(UPDATED)Official T-Mobile G2 Images Surface

G2 fans, get excited.  Seriously though, this is important.  What’s as good as live shots?  That’s right, press shots that happen to be on T-Mobile’s servers.  This really puts the nail in the coffin if you ask me, though that is a bit grim (we are looking for positive here).  This phone is in fact coming soon, and does it look great? I think so! Aside from that, all looks good and clear (stock Android!) with more images down below.  So leave your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks, ryaninc!

Oh hey look, Engadget has a live picture, phone on and everything.  I guess you get what you ask for sometimes!

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  • TheLight

    How dare they call it a G2 and dont put a dedicated num6ers…I know thats a niche, 6ut man I loved my G1 keypad…

    Over all I want to see the real specs. The screen details..all the good juicy intel. Im still not enthused though, I wanted something that would 6low me away..didnt happen :(

    I still want it, which is ironic 6ut I need to upgrade…

    • Steven

      Your expectations are unrealistic. With the smallest user base of the four major carriers, and with the more affordable plans, T-Mobile simply cannot afford to get cutting edge phones. The other carriers have more influence and have a better chance to get those phones than T-Mobile. Paying less on your monthly bill comes at the cost of having a smaller selection of phones. With that being said, this device blows away any other phone on the market with the exception of the Galaxy S phones with their Hummingbird processors. This will still be a great phone and it will be up there with the best of them. Quit complaining. This is your true G1 successor, like it or not.

      • ihatefanboys

        not flaming, but it sounds like u contradicted yourself. “t-mobile cannot afford to get cutting edge phones” then “blows away any other phone on the market”

        sounds “cutting edge” to me. the chip is NEW, the specs should b great. tmobile has nothing to be ashamed of. its not a 4inch monster, who cares, it will kick the iphones ass, and certainly leave the droid bloody….and for the fanboys that will certainly ask me for a “LINK” or “proof” , its just simple, investigate…google the chip, see what u get, stop whining. (not u whining STEVEN, the fanboys)

      • 4ty-phive

        I agree with the first half of your statement. You lost me at “With that being said,….”

      • TheLight

        @ Steven

        You just contradicted yourself, thanks! lol, plus Sprint has cheap plans too with the 3rd largets subscri6er 6ase and they got the EVO!So what a6out cheap plans and cutting edge phones now?


        Im not whining, I just named one fact that the G1 had a freakin 5 row key6oard and its successor doesnt.(i dont want to hold another 6utton to press the num6ers, my opinion so get off my nuts) You usually add to the phone when upgrading it, not take away! You guys can get anal sometimes…no homo ..lol!

        @6oth of you

        I clearly stated that I was going to get it, so why even 6reak my statement down like I was down talking the phone. I know we should 6e excited and I am, 6ut whats going to happen when in the long term when Verizon(New Droid coming next month) and Sprint(samsung epic real soon) gets there 6etter phone since were too cheap to get cutting edge phones? Will we forever 6e playing catch and keep up?

        I wanted a device that would have the same impact the Evo did for Sprint, set the standard in high end and us apart with a flagship device.Thats all.


        Its purely cosmetic. I’ve 6een 6logging like this for years and I like to 6e different. Nothing more. Change makes alot of people feel weird.


      • Rilesman

        And why does each carrier have to tinker, modify, and make phones exclusive (yes I am talking about phones like Galaxy S). Just release a phone in all it’s glory with the correct radios (proper spectrum) and leave it all out there. The carriers play these games when it really just comes down to support issues that need to be addressed.

