HTC HD3/HD7 In The Wild

Just this morning we were graced with some design sketches of the HTC HD7 and now we’ve finally got some in the wild pics. Courtesy of the Taiwanese forum Mobile01, we’ve got what seem to be the first live shots of the HTC HD3/HD7. As pictured above, the handset has an HD3 label across the bottom half. Interestingly enough, as pictured in the image below, the metal surrounding the camera flips out  to act as a kickstand for the device, which in my opinion is a welcome addition to the handset. Additionally, Mobile01 claims that the back of the handset is fully metal compared to its predecessor the HD2, which included only a  metal battery cover. Specs for the handset include a 4.3-inch WVGA screen, 1GHz Snapdragon processor (QSD8250),  a 5 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash, 720p video recording, and 8GB of built-in storage. More images of the handset after the break!


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  • Manny

    Nicceee ^^

    • Dantexas

      Well folks I am in love. I cannot began to even imagine how I am going to wait for this phone. I love this phone and it is exactly what I am looking for.

      • Manny


        Me 2. But I’m thinking… I was in love when the HD2 came out. Then the EVO came out and I was jealous. Wonder if HTC is gonna do the same thing after 3 months again. I’m still all over this though.

  • Galen20K

    Love the look, not too sure about the processor tho…. we’ll see.

    • Mike Litoris

      What exactly aren’t you sure about? The QSD 8250 Snapdragon may not be the newest processor but it is definitely still robust enough to get the job done in any smartphone OS to date and runs android beautifully. Honestly I think that for the mobile OS platforms we currently have available, the current 1Ghz and above processor families are more than adequate. Manufacturers need to start making breakthroughs in battery technology to handle the hardware these phones are pushing. As far as batteries in smartphones go we’re still a decade behind. 1Ghz and 512+ MB of memory is more than enough for any smartphone these days. At this point i’d be happy with my phone having a much longer standby time without having to charge everyday.

      • Chgo26

        Mike, thanks for the rational, common sense point of view. I’ve been screaming for better battery technology while it seemed everyone else pushed for a gigahertz arms race.

        This phone will be mine. Here’s to HTC putting a halfway decent battery in this beautiful piece of hardware.

      • Y314K

        Being robust enough or adequate means nothing when you’re paying retail price or even contract price since you end up paying retail price in the long run…

        It’s not like they have robust enough or adequate pricing when this phones are release…

        If I am expected to pay full retail price for a phone… I would hope the phone would already be old news when the rumors about the phones start to converge…

        Can we get a robust enough or adequate phone discount when this phone comes out….

        Same argument is made for ffc… If u’r throwing $500-$600 bucks for a top of the line device… Why would you be content with a partial phone…

      • fryhole

        I understand what saying, but that’s just not how processors work. Newer almost always means more efficient, at least in the mobile space. The newer core found in the G2 is more efficient than the current Snapdragon underclocked to the same speed: die shrinkage means more thrifty power sipping. It’s also important to remember that mobile processors are really good at varying their power draw on demand, so a faster chip won’t always be running full bore. A faster chip can get things done quicker and return to a low-draw state.

        So yes, the processor is worthy of concern. Personally I don’t understand why this doesn’t have the Scorpion inside like the Desire HD.

      • john

        Yeah sure even if the processor isn’t WORSE for the battery, who cares, that pretty 4.3″ screen will drain it faster, along with the ever-increasing sync lists.. phones are being used more than ever and the improvements aren’t coming to the battery.. That’s what the problem is. Having to charge your phone at least once a day is pathetic and that’s the current standard. It took long enough to get simple headphone jacks in phones, I can only imagine how long til they see our complaints on battery life…

      • Mike Litoris

        @ Y314K Your rationalization doesn’t make sense. Car companies are a perfect example. They reuse the same engines in several car models all the time then resell the same car the for years with simple body styling differences. Does mean the engine is “old”. It’s just a matter of not reinventing the wheel so to speak. If you have a technology that works well and is definitely powerful enough to continue to use in current devices then why replace it? Let’s not forget that this isn’t an android or regular winmo device. Who knows what sort of optimizations windows 7 phone will have for speed and battery life conservation. On top of that Let’s consider that fact that maybe this processor’s design could be the the best for use with windows 7 phone.

