T-Mobile G2 Delayed Till October 16th?

Remember for now, this is just a rumor…but strong enough of a rumor to print!

We’re just going to be honest and admit that we are, at this point playing a round robin guessing game for the T-Mobile G2 release date. Current information pegs the release date for a mid-October, more specifically October 16th if this T-Mobile forum thread is to be believed. We have a suspicion it’s accurate, however we can’t pinpoint a particular reason for the delay. More importantly, the release date is at this point, anyone’s guess. Unfortunately pre-order information seems to be rather difficult to uncover and we’re really just in the dark as to when exactly this phone will grace the T-Mobile retail shelves.  So for now, we’ll chalk this one up to a rumor with a very large question mark.

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  • micks


  • Cheffry

    this is disapointing, I want this phone, now

  • Bikemonkey


  • LP

    I hope its not true, my G1 cant take it anymore, lol. i might as well wait for the MyTouch HD if thats the case. Dont do this to us T-mobile.

    • adien

      Hang in there G1! I don’t think you need to worry about waiting. It’s definitely not going to be launched as early as the 29th, however. look for it in early october (much earlier than the 16th). I’ve got the date marked on my calendar.

      of course it’s possible the “official” release day is the 16th, but there will be a presale before then. that is a strong possibility, but i’m not sure.

    • Foxeh

      If the delay is due to bugs, you probably wont WANT a pre-release model.

      Of course if all this hearsay is true it would certainly explain why T-Mobile have been painfully quiet about the G2.

  • M


    • thaghost


    • Drew

      Tell me about it! The sooner they release these phones, the sooner I can get my hands on a HD3 and dual boot that sucker! Come on Tmo.. Daddy needs a new phone!

  • drunken dawg

    Hmmm… This is pretty much my cue to get an Epic 4G.

    • Testament

      Yep, That’s the struggle I’m dealing with now.

      • Acacia Strain


        You’re willing to pay a thousand or more dollars just because you can’t wait an extra 2 weeks POSSIBLY. It’s not even confirmed that it’s been delayed, but you are already jumping ship to a more expensive company for slower internet speeds.

      • drunken dawg

        Not sure what Acacia is talking about. On contract with employee discounts Sprint is actually cheaper.

      • Testament

        @Acacia Strain
        I’m in that struggle because since t-mobile upgraded their speed from 3.6 to 7.2 My internet rarely works (only works when I’m driving!!), I’m also dropping calls way too much at home and work, plus I love the epic 4g.(It dose everything I want in a phone) The only reason I’m thinking about getting the G2 is because I don’t wanna leave t-mobile. With the G2 I’m giving t-mobile a chance to redeem there-selfs. If I have the same problems in the first 14 days with the G2 I’m gone… I DON’T CARE if HSPA+ is faster I WANT stability!!!!!

    • FunkmasterC

      My grandfathered plan is so cheap on T-mobile, it pays me to be patient. I hear you though. My poor, tired G1. I wonder if they are having supply problems with the screens.

      • El Guapo

        Why would they have supply problems with the screen? There is nothing special about the screen except it is smaller than normal.

  • Ansel

    I love hearing news about the G2 just because it’s good high-end Android phone coming to T-mobile but I need to hear more news about my baby the Mytouch HD =). Need to hear more news about that beautiful device…

  • J-Hop2o6

    Oct 16th? that’s a Saturday.. Tmo mostly releases phones on Wednesdays.. so we’ll see what happens.

  • Tristan

    Please T-Mobile, don’t mess this up…

  • vinny

    Does that mean that the retail stores will be receiving their inventory before T-Mobile? Great job T-Mobile. I guess I’ll go Best Buy route.

    • Testament

      If that’s the case, I’ll be paying best buy a visit too.

      • mayhem

        If that’s the case I rather wait for the my touch HD….geesh

  • JoshL

    This is so sad. T-Mobile is falling apart. You can’t release phones like this near the release of other carriers holiday phones; they will not compare. Extremely poor planning and I would somewhat support others decisions to jump ship, for this boat is sinking. (insert insults below)

    • Evan

      Why are people taking this so personal? To my knowledge the phone never actually had a official launch date, so there is no need to accuse T Mobile for waiting too long to release the phone.

      • Brandon

        Thank you for being smart and rational.

      • JoshL

        There is no smart and rational when it comes to dealing with an ever-aging G1 everyday. Sorry, bud.