      • ihatefanboys

        @thelight…. when did i call u a whiner ? i searched the whole thread….my reply was to steven.

        but honestly, did i read correctly that u want to post here, but have no one reply to what u write, especially if it disagrees with your opinion?? wow!! talk about having a closed mind. u must b young, so ill give u some advice, learn to have an open mind and accept that people are going to disagree with u. people are individuals, just because u think u are smarter than your peers and maybe u think ur cool, using the #6 instead of the letter B, but ur really not….u are ordinary, u have an opinion, steven has an opinion, i have an opinion…and opinions are like assholes….we all have em…. if u dont want anyone to disagree with u , i have a surefire solution….dont post here, open up gmail, compose an email to yourself, send it…honestly what u wrote on a public message board is hillarious….WAAAA DONT TELL ME IM WRONG….WAAAAA… thats what u sound like kiddo…grow up

      • vinny

        I disagree, the G2 blows all those cheap ass Samsung devices out of the water. I’m very happpy with what I think is the best made, looking and functional device made today, The Nexus One. This G2 looks like the Nexus 2, can’t get much better then that. Vanilla Android. GOOGLE + HTC = WINNER

      • mike

        yo my man steven i dont know where you get your information bro but you really have no clue what you are talking about man. i Work for t-mobile so you can call me bi-ist all day long but the facts are there T-mobile is the second largest wireless company in the WORLD number 1 being Vodafone. Read a book. your gonna honestly sit there and say t-mobile doesnt have a large selection of phones? they were the FIRST to introduce android, and they have the same selection as sprint verizon or ATT, not to mention the fact that T-mobile in europe has been had the iphone and the droid (which is called the milestone for t-mo) and also T-mobile’s HSPA+ network is larger and Faster than wimax 4g on Verizon Sprint OR Att look it up, and do yourself a favor and open your eyes next time you type on a tmo blog

      • Vinchenzo

        First of all, you have to realize that it’s not always the carrier’s pull on whether or not a carrier will take on a phone. The carrier is the buyer and the handset maker is the manufacturer. Think about who is buying and who is selling. The EVO was first offered to T-Mobile because T-Mobile is HTC’s favored carrier because of our historical early input and cooperation. We passed on the EVO because it didn’t fit our road map. Also, we are in the midst of a changeover in leadership so handset opportunities will change since it was Dotson’s signature on every handset launch. Things are going to change and it’s starting at the top.

    • SurgioArmani

      Why are all your “b”s 6’s? I don’t know why but its really weirding me out.

    • aksnoopy

      I hardly ever use the dedicated number keys on the top row of my G1. Usually if I’m doing anything that requires numbers there is an on screen number pad provided.

    • TheLight


      I apologize, I thought you where making a reference to me complaining.

    • TheLight


      Now I wish I would have read the whole post.

      1st- Thanks for recognizing my coolness. :)

      2nd- I’m a grown man.

      3rd- You did way more whining then I ever did! lol!

      4th- I dont have time to argue a6out how I post. You read it, reply on it, on to the next. Like you said, “public message 6oard”.

  • phonegeek

    oh yeah and skyfire is great for people with no flash ( im talking adobe) mytouch+skyfire works like a charm an the sound is wonderful .. now just need a bigger screen lol

  • Mrjoeyloke

    what I really want to hear about is this PSP type android phone! Anyone know if that will come to fruition?

  • Xsster

    Just stock??

  • somebody

    a good way to figure out the screen size is to take measurement of the usb port head thats in that pic and use that as a ruler it shouldn’t be too hard if you take the angels into consideration, somebody get on that because im not that bored.

    • sino8r

      LOL! So you guys really care if it’s 3.7 or 4 inches! I know you guys cant even tell the difference because some of you are saying “oh it LOOKS like a 4″ screen!” WHO CARES! THERE IS NO NOTICEABLE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A 3.7″ screen and a 4″ one! Get a life, people! And you too to those crying about the ffc.. GET A STUPID IPHONE THEN. CRAPPY, GIMMICKY, USELESS TECH!

      • somebody

        yea type caps that will get you noticed..


        this statement applies to every phone out today..they are all useless gimmicks nobody needs a computer in their pocket but it still seems to sell because its a “gimmick”, like a Rolls roys nobody needs one but they still want it..

      • B

        What’s a Rolls roys?

  • frankthetank

    I gotta hand it to T-Mobile on this one. They brought bring a killer looking Android phone to market with none of the usual T-Mobile shenanigans like crazy colors and overworked software customizations. Bravo T-Mobile! This phone looks sharp!

