(UPDATED)Official T-Mobile G2 Images Surface

G2 fans, get excited.  Seriously though, this is important.  What’s as good as live shots?  That’s right, press shots that happen to be on T-Mobile’s servers.  This really puts the nail in the coffin if you ask me, though that is a bit grim (we are looking for positive here).  This phone is in fact coming soon, and does it look great? I think so! Aside from that, all looks good and clear (stock Android!) with more images down below.  So leave your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks, ryaninc!

Oh hey look, Engadget has a live picture, phone on and everything.  I guess you get what you ask for sometimes!

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  • SurgioArmani

    I noticed something bizarre about these pics. Look at the picture of the profile. Clearly the screen is pointing to the right, so you are looking at the left side of the phone. You also see a rocker and a port. Now look at the picture of the face. There appears to be a port or a button on the right side.

    Now look at the live shot. The phone is connected to the laptop by the USB port on the LEFT side. Brings me back to the questionable item seen on the right….what is it? A camera button? HDMI, perhaps?

    ….Here’s hoping!

    • gMoney

      I’ll bet it’s a dedicated camera button.

    • Technogen

      It’s a camera button, you can see it from the last released pics. http://www.tmonews.com/2010/08/and-just-like-that-the-g2-in-the-wild/

    • http://www.carlosestremera.com Carlos Estremera

      This is what i don’t understand…why is it that in some “wild shots” or “renders” you see the usb port on the side of the phone (especially when phone is closed) and in other shots you don’t (especially when phone is open) on the same side of the phone (as if it just magically disappears)???

      That’s just driving me nuts…don’t know what to believe anymore!

      This the other thing…why in one of the “screen shots” in landscape mode there’s 4 icons across…the google search bar is thinner and there’s an extra space on the left panel of the screen???

      ugghh – T-Mobile just reveal this thing already!

      • http://www.carlosestremera.com Carlos Estremera

        never mind – on engadget (and original t-mobile cached images) you can see the ports…but in original wild shots, they seem to be different…
        and still why the screen/icons adjustment in landscape mode?

      • atlantian

        test hardware

      • davidohio

        Really who cares. You are thinking about this way to much!

    • Bart The Truth

      Some phone have a micro usb to hdmi out. let us hope this has that

    • Ivan

      Its pretty obvious its a camera button. It might be able to do HDMI out by the 3.5 mm headphone jack just like the Vibrant. Idk about the rest of the Galaxy S line, but im pretty sure they can.

  • kendrix_myrealname

    Does it have flash? Thats all I want to know? Cuz the crappy Cliq XT and MyTouch Slide features it. I just dont understand why companies followed Apple’s idealogy by excluding it. My first camera phone in 2004 had a flash. Its 6 years later they are a pure luxury

    • Ivan

      Yes, It Does.

  • SurgioArmani

    It appears to have a LED flash. Take a look at these pics, much easier to see.


  • 94wolf

    ugh… It has a charging port on the side??? Absolutely terrible design choice. It just gets in the way

    • jordanjay29

      If you’ve ever tried to type on the G1’s keyboard with the charger in, you’ll understand why having it on the side would be easier.



      • Dustin

        Agree! My N900 has a port on the top and it’s impossible to type when it’s charging.

      • 94wolf

        I actually have the G1 and while typing does suck with the power supply plugged in, talking, browsing (which are 90% of what I do) are much better. About the only time I am really using my phone while its plugged in is when i am driving and using NAV. With it on the side you are going to be forced into fighting it or going into landscape mode (which I don’t prefer for NAV).

        So I stand by my statement. (Though its clearly personal choice)

      • immadroid


  • Cameron

    Hmm…and it’s still UGLY. You think someone would’ve learned from the G1…

    Sure the full QWERTY slider is nice but aesthetically, the front of that phone could have been a LOT nicer…

    And…no FFC? No dual core? No SUPER AMOLED screen? Yep…I think I will stick with my VIBRANT on this one…as I honestly feel that getting this phone would be a downgrade, not an Upgrade.

    Come one Tmobile we can do better than this. Give me something to REALLY get excited for!

  • SurgioArmani

    The charging port gets in the way? I don’t understand. What does it get in the way of? The only thing that comes as a hassle is if you’re trying to charge and listen to music at the same time.

    But for the record, I think T-Mo’s been deliberately hiding a 3.5mm jack on the top of the phone. Why have a phone capable of 5.1 surround sound without a 3.5mm jack.

