another, etc. Major step backwards there.

    Let’s hope an OTA fixes that last one…

    • jordanjay29

      No Display Options in the Contacts menu to sort or filter certain groups out?

    • alex32

      im getting my g2 next week, (to jc) im surprised theres no status LED. Thats one of the best things to have on a phone in my opinion. But doesnt the led from the trackpad light up when you have a notification? it could be the same thing…

      the contacts groups is another shocker.. have you double checked that? i was hoping id have that wiht my g2..

      • ken

        there is a light…its around the trackpad…if u get a txt msg it will light up white around the trackpad

      • Cupcake

        Damn, for real??!! Thats why I sent back the Vibrant…no led. That was a deal breaker for me..even though I loved the phone. But really need an LED. Does the mytouch slide have one?? I dont want to have to send back the G2 but oh well we will see how the light around the touchpad.

    • pimpstrong

      I know how you feel because the Vibrater has no indication light whatsoever not even for charging. What makes it worse is the fact that on the Vibrant the screen only turns on for maybe two whole seconds to show you that you have a notification. I have to franticly swipe the screen in order to catch it in time.

      • alex32

        so true pimpstrong, i have a curve 8900 and im used to the led flash on the phone whenever iget anything.

      • pantlesspenguin

        It’s not as good as an actual LED, but there’s an app called NoLED in the market. When you get a message, it turns the screen on & displays a moving colored dot against a black background. Then you tap the “home” button & it shows your home screen w/ the notification in the drawer. It’s pretty decent, but it can be glitchy @ times. I miss my true LED notifications!

    • Shawn

      I don’t know what everyone is talking about… There IS a LED notification light.. The chrome square ring around the touch pad flashes for notifications and missed calls.

      • John

        The only problem I have with the touch pad indicator is it’s painfully slow. It only flashes once every 10 seconds or so. The G1 indicator LED would flash every second or two. Any way to speed that up??

      • jc

        I see that you’re correct. I didn’t notice it because the timing is 5 seconds off, 1 second on. So I have to stare at the phone for up to 5 seconds before I see if there’s a visual indication of a message.

        May as well not be there.

      • Cupcake

        There is a sms app in the market that can be used for sms, missed calls, whatever. It is Missed Call app, and it can also speed up the frequency of the LED. Maybe that will work.

      • jc

        I had already checked out Missed Call a little earlier. Apparently in Froyo apps can no longer tweak the timing and such. There are a handful of threads about this on his site, the Google groups, etc.

        Very annoying.

    • stricken23

      Yup, the square is the notification.

    • gMoney

      Isn’t the status LED behind the screen where the speaker is…to the right? Mine is blinking right now lol

      • PittsburghG1

        yeah I noticed that when I charged mine. I’m just waiting for Cyanogen to get his hands on this and you’ll be able to customize whatever light to do whatever!

    • rubb3rducky

      The 2nd day I had it I had a meltdown over the contact issue. Then I realized that you can, in fact, choose which groups to display. Once you’re under Display Option (Contacts, Menu), click on the name of your Gmail account. That will give you a drop down of your groups.

      I’m bummed w/ the lack of [RGB} LED notification. The only light in the grill is a charge LED. The bezel around the trackpad does light up, but you’ve got to be looking at it at the right moment as it’s timing is weird and it’s easy to miss.

  • Patrick

    I like the FEEL of the device and the KEYBOARD is #amazing(yes i know this isn’t twitter lol) but in all honesty…I don’t know if I can give up this SAMOLED screen. That SLCD just doesn’t even COMPARE to the SAMOLED….plus in all honesty, I like the feel of the TP2 and G1 keyboards better than the G2. I think maybe it’s the 4-row keyboard that I have a hard time getting used to. I’ll probably hold out for the myTouch HD personally.

  • coolMANDINGO

    its an aiiight device!! its way heavier than the g1. NO TETHERING was a real shock!No dlna/tv out. i wont mention about the ffc. its ok that it doesnt have that yet. i will wait for the nect big dog mytouch hd. overal its a solid device its just not for me. No TETHERING NO BUY!!