  • Derrick

    thats a long ass usb cable, damn the screen size.

  • Steve

    there’s no difference between a 3.7 and a 4 inch screen… put th galaxy next to the incredible or the nexus one… you’ll see a difference and type a text in landscape mode… 4 inch is perfect, 4.3 is almost too big and 3.7 is good but 4 is better…
    ur an idiot

    • sino8r

      Go cry somewhere else, Steve. “u r an idiot” Sounds quite intelligent on your part. Any ways, if it’s THAT big of a difference to you guys… then by all means, pass up the G2. It’s as simple as that. Enough of the whining though really… Write T-Mobile with your complaints and may be you’ll get the perfect device or better yet, JUST LEAVE T-Mobile and this website and go get a Droid or something! I’m tired of your bitching! This is the best device that T-Mobile has put out all year and you STILL complain about it! Why even comment at all? It won’t MAGICALLY change the G2 to include a 4″ screen or a FFC.
      Obviously, t-mobile isn’t supporting video calls yet. They will soon enough, I’m sure. And just to make all you turds cry even more… ya know it’s not even gonna have a 1GHZ processor! HA! Cry now, morons! It’s equipped with a MSM7x30 with Adreno 205 GPU which are set at 800MHZ. But y’all are too stupid to even realize what that means and just say “oh what a fail!” Idiots… That’s actually what your mother’s said when they had to pop out your ugly, bulbous heads from out of her stinking crotch. hahhahahhahahha! Now go away!

      • ihatefanboys

        im with ya buddy…ive been sayin the same thing endlessly. they dont know what the processor specs mean…all they hear is 800mhz they dont understand the rest, they cant do the math on 3.7 vs 4.0…yet seem to think if u magically flip it to landscape mode that .3 inches suddenly POPS out. u tell them to goto another carrier that would satisfy them more and they try to flame u….. would u believe some idiot on here asked where i came from ,because he didnt hav a good response back. we are dealing with whiny babies here. each time a screen size goes up, they want bigger, pretty soon, with the rate that thats going,we will all be carrying icrap sized tablets in our pockets, then eventually everyone will just hav laptops again…its rediculous…..and yes FFC is a waste….G2 FTW

      • tokinotabumblb

        LMAO. Oh you guys are going to be my favorite people here. Lol

  • tmogee

    any idea on the price?!?!

    • immadroid

      $200 on contract just like every other smart phone that’s been out on tmo, Probably


    ohhhhh i wantttt!!! any idea when its due for release?

  • now_onTMO

    umm it looks nice.. it looks like the nexus one, IMO they should’nt have put the trackpad, it seems like there is too much bezel at the bottom area.. i think it would’ve looked better without that..

    but still looks nice, imo

    and a better snapdragon! what do we know.. good one HTC

    • BigKID

      Totally agree…LOVE the phone but def. would upgrade from a 9.5 to 9.8 w/o the pad…LOL


    • AndroidRRR

      UMMM HELL NO!!! I’m clad it had the trackpad I hate using the Vibrant w/o it and i love that my Mytouch has one it makes it easier to highlight, select, and place the curser in small places.

  • thainese

    Hmmm pretty clean looking, not to mention its running stock Froyo :D….now i just need to kno the specs

    • ihatefanboys

      should b soon…official pics….then specs….then date….then price. seems like a logical progression. :-)

  • david

    Sorry but to me it looks like a My Touch in another shell key bourd looks the same. I know the hardware is better but its still looks like a My Touch. I thought we would be getting a 4in or better by now not a 3.7in screen. Just my opion and that doesn’t stand for much.

    • ihatefanboys

      listen,do the math…. the difference btween a 3.7 and a 4.0 screen is…..wait for it …… .3 inches…thats less than an inch. meaning ? that if u put it next to a phone with a 4inch screen u wouldnt really notice a difference. and how on earth could u say it looks like a mytouch.?

