Stop The Presses, iPhone Coming To T-Mobile In Q3?

Cult of Mac, certainly a trusty and prominent Mac related website is reporting that T-Mobile is in the “advanced stage” of talks with Apple to bring the iPhone to T-Mobile. This “highly placed source” pegs the chances of a T-Mobile iPhone at “80 percent likely that the iPhone will be coming to T-Mobile in Q3.” Those are some damn nice odds in the favor of T-Mobile. Of course this, like any iPhone rumor is to be taken only with the strictest grains of salt.

It’s likely that many of you may scoff at the idea of an iPhone T-Mobile iPhone, being a happy Android house right now. There is little doubt however, as to what it would do to for T-Mobile itself. AT&T has seen such success with the iPhone from a subscriber standpoint that T-Mobile would be foolish to pass up such a premiere device and a golden opportunity. The iPhone, love it or hate it is a golden goose right now and would be an immediate boost to T-Mobile and an opportunity to “steal” away unhappy AT&T customers by the truckload with lower prices and a solid network.

Obviously, technology favors T-Mobile as we’ve seen with the recent Wired report claiming that Apple gave up on a Verizon iPhone idea because they would have to rebuild the entire device. With T-Mobile and AT&T running the exact same technology (did anyone really need me to write that?) it would be a much smoother experience for Apple to put the iPhone in the hands of Magenta.

It’s impossible to say whether rumors like this have any actual truth behind them as iPhone rumors are a dime a dozen. Not to mention that anything regarding this matter is one of the most easy to claim and hardest to prove in the wireless game. Getting the scoop on Apple’s next move is like the golden ticket in the tech blog world and while we have complete faith in Cult of Mac and their confidence in their source, we can’t discount disinformation or simply bad information from playing a role here. That being said, we’re definitely all for this coming to fruition, if for no other reason than because of what it could do for T-Mobile and their future prospects.

Cult of Mac

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  • bfhmd68

    As much as I love Android. I have to say this would bring T-Mobile great Success.

    • HowdyDoody

      No thank you. Apple you may keep your iPhone. I rather have a dual core Android over and iPhone, why, cause they are more productive. You want to play games own an iPhone (movies, pictures and songs are better of on a Vibrant), for everything else just use an Android device. Its more effective nicer and easier.

      T Mobile would loose a lot of support from its Android base.

      • vincent

        What kind of stupid comment is that? Tmo would lose (btw) support from the android community? Are you joking? Or do you just pull facts out of your ass? Tmobile, until this quarter, has been lacking in the android department completely. But those who love android will stick to it. And if it was true to come, you can be sure that they would be ready and willing to stick more infrastructure around the country to back up the influx of new customers as well as re-up’s. Apple, I welcome you if you choose to come to tmo. As will millions of other subscribers, Android or not.

      • b

        Disagree, I am not a iphone lover by any means, android through and through, but an iphone would definitely give t-mobile another device that w ould bring in more customers we already have a tin of iphone on the network why not show some 3g love… my girls both use jail broke iphones I have no desires too but not gonna be a hater it could bolster t-mobiles financial position with more customers and send some churn to AT&T muhaha

      • 2FR35H

        No it wouldn’t impact the android fan base in any way by adding a non android device.

      • HowdyDoody

        @vincent… takes one to know one I guess. ROFL.

        With your narrow mind, you don’t what I’m stating. But oh well, wait and see. I will be among the first to go if it happen and many will probably follow, why? Cause T Mobile’s network will become useless with traffic from iPhone users.

        And if T Mobile gets a wrap for having a bad network (which iPhone users will state if they flood the network or if their devices don’t work, they will never blame Apple!) T Mobile will end up loosing more customer’s than it may gain, something like what ATT is about to go through in a few more months. ROFL, what do I know geez!

    • umaluver

      Dont hold your breath. Clicks are down and the proprietors of this site need some money.

      Its no coincidence that every time news is slow, there is a post about iphone gossip.