        Look at the Blackberry torch for example. It just has a 624 Mhz processor but when I used it side by side with my HD2 it kept up most of the time with no problem. My main point is that processor speed isn’t 100% everything. There are numerous other features that contribute to a phone’s performance.

  • Ecks

    Looks too much like a zune for me…I can picture ppl confusing the two. Seems to be an ok look. Gd job posting this

    • Yyevo

      I’ll take that Zune off your hands for ya.

  • James

    Looks like a solidly built phone, no question about it. Hopefully the OS is up to par.

    • Drew

      Speaking of OS.. I heard that it would be locked so that we wouldn’t be able to dual boot Android…anyone know anything about this? Can someone point me in the direction of some info?


        It is locked down, like IOS is locked down. But when it comes to Hackers, almost EVERYTHING is possible.

  • Phenomenon

    She’s beautiful! :: sheds a tear ::

  • Manny

    would of been nice if they took pics of the kickstand actually flipped out.
    How do we really know if its there?

    • Ecks

      You really don’t see the kickstand??

    • ogopogo

      Look at pic #3. The “kickstand” is around the camera lens.

    • Air One

      the 3rd pick down shows the kickstand out!!!

      • Manny

        Holy Crap! lol i thought the metal ban with the Hd3 logo was the kickstand for a moment…and that the lens part was just off pulled off…u know like with a battery cover

  • t1 connect

    What’s with the two phones

    • Kickstar13

      Maybe he was offered a BOGO like the ones we’ve been having for the last 6 months? ;)

      • phongeek


      • Steve Jobless

        I want purple high-lighted comments. Nobody ever pays me in gum..

  • G1 user waiting on G2

    Very nice, im still getting the G2, but im really liking this phone.

  • eYe

    It’s worse than Evo!!!! It has 1 less soft key! JK
    Like the phone… have to see the OS in action before making any decisions though

  • ogopogo

    nice looking phone, ugly looking interface.

    • thaghost

      oh. didnt notice u said da same thing already. so dat makes it double ugly.

  • HD2/Vibrant User

    With a all metal back is the antenna like the ip4

  • evo

    HTC EVO all the waY!!!!!!!!!

    • aLb3Rt

      wrong blogsite ;)

  • J-Hop2o6


    Primary Phone/main phone = G2
    Secondary/backup phone = HD7

    • David Rosen

      holy crap… even if you can get one of those on a new contract/subsidized, that’s probably like $700-$800 worth of phones… i wish i could spend money on phones like that haha. good for you though.

    • davidohio

      What the he’ll is a “back up” phone?

    • J-Hop2o6

      @ David Rosen – I can get the G2 subsidized (hoping for the $1 sale one day).. but imma save up for the HD7 off contract.. but that phone is a maybe.. might wait til 2011 to see what other WP7 there will be.

      @ davidohio – and secondary/backup as in i wanna carry and play with that phone with me for a few days or whenever.

      • Evan

        Work should be the only reason one would need two phones for. A business type that needs one with all his/her work info on one, while he/she has a second one that is meant for everyday living. Thats something you see all the time.

        If you aren’t getting it because you “have to”, then you don’t need it, and you will never justify the purchase of a second phone….

  • thaghost

    im quite sure it’ll be a good phone but the ui of the operation system is ugly.


      From these pictures, I don’t really like it. BUT from everything else I have seen on WP7,this is MINE. I love it.

    • nyuhsuk

      I had to read that twice. I never heard the term ‘operation system’ used before.

      I have to agree, it’ll take a lot of getting used to, taking from the plethora of demo videos that are out there. I still luv my WinMo 6.5.