    If this ends up being the case, the charging port is no longer in the way.

    • Technogen

      Its in the way of typing, when you hold the phone from both sides and attempt to use the keyboard the plug sticking out of the base pushes your right hand away. With the port on the side, you can grab the phone with your right and in portrait mode with out it being in the way and you can also use it in landscape with out it being in the way. Almost all phones have the jack on the side now due to this.

  • philosophics

    Pretty sure I’ll be holding out for the HTC Glacier. HOPING IT’S A G2 but bigger and with a dual core.


    • nclax15

      RIGHT BEHIND YOU BUD! I just saw phonedog’s recent post on the biggest and baddest Droid going to VZW(Evo ripped design for the carrier already stacked with android superphones)! THIS IS TO TMO GETTING IT’S OWN BEAST FOR A CHANGE! Tmo DESIRE HD 4Life!

      • An

        They are both made by htc so and what does that have to do with the g2

    • Robnoxious

      Ooooohhh!!! What are you gonna do?

    • Chris

      I would love to wait for the Glacier. From the rumors, it seems like a beast phone. But I would bet any money it’s not vanilla android, and for me, that is a must. That’s a big reason I still have my G1.

      • phonegeek

        i thought the glacier was to be a WINDOWS 7 phone.. i could be very wrong tho please correct me if i am( hoping to really be corrected cuz that would be great!)

  • somebody

    any news on the processor ?

    • ItsAllNoise

      msm7230 cpu 800-1ghz with adreno 205 gpu which is about 4 times faster than the 200 on current snapdragons. Should equal the vibrant (or close).

      • Technogen

        But use less power, that’s a big note to add onto it.

  • somebody

    anyone who says no 3.5mm headset jack is not important clearly doesn’t listen to a whole lot of music.

    It is a absolute deal breaker for me and i am 200% sure this phones has one.

    it would be absolutely idiotic for a high end phone not to have one.

    • Noel

      Agree 100%


    looks like a 4in screen

  • Mooch

    Silver, eh? hm. :/

  • Android_Enthu

    it is 3.7 inch screen

  • Android_Enthu

    The look is same as Nexus one – remember Google mentioning about G2 for business people with keyboard. This is the one !! it was in development long time before..

  • bigc17

    finally..from this picture of the guy using the t-mobile g2 on facebook…the screen sure looks like a 4 inch 2 me

    • David

      That’s pretty tough to tell, hard to tell in a picture just how big the screen is?!

    • JoshL

      It’s a 0.3 inch difference.. there’s no way you can tell from the picture!

  • http://out ov1

    Surgio that was a very good observation. I’m guessing that the window or dash mount for this phone will have to rotate in order to cut down on the stress on the phone port and the car charger. Lord knows if the gps kills the battery in this phone like it does in my g1 this will design will not work without this modification to the car docking station

  • Oblio007

    If its stock android, then why does it have 7 home screens? I thought vanilla android 2.2 only had 5.

    • Ivan

      Its Vanilla Android, with HTC Sense Widgets, It probably has 7 screens because they decided to mix that in from sense UI

      • zapote21

        What Sense widgets? LOL There are no sense widgets.

      • B.

        yeah there are, HTC has a bunch of widgets that they created that are only on sense phones. im guessing you havent compared the 2 UIs thoroughly enough

    • eYe

      It’s a simple edit in XML to change the number of the screens. So they decided to go with 7 screens on this, not a biggie, most people will be using ADW or LauncherPro anyway so they will set it to as many screens as they like.

  • http://soapboxuniverse.blogspot.com/?spref=gb K. Ray

    Really good pics. If I had to decide today, I would get it and get the Galaxy Tab.

  • cakesta

    No Sense? I was really hoping for that ui…vanilla is plain and ugly.

  • http://www.murfsworld.com gorillaghost

    Beautiful! I wanta touch it. this will be way better than what any other carrier is offering. I want one NOW!

  • TMOprophet

    Someone stated that this being a vanilla android phone doesn’t mean a lot, well I hate to agree with this idividual, but its somewhat true.

    The myTouch 3G runs stock android and has yet to see any updates, my point is that having stock android doesn’t mean you will have updates faster.

    I am afraid this is determined by the carrier, and so far TMO has not been aggressively providing support for upgrades. This could change, but for now it hasn’t.

    On a positive note, the G2 may indeed get faster updates if Google was very involved in the creation of the device. But time will tell.

    • ItsAllNoise

      Correct me if Im wrong, but is’nt the reason the slide has not been updated because tmo in their infinite wisdom decided to put espresso over it in the next update to unify the mytouch line? Thus its no longer stock. Thus delays.

      • TMOprophet

        I am referring to the myTouch 3G, NOT the Slide. the slide is skinned with expresso

      • ItsAllNoise

        Yes and from what i’ve read tmo is ADDING espresso to it in the next update. So it will look like the rest of the mytouch line. I think this is why there is a no update yet. Tmo is replacing vanilla android on it.
        “Sherrard (VP of Production Innovation) points out that the update will come in the form of replacing the vanilla Android UI found on the myTouch, with HTC’s “Espresso” UI”. (leakdroid, androidandme)

        G2 shouldn’t have this problem of tmo interferring with updates… hopefully.

    • immadroid

      did you consider the difference in specs with the mytouch 3g and the g2 or nexus one (nexus one got 2.2 before any other phone, officially i might add) the same reason the g1 did not receive 2.2 (officially) it’s the hardware.

  • David

    Looks promising. Not the most attractive phone out there, but it’s easy enough on the eyes. Hoping it’s a 3.7″ screen or smaller, or else I’ll have to pass. I realize the peanut gallery on here obsesses over large screens, but I want a smartphone that fits in my pocket! Too bad something like the Palm Pre isn’t offered by T-Mobile; I’d get that and be done with my current phone search/waiting game.

  • =D

    Based on what I can see in here (These are my Own Opinion):
    Pros: *a good processor that can either be an equal or better than the vibrant’s PLUS with a lower use of battery. * 3.7 inch screen: an okay size, considering that there is a 4 inch screen in t-mo’s side * a keyboard * HSPA+ *

    Cons: * unconfirmed 3.5mm jack: based on what I saw from other posts on here. I’m a big music fan (who isn’t?) * No SAMOLED screen: although isn’t that samsung’s specialty? I need someone who can correct me here XD.

    I think that’s it. There might be some more for you guys but this is just an amateur’s take on this phone. If you’d like to correct me then go ahead, feel free.

    • =D

      P.S I just realized that my avatar is almost the same as my name. I just noticed that now XD.

  • somebody

    3.7 and 4.0 are basicly the same 4.3 you can tell it is bigger, but in my opinion, it’s a little too big for my taste it’s actually a little bit of an annoyance

    • Chris

      My friend has an OG Droid and I had the vibrant for a little while. We were both playing homerun battle 3D. I handed him my phone to try it (the Vibrant’s accelorometer was bugging out). He grabbed the phone and said “Whoa that’s a big screen.”

    • Marc

      I doubt 3.7 and 4 are the same.

  • derrickps3

    this is one ugly device, the mytouch slide looks better. but the g1 fans will accept it i’m quite sure

  • SurgioArmani

    So I was searching Twitter for some news leaks and found someone’s post who said, “Called t mobile asking for g1. He said give it two months and g2 will be coming out.”

    Let’s hope to GOD this isn’t accurate. I’m really hoping for a Sept launch. My G1 is seriously on its last leg.

    • David

      I tend to believe the information we provide here is more reliable than the average customer service rep who doesn’t visit this site or work outisde the box on their job.

      • SurgioArmani

        Here’s hoping. The only part that worries there could be validity to it is the fact that T-Mo has said practically nothing. One would think we’d have some sort of official info by now if there’s a launch coming in a few weeks.

  • Hmmmm?

    It’s probably just me but something looks off in that last picture. Either that guy has small hands or that screen looks bigger than 3.7″. I was actually looking at this on Google Reader on my ipod touch (3.5″ btw) and this screen looks a good bit larger.

  • Steve

    So can anyone tell what the app between the Voice and Navigation app is? It looks like it corresponds to the three unmarked buttons on the keyboard?

    • Eddie Android

      I think its an app that assigns shortcuts (apps) to the dotted buttons like quicklaunch.

    • Technogen

      It says “Quick Keys” so I’m betting its what Eddie said and the program that assigns commands to the 3 programmable keys.

  • tmo7

    I cant understand the idea behind no FFC. The only thing this phone has is that its faster and has bigger screen? What the purpose in having HSPA+ if you cant stream video chat, use hotspot feature seamlessly, etc. I would like to know what specific features the new speed will be used for. I personally think keyboards are backwards thinking but can understand if some people are still reluctant to take off the training wheels but with the other competition out there like Iphone4, Evo, Epic, Droid, etc. they still seem to have an upper hand here unless Im missing something.