    • badaphooko01

      what should tethering have anything to do with it? you know there are plenty of apps that let you tether without being rooted. I use easytether and it works great.

      • coolMANDINGO

        its not really a big deal but i dont feel going through all that downloading. if its in the nexus one then……..im just saying. you had nothing to say about the tv out. like i said be fore its a cool device. its just not ofr me. im wating for someting else. enoy this phone when you get one.imma pass!

    • JM77

      There are apps for tethering and dlna support. Also, do you really consider 1 ounce “way” heavier?

      I would think the mytouch hd would also have tethering disabled. But again, you can add that.

      • mike

        yea one ounce IS WAY heavier

  • collin

    Lovin the hell outta my g2.

  • M

    I am loving this phone. It’s a bit heavier than the G1,but I like the solid feel. First experience with swype….i like it, but I like the option of a physical keyboard.I had no worries about the hinge system. People thought much the same with G1 hinge when it came out. You’ve gotta really be trying, for that thing to break.

  • fuzzy

    I FING LOVE IT. no anti slip material on the back like the g1 so it has slide off my lap twice!

    • Mr. Barrow

      do u actually have the g2. if so post a pic of it. and the pic should be in the car or or at home or something. not in the tmo store

  • Jeetu

    I saw a video where they compared HSPA+ and 3g.. something is just wrong.
    G1 vs G2

    • Hmmmm?

      I watched that too, I hope that was not accurate. I’ll wait to see some other tests before making judgment.

      • JM77

        I went down to the Tmo store and did tests with the staff. They had already installed the speed test app (and angry birds lol). The Hspa+ was dusting the 3g by up to 4 times as fast. Something was wrong in those youtube tests.

        I went to the store to pock up a case and I came home to find my G2 delivered! Unfortunately I don’t have HSPA+ near my home so I can’t post tests. So sad, because the HSPA+ was faster than my home internet. Satellite sucks!

      • PittsburghG1

        Also, all “H” means is 3G (or at least thats what it seems) on the G2.

        I never trust those speedtests for some reason. The only way to get an accurate test is to tether in my opinion.

      • clydesdale

        Pittsburgh is correct… the H is for hspa AND HSPA+… both of which are technically 3g by the way, but I believe the g2 will only indicate H for 3g and E for edge…

    • PittsburghG1

      I’m getting about 5mbps in downtown Pittsburgh. Literally a week ago I was getting about 2mbps with my G1.

  • MH

    does this thing come with wifi calling (UMAlite or whatever) or do we have to wait for an update?

  • Jason

    The ring around the trackpad lights up for notifications…its the best notification ever!

  • alex32

    awesome pictures, now all i want to see is a full review of the g2 (im still getting it no matter what.)

  • maybug122

    your grammar is horrible! it hurts to read this article.

    • john

      Well, read someone else’s article.

    • Logan

      That’s funny, Maybug122; you can’t even capitalize correctly!

  • MarkV10

    Ooooh it’s heavy and not ‘cheap plasticky’. Reminds me of when the first solid state depth sounders came out. The manufacturer put lead weights in the case because commercial fishermen wouldn’t buy ‘cheap plasticky’ depth sounders, you know, the kind without vacuum tubes.

    I’m sure the G2 is a fab phone but weight is not a true indicator of quality

    • JM77

      No but aluminum and teflon are. The biggest advantage build wise in the vibrant is the gorilla glass. The G2 would be damn near perfect if it had that! A man can dream… :-)

  • Toasted_douche

    I swear my G2 has a front facing camera in the upper-left hand corner (look closely!) I wonder how many “0’s” and “1’s” it’ll take to activate the feature…

    • aLb3Rt

      It’s called sensors buddy! ;)

    • gMoney

      LOL! I don’t know which G2 you got, but there is NO FFC on this thing. That’s a proximity sensor so the screen lights up when you take it away from your face. Try making a call and putting your finger over that…the screen will go black.

