T-Mobile G2 Delayed Till October 16th?

Remember for now, this is just a rumor…but strong enough of a rumor to print!

We’re just going to be honest and admit that we are, at this point playing a round robin guessing game for the T-Mobile G2 release date. Current information pegs the release date for a mid-October, more specifically October 16th if this T-Mobile forum thread is to be believed. We have a suspicion it’s accurate, however we can’t pinpoint a particular reason for the delay. More importantly, the release date is at this point, anyone’s guess. Unfortunately pre-order information seems to be rather difficult to uncover and we’re really just in the dark as to when exactly this phone will grace the T-Mobile retail shelves.  So for now, we’ll chalk this one up to a rumor with a very large question mark.

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  • mdiggty

    tmo rep said they will get the G2 by the end of the month. I think it will go to best buy on the 6th, but tmo will get it the 29th. Hopefully

    • remister

      That’s what I thought. I hope it’s the 29th for us tmo subscribers.

  • mtnman

    thaghost: I understand your frustration, but it’s the same as with any contract. You don’t have a contract with the company to release any new product. You only have a contract with the current product that you do have. For example, if you a Ford, Chevy, Toyota whatever you have a contract with the car dealer on that make of car that you’re driving and you don’t have a contract with the manufacture to release any newer version of the vehicle, implyed or otherwise. You have a contract with T-Mobile on your existing phone and service, and that phone and service is for two years. Not to HTC to release any newer updates to the phone or for it to release any more models of that phone. If you have a G1 and your late on your payment to T-Mobile, then it’s up to T-Mobile to collect on that debt not HTC. HTC can’t come after you for not making payments on your HTC phone even though they made the phone. You made the contract with T-Mobile. Therefore if HTC has an issue with it’s manufacture of the product with either the manufacuturing side or software or it’s suppliers, there isn’t anything T-Mobile can do about it.

  • TmoFoSho

    I really doubt its the 6th since all Tmobile mgrs are going to be at a Vegas meeting the 5th and 6th…seems dumb to schedule a big release without mgrs in the stores..iv been saying this since people first said the 6th…

    • Vinchenzo

      The Vegas meeting was pushed back to the 8/9th

      • http://tmonews dcb

        Huh????? The Vegas meeting has not changed….we already have booked flights for the 5th and 6th

      • Silex

        All 4 of T-Mo’s Retail divisions will be in Vegas during the first full week of October, some are 4-5; some are 6-7; 8-9, etc…. rumor is that it will be given to the store managers that attend the conference… more to come.

  • Jared

    As someone pointed out already, this doesn’t make any sense. The 16th is a SATURDAY.

    The 6th however, is a Wednesday. Lots of phones get released on Wednesdays. I know which horse I would bet on…

  • oo_nrb

    Jeez people, it’s a delay of 10 days. You can survive without a G2 for 10 extra days (and if you can’t, you might want to reconsider your life’s priorities).

    • pjcamp

      My life’s priority is to ditch this damn Blackberry.

      • La El


      • Kinga

        Agreed. Extremely bored with my 9700. RIM delivers the same gift in different wrapping.

  • HD2/Vibrant User

    If you are still using a g1 as an everyday phone you FAIL!!!!!

    • Reece

      *uses his well protected G1 as a weapon and donks you in the face with it & watches you fall to the ground*

      Oh look at that, someone just FAIL’D down :p

      • HD2/Vibrant User


    • Jason Bonham

      … said the HD2 user with the archaic operating system akin to what would come out of Ukraine circa 1985.

      By the way, try not to use “Fail” in anything anymore. This isn’t 2009, try to keep up. It wasn’t cool then, its even less cool now.

      • nyuhsuk

        Not to flame but I don’t understand why it’s an archaic OS. With the CHT custom mods out there, I find more stable than my brother’s Vibrant. And it does everything it needs to excellently, save for Flash 10.1 playback I suppose. What? It doesn’t have a nifty centralized app store with a Robo Defense application? Is that what makes a phone OS ‘modern’?

        And with the added bonus of booting a fairly stable and fast Froyo when needed, I certainly think that it is a fine phone OS. And goddamn, I love me some full Robo Defense.

        Yeah, the word FAIL is overused.

    • http://robert.aitchison.org Robert Aitchison

      Why? My G1, despite being almost 2 years old is running Android 2.2 and is faster and better in every way than it was when it was new.

      Until the G2 comes out there is nothing in T-Mobile’s lineup that can compete with the G1 (even the G2 falls short in some ares such as the keyboard).

      • http://www.twitter.com/E_huxtable Eric

        yeah i wish the g2 had something like the g1 keyboard which will never be beaten in my opinion! it felt great typing on the g1 besides the right side where is blocks your hand from gettin even with the other one.. if you understand that

      • HD2/Vibrant User

        HD2 running stock 2.2. Far from outdated anything. Fail fail fail fail. Since when did using words become old??

      • Jason Bonham

        Why don’t you add in a couple of “epic”s and an “I know what you did there” in your next response of incredible intellectual value. What is it about the least intelligent people that they have a proclivity to use internet memes? I guess when you have dumbed down society enough over the years, the natural result is people who express their thoughts in simplistic expressions. Soon people like this will just be grunting rather than expressing anything at all.

      • JD

        says Jason Bonham…I mean, really? Jason frigging Bonham?

        Unless you are in fact Jason Bonham, in which case…Jason Bonham? Really?

    • DarthTod

      Still using a G1. Contract is up next month, may the best phone/provider win.

  • http://www.dastardlyreport.com ryaninc

    Folks, there has been no release date given for this phone yet. I’m as anxious to get it as the rest of you, but it’s hard to delay a device that hasn’t gotten a release date yet. For all we know, it was always scheduled for the 16th, and the rumors of earlier were always wrong.

    • HD2/Vibrant User

      I’m a very well educated man with degrees and real world experience under my belt. My comments on a internet site don’t define who I am I just use it for entertainment purposes. Your response was so profound maybe you should do this for a living. You could possibly become famous at EPIC proportions. You happy now??

  • SnapDragin

    All managers will not be in Vegas, Its 1 manager representing a whole market.

    • Sureitis

      Your wrong. Every store manager from every market will be in Vegas. Get your facts correct

    • http://tmonews dcb

      Incorrect. ….all managers are invited

  • http://www.twitter.com/E_huxtable Eric

    ok well if this is true, it’s annoying… VERY. The phone is ready to be sold im sure… i mean why can’t it be sold even today via availability… they haven’t even shipped the phone the droiddog or phonedog so they can review the phone so we can at least be teased. Im using a iphone 2g :/ i need the g222222222!!!!! anyone else annoyed lol

  • Tom

    It’s already the 21st and we haven’t even been able to preorder yet so the 16th sounds fairly plausible to me. I’d rather then have the phone done right and wait an extra 2 weeks. The only reason I’m a little impatient is because I’m using my iPhone 2g in replacement for my lost BB. The reception is terrible and I can’t even send MMS.

  • The Architect(of the Matrix)

    Really?!, oct 16th?!. why should people invest in a mediocre(800mhz, ffc lackiing, 4-row k.b., slcd, etc, etc) handset, when the dual core beast’s will be available shortly after(approx 3mons). it just seems like a waste of money.

    One can only imagine what verizon and sprint have up their sleeve’s(those 2 mysterious htc devices?) for the holiday season(black fri-xmas), let alone early 2011. judging by their current offering’s(droid’s, epic, evo) im guessing they’ll outshine tmo once again(sadly).

    I commend people like marcello l, and tha ghost for holding tmo accountable. this is a business relationship, not friendship. why should’nt we expect(demand?) the most for our money. especially considering there are phones available today that already trump the g2.