      • ivan

        Yes, Thank You Seriously … No Seriously.

      • FunkmasterC

        All I can say is that I am happy Cyanogen is around!

      • Bulge

        Yes, the hardcore Tmob people with the G1’s will wait, but the average user, which is the majority will simply go with their friends to Sprint or Verizon or ATT and get their new phone. This “news black out”, by Tmobile, is and has been very poorly handled and is one reason they are not gaining market share. Get someone in charge of this who knows how to communicate and create a proper demand without alienating the loyal. That’s why they get paid the big bucks, To Be Right! Not to botch things up. I’m a loyal Tmob user for over ten yrs from the omnipoint days and this “being in the dark was exciting” at first but it’s been mismanaged into becoming ticked off at tmobile. Tmobile Fail

      • Foxeh

        No offense, Bulge, but I think you grossly overestimate what average users are aware of.

    • Flyingrequin

      It is time to restore sanity — or is it???? Time to keep fear alive!!!

      You people choose….


  • Robnoxious

    What?! Oh for F*&%s sake!!! The longer TMob waits the less interested I’m going to be. Just get it out here already!!

  • Josh

    I’m keeping the faith, Oct. 6th still sounds right to me. That’s the date that Amazon UK is delivering the Desire Z to those that preordered it.

  • Seamus

    the G1 release was this hard (or maybe even more difficult) to pinpoint if I remember correctly.

  • TonyJohns

    I have to say this is quite disappointing, and I am crossing my fingers that this isn’t true. Let’s hope the Oct 6 date is the date current T-Mobile gets first dibs on the phone, and the 16th is when it’s released to the public.

    I’m starting to get the “crack scratch” fiening for this G2.

  • legendary1022

    I was wanting some news on the G2 today and this is NOT it! Please don’t be true

  • Brandon

    Tmobile rep told me last thurs that pre orders will start this weekend on sept. 26. Hope she is right. I find it funny people are getting upset over a delay of a rumored release date. Which I think is why they didnt officially confirm a release date yet. Patience people. I still sitting with the G1. And to all the people saying they are going to best buy to pick it up, do you really think they will have the phone before tmobile? Come on. If its not released until oct 16 at tmobile, it wont be at Best Buy until oct 16 or after. http://www.nooooooooooooooo.com/

    • Testament

      It has happed before… I’ve bought a few thing before the official release date. My point was the sooner they release it the more likely I will get the G2 over the Epic 4g. Time is not on t-mobile side in my opinion (Which I am entitled to)

    • thaghost


  • jazzmanmonty

    i asked for new news or a new rumor for the G2 on another thread, but come on! a good rumor please!

  • http://www.hotmallo.com Derek

    :( the only reason that I am sticking out for this phone is due to the keyboard… if I did not want a keyboard I would be getting the Samsung Galaxy….

  • innerchirp

    I can only hope that the mid-October release of the G2 is because they’re being furnished with some sort of UMA technology, such as Kineto’s Smart WiFi application that was just released today for phones running on Android 2.2.

    • mayhem

      Or maybe their making a new tilted model?

    • http://www.facebook.com/pages/T-Mobile-USA-UMA-Wifi-Calling/152085804808866 uma fan

      Dude.. I was hoping the same thing …

  • Mike

    I hope this isn’t true. My Cayn treated g1 passed on today. Touch screen quit working and the screen was shaking like it had a stroke. I got two solid years out if it though it got dropped many times and always got up ready to go. Going to go fire off my ar this weekend and give it a good burial.

  • formerTmo

    I had lunch today with a current T-Mobile business sales person. I was told when I asked about the G2(before seeing this thread) that the G2 had, in fact, been delayed “until mid-October”.

    My source is reliable, and the mods can check my email for my credibility as I previously provided some info to them.

    • Foxeh

      I’m inclined to believe that. It’s the only legitimate reason Magenta has stayed as mum to the public about this device as they have – at least in my mind – and they have made no launch date promises yet save for preorders in September.

      That and it would be in neither HTC’s or T-Mobile’s best interest to mess this one up.