  • Will

    I’m not to familiar with Windows 7 interface really but from what I’ve seen it’s not to impressive looking and I don’t get the hype (again from the looks perspective) *hides*

  • Y314K

    QSD8250 ???? That has got to be a early prototype… Sure it’s not 4.5″… But a ARM7 2008 brain… WTH!!! That was new last year when the HD2 first come out… If this chip holds true.. . You might just get a used HD2 for $150-$200 and let XDA’s do their W7 & Android magic till a dual core gets release…

    As for the OS… Has MS explained why they are waisting 1/5th (Might have measurement of the sliver under the arrow key wrong)of the screen wasted for no reason other then keeping a straight line… They could of easily put that arrow screen key to float on what ever box is in the corner… U can see first the waist the right side of the screen & then they waste the left side… unexplainable..

  • max


  • Which Way is Up?


    She’s a beauty alright… Now, let’s confirm some spec’s and please, oh please lets see how HTC incorporated Sense into the mix! If it’s anything like what I have seen so far, I will stand in line and miss a day of work for this phone!

    • Which Way is Up?

      I so did not read that post, my eyes were glued to the images, sorry.

      Regarding the specs, man-I really do feel it is an HD2 refresh running WP7… The specs closely match the current HD2, down the 720p video recording capable by the CPU crippled by WM…

      With that being said, I’ll wait for the review for final review…

  • pimpstrong

    Man that thing looks sick. Too bad it’s not running FroYo.

    • LuvMyGreenRobot

      Too bad it’s not running Android at all. :(

  • Junno

    why is it so difficult for tmobile to get a phone with these kind of specs with android. i just really don’t get it.

    • Galen20K

      I agree, if T-Mobile ultimately picks which Android phones end up on its service then you think they’d DEMAND a few High End Android phones and not just High End Windows phones… Its certainly an Enigma.

    • Sordid

      That is exactly what I was thinking… it’s like a generic Evo.. wtf makes them think people want Windows?! Bill Gates probably uses a Mac..


        I HATE MAC! Sorry just had to get that out…

  • Surfer

    Is this the old snapdragon processor??And what of its GPU capabilities.. is it equipped with Adreno 205?

  • wow

    This phone will fail. Why? because it’s window phone 7 tech looks like sh*t. They should have made this an android phone to compete with verizon’s phones. I am sorry but windows phones have always been junk and I have no faith in this one. Believe me I have owned many windows phones

    • David, Managing Editor

      I think what you owned in the past and what you could own with Windows Phone 7 are vastly different, don’t be so quick to judge something thats not out yet!


      Your name says it all for your comment. It’s ok your ignorant. You know NOTHING about WP7 and therefore judge it. For all those who care, the only similarity between WP7 and Winmo is the Creator. Lets just hope they know what they are doing this time.

      • nyuhsuk

        Like others are saying, they really should be churning out some high-end Android phones from HTC like these great WinMo/WP7 phones that they’re putting out. It would really help compete against VZW/Sprint’s lineup. High-end Android phones to compete and high-end WP7 phones to provide variety and options.

  • Barry

    Hello again sexy

  • LuvMyGreenRobot

    How come the Windows phones for T-Mobile get the pretty hardware and big screens?? No fair! *pouts and crosses arms*

    • Y314K

      Cause MS subsidizes the phone development… Ala Government Motors… And just like GM.. Still Fails…

  • JethroGibbs

    Fooled once with the HD2 fail….never again. Android phones only for me

  • Barry

    I do agree with the lack of similar hardware with android. Both the HD 2 and now the HD 3 look way better than the Evo cosmetically IMO.

  • B

    All I want to say is I really like the mobile site design/functionality

  • Hunter M

    Man, I was totally sold on the G2, and now I don’t know if I want this instead or if its worth the wait. The wait on the G2 has been bad enough saying im currently running an ancient TP2 on WMo 6.1 (queue the laughter from the masses =D).

    • J-Hop2o6

      why didn’t custom rom it?

      • J-Hop2o6

        *why didn’t u custom rom it?