  • sivarter

    You would think since engadget has the phone they would hook us up with the specs :) purty plases

    • ihatefanboys

      should be this week i would think.

    • jazzmanmonty

      they don’t have the phone, they just got the pic of the phone.

  • bob1

    Does it have a 3.5mm jack?

    • phonegeek

      yes yes yes lol

  • Em2drvr03

    its amazing how the phones not even out yet and ppl are already turning this phone down

    • ihatefanboys

      its seriously stupid, thats what it is. their loss. its def a game-changer, just like the G1

      • Em2drvr03

        im not gonna say a game changer …but just a seriously good phone…and thats all tmobile needs is just a good phone to keep up

    • mikeeeee

      the phone is so worthy of a 2 week test drive.

      only cost is postage back if it fails and 2 good years if it flies.

      just to escape from the clutches of my cliqXT is worth it.

  • A.Minor

    Now all we need is video (Aside from all the official info)

  • Barry

    Lmbo @ Wilma’s random shoutouts of oatmeal raisin cookies and biscuits and testament’s Bacon and eggs request.

    New processor, hspa+ capabilities, new Google experience, sounds like a game changer to me.

  • tokinotabumblb

    I’m still waiting on what the myTouch HD will officially look like, but this is a nice phone. I loved my G1.

  • coolMANDINGO

    wow this is the greatest looking device ever!!!! i never seen a device like it before.(sarcasm). can anyone say NEXUS 1 with a keyboard!!

    • RolloC84

      See – Saw – Have Seen

      “I never saw a device…” or “I have never seen a device…” “I’ve never seen a device…” would also be acceptable if you prefer using a contraction.

  • LookinForward

    >>Looks like a NEXUS 1 with a keyboard!!
    I think that is a good thing. I wanted a Nexus, but couldn’t afford one. I love my G1, and really wanted my next phone to have a keyboard, and more memory. I can live with the keyboard not having a dedicated number row. The on screen keyboards do not have a dedicated number row either.

  • http://tmonews meshech

    i would just like t know whats the screen size it looks pretty big in his hands if its bigger than a 3.7 then ill consider getting it because i love my hd2 but the windows suck big time

    • ihatefanboys

      its a 3.7

  • TheLight



    • ihatefanboys

      lol everytime our chins meet its magic…mine and my G1s, lol…..i still laugh at the people that say it interfered with typing, ahhh the memories

  • coolMANDINGO

    im a former g1er myself and now havea nexus 1 so im going to pas on this one. get swipe its actually better than an qwerty keyboard(my opinion ofcourse). test swype out before you hae on it. this will proabably be a great device but just not for me. i still want a ffc. tmobile has the best sevice and plans around. i wish the hspa came the advent of ffc for us tmobile techies. and before anyone says anything the ffc is not a gimmick. cameras on phones were long thought to be gimmicks look at them know. cameras on phones are standard.so the people that dont wand ffc stop hating on people like me that do.

    • ihatefanboys

      how is thinking a FFC is a waste , hating? im a “techie” and i think its a useless feature. a battery drain at the very least…sometimes i barely wanna answer my phone, let alone have whoever is calling me to see me. but yes a FFC is a gimmick, and dumb…cameras(regular) on phones make sense, take pictures of other things, like a regular camera does…its like having a FFC on an actual camera…facing back at u, yes its useless..again to quote u (my opinion of course) i just dont get u guys that say its a “dealbreaker”

      • A.Minor

        Its something these individuals want included in their device. You don’t have to get why they feel that way.

      • BigKID


  • G1 user waitin for G2

    I was hoping since it was Sept 1st that some more G2 news(pre-order,specs,etc)would be out there, not complaining cause Tmonews does a real good job at getting the story, im just getting inpatient if the G2 is supposed to really come out this month.