  • currator

    another sad thing for tmobile. makes no sense. with all the other phones that will be coming out and they dont even have a date i mean we are less the 20 days away and they dont even release a date tmobile needs to fire a whole lot of people because they are all dumb. as a box of rocks
    i mean before the end of the year they have like anothe 10 or so nice phones dropping and they have not released this. between the two dell phones lg’s phones wmobile phones more andriod phones soo close together they flood there own market to many of the same phones out at once wow what a way to shoot yourself in both feet and cut you nose off despite your face. man tmobile got some inbreeds runing things or what

    • dwillistyle

      It is “their” not there

      and it is “too” not to

      and it is “to spite” not despite

      and it is “has” not got

      Other than that I kind of agree with you.

      a d!ck btw. :)

      • dwillistyle

        *sorry for being…

      • Mohammad

        what are you the grammer police?

  • davidohio

    You guys are funny. First off, t- mobile has NOT released a date for the G2 launch. Second, if it is delayed I am sure there is a good reason for it and it’s not just to piss you off! There might be a glitch discovered that needs fixed or whatever. Just settle down and quit whining! If you are jumping ship because of this then good riddens. It’s not that big of a deal and certainly not the end of the world, like you are acting like it is!

    • La El

      You are totally right, davidohio. It’s not the end of the world. Some of us are waiting for a product that meets our needs. That product already exists in various forms however, out of a sense of loyalty or brand preference or cost-savings, we would prefer to give our money to T-Mobile.

      We live in a relatively free-market economy. It’s frustrating to see the product you want available elsewhere while sitting with no news on when it will be available from the company you prefer, who has none-the-less, promised it’s delivery but withheld any dates on when to expect it.

      Therefore, for some of us it is frustrating and annoying to be sitting with subpar devices out of a sense of loyality that is not returned.

      And I will not even go into the areas that I think the G2 will still be lacking even if it dropped tomorrow. I would still get it because I like T-mobile however, the G2 is not a best of the best top tier device compared to what already exists and is available. Now, if innerchirp is correct… I will happily happily and without complaint, wait until mid-October. But it would be in T-mobile’s best interest to tell people what they are waiting for… otherwise, why should we wait here for this here… when we could it at least as good if not better… over there…

      But you’re still right. Not the end of the world. Just our dollars and our decision where to spend them and our opinions on the way the companies who want those dollars do business.

    • Bulge

      You must work for tmobile because you share the same I don’t give a sh*t attitude that tmobile is showing to it’s loyal customers in regards to the G2. Maybe you’re the product manager and this is your small minded answer to settle everyone down.
      The fact is, there’s not enough communication from the company to proper guide or set expectation. It’s like the dumb club owner who let’s people wait in the cold, but waits too long until they leave. Mission no accomplished. There is no doubt what so ever that tmobile has retention issues. Winning the game is gaining new clients and retaining existing ones. That’s the first step to increasing market share. The G2 release is being mismanaged. People are unhappy. The people in charge are frozen and don’t know what to do.

      • joel

        Don’t be a fool. Just because there’s no announced date yet doesn’t mean the release is being mismanaged. “The people in charge are frozen and don’t know what to do?” That’s laughable. While you’re wringing your hands and crying like a baby because you don’t know whether you’ll have your phone in 2 weeks or 3 weeks, I’ll be enjoying life and looking forward to the phone. Moron.

  • hissygoose

    all this has happened before and will happen again

  • Eddie Android

    What if they delayed it because more colors are coming (hoping black) or maybe last minute changes like AMOLED screens are available or a FFC (not likely).

    • Brandon

      none of those are likely. Hardware changes dont take a couple weeks. AMOLED has a shortage. Its made by Samsung. All HTC phones are switching to SLCD. http://www.engadget.com/2010/09/13/spot-the-difference-htc-desires-slcd-versus-amoled/

      • Eddie Android

        Yeah I know amoleds are on short supply and that are made by Samsung but maybe just maybe by miracle Samsung started producing more. After having a Zune HD (OLED) and my N1 I just can’t go back to LCD and even the Retina display on my girlfriend’s iphone 4 doesn’t wow me .

      • Foxeh

        They just started shipping SLCD DIncs for Verizon (some Best Buy stores are already stocking the new model SKU) so there is no way the G2’s are getting AMOLED. It doesn’t add up on any rational.

        I like the clarity of SLCD though. Amoled is a “prettier” glowy, but not as sharp due to the odd subpixel arrangement. For a cell phone display I simply find it as splitting hairs either way. Hopefully it’s as durable…

    • Brandon
      • Bulge

        Maybe tmobile will keep delaying until 2011?