    • Trevor

      Ambient light detector?

  • Robert

    Can someone confirm or refute that there is a shortage of advertised memory? That is the buzz on the T-Mo forums right now. I’m holding off on my purchases until this is nailed down.

    • Trevor

      Mine says that there is 1.72GB available of internal memory with a handful of apps installed. I suppose I am wondering what the other 2.28 gigs are being used for.

      • JM77

        2 gigs are locked for system memory. Not sure if its being used for virtual ram or saved for future updates like Gingerbread. Maybe future OS updates will be larger.

  • Zorro

    So I used my upgrade on a Vibrant, but coming from a G1 and HTC I really want to get this phone. Since I used my upgrade is there a way to get this phone without paying the full contract price?… <— This is probably a stupid question. I just don't know the in's and out's of upgrading, and if there are ways around it.

    • dubz

      i spoke to customer loyalty and told them the truth. i want a g2, but i just upgraded. she said honestly, how much she can knock off depends on how long since i upgraded. so 2 months = $50 dollars off with a 2 month contract extension.

    • pantlesspenguin

      Correct, you’ll have to buy @ full price. However, you could always sell your Vibrant to help offset the price of the G2.

    • Freddy

      buy an unlock code for like $10 from ebay, unlock your phone, then sell it as new on ebay unlocked! Its a new phone and bound to fetch like $450+. Then just buy the g2 from ebay/tmo!

  • mao102

    I woul say ” Sexy, Fast & Slick” (don’t mind the massive weight thou)

  • cellswag

    Can anyone post about how long this thing last with out powering off? Also any word on live wall papers?

    • Trevor

      It has just the normal stock android live wallpapers as far as I can tell.

    • JM77

      Bunch of different live wallpapers are included. I wouldn’t trust anyone posting battery estimates yet. Most new batteries need to be charged and fully drained 3-5 times to get max battery life. Wait a few more days for true battery results.

  • amnic

    if it wasn’t for that really awkward and likely easily breakable keyboard contraption… this phone would interest me! but thats a HUGE turn off.

  • P3SCA

    Is the hinge part on this metal?

    • alex32

      doubt it..looks plastic. i want to know whats that light tranparent plastic strip doing under the g2 where the hinge is?
      (its the second picture)

      • JM77

        Hinge is definitely metal. The strip looks to be the data connection to the keyboard, it is black not transparent.

        I’m posting to much, sorry. Haven’t had enough sleep, up late. Got the phone at 7pm last night. I was starting to think ups would never come!

      • Cr

        It is what transfers the video and kb commands from the handset to the screen.

      • Corey

        I was thinking the same thing… The transparent plastic strip you see is flex cable. It makes me a little nervous seeing something like that so exposed on your phone. I could see that being a point of failure.

    • JM77


  • madman2

    I know only a few lucky people have their hands on this badboy, but can anyone comment on battery life? Thanks.

    • simplyamazing

      Posting from my G2 : battery life seems decent. Woke up at 3 am for work and it was at 100 percent. With some light to medium usage till now msotly texts and emails I’m at 62 percent. Note my screen is really bright lol that afffects it. I’m actually going to see how long it lasts today and compare to next feew days. But pros of the phone: idk what some above poster said about the big diff in screens but this screen is beautiful. It compares easily to my coworkers fascinate. Keyboard feels nice and comfy. The soft buttons are really responsive. The hinge is wickedly cool. Cons: KEYBOARD IS CLUTTERED. Too many symbols and letters are caps lol eww it just takes time to get used to. Also the trackpad: coming from a cliq, I miss that dpad. Again just needs time to get used to. The hinge scares me a bit. When I go to close the keyboard it feels like I have to lift it up instead of sliding it down. The g1 hinge could be slid down cuz it was in a different place. But here it just has to be done a certain way I guess. Overall I love the fone its great. :)

  • ZuluDelta9

    OP: are accessories available at the store yet? Mine is being shipped soon!

    • JM77

      Yes, but they are not out front yet. I bought a “gel” case, much different than my past gel cases, this one is harder and is in 2 pieces which snap on to the phone. They had 2 other cases and some screen protectors.

      • Shawn

        You were able to buy one? I went into a local T-Mo store and the manager told me they had the cases in back, but were not able to sell them until release date. I couldn’t believe a retail store would decline a sale!

  • Henry

    Can’t really speak to the battery life. I know last night, I was messing with the phone for 4-5 hours straight and drained the battery. But like one person already said, I think the battery needs to be charged a few times to really guage it’s capacity.

    And to commecnt on the hinge, it is metal. It does “look” sturdy. BUT, it’s impossible to say how it will hold up over time. One thing I can tell you, after using swype, I may never use the keyboard. Who knows. Also, if the G1 hinge held up, my guess is the G2 hinge will hold up too.

    After a day of use, Android has crashed on me twice. Not sure if it’s because of the software I’ve been loading or if it’s just buggy. I’ve also had the live wallpaper turn off on me and switch back to the default wallpaper. Weird. Still…it’s not a showstopper for me since I’m in love with the phone. It’s really gorgeous.

    I really can’t complain. If you don’t care for the keyboard, I would wait till the Mytouch HD comes out. But if you want a keyboard, this phone is hard to beat. Although the Vibrant has a nice screen and form factor, there’s something about the G2 that just has a nice look and feel about it. Go to a store and see for yourself.

  • Mimikr

    What I’m surprised about is no one has referenced how the connection speed is when this is the first phone built for HSPA+. I get 3-4 MB download with my Vibrant which I’m happy with when I’m in a 3G area. What results has anyone got with the G2?

    • simplyamazing

      For me in jersey, I get an H but my speedtests show 3~4 mbs down and 1~2 up. But my gf’s cliq gets half that near me. I think its cuz I’m a bit far lol

      • Shawn

        I don’t understand how everyone keeps getting these high numbers. I live in Minneapolis where there IS HSPA+ and I am only getting 0.63 MBPS download on speedtest.net

    • JM77

      Connection speed varies wildly with location. I highly recommend heading to your local tmo store and doing speed tests there. The guys at my closest store already had the speedtest app loaded on their G2. They are still working on the towers in the area so the speeds were not stable, but our results were 1.5 – 4 times faster than 3g. We also had one weird test that registered 45kbs on the G2, obviously it just lost signal for a moment. lol

      We used the G2, slide, vibrant. G2 was fastest.

      I can say that when web browsing it was noticeably faster!
      Also keep in mind that this is the only phone we tested with 2.2 which makes a difference when browsing.

    • FunkmasterC

      I get 3-4MBps down on my G1…

  • vinny

    I have both Nexus One and the new G2. I can not tell which is faster. They are both extremely fast, the G2 has a much better screen to key response, the new G2 is a great phone. I a comparing both phones and the only problem I have is the G2 doesn’t come with tethering. You can always pick up an application for that but I like the way that Froyo 2.2 delivers the tether. Wish T-Mobile didn’t pull that fro otherwise one hell of a great devise.
    T-Mobile give us wifi calling and tethering and you will sell a hell of allot more devices.

  • Jay

    I returned the G2. It very cool, but its not intuative like Blackberry. The email is not nearly as good.

    • Will

      I can’t lie, that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my life.
      Seriously. lol.

      • mad dog

        I agree with you Will. I hope Jay enjoys his daily battery pulls.

      • Tony

        thats like saying, “ya the cherry pie is pretty good, but i think i’ll stick with my dog poop sandwich….” insane! i know literally 6 people that went from blackberry to android and would never go back….

  • http://t3technologies.info T3Technologies

    2nd Day with my G2 and loving it, fast isn’t the word for it, more like Lightning fast, both the device and the HSPA+ network. Getting great reception, great speed and it is a Sexy Phone.

    I started installing my usual apps, and before i could check the status on them downloading and installing they were already done!

    Battery life so far has been very good, but this will be the 1st full day, so stay tuned.

    Get it, you’ll love it!

  • Henry

    Found one more negative. The speaker is not very good. I loaded a movie on the phone and it’s not easy to hear, even with the volume cranked up. I think that’s partly because the speaker is on the back of the phone. If I cup my hand around the back of the phone where the speaker is, it helps. But when I watched movies on my wife’s Vibrant or on the HD2 that I used to own, I didn’t have a problem with the speaker. Headphones remedy this, but it’s odd they didn’t tweak the design a little to help with the sound.

  • Roger

    picking mine up today from radio shack :-) guess I’ll be messing around with it for the rest of the day, GO RADIO SHACK!!!

  • PittsburghG1

    What is up with the internal Memory on the G2? Everywhere I read says 4GB and when I look I’m at about 1.5 GB right out of the box.

    Anyone have any insights???

  • reasy

    battery life is wayyy better than the G1..w/G1, i would have it fully charged, by the time I got off work it was at 20%….
    Charged G2 completely last night,..from 9am used g-talk, browsing, viewed some pics, had a two 40 minute converstaions, its almost 1pm now -and its at 95%.

  • FunkmasterC

    Here is my first and lasting impression of the G2 – I DON”T HAVE IT. I am canceling my order. T-mobile won’t negotiate on the price and can’t tell me when it will be delivered. Their customer loyalty department sucks @ss! Don’t know what carrier I will go to, but they obviously don’t give a crap about my business.

  • mao102

    @JM77 can you put the sense UI interface on the G2?

  • patrick

    @funkmasterc-dont give up on the customer loyalty man. i got the phone down to 150 with no mail in rebate and no uprade fee. just keep calling until you get the right person. they will transfer you and youll get the good deal. just dont be a jerk about it, and tell them that you would really would like to have this phone and dont want to be forced to switch carriers because of it. and as for the memory issue, can someone please figure out an answer to it? i mean regardless 1.5 gb is still alot, but if it says 4gb, then it needs to be that much.

    • funkmasterC

      I have been nice as pie – maybe that is the problem. I tried the firm, but kill them with kindness approach. I had one rep say that the rebate would not apply to me then another say that it would. I just don’t get it..

    • funkmasterC

      Okay – after arguing with T-mo, I got another $100 off the phone $150 and no cancellation. Thanks for the advice. :)

      • Foxeh

        Nice story, funkmasterC. I finally scored a deal too.

        I actually woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I kind of just got annoyed how difficult it was to get half of my local T-Mobile stores to even acknowledge this phone. Then there was that burning wonder in the back of my mind about T-Mobile’s track record of keeping their smartphones current.

        I wasn’t entirely sure when my contract was going to end since I had a prorated billing period for my discount through work, so I called up customer care just to find this out and BAM! got the G2 deal.

        Naturally I went and canceled my order with BB Mobile. :D

  • alex32

    can i mention about the customer loyalty to a tmo rep in a store? im buying mine next friday in a local store so how would i have to say it?

    can anyone help me out in answering this question? id appreciate it, thanks! (:

  • coolc

    Austin, Tx HSPA+ http://yfrog.com/n3omsmj

  • AB

    Has anyone who has already ordered their G2 had any success calling T-Mobile and getting them to drop the price to $149.99? I saw one person did by saying they would return their phone and get the discounted one from Radio Shack, I wanted to see if anyone else did too.

  • AB

    Has anyone who has already ordered their G2 had any success calling T-Mobile and getting them to drop the price to $149.99? I saw one person did by saying they would return their phone and get the discounted one from Radio Shack, I wanted to see if anyone else did, and if so, what they did to get the discounted price.

    (hopefully this isn’t a double-post!)

    • AB

      I just called in and got a $50 credit applied to my account. The guy said something about it substituting for the mail-in rebate, but I might send the rebate paperwork in anyways just to see if I can get that back too.

      • Twandizzel

        You’re the reason customer loyalty won’t go overboard to help people cuz you’re try getting more and more. I bet you’re the same person that will be calling in when the mytouch HD pulling the same crap. You are sorry and mess it up for true loyal customers.

      • funkmasterC

        @Twandizzel: I don’t think AB is trying to go overboard. The fact is that T-Mobile is dropping the price to $149 for many people. I was upset when I saw people getting the phone for that price and called into T-mobile. After some negotiation, I received that price as well. I own a e-commerce site and when I run a sale using coupon codes, I extend the discount to the customers who don’t type the code in – I just think that is good business. I guess I expect the same from a large corporation.

        I have been very frustrated by the ordering process with T-Mobile – I won’t go into details, but it has been pretty bad. If T-mobile is offering the phone to loyal customers for $149, then it should be to all loyal customers. I can understand if the relationship is not profitable or if there are credit issues, but long term customers in good standing should be treated well. Loyalty is a very hard thing to keep in this business.

        It is just not smart to run off the residual income that pays your bills. If T-Mobile is willing to switch a mail in rebate with an instant rebate, they should have a way of making sure that the mail in rebate gets rejected or it is their fault.

        T-Mobile could be so much more if they had a decent marketing department.

        It is easy to be judgmental when you don’t have all of the facts.

      • AB

        ^Exactly. I don’t think what I’m doing is any worse than calling and threatening a faux-cancellation.

  • David

    Looks nice. The phone is way too heavy for me to seriously consider buying it, even though I wanted to. If I’m going to lug something that heavy around, it should at least have five rows of keys!

    Too bad there isn’t an updated version of the Nexus One around. I finally saw one in the wild, and it looked great. Might as well go straight to the touch screen if there isn’t a fifth row of keys! If only it had been sold in stores…

    Maybe the MyTouch HD will save the day? If not, it looks like my five years with T-Mobile may be coming to a close…

    • Original G1er

      I’m a person who has an eye for detail.I want things too be perfect as possible. Like when I first got the iPad.. Wish it was a lil lighter.

      But, on the G2… I didn’t notice the weight of it, at all. Straight out of the box, the G2 felt great in hand.

      G2’s Weight is NOT an issue whatsoever.

      Seriously, if you notice the weight on the G2 and feel it’s too heavy… Wow. lol

      Reading the inital specs, I thought it was going to be heavy, but it’s NOT whatsoever. And I had the vibrant for 14days…

      G2’s sturdy build and weight is PERFECT! Any less and it would feel on the cheap side on a phone like this.

  • Erick

    Ok, I’m going to apologize for this really long post but I have a situation that I need some advice on and I really need to explain with full details. I got my G2 yesterday around 6:30 pm. First, I got an error message saying that I didn’t have a data connection, this is my first android phone so I didn’t have a data plan previously but when I preordered it at my local store they set it up. Anyway, I went to the store the guy called CS and told them to reset the data plan, he explained to me that it might take a while so I left confidently that it would work later. 2 hours later, still nothing so I personally called the troubleshooting dept. for t-mobile and we tried turning it on and off, changing the SIM card, etc. The guy told me that it might up to 2 hours for the new SIM to completely activate so I waited, then I noticed that I would get an “H” for a few seconds than it would go down to E for Edge but i still got no internet connection yet I got 3-4 bars of reception at the same time. I went to school and all of sudden my network was on H and was working fine it would go back down to edge sometimes and didn’t work on edge still, but a few seconds later it would go back to H. I got back home and all I could get was edge so I called CS again they weren’t able to help much and the rep told me to go to the store to see if it had something to do with the place I live which is under HSPA+ coverage or to call CS to see if they could ship me a new phone. Went to the store to test it first when I got there it was on edge and didn’t connect but after taking out the battery out and I got perfect HSPA+ coverage. The rep at the store told me not to freak out and give it a few days. As soon as I walked into my house the network went back down to edge and no connection. What should I do guys? wait it out to see if the situation gets better or call CS right away and ask for a new phone? Again I apologize for the extra long post.