    • BigKID

      Me too…the anticpation is killing me. Its to the point, where if this doesnt “blow me away” spec wise…I hate to say it, but I may just pass…

      Its like waiting on “that” chick to “give it up”…tired of waiting…on to the next one LOL

  • LSxChevele

    “How dare they call it a G2 and dont put a dedicated num6ers…I know thats a niche, 6ut man I loved my G1 keypad…”

    While mny people love the 5 row on the G1 it is not what makes it a G1 so it is ok to call it the G2 even though it doesn’t have a 5 row keyboard. Features don’t have tobe the same to be a replacement.

  • MuLtIpAsS
  • coolMANDINGO

    im really hoping the the dual core device that tmobile is RUMORED to be launching is the hd7 with winmo 7. that was would really suck. im crossing my fingers. im really pissed that the hd2 came out because now there going to be coming out with others(winmo variants). $30 apps isnt my cup of tea. i dont even drink tea either. \\
    @ihatefanboys or whatever your name is. i said i want it on my device. i could give a good got damn what you want. i have the money to burn . im big meech better yet larry hoover… yall know the rest. calm down fag boy aka gag boy.

  • Barry

    Meant to say this earlier Sino8r’s rant was classic cdhu. Ok I feel the ffc is somewhat of a gimmick as well ppl barely talk on the phone anymore these days plus the person on the other end has to have one. I was getting on a friend of mine on Facebook about the iPhone 4 and how it sucks and he responded. “Barry…men lie…women lie…iPhone numbers don’t lie…lol, but I think it’s all good for us cuz these phones are getting some crazy ass’s features and apps…I want universal video chat across all mobile carriers…trust me it will come in handy with the freak biddies lol” I was convinced that’s what most people want it for lmbo. To me its like and appendix I’ll be fine with/without it. But to say its a deal breaker is ridiculous because most ppl envy vzw Droid lineup and not one of their high end phones have a ffc not even the fascinate so there’s definitely a method to these carriers madness. And if we could make our dream phone what would it be. But it has to be available no so no gingerbread no dual core processors and if its not Samsung manufactured no s-amoled.

  • coolMANDINGO

    for me, not having the ffc isnt a deal breaker. i just dont want something that i already have. i have a nexus one and m good with a regular touch screen. i choose to spend my money on the things i want. if the device isnt for me i will admit that it isnt(and this 1 isnt) AND I WILL MOVE ON!! i will wait for another device down the line . this device is for the people that get a chance at the nexus 1. BROKE bastards!! LOL im kidding ! chill out! you guys will enjoy this. ITS JUST NOT FOR ME!!!

  • ddukatz

    Hmmmm….I see no charging light on that last pic. Does anyone know if the G2 will have a notification light?

  • Barry

    That’s exactly how I look at things.

  • http://tmobile.com pants

    Fyi no 1ghz processor 800 mhz battery -_- htc is currently looking else where for a better battery manufacture if it makes you feel better its a 1500 mah battery atlest

  • http://CheapNate.com DomRepLV

    *************OK OK OK ! >>> Love The Phone But a Little Pi$$ed… NO FRONT CAMERA!!!
    But I am Still Getting it….. Damn HTC/T-MOBILE No Front View Cam……

  • McParty

    Anyone know anything about Project Emerald other than this story http://www.tmonews.com/2010/09/mytouch-hd-also-known-as-emerald-to-release-november-3rd/

    Any idea on specs? What was the screen size of earlier MyTouch’s?? Did they have actual keypads?

    • David

      I think googling would be your best option, the answers to those questions are pretty easy to find on your own.

    • Shawn

      Yeah, the MyTouch HD

  • tuneup2011

    Your expectations are unrealistic. With the smallest user base of the four major carriers, and with the more affordable plans, T-Mobile simply cannot afford to get cutting edge phones. The other carriers have more influence and have a better chance to get those phones than T-Mobile. Paying less on your monthly bill comes at the cost of having a smaller selection of phones. With that being said, this device blows away any other phone on the market with the exception of the Galaxy S phones with their Hummingbird processors. This will still be a great phone and it will be up there with the best of them. Quit complaining. This is your true G1 successor, like it or not.

  • Cprieto2

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