  • Vincenzo

    You guys are really putting up an article based on a TMOBILE FORUMS thread? Based on a FORUM THREAD? Wow. Your credibility: -10 points. ANYTHING said in those forums is even more childish than comments in this site. Geez, getting any info from the T-Mobile forums is like asking a T-Mo store rep for info. Worthless.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Trust me when I say, I wouldn’t put anything up unless I had a good reason to do so.

      • Tmo Manager

        You da man! and i trust your sources because they are usually spot on. That being said I have recently started getting refresh inventory that is dated do not display end of business oct 5th. It is G2 signage… now im not saying this means its set (cause as we all know stuff like this changes all the time!). but we do have a HUGE full store refresh set of the night of the 5th. so it could have been set back and we havent heard… but you all shouldn’t pack in the towel yet! wait till his Davids sources get a more definite answer or i get an update! Keep up the good work and reporting brother!

    • Bulge

      Actually tmobile could feel free to step in at any time to guide expectations in the correct direction, if they cared enough to.
      However, I do think they care to. Which is why they are not #1. Good service, Good products, Bad communication. You have to do everything right Tmobile! Not 2/3’s right. All the way right.

  • jabs

    I just don’t get it, I am really looking forward to this and telling my G1 good bye, just wish Tmobile could commit to something(I know there has been no official date) but all of this teasing is getting really frustrating! T-mobile please give us something solid.

  • Kyle

    I don’t know if this is a coincidence or not but I received a coupon in the mail today from T-mobile. It is good for $50 off ANY phone with a new 2 year agreement. Offer expires 10-16-2010. As soon as I saw it I said to myself “Watch, the G2 won’t come out before then.” Then I see this news. Interesting.

    • brigini

      just curious, where did you sign up to get t-mobile coupons if you can remember? I get a lot of stuff in the mail (email as well) but ive never gotten a tmo coupon.

  • aLb3Rt

    as long as they put the fast boot feature I don’t care how long it would take for them to release it…… ;)…. just not too long…. harharhar

    • newmexican


      the fast boot would be a feature worth waiting for a few more days, BUT my G1 is on its last leg, so don’t wait too much longer

  • Michael

    I’m actually happy because it gives me more time to save money for this phone

  • Flyingrequin

    Rumor: Vibrant OTA update coming soon??? Sept 20 (that was today and no update)


  • klotz

    Maybe they’re looking for the missing punctuation keys!

  • Corey

    WHA!! NO!! I already have that day circled on my calendar with permanent marker. PERMANENT MARKER!!!

    • BrianR

      Reading this comment has made my night. =P Thank you.

    • Foxeh

      Next time (G3?) use a sticky note and save the permanent marker for when T-Mo themselves confirm a release date. ;)

  • vinny

    T-Mobile would help themselves if they would just release some information about the G2’s release date and quit all this mystery crap. With all their very loyal customers asking for some info so we could at least plan for our new device. Not asking too much I don’t think?????

  • Housetek

    word from a few managers that its still oct 6

  • TMOprophet

    While I can understand a delay over bugs and such, I can’t get over the fact that TMO keeps getting beat to the punch, its bad enough that they wait forever to get with the program, and now what should be a simple launch will now be delayed over buggy software

    Come on this is Stock Android on this thing, it shouldn’t have too many issues.

    But on the brighter side.. I heard from one of my sources that the Desire HD may indeed arrive at T-Mobile USA later this holiday season..but it’s only a rumor at this point. ;)

    • TMOprophet

      WTH, awaiting moderation…again..jeez

      • David, Managing Editor

        Sorry, its random…damn spam filters!

      • TMOprophet

        No problem, u have those set pretty strict?

    • bmg314

      Yeah, I read that rumor as well. I’m not going to fall for it… not this time. I bought into rumors with tmo before and got burned. Not gonna happen again.

    • Barry

      So if it’s coming what is it supposed to be launched as ? I posted a video from youtube on the mytouch hd accessories article and there was a DHD that looked espresso-ish.

      • Barry

        The dockbar looks like the one on the MTS that’s why this caught my eye it doesn’t have the outlined app icons but it looks similar.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/T-Mobile-USA-UMA-Wifi-Calling/152085804808866 uma fan

    I wouldn’t mind the delay if they are indeed putting the damn UMA feature on the phone…

    please come and support the UMA fb fan page!