      • David

        That’s a totally baseless and idiotic statement, I don’t post for profit. Aside from that every respectable tech blog is running this story, guess clicks are down across the board huh? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

      • rickb928

        The past 24 hours has been pretty busy with announcements and news. Maybe if this was posted last Thursday, I might buy it, but the site is very active right now. Nice try, though.

        • David

          It wouldn’t have mattered what day, no post goes up for profit…I would have posted this at the same time as everyone else on every other day of the week and if you read our twitter, I was hesitant in the first place.

  • justin

    of course t-mobile will get the iphone once AT&T exclusivity ends. everyone like to talk about “oooo, it’s going to be verizon” or “ooo, it’s going to be t-mo” but really, why would Apple come out of this burdensome carrier exclusivity deal, only to lock themselves in again with only 2 carriers? when AT&T’s time is up, the iPhone will be on all networks, and since the T-Mo move seems to be easiest hardware wise, my money is on our favorite carrier getting it first! (er… um… 2nd)

  • jose

    o if this was this true id be soo happy. especially since they have to tweak it a lil for the new radio maybe theyd fix the current issues for the tmobile release. and maybe even make it an HSPA+ iphone. come on tmobile step up your game!

  • Josh

    Well there goes the neighborhood. Seriously, let AT&T keep the iphone and all its network hassles/customers. We’ll keep a clear network for less money and stick to android, yes? Please?

  • M. Grant

    Who really cares, iphoneys are crap. Android is the future of magenta.

  • jmts80

    There goes the network…

  • Eric

    The only advantage would be customer gain. I know there are some att customer that want to keep the stupid iphone that would move to T-Mobile if we had it.

    • Aaron Von Gauss

      Customer gain would definitely be the primary motivation (read: more profit), but it would also help make a few other annoying inquiries go away.

  • Eastex

    Great Success! (Borat Voice)

  • Mark

    Hmmm, T-Mobile is testing a new HSPA+ phone right now right? Could they prove all the guesses wrong and have the first HSPA+ phone be the new iPhone? God I hope not, but it would definitely give them a huge edge on the competition if there are only 2 carriers to get the iPhone from, and one has a reputation for poor network, and has slower speeds.

    • En2Mente

      I think its the HTC Vanguard that’s rumored to be coming out in sept.

      • David

        I concur.

      • Hmmmm?

        I agree as well, from almost all sources I have seen it is most likely the HTC Vanguard. I kind of hope the iPhone doesn’t come to T-Mobile for a while, this would most likely be a serious strain on the T-Mobile network as it is on AT&T’s. I don’t even want to think of the possibility of the same issues on T-Mobile.

  • mikeeeee

    it’s business.

    as long as a UMA ANDROID surfaces, i could care less.

    apple is just trying to get ahead of the ANDROID onslaught.

    it’s going to be 2 years b/4 the upgrade cycles att’s way again and they have to keep on selling product.

    there are only a few iphones and hundreds of ANDROIDS.

    don’t forget blackberry is rolling out BB6 real soon too in a 9800 touchscreen model.

  • MyDixieWrecked

    Now if this were true I think it would be great for T-Mobile! Don’t get me wrong… I love Android, and don’t see myself leaving it for an iPhone, but for the rest of the world this would be a HUGE hit for T-Mobile. As it stand I think TMO has the best plans, and custumer service above the rest.

    I can see the craze now! People lining up at the doors just to get the iPhone on our beloved carrier. If all goes well, maybe we”ll no longer see the rumor of TMO going bye-bye in 2011. I say bring it Apple, and TMO. We’ll welcome the phone with open arms!

  • alex32

    the iphone 4 with its infamous antenna problems can stay on att for all i are.
    iphone= internet/data hog and tmobile to start having capping data plans because of this.
    i love apple products, but i seriously dont want this thing on tmobile. tmobile should concentrate on bringing high end android phones.

    • alex32

      oh, and i would die if this was project emerald………

    • dave

      You Know Not Everybody Likes Android! I Switched From Android to Blackberry! I personally would LOVE the iPhone on Tmobile! And Would Switch From My Bold to the iPhone4

      • alex32

        i switched from my G1 to a curve 8900. the curve 8900 is an amazing phone and very reliable..but doesnt match to android. I regret getting the switch(as i still have it) because android leaves blackberrys OS to the dust. i love the iphone 4, but after much thinking..itll hog up tmobiles data and the next thing you know we are on limited data capping because of this.

  • J

    Uhm new Iphone doesn’t support TMO 4G bandwidth (I checked wanting to buy unlocked and use on TMO) So needs to be a different phone (unlikely so close to recent phone launch)

    Steve Jobs gave a big hint when he said they have both AT+T and Verizon Towers on Apple Campus

    Wired article was factually correct but based on past. Now that a new chip has been designed for new phone no need to redesign phone as article stated. So a Verizon phone can be done easily if not already.

    • 2FR35H

      Verizon isn’t going to get the iPhone its just a dream of theirs.

  • Blake

    i wouldn’t get it if they were giving it away.

    • pantlesspenguin

      Oh if they were giving them away I’d get one. Then I’d sell it for $700 & my Vibrant & I would live happily ever after :).

  • En2Mente

    The iphone coming to t-mobile would be a good move for the company. I personally don’t care for the phone, but a good number of iphone users would switch to t-mobile to get away from at&t. Which might help t-mobile move up in the rankings.

  • JV

    I’m not even going to lie. If it comes on T-Mo, I’ll definitely get one. Just upgraded to the Vibrant and over-all pretty happy with it. But there is no denying ease of use with iOS and the apps are much better written, AT THIS POINT. I’m sure Android will get better, but right now, the apps could be better.

    I was using an iphone unlocked on T-Mo for a long time before finally going android. Mainly it was for the 3G speed. I switched to ATT and it lasted all but 4 days before I switched back.

    I wonder if it happened, how T-MO will handle the very unhappy people that just upgraded? Let’s not kid ourselves, the iphone will be huge and beneficial to T-MO.

    • Enectic

      Hmmmmmm, I don’t think they’d do anything. New and better phones are always coming out, things become “yesterday’s news” pretty quick now days. Besides, no one is FORCING anyone to buy a new phone.

    • ctk

      i also had been using an iphone on t-mobile for the last year and i also upgraded to a vibrant for the 3g speeds. and i still have my iphone. two actually, a 3g which i’ll use as a cheap gps and a 3gs that had the 4.0 firmware on it unjailbroken, so i have to wait a while before i use it on t-mo. i’m using the 3g for my prepaid t-mo account for now. i cannot see any reason how the iphone 4 hurts t-mobile in any way. they already have a dedicated iphone support section. its already in the lineup on its corporate siblings systems. it would only take one inexpensive change to get the iphone 4 compatible with t-mo’s 3g frequency. with verizon, there would need to be some sort of design change. and word has already gotten out about apple’s relationship with at&t. the iphone on t-mo would be a good thing. i may get one should it come out.

      for all teh naysayers and detractors and haters who think that the iphone 4 would destroy t-mo’s network, especially with its unlimited plan, consider the near million iphones on t-mo’s edge network and the network’s handling of two high data usage 3g phones. it hasn’t come down due to the vibrant and the hd2. i think it can handle the iphone.

  • matteo

    awesome…there goes the unlimited data.

    • JV

      I think this would only be an issue for new customers as we would have grandfathered unlimited data. That’s what ATT did so I would expect the same from T-Mo.

      But, I do have concerns with the network getting bogged down because make no mistake, the iphone will be the biggest selling phone on Megenta period

    • Aaron Von Gauss

      The days of “unlimited data” are already numbered on all carriers, iPhone or no iPhone.

      • Macknifetx

        Yes, the unlimited data plans will soon go away. Luckily we would be grandfathered because if Tmo were to change our T&C, we have the option to terminate our contracts without ETF.

        Now, with that said, I love the Android OS and would not switch to an Iphone. I looked at it, and have played with them, but am not impressed. I just got the vibrant and would not give it up for an Apple product. It would be a big coup for Tmo if they were able to swing something like this, and would definitely bring in the customers. The biggest sticking point that could stop this is the deal they have with ATT.

        There is of course the data issue as well. We might use a lot of data with the Android devices, but the Iphone users could clog the network.

  • booyaka

    Be careful what you wish for. Right now we don’t have capped internet and we’re free to tether it if we want to. AT&T has had to cap their internet usage from users because of the iphone. There might be experiences of more dropped calls and different unsatisfying things if T-mobile builds a very large customer base. T-mobile is not too known for having the greatest and latest when it comes to their telecommunications, they’re always behind. If the rumors are true, I just hope they can handle the customer base that the iphone can bring.

  • ManoloDF

    My Dream Phone is the iPhone with UMA on T-Mo HSPA+ Bands. Oh man that would be very sweet, otherwise when the UMA Android phone comes out its going to be a very difficult choice.

  • tokinotabumblb

    I hate iphone, but it is nice to have a variety of phones. What I’m afraid of, is that T-Mobile may have the AT&T mentality of it being all about the iphone, and them neglecting Android phones. God, I hope not! Stay humble, Magenta! Remember you guys helped the Android revolution!

  • Josh E

    Ugh, here we go again…T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Cellular South, Cincinnati Bell, etc. etc. etc. geez let’s go ahead and just wait and report on it when and if it ever happens.

  • chris

    Finally!mailman can get a nice phone :P

    • Macknifetx

      Let’s find a way to hide this thread from him. That way he can leave Tmo for his EVO and we will not have to listen to him anymore.

  • Cybersedan

    This move makes sense for Apple, they are getting the short end of the stick of the AT&T exclusivity deal. I’m surprised they are not pushing the iPhone to anyone who will take it.

    I’d never buy it, but I’d be stupid to think it wouldn’t help T-Mobile as a company.

  • J1

    Wtf.. I think I might be on mac forums or something smh.. just when I changed my religion from unlocked iphonism to Androidism lol

    Albeit the locked down nature of ios stands in stark contrast compared to the openess of android.. I think this would be a good business move for magenta.. ilife is a cult like following.. people just love it for whatever reason..why shouldn’t magenta try to cash in on that cow?!..

    The down side ofcourse would be network congestion smh.. but with all the revunue generated from new cust’s as well as defectors from the dark side bka at&terrible.. magenta would have extra capitol to invest in hspa+ as well as lte..

    A tmo iphone at the least would be a double edged sword with both advantages and dis-advantages.. but I’m just happy to see good ol Magenta playing offense for a change.. with the prospects of a iphone” the leaked road map” hspa+ expansion, affordable plans and top notch cust service.. this is truly the best time ever to be a Tmobile customer.. so I say to mailgirl good riddance sucker!!!.. lol

    Bonus sidenote lol: maybe it was a pre-emptive move by magenta to leave the flash and ffc off the vibrant because they were betting on landing the ip4.. just mho is all.. hate it or appreciate it!!!.. ltr ppl

  • pimpstrong

    We’re gonna get the Current Gen of iPhone 4’s sold right now while AT&T and VZW gets the soon to be produced slightly redesigned without the flaws iPhone 4.1

    • MK

      Ummm….HUH? AT&T will have nothing different from the hardware that’s out there now for atleast a year. Have you been living in a cave for the last few summers?

  • zippy

    As a longtime jailbroken iphone 2g user on Magenta I can safely say that my new Vibrant kicks that phone around like 2 dollar whore.
    And it’s actually sexy enough that I don’t think I will switch for a long while. the Vibrant is cool.

  • alt-mobile

    Whether you like the iPhone or hate it (I’m not its biggest fan) one thing is for damn sure, if T-Mobile gets the iPhone that would launch us to 2nd place amongst the carriers (in my opinion).

    Everyone I talk to that has other carriers say that they want to come to T-Mobile because they love the customer service, but that the phones are not that great. With the Vibrant, MyTouch Slide, Project Emerald and supposed iPhone being offered on T-Mobile (along with the HSPA+ network coming out in more and more cities) I think T-Mobile is ready to really cause havoc on the other carriers in 2010 and in 2011.

    I am happy to hear this news because it will benefit T-Mobile and I’ve been a loyal customer (and hope to stay loyal even if reception sucks up here in Michigan where I got o school) since they were Voicestream.

  • gnd

    Look for a confirmation from T-Mobile tomorrow morning. That is when my Samsung Vibrant will be arriving via UPS. After looking around at AT&T for an Apple, looking other phones on T_Mobile,and waiting based on other false reports, I took the plunge and ordered an Android phone yesterday. Oh well. I have a feeling that I won’t even be thinking about getting an Apple 5 minutes after the box is open!

    • http://none Swoosh

      The Vibrant is an awesome phone. The display is is the best in the market. I even convinced a friend of mine who was getting the IPhone4 to get the Captivate. He loves andriod and the screen. FYI though AT&T is aweful when it comes to any accessories… or hell even a sign might be nice to see.. but they are all IPhone phanics there…They are like children who never grew up and wanted to be told what to do…

  • TonyJohns

    You naysayers are sick if you think this is not a good thing for T-Mobile. Like it or not the iphone WILL come to T-Mobile. Sooner or later. It may be in Q3 or after the AT&T exclusivity ends, but in the end it WILL come to T-Mobile.

    It’s funny how people say the iphone will be a data hog on T-Mobile’s network, yet want these high end super android phones on T-Mobile. Hello!! The super android phones are going to be data hogs too.

    No matter how you cut and slice it, any high spec’d data phone will be a data hog. No doubt there will be growing pains in the beginning, but I trust that T-Mobile will roll with the punches and upgrade their network to accommodate these upcoming beasts.

  • corematter

    iWhat? iDiots can you please stay away from our network?

  • John G.

    Lets not forget we have a new CEO people. Chief Regional Officer Europe, Philipp Humm, will take over in Feb 2011. He’s a pretty big Deutsche Telekom executive and former CEO of T-Mobile Deutschland. He turned the struggling T-Mobile Deutschland into Germany’s leading mobile operator in both subscribers as well as service revenues from 2005 to 2008.One of his most notable accomplishments was successfully launching the iPhone in Germany in 2007. If he did it once, I’m sure he could do it again. I am not an iPhone fan, but it would help catapult T-mobile USA ahead of the competition. I personally would keep my Vibrant vs getting an iPhone, but that’s just me. Maybe he’ll bring a some “real” device marketing to the table.

    • pantlesspenguin

      “Maybe he’ll bring a some “real” device marketing to the table.”

      THANK YOU FOR SAYING THIS!!! I’ve ALWAYS said this is why the iPhone is so successful: Their marketing is brilliant. You can’t deny that. They make everyday people believe that no other phone can do what theirs does. Those few that pay attention know this is false, of course. But, back when it first came out it was truly innovational & really raised the bar for smartphones today. It’s amazing marketing is really why it’s so successful, though. T-Mo needs to realize that. I think w/ a decent marketing plan the Vibrant could’ve really done so much better when it launched.

  • Rayen321

    Again? Really? Do we even care anymore?

  • t1 connect

    Dont believe it, Tmonews would have told us a long time ago, not 2 months before.

  • just some dude

    Goods and bad. good for tmo’s market share, bad for the fastest network.

  • Jay

    I don’t know how to feel about this. I wouldn’t buy one if it came to Magenta, but if it could help them increase their footprint, I am all for it. On the other hand, I’m afraid this could turn Magenta into a company that caps its data, raises its plan prices, puts Android in the back seat, and forgets about its loyal customers. I hope that if the iPhone does come our way, that our beloved Magenta stays true to its roots.

  • Jimx2

    Aren’t we already in Q3? so it’s coming soon if this is real? o.o

  • Huh?

    looking at the comments, I can only assume the negative comments are from wildly unreasonable iPhone haters, unless someone can concisely explain the logical connection for why:
    – the iPhone hogs more bandwidth than an Android based phone running an equivalent set of apps
    – in what way are the iPhone and Android (and BB, WebOS, etc.) mutually exclusive to each other on a single carrier?
    – how does having an iPhone cause a loss of support to the Android base?

  • Wow!

    You guys act like android is pro t-mobile, android loves verizon. T-mobile just has simple phones, we should embrace anything we get! