Stop The Presses, iPhone Coming To T-Mobile In Q3?

Cult of Mac, certainly a trusty and prominent Mac related website is reporting that T-Mobile is in the “advanced stage” of talks with Apple to bring the iPhone to T-Mobile. This “highly placed source” pegs the chances of a T-Mobile iPhone at “80 percent likely that the iPhone will be coming to T-Mobile in Q3.” Those are some damn nice odds in the favor of T-Mobile. Of course this, like any iPhone rumor is to be taken only with the strictest grains of salt.

It’s likely that many of you may scoff at the idea of an iPhone T-Mobile iPhone, being a happy Android house right now. There is little doubt however, as to what it would do to for T-Mobile itself. AT&T has seen such success with the iPhone from a subscriber standpoint that T-Mobile would be foolish to pass up such a premiere device and a golden opportunity. The iPhone, love it or hate it is a golden goose right now and would be an immediate boost to T-Mobile and an opportunity to “steal” away unhappy AT&T customers by the truckload with lower prices and a solid network.

Obviously, technology favors T-Mobile as we’ve seen with the recent Wired report claiming that Apple gave up on a Verizon iPhone idea because they would have to rebuild the entire device. With T-Mobile and AT&T running the exact same technology (did anyone really need me to write that?) it would be a much smoother experience for Apple to put the iPhone in the hands of Magenta.

It’s impossible to say whether rumors like this have any actual truth behind them as iPhone rumors are a dime a dozen. Not to mention that anything regarding this matter is one of the most easy to claim and hardest to prove in the wireless game. Getting the scoop on Apple’s next move is like the golden ticket in the tech blog world and while we have complete faith in Cult of Mac and their confidence in their source, we can’t discount disinformation or simply bad information from playing a role here. That being said, we’re definitely all for this coming to fruition, if for no other reason than because of what it could do for T-Mobile and their future prospects.

Cult of Mac

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  • Cassie

    Simply put, for a cell phone company it is best to have variety. GO T-MOBILE. DON’T LET IT BE A RUMOR BABY!!!

  • Homer

    You guys need to lay off David! He has created this site that all of us love to chat on! I have followed on here a while, and it seems that this place is the most real site out there. A lot of people post stupid rumors, but I know David looks into stuff and does research before posting! If y’all dont like it leave.

    Now for the iphone rumors! I have a nexus one, and i love it I have been with T-mobile since voicestream. My work has been with AT&T, verizon and sprint and I can honestly say that TMO has been the best to Me! The prices and customer service have been great. I had a major problem with my cliq, they went out of there way to help Me. Multiple follow ups and eventually getting me a new phone. The iphone coming to TMO is great news. We need a way to kick sprint and AT&T out of the way! We would gain so many more customers, and that’s what we need. More customers, more profit more expansion……… one more great phone in the lineup would be great. Who cares if you hate apple, androids better blah blah blah, diversity is a good thing!!!! Verizon is kicking our ass in the android game why arent you bitching about that? Would you all be freaking out like this if we got a webOS super phone? What about a windows 7 tablet? It aint android we dont want it…………y’all are idiots!!!! This all goes back to chevy vs ford days! Could you imagine if ford never made the mustang and stuck to F-series and the focus? How well would they do? They would of been bankrupt and out of business! You must have diversity and a good lineup and hopefully t-mobile is going that way. You gotta back your company if you want it to grow!!!!!!!!!!!

    • David

      Thanks Homer!!

    • NiiDiddy


    • phonegeek

      i agree 100% that would make the odds in favor for magenta i say get the iphone i been here since voicestream too gotta have variety

      • Bob

        And may I say that that T-Mobile already knows how the iphone will be on their network. They already have it running over in Europe in the various T-Mobile companies there. I also have been with them since the voicestream days and I know I will never buy an iphone but it sure won’t hurt to have it available.

  • Onemangang

    Could This Be the upcoming HSPA+ device???

  • abcd

    if the iphone comes to tmobile it will probably bog up the network and maybe tmobile might go away with unlimited data. it would bring tmobile more customers and money which they can use to expand the 3g and rollout lte and move tmobile up in the ranks. in the beginning it would slow down the network but expanding with the money they get, tmobile can turn into a very good carrier and possibly #2 just behind verizon. tmobile also has to get a better selection of phones and get an amazing android phone like the evo or droid x. come on tmobile and get better android phones

  • Pufferfish

    I want the Iphone but holding out as long as I can before I have to switch to AT&T, the antenna issue has also prevented me from making the switch. I was waiting for a possible fix for the September time frame before switching over to At&T, but I will wait and hope the rumor is true. I get great reception in my medical building in Boston while my co-workers get little or no reception with AT&T. So here’s to the Iphone and T-Mobile partnering up!!!

    • john

      What draws you to the iphone instead of the vibrant? I’m not trying to incite a riot or personal attacks, but side from a flash and ffc, what does it offer?

  • TMoLover

    It says “81 responses” but I only see maybe 10. Moderating comments?

    • David

      Not at all…I see more than that.

    • J-Hop2o6

      your on Page 2 of the comments

    • timmyjoe42

      Below the bottom comment, click “Previous”

  • 007

    This is a joke right?

    • magma9495

      Hopefully, if not, here I come Sprint

      • john

        Where they don’t have the iphone either, get a vibrant.

  • jrperiod

    I can see this doing wonders for Tmo-USA. We definitly need more variety. I think it would for HTC to Give us better hardware for those of us who love Android. Anything that spurs innovation is good for me.

  • APlayerfromtheHimalya

    No mention of AT&T wireless <– note wireless….

    America, we still are small players in this game….

  • Dale Murphy

    I am not liking the sound of this. i see TMO raising plan rates and having tiered data if this happens.

    • phonegeek

      why would that even happen?

      • Dale Murphy

        more data and bandwith would be used which could cause a strain on Tmobile’s resources so there would need to be some way to restrict usage (tiering by price is a great way to do it?).

        also, with a bigger customer base, the opportunity for profit is greater…thus, for example, even a $5 rate increase across the board would be huge for their profit margin.

      • the truth

        Sorry to break it to you, but tiered data is probably going to happen no matter what, and probably before the end of the year. Wireless companys aim to get customers to buy data phones, one major thing holding people back from buying a smartphone is the price of data. Expect to see cheaper, capped data plans as well as more expensive unlimited plans to take advantage of the customer base that is willing to pay for full data. Also, look over the past year and a half and see what data prices have done, they have sky-rocketed. Don’t expect all this investment in HSPA+ and LTE to not come with more expensive prices.

  • tmoled

    How would this fit in with the proposed roadmap? It would demolish htc sales of the big three htc phones planned for q3 and q4. Apple can’t even fill their atts orders. I don’t think this is pissible until q1 of 2011.

  • socalfrank

    Wouldn’t it be nice if this was the HSPA+ phone and T-Mobile didn’t charge for the wireless tether? There would be so many defections from AT&T, the network could be strained.

  • APlayerfromtheHimalya

    Now I’m looking at this going…hmmm…let’s do a real reality check:

    for AT&T (the death star) was the market leader in america for a VERY long time, forming from a whole bunch of small companies to one big one. through major spends and acquisition, Verizon is now the largest customer. Apple has spurred an 15 million folks to iphone…that’s 15 million people, with a very small acquisition of 1 or 2 companies. Now If I look at this properly, Apple really has spurred a lot of growth in AT&T. If the track record is there, and you have a lot of people wanting some technology that is most user friendly. IF 1/3 of the business comes via a device being available on your friendly neighborhood network, and the network is positioning itself to be one of he fastest in the country, well why not. Source tells me apple’s antennae issues are not apple’s fault. In fact, I don’t think steve ever said “it’s our fault or anything to that affect”….

    bottom liine. if iPhone on tmobile, don’t tier our data plans T mobile. kill the competition will value…

    • HowdyDoody

      iPhone on T Mob is BAAADDD NEWWSS for current users.

      T Mob should use that to their advantage, specially when they have the fastest network in town.