  • chrisrj28

    Power to anyone who is into this phone because I do not understand why. The hardware is nice and I agree that the HD2 form factor is one of the best designs HTC has done. But there is nothing about WP7 that I have found attractive. These pics just bring that home more so, that ish is ugly to me. I will take WM6.5.3 with Sense any day of the week

    • nyuhsuk


  • Vibrant addict

    loving that kickstand! I hope microsoft does well as we all need the

    Mobile site is nice but it seems too run a bit slow in typing a response. Reminds me of how it is on facebook. Otherwise, it is very clean and I like it

  • Omeer

    Not that those are bad specs or anything but wasn’t the HD3 rumored to have like a dual core processor or something along the lines of 1.3 Ghz processor? An 8MP camera etc.? Am I right or is it a figment of my imagination?

    • B

      Everything is rumored to have a dual core processor

  • Y314K


    Is W7 getting a OS boost by leaving so much of the screen unused on just about every menu… Look at pics 2 & 3… That half inch sliver left unused over and over… Is it to make sure the phone doesn’t Blue Screen.. ???

  • Omeer

    On another note the phone looks beautiful and of stupendous build quality.

  • Yyevo

    G2 or this?

    I love Android, but this is a thing of beauty!

    Just have to see the off contract price I guess.

  • HD2/Vibrant USER

    Primary phone, HD3/7, back up phone, G2, travel phone, MTHD.

  • Bradly

    How I wish that was an android phone

  • David

    Looks good, if a bit bulky. (Good thing I have big hands!) So can I get it with Android or WebOS? (Heh.) The interface looks too much like Zune for my liking. I have a Zune player and I don’t think it has a particularly good user interface. Oh well, I’m sure somebody will like this.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    nice Phone design.

  • pimpstrong

    After a brief minute or so of no signal, It came back on and now my speed tests are clocking over 5Mbps on my Vibrant and the same speeds while tethered to my Laptop. Man I love what T-Mobile is accomplishing with HSPA+. Its FAST and doesnt cost a DIME more for the faster speeds!!

    • Surfer

      @ pimpstrong: where do you live man? Also, what speeds were you getting before? I wonder how much faster will the G2 or any other HSPA+ enabled phone be if the Vibrant is already getting a data speed boost?

  • ThreeFourSeven

    Everybody keep talking about the HD3/HD7 and its the same specs as the HD2 with WP7. I’m far from impressed.

  • somebody

    i had high hopes for this phone but snapdragon ? common thats weak better off buying mthd at least you get something new this thing is hd2 + 5 + Wp7.

    i highly doubt the snapdragon processor will be in this but tmobil is very consistent with disappointing me.

  • somebody

    in other notes that camera in that picture does not look like 5mp that is an 8.

  • nain77

    i have an hd2 and had an original hd, i love my hd2. idk why everyone talks soo bad about it. the proccessor is perfect. i never ever lag, maybe hiccup a bit, but thats not the proccessora fault. i will be getting the hd3, any release date!!!!!?

  • B-Mobile

    The way that sexy beast looks i will sell my funny acting vibrant and pay the difference for that beautiful thing in a heart beat just hope win mo 7 give me satisfaction like android has

  • Chris Beiser

    Am I the only person who thinks the kickstand is UGLY AS SIN? It’s awful! It’s possibly the worst looking kickstand I’ve ever seen!

    • Yyevo

      Yes you are.

  • jimmy

    THIS IS A FAIL!!!!
    8GB ONLY!!!!

  • nain77

    yeah but u have 250gb skydrive memory. u epicly fail,.who can say there photos n videos are saved on a 250gb skydrive?

    • KrayzieN9ne

      Actually you epically fail since in order to access the Skydrive cloud service you need to be connected the network. Anyone with a brain can see this service is only for backup/restore purposes only, since any day to day use as if it’s an actual extension to your memory isn’t practical. Since there is no carrier in existence that supplies full mobile service EVERYWHERE you go without any dead zones your comment is retarded..


    If t-mobile has the HD7 in their system, then they may modify this HD3 like they did with the International hd2. There is always room for improvement. Darn, this is one of those RARE times that i wish RUMORS are NOT true!

  • Carlos

    If the G2 takes any longer to come out I’ll have to jump ship.

    • Luis


  • phongeek

    im still sticking with the G2 but im diggin the design winmo fans looks like you got a beauty in the pageant