    • http://pryvateid.tumblr.com Dave

      Take it back, & ask for another one

      • Twandizzel

        This phone will only pick up whichever signal is the strongest at the location you are at at a given time. Most of the Android Htc phones in the past would let you set the fon the 3g only.

      • Twandizzel

        This phone will only pick up whichever signal is the strongest at the location you are at at a given time. Most of the Android Htc phones in the past would let you set the fon the 3g only. This one will only let you st it to 2g only and it automatically picks up the 3g signal if it is consistently stronger. Your house is not a good area for 3g/HSPA+. I am in a hospital where on the 6th floor, I get HSPA service in my room, however if I go to the family waiting area less that 200 feet down the hall, I switch to edge. Sending the phone back would be a waste of time. As you get 14 days to return the phone, I storngly suggest you do that so you don’t end up stuck with this phone. (If this double-posted, I’m sorry.)

    • Erick

      That’s the thing, I don’t mind if it’s not always on HSPA+ but it won’t connect to the internet at all if it’s on edge. I tried setting it to 2G only and I still get no connection on edge.

      • Shawn

        You have a defective phone, you have 14 days to still get a brand new replacement instead of refurbished. I would definitely call and get one sent out before the 14 days passes.

  • Amanda

    I wish I would have pre-ordered! I am so jealous! I am going to get it either Wednesday or Thursday. I cannot wait!

  • mdiggty

    we need to get a screen shot of the track light in the bezel

  • Roger

    I went to radio shack, stood around for 45 mins while they processed the paperwork. I had the phone in my hands, then the manager came in and said they couldn’t sell it to me until Sunday @ noon. :-( BUMMER!!!

  • JM77

    A fellow owner has posted this vid

    Does anyone else have this issue with the hinge mechanism?
    Is this a defect or the way the hinge is built?
    It does not effect use of the phone so it may simply be the design.
    I’m trying to collect info.

    • Stanky

      I think his is more of a defect because it is so loose. Mine is not as tight as I would like it, but nowhere near like his. There doesn’t appear to be anything that holds it in the open or closed position except the weight of the screen, so when you take that away it seems that friction is all that’s left. This is not like the G1 that had a spring mechanism that snapped it open or closed once you got past halfway.

      That said, the mechanism itself is rock solid, made of metal and no wobble at all if you try to twist it while half open. If it just had a little pull to keep it open or closed it would be perfect. As it is, I rate it as still pretty good because it’s actually not easy to hold the phone by just the keyboard or just the screen when it is closed, you really have to try to, so what little lack of tightness it has doesn’t really come into play much.

      • JM77

        You are echoing a post I made on a different site. :-) Great minds!
        Looks like everyone is discussing it now, saves me the trouble of gathering info.

    • funkmasterC

      He is just holding it wrong.

    • Foxeh

      I got to try this device a little more extensively at a T-mo store and I did find that the hing was a bit loose. So long as you hold it at least somewhat flat where the normal operation is gravity assisted, it’s fine. Upside-down is not so good, though.

      That demo didn’t feel like it had any sort of spring assistance at all. I’m not sure I like that.

      The fellow in the video had a protective case on it which may exaggerate the issue, I’d imagine.

  • andy

    Mine does not close shut on it’s own when held at sharp angles. It does only have 2 gb of storage so not sure what that is about yet.

  • patrick

    JM77-thanks for posting that video. i dont see that actually becoming a problem with him holding it and having it drop like that. i mean why would you be holding the phone that direction anyway if you dont have the keyboard out? the screen only is in landscape when the phone is out. also, it seems to me that he has a pretty hefty plastic case on his g2 which might be a reason for the extra weight. overall, i dont think that its going to affect the phones performance anyway. i mean yeah, maybe the “Z” hinge wasnt there itd be better, but i would woorry about it. i still need to preorder mine!

  • jmcl987

    just preorder mine today, yay! ships tommorrow, hopefully we’ll get an update to gingerbread sooner enough