      I know how bad saturation can be, work near a College that apparently has A LOT of T Mobile customers, cause during class hours 8am-4pm, network speed goes down to 500mbps. Any other time, I can sustain speeds of 4.4Mbps on a Vibrant. and 2.5mbps on a G1. and that’s with Android users who don’t hog the network like iPhone users with useless traffic.

      If that happened all over the place, Verizon or Sprint would actually become tempting.

      Oh well, live and learn!

      • WHAT!

        You have got to be kidding me that youre sitting there checking network speeds, GTFO of here.

        Tmobile needs to build a bigger customer base, it can only HELP the company.

        If tmobile gets the Iphone…i will buy it THE MINUTE it becomes available

      • HowdyDoody


        Rofl.. if you buy and iPhone, proves the kind of person you are.. and iDont care.

  • mockerfab4

    If this is true, this was would be the best news for me. I was ready to jump to AT&T at the end of this month for the white iPhone, BUT I’ll wait a little bit longer to see if these rumours come to fruition. Tmo, please don’t let me down. I’ve been a happy customer for over 5 years, and I want to be for many more, but you need to do better then alot of the phones you’re offering. I did Android and hated it. Garminfone? really! And I can’t wait on WP7 any longer. I need a replacement for my 1G soon and would really love to keep my business with you.

  • Jeff

    Tiered plan- what about an extra 10 bucks for HSPA+ like Sprint. Get the Vibrant and get grandfathered in with a decent phone for 2 years?

    • Wilma Flintstone

      You are awesome just because you put Mux Mool as your avatar.

  • RockTripod

    I will believe it when I see it. I hate Apple, but I’ll sell the shikaka outta that thing.

  • cornelius


  • NolaDude

    I bet we would only get the 3GS and not the iPhone4….but in reality, I say let AT&T keep the iPhone and let all the Apple iSheep clog up their network and leave ours alone :)

    • APlayerfromtheHimalya

      Iphone 4 is actually a good phone. built on the same principles as 3, but a better feeling phone. It feels like the first iPhone, just bigger. That 3g and 3gs just were too plasticky!

  • telcoman

    The upcoming HSPA+ phone is the HTC Vision. Yes, we are testing it as you read this.

  • xOneSainTx

    My guess would be IF and thats a BIG BIG BIG IF, if the iPhone comes to T-Mobile it will be sold unlocked only like how the Nexus One was sold for AT&T’s network.

  • Bryce

    Maybe itll work on the HSPA+ network?

  • sikkboy

    We need more of the obligatory “iSheep” comments. There is not enough of them here on this page yet.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    God help us all… It’s a good move for business but it’s a piece of crap device. I’m definitely going to pass on that even if it had a ffc, Flash, ran android or symbian. I need something that is compatible with my PC and iPhone just causes too many complications in that area so it’s a no from me. You can have it guys. I’ll wait on Emerald.

    • NiiDiddy

      I see you like your jewelry and bling bling, Wilman :)…waiting for your Emerald! ;)

      • Wilma Flintstone

        HAAAA!!! Bring me dem Chaos Emeralds!!!

  • blogswei

    The Apple iPhone 4 has some great new features like facetime and a 720p HD video camera and the amazing retina display. Is it time for you to upgraded to an iPhone 4? See how the iPhone 4 compares to the iPhone 3GS…

    • APlayerfromtheHimalya

      LOL..and who do you work for…

    • Wilma Flintstone

      yeah The iPhone 3GS actually works… Sad really that you think those are new features.

    • 2FR35H

      If i am not mistaken blogswei is being sarcastic.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        yeah I realized that after I posted. I need a stupid slap. haaa!!!

  • SamsungGalaxyS

    TMobile doesn’t own bandwidth that is compatible with the iPhone’s 3G capability in the USA. In order for the iPhone to work properly on TMobiles network they would have to buy bandwidth on the supported frequencies from the FCC. I thought for some reason AT&T owned all the bandwidth on the iPhone 3G spectrum but I could be wrong. If tmobile does get to purchase this bandwidth from the FCC and get the iPhone that would mean that the iPhones and Android phone will be transmitting 3G data on separate frequencies. I think that would alleviate some of the problems with the network being bogged down.

    • David

      Are you really insinuating that the company has to buy spectrum?? Its switching the chipset, not buying frequency…

      • SamsungGalaxyS

        If you were referring to the other handset manufacturers I would agree with you. However, this is Apple. They only have one version of the iPhone. The iPhone that is used in the US, is the same one that is used in Europe and worldwide. If you goto the international Apple sites, you will see that the frequency specs are the same worldwide. The only deviation of the iPhone Apple has made, was for the China which didn’t include wifi. I think they made a special case for China since they have a population of a billion to tap into. You could be right about the chipset. These are all unknowns at the moment and I am not saying you are right or wrong. Just a thought.

      • tehandroid


        What the hell are you talking about? Basically you are saying that the iPhone won’t come to T-mobile because they can’t change the 3G bands? The whole point is that it would be easiest for Apple to switch out the gsm radio with the compatible one for T-mobile.

      • Ortiz

        This was from the cult of mac article.

        “One important point, to which I don’t have the answer, is whether the iPhone 4 is compatible with T-Mobile’s 3G network. Customers with unlocked iPhone 3GS are able to use T-Mobile’s Edge data network, but not the faster 3G, which operates on the 1700/2100 MHz bands. According to Apple’s specs, the iPhone 4 adds the 2100 band, but not the 1700 band, which has led some to conclude that it is incompatible with T-Mobile’s 3G network.”

        A hardware change is more of an expensive solution in terms of chip design and getting the product into high volume manufacturing. It wouldn’t make sense for Apple to manufacture one iPhone for the world and another just for T-Mobile USA customers. Most cell phone manufacturers will just make one chip that supports all these frequency bands.

        Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple did design the iphone 4 with the 1700/2100 MHz bands support but just did not announce it because of the exclusivity deal it has with AT&T. It might require a firmware upgrade to enable. AT&T was rushing to upgrade everyone this year. Maybe part of the deal with AT&T was not to announce this other frequency because that would hint that the iPhone could come to T-Mobile and AT&T would lose market share. Apple can be secretive like that.

  • mingkee

    Is today 1st of April?
    In short, no way, no how, no iphone for me after all.

  • derrickps3

    if that happens, then we should get the iphone 4 as well *evil smirk*

    and they might as well prepare for the funeral of at&t as well if this happens, LMFAO!

  • http://tmonews Maximus

    If it is coming to Tmo, it better the iPhone4 not the 3GS. I think I read somewhere that they ceased production on the 3GS. It would make more sense, since they can’t even keep up with iPhone4 demand. Still no white one either. And think about it, why would they come out with the last generation phone. That’s like coming out with the baddest LED LCD 480p HDTV, oh wait, Tmo already did that with the Vibrant. [No FFC, No flash, No HSPA+]. Just do it right this time, T-Mobile.

  • nerd lust

    I personally wouldn’t buy it, but this would be great for tmobile.

  • Jimbo

    Rumor is new ceo is pushing hard for better coverage and the iphone is high priority for him

    • Cybersedan

      This would be better news than any single phone… if Tmobile had better coverage the’d compete much better even without the iPhone.

  • NiiDiddy

    boys and girls…if this rumor becomes a true fact, it is good for t-mobile. we want to grow; we want to diversify. not all the phones t-mobile currently offers floats everyone’s boat; same goes with the iphone will not float everyone’s boat; it will not float by boat— HOWEVER it is great business!!! it’s a smart move on their part. and i am behind them 100%, just like y’all need to be. dammit, some people just cannot be satisfied, cant they?! you whine because we’re #4 in the USA; you whine because there’s no fcc; you whine just because…

    let’s all rally behind t-mobile, pray this rumor becomes a true fact and let’s rack in some customers, grow our network and speed, and hopefully see a #2 or even #1 sometime in the near future if this business proves successfuly. let’s do this darn thing, t-mobile!!!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I’m Popeye the Sailor MAAANNN!!!

  • cnote

    This is great news for T-mo giving us more and more variety but I like my vibrant and it’s better than the iphone, so I wouldn’t get one but maybe an iphone 5 in the future..

  • mikeeeee,18389,22260-_,00.html

    t-mo germany has it already.

    why not here?

    just let it have UMA.