    Be honest with yourself folks(for a second), had this phone not come with vanilla android(the avg consumer doesnt even know what that is or care about) how many of you would have labeled the g2 a fail. I said be honest now. speaking of fail the g2 sign up pg(rofl) is an epic fail. speaking of epic. that phone is looking better and beter. with tmo i guess you get what you pay for though.

    end rant. commence tmo g2 fanboyism

    • nexus lover

      G2 looks awesome. I am a phone snob. Had g1 mytouch nexus and mytouch slide. I love android and I think this phone is going to be verrryyy nice. Straight up android UI is huge. 800 proc. Will save battery, 4 row keyboard also saves space and is easy to adjust to…will barely even use the keyboard… use on screen mainly with keyboard for conveniance. Its about the phone doing what you want it to and doing it well. There will be plenty of space for apps, and a processor that can handle them well. Nice looking phone. What’s the problem? There will always be something “better” coming out. If you are a little less critical of the specs u might actually find a nice phone that does what you need it to!

    • Troyk

      Wow I can’t imagine what kind of battery life you will get with your dual core just using your phone to surf the web for a hour might kill it.. seriously i would wait but battery technology is currently really disappointing.

  • dubz

    sold my nexus last week, anticipating a price drop before the g2 comes out. you telling my i gotta use this razr until the 16th?!

    • mao102

      RAZR, LOL!

  • http://www.twitter.com/E_huxtable Eric

    How do I send a message to tmobile news or get in a headline that says *T-MOBILE.. WE NEED PHONE LIKE THE DROID X, EVO AND EPIC 4G* even the samsung vibrant isn’t really on par with those phones.. battery life sucks, screen isn’t 4’3.. the 4’3 screen yall did have was the hd2 which was a freezing fail and needed to be recalled… tmobile phone are like the iphone series, moving up a little bit with every new phone while these other carriers fly right by you and get more customers. I will admit to having a phone addiction but I love tmobile and don’t want to leave so pllllease get some better phone. the G2 still isn’t better than a droid x or iphone 4.. come on T MO!

    • http://www.twitter.com/E_huxtable Eric

      excuse my grammatical errors. I meant to type phones* a few times.

  • ken

    Well one of my co-workers are going to a HTC training for the G2 this Friday 24th. And usually when you go to these training you get to keep the phone that you were using in the training hence G2. So it should be coming within a 1 wk or so after the training. That is what happen to me when I went to the Samsung Vibrant training.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Let me just say, I don’t know that I agree with this date, the sources on this are thin at best but someone said it might be true, and I’m not necessarily referring to all sources belonging to the T-Mobile forums. Worth printing? Yes. 100% believable? Absolutely not…I tend to believe its coming sooner than this, the 29th or the 6th are still my guesses but I’d rather print up the 16th and be wrong than not print it at all and be wrong.

      • havenmay

        I agree. I just received a loyalty call today from T-Mobile. Been with them 7 yrs. They made and upgrade offer to me today and I told the rep I was waiting for the G2. The rep adv me that it would be available one week from today. She did not however specify whether this would be pre-sell or fully available. 1 week from today…..9/29/10, the original date.

    • TheLight

      Sorry David,

      I dont work at T-Mo6ile 6ut I have 6een calling everyday now and they keep telling me to call 6ack to pre-order Friday or Monday. I think it pre-ordering is a6out to start. I wouldn’t dis-agree with you if I didn’t do a lot of calling and research.

      I posted on the 6est 6uy article and G2 Delayed article a6out my accounts of calling in and going to the stores. Today I call in and get the same thing, “Call back tomorrow or Monday to pre-order.”

      6ut what do I know? lol

  • Jeff Waynes

    They delayed the release to get UMA on the G2!!!!!!


    The 16th rumor is VERY close to accurate. About 24 hours off. That’s all I can say.

    • G1 user waiting on G2

      Thats all you can say? about 24 hrs off? WOW that is amazing info, haha dont try to feel important by saying that you cant say more.

    • Foxeh

      A lot of people are telling me it’s still set for October 6th. So now we have three… wait, FOUR release dates if what you say is true?

      Yeah, okay, I’m just going to sit over here and just wait for Magenta to announce their launch date for themselves because this rumor-mongering has gotten beyond silly.

  • alex32

    I find october 16th hard to believe, I am still banking on the g2 release date around september 29th to october 3rd. I even have septemeber 29th circled onmy calendar and highlighted lol. If this is true I am going to be really bummed out about this, This means an extra 2 to 3 weeks with my handicapped curve 8900. Tmobile has to stop delaying this thing..by the time the G2 comes out there will be G3 rumors :p jaykay.