  • Want2CBetter

    I don’t believe it. I just don’t believe it….. Because if I do, then I might just not be as excited about my next phone anymore. :) (yes, this is classic denial)

  • http://out ov1

    I just spoke to my cousin who is a tech sup for tmo and he told me that the phone is mid Oct because they are finishing the ffc installation. Maw just playing with you guys emotions. This delay will make it so much easier to wait for the mthd. I have a grandfather 1 &ive been practicing with my on screen to get ready for either the vibrant or mthd still want the g2 though

    • TMOprophet


  • 007

    Once again what is so good about this phone?

    • Carlos

      Because its the pefect phone for me! :) so excited about buying it

  • ren

    No!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why are you punishing me and my G1? Why????????

  • HD2/Vibrant USER

    Oh well this gives me more time trying out different android roms for my hd2.Take your time t mo and get it right, no need to rush out a faulty(jphone) product and then give free bumpers out as a solution. I’ll wait…………….

  • Brandon from cleveland………. 85 tomorrow

    http://phandroid.com/motorola-quench-xt3/……. This is the cliq 2 or cliq xt 2 coming later this holiday

  • Al Alson

    It’s just not fair
    Why TMo ? why?
    on the 16th?
    I really want it on the 29?
    The 16th is to soon. I want my G1 to last so much longer!!! LOL

    OK as long as TMO gets the phone right i dont care how long it takes!!!

    G2 is coming guys- chill out !!!!

    • phonegeek

      i feel the same way i want the thing totally clean and working no hiccups, mess ups, or issues but this gives me time to decide on the other phones coming out as well because surely we’re getting more info by the time the g2 releases .. i want that keyboard though

      • mao102

        +1 I agree with you phonegeek
        Im also waiting 4 more details on the MTHD & HD7, definitly either one of those have the dual processor.

  • thaghost

    tmo took it upon themselves to text us ova a month ago. august 18th to be exact. they have yet to contact us again about the g2. we have a right to be upset. our g1’s are falling apart. the droid came out after the g1 and the droid 2 is already out b4 the g2. this makes no sense. yes this is a rumor but if they would release the phone, there would b no rumors. they told us about it a month ago. how long do we have to wait b4 we have a right to be upset? 3 months? there is a high demand and they are failing to supply. im going to bed. tmo is pissing me off.

  • Marcus

    I’m not going to whine, but I would like to have a better idea of what to do. I’m using an iphone that requires my old BB headphones/mic to use it as a telephone and running on Edge. At this point anything would be better but I can’t make myself buy the Vibrant until I know for sure that I don’t want this G2.

    Or do I jump ship and go with a Droid X? Or should I just try out the HD2? Or…LOL! I’m so confused! Anyone have input?

  • Mike

    Just chill. I don’t want a phone not ready for release. I want a good solid working device. It should be worth the wait.

  • mtnman

    A lot of people in here are strictly blaming T-Mobile for the delay. This also could be do to a manufacturing issue. HTC is the manufacture, and if their is an issue at the factory that would cause the delay, then T-Mobile would have no choice in the matter of delaying the release of the G2. If the phone was available to be shipped then I’m sure that T-Mobile would indeed ship them out as scheduled.

    Some things that no company has control over is acts of Nature and manufacturing delays. Yes, we all want the G2 as soon as possible, but if we’ve waited this long we can wait at least one more month.

    It’s like waiting for the Cliq update. I have a Cliq and there’s not a darn thing I can do about it. All the yelling and screaming won’t do a bit of good, because Motorola is going to release it when it feels like it. And personally I don’t feel that they will ever feel like it.

    On the other hand I do have to agree with all those that say that it’s bad timming on T-Mobile’s part as well too have to release the phone right as the newer phones are coming on the market as well, like the MyTouchHD. One will over-lap the other in sales. Then less than two months for the Window’s 7 phone release. So then you’ll have 3 phones all competing for your dollars at the same time.

    • thaghost

      im in a contract with tmo not htc so my beef is with tmo. i signed a contract with tmo not htc. ITS TMO FAULT. u have to make sure ur doing right by ur clients. so u have to double n triple check things early so u dnt be late.

  • Barry

    I just hope they don’t do what at&t did with the streak.

    • sean

      they already did. it’s called the nexus 1 haha