  • mtnman

    I personally think that having the iPhone4 would be a good thing. It would definatlly increase the traffic to Tmo, and take some of the customers away from all the other major carriers. Plus it gives a lot of options as far as phones goes. You’ll have a lot more choice with either Android apps or Apple Store. Now as far as the roll out (if it were to happen) I don’t see it happening anytime this year. Perhaps some time in Q1/Q2 of next year due to the big push of the HTC line up of phones. I mean you don’t want to take away any potential sales of the big HSPA+ phones before announcing an iPhone relese.

  • 007

    I think we just got punk’d….

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I hope we just got punk’d. Haaa!!!

  • dwillistyle

    I really cannot believe this is going to happen, at least not in 2010. As a T-Mobile employee and customer I would love to see us grow (and this would certainly expand our customer base) but after reader the article on I’m just not convinced.

    Please, prove me wrong T-Mobile/Philipp Humm

    For my own personal phone I am more excited for the still rumored Project Emerald/Vanguard or whatever the hell you want to call it. Just please not something terrible like “Vibrant”…really Samsung…really?


    • 2FR35H

      Something terrible like the vibrant? how is the vibrant terrible?

  • dethduck

    Again? doesn’t this rumor pop up about every four months now?

  • Tj

    Yeah everybody thinks this is going to be a good thing… just wait til all the iphone lovers switch over and crowd our network. Drop in you internet speeds and everything else. I say don’t do it.

  • icwater

    would explain why the hd2 is free now, hehe

  • Joseph Singer

    Unless it supports HSPA+ I think it’s a no go.

  • mtnman

    Well Tmo’s network can either be bogged down with a lot of customers, or we can remain in 4th place and have all the bandwith you want. Your choice.

  • Presto117

    I really think all T-Mobile needs is a good marketing department. I just got my Vibrant today and I’ve been waiting and waiting to finally pick up a high end Android device, and man, this thing is nice! It could easily sell a couple hundred thousand or more in a week if T-Mobile could market something like Verizon or even Sprint. With the Vibrant, and the even higher end Android phones coming out, they could really boost themselves up if they marketed things correctly. Sure, the iPhone could market itself, but I’m just saying: Why not try making a few extra bucks on Android? ;)

  • Bill

    If this bears fruition, this is good news and I agree, T-Mobile needs to “grow up.”

  • Ecks

    Maybe apple told tmobile that if they can increase coverage they’d deal, that’d why the push for the increase of cities supporting hspa….

  • cosmo10292

    if this is true t-mobile MUST start working on there networks right now! they have a solid network right now but so did at&t b4 the iphone came out. if tmo doesnt start doing some huge upgrading right now its gonna b the at&t network problem all over again… but with better customer service lmao!

  • TMOprophet

    no iphones here

  • Anthony in Utah

    Aren’t we already in Q3? HAHA or when is the Quarter 3 start and end? Do they mean maybe this year or Q3 of NEXT year? I’d love to get my hands on an actual T-Mobile iPhone 4 ! ! ! ! ! ! Whether you love or hate the iPhone, this would do so much for T-Mobile…. many customers would jump to our network…. cheaper prices and better customer service. That is why I stay with T-Mobile…. I’ve never had better service elsewhere.

  • K. Ray

    If you have not pulled the trigger on a smart phone and you are a former voice stream customer like myself. This is the best time to wait on your first major upgrade. If the ip4 does come it will force T-mobile to push the improvements to the network.
    I saw an article somewhere for a next gen network to use satellite/LTE. I’m waiting on the reveal of project emerald to come out. I feel then the best options for TMO will be ready for comparison and the effective choice can be made.

  • TMOprophet

    hey guys just want to introduce my self. I am TMOprophet and i come to you with a prophecy….. iphone is old newssss yoooooo….Windows phone 7 is the new king in town……… Windows phone 7 for the win….also david Awsome job bro… just remember Windows phone 7 ftw bro.

  • TMOprophet

    say yoooo who into some swipe to the left…swipe to the right…now tap to select…..its all about the start screen yo….get windows phone 7 guys and quence your thirst. get you phone on….TMOprophet ps3/ i mean windows phone 7