    Anyhow, if this is true I will be disapointed ):

    • Foxeh

      Hehe, you promised us that preorders will happen this week. ;) Not that I’d complain if you turned out to be correct, but you know…

    • Want2CBetter

      Funny! – now I want a G3 :)

      • alex32

        haha not exactly “promised”, the word is expected. Remember a tmo rep told me all of this. I just shared it to you guys. I still THINK pre orders news will be at the end of this week.
        Dont shoot the messenger (: lol

      • Foxeh

        I’m only teasing. ;) It’s possible that this October 16th rumor is only that. It’s also possible that the rest of T-Mobile didn’t quite get the memo yet, but it wont be too long until we know for sure either way.

        My reps still wont tell me squat, sadly…

  • Kyle

    Haha, just spoke with a Shack employee.. I asked if they were accepting pre-orders anytime soon and he followed with asking me when the phones being released..

  • Drakon911

    For what it’s worth, I stopped by two different T-Mo stores today and asked about the G2. Both said release was the 29th of September.

    • SurgioArmani

      I hope you’re right buy I’d think we’d at least have a pre-order by now if that were the case.

      Didn’t the G1 pre-orders start like 2 months before the release?

  • SurgioArmani

    Thought it was interesting that this article claims to have asked someone at Best Buy and was told they’d have it on 10/10.


  • Kinga

    The original release date was (is? who knows…) set for Wednesday, September 29th. T-Mobile always releases phones on Wednesdays so October 16th does not sound likely. I’ve been hearing at work that it will possibly be delayed until October 6th. If the day is not a Wednesday I highly doubt its true.

  • http://tmobile.com pants

    October 6th set and stone it was announced in our conference call all stores in our market are prepping for the launch so no more arguments on released dates it will come out on oct.6th.

  • DannyB

    T-Mobile confirmed today in our G2 training that it will be IN STORES on Oct 13.

    • Drakon911

      So it’s not going to work like the Vibrant? Since I was already a T-Mo customer I was able to get it a week before the launch.

      • Ash

        Did your G2 training mention anything about UMA?

    • DannyB

      Well, I verified that they did post “Pre-ordering starts soon!” in my.t-mobile.com, but they didn’t say anything about getting them early.

      As far as UMA – They didn’t mention it, and wireless tethering will NOT be included on this handset – it will be removed from Froyo. :(

      One thing they mentioned involving the vanilla Android, is that when they release a major OS update again (say to 2.3, or 3.0) This phone will be one of the first to get it, since nobody has to update their “flavoring” (like HTC Sense) before it can be released – it’ll just get released, so that’s a plus!

      I’m a little dissapointed in this handset, but I’m not going to pass judgement until I have one in my hands. We’ll see. :)

    • TadpoleBuckshot

      Maybe for people that have not pre ordered…

  • jasonz

    the release date is the 6th, preorders end the 4th

  • tadpolebuckshot

    My order status and eta for delivery says otherwise mr rumor speculator…

  • Dtour

    I just received my shipment confirmation today. I don’t think this rumor is legitimate, unless it only applies to the general public (not current Tmobile customers).

    My G2 is being shipped from Kentucky and will arrive in 2 days via Fedex.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Sounds like you need to read further up on the blog!

      • TadpoleBuckshot

        Tracking Number:1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Status: In Transit – On Time Scheduled Delivery Date:10/01/2010 Shipped To: CA, US Shipped/Billed On:09/28/2010Type:PackageService:3 DAY SELECTWeight:1.30 Lbs

        Perhaps you need to fix your broken “story” instead David.

        • David, Managing Editor

          Maybe you should read the more up to date posts, which clearly show this story is no longer valid the information was incorrect. I’m not going to go back and fix previous stories just because you didn’t find something more up to date in your own search. Everyone knows its coming out the 6th, we’ve posted it in how many of the last 10 posts, give me a break, find something less petty to worry about.