    • Ella K.

      umm..faster web browsing…

    • BigKID

      It has BEST OF BOTH WORLDS…keyboard and full touch (nexus)…depends on how ya look at it. two birds or one…i’d rather have 2…thankyou very much!!!

  • Marc

    So, do we know what the three silver buttons on the bottom are for, yet?

    • Dustin

      Navigating the home screens.

  • BrianH

    Another reason for the USB connection on the side may be for some type of dock that allows you to set it horizontally to use for your bedside. I wish it had the connectors like the N1 though.

  • somebody

    does anyone ells think this phone is kinda ugly compared to say the hd2 or vibrant now that we have official pics ?

    • Ivan

      As much as I want to love this phone, it kind of looks a little bit ugly in his hands, lets hope its his hands ;D

      • Original G1er


        But I think it might be the silver? It just breaks up to many parts on the phone.

        The darker tone in the last weeks leaked pics looked better. A lot better. This bright silver is cool one way, but exposes the seems/separations….

        Still, not a bad phone at all. Doesn’t look cheap or cheesy. But not a head turner where you would drool over it.

        As it stands, I’d say iPhone 4 is still the champion in the looks department, but this is definently one of the top looking keyboard phones IMO.

        Should have had some modern simpler look to it, in a not cheap looking way like apple. More glass/aluminum and less division in the front….

        Hmmm… I’m lost here. These pics looked great at first, but in the guys hand looked dated and in general nothing special or something to admire.

  • Chest Rockwell

    Sorry kids but the Galaxy S line crushes this ugly phone. Vibrant FTW

    • ItsAllNoise

      Why talk trash? Your phone is right for you, not everyone.
      PS – GPS FTW!! … Sorry could’nt resist.

  • Manny

    im pretty sure that the screen is 3.7… i know it does look kinda big in that last pic but heres a picture of the g2 next to an iphone (3.5in) just for reference

    looks about the same, not huge difference. If is was 4+ i think u would be able to tell

    • Cybersedan

      Yeah that pic does make it look more like 3.7, that guy in the article pic must have very small hands.

  • Manny

    must of put the wrong url (doing this from a ps3)… you can find the pic that i was talking about @ the bottom

  • daniel

    I really don’t understand why everyone is drinking the hateraid when it comes to t-mobile and android updates. How many phones have been updated to 2.2? just a couple. It isn’t like every phone except tmobile phones are on 2.2.

    The true fault belongs to Google. It is nice to have an open source, but you have to make some rules. I am not talking about being controlling like Apple, but things should change.

    Case in point. Motorola, they are still stuck on 1.5 on all their AT&T and Tmobile phones. This is a crock.

    Google should make it that all phone companies have a 60-90 day window to have their updates ready when Google releases a software version. If they don’t then they lose rights or get fined or something.

    The phone company know months in advance when the next google update is coming. They know right 3.0 is probably coming out the first of the year. You can’t tell me if they know 3 months in advance and then have 3 months after the launch they can’t get something out. That is a 6 month window. If they can’t get an update ready in 6 months…. then maybe they don’t need to be selling Google Products?

    • 2Wheeler

      Android isn’t the only OS to suffer this plight. WinMo is standing in line too. I’ve had the Shadow for quite a while. TMo told me they have provided all updates they got from MS. Well, it took a while, but I found a WinMO 6.5 ROM on the xda-developers and allshadow boards. Breathed a bit of new life into the thing.

      Almost upgraded to the HD2. That came with WinMo6.5 just as 7 was released. No plans to update the OS on that phone either. But I’m sure someone with some time can find a WinMo7 or Android ROM to flash it with.

    • Alberto

      Daniel, it is not Google’s fault, they can only make the newer version of Android, it is only up to T-Mobile or any other carrier to make a decision as to when they will push the update. BUT, they cannot even push out an update if the manufacturers like HTC with the Sense overlay don’t have it ready for them. Google released 2.2 and I got it immediately, within days on my Nexus One. However, this was not so with other phones. Using Motorola as an example, they have their Motoblur UI overlay, skin, on top of Android. The carrier cannot roll this out if Motorola does not do their job and get their software to work with the newer version of Android. This is where the problem, if you have Sense UI, Motoblur or even Touchwhiz, you have to wait till the manufacturers fix the software on their end. If you have stock Android, this is not the case and your device is automatically compatible, unless your hardware presents a problem (not enough memory and so forth, ie. G1). So there. This is why people are hoping this is stock Android.

    • Ktwist

      Mmm Motorola Charm is out and running 2.1 for tmobile. The thing is and I’m not here to hate, but no where does it state when you buy a phone it comes with free upgrades to newer software. I bought a Mac Pro and have yet to see a free upgrade to a Newer Software Version? What Google should do though is sell the new firmware in stores so you can update your phones. They could sell the software cds for like $10 OR $15 bucks and would still be cheaper and faster than buying a new phone. The phone companies could partner up with google and just put stock Vanilla on all there phones and then people could just buy the software for their model of phone. Maybe I should be pitching this to google aye?

  • currator

    call me crazy but does that empty pic on the g2 website have a bump on the bottom left this phone does not makes me think this is not the g2 i guess i will have to wait and see when they put it on the website just saying

    • LSxChevelle

      It’s just a basic pic and that would be the usb spot…

    • La El

      If the empty pic is the back of the phone that would be the dedicated camera button I believe.

  • LSxChevelle

    Screen is 3.7 and this phone will support hotspot tethering for free!

  • http://merdwerkz.com emm333arrd33

    why is it that htc changes the layout of their qwerty? g1 is very comfortable and this phone’s bigger, so why wouldnt they add the row of numbers on top and keep the layout consistent? i’m all for change and all but this doesnt make sense.

    • Technogen

      Because there’s no room on the phone to do it, the phone would have to be physically larger to have another row of keys.

  • Dre

    Hopefully the other HTC phone that’s rumored to come out this year doesn’t have a physical keyboard…I despise them.

    • Ella K.

      mytouch hd

      • immadroid

        i wanna see something on this mytouch HD i haven’t found anything so far and i’m getting impatient =/

  • 2Wheeler

    So I’ve passed on a few new releases for upgrades. Now I can’t wait to replace my Shadow which was flashed with a WinMo 6.5 from xda-developers/allshadow boards. Heard lots of rumors of upcoming releases.

    G2 is a definite Sept 29! High on the probability list.

    Anyone have any idea what HTC is going to be releasing the beginning of Nov? Don’t want to drop a few beans on the G2 if the November release has more interesting gadgets like an FFC and other goodies….

  • mailman13877

    Got my Evo and its by far better than this phone..Evooo FTW..oh and no issues so far

    • TMO ROX

      That’s wonderful mailman…now, go away and leave us alone!

    • Midori

      Shouldnt you find a sprint blog somewhere and stop intentionally drumming up controversy. It’s obvious that you like the attention but come on!

    • tortionist

      you can take your Evo with it’s snap dragon processor and i’ll take the g2 with the scorpion and we’ll see who’s is faster. Hint: it won’t be the Evo. We’ll see who’s has more processing power and longer battery life. Hint: once again, it won’t be the Evo. That new processor the G2 is getting is seriously tight and the best one out there(about to be out there). Take your Evo and go back to your sandbox, meanwhile, lay off the koolaid.

      • B.

        Pwned XD


      To bad the evo is already outdated. idiot

  • juliandupree

    I’m so tired of people complaining about a super amoled scree. Please release samsung is hording those screens for them selves…

  • juliandupree

    Correction. Screens and realize lol

  • NiiDiddy

    Nice looking phone.

  • Silkky Psi

    4 inch Screen look at the way he holds the phone, put any 3.4-3.7 phone in your hand and compare to the picture.

  • al

    WOOPY looks like a Nexus One with a key board. So what’s the big deal. Another lame phone from T mobile !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LSxChevelle

      This will run a processor that is better than the N1, some people still are set on a keyboard, in a hspa+ area data speeds will be double, warranty handled by the carrier,…remember every phone has its place.

  • Muffin

    I don’t know why you just download SKYFIRE if you want flash that bad. That browser plays all videos now.

    • Technogen

      Wrong type of Flash, they want a flash for the camera not flash as in adobe flash.

      • muffin

        well the nightmnode works awesome on vibrant. better than flash i had on hd2 and the hd2 has the best flash out there

  • Rick

    Pictures are nice, but a full spec sheet would be even better. How much memory and what kind, camera pixels, flash, which Android, etc. are what we really need to know. I want the official specs not specs posted by other posters/speculators.

  • phonegeek

    hey i know this is random but anyone know anything about the htc glacier is that an android based phone or what i thought it was to have windows on it or is that the schubert

  • tmogee

    any idea on the price?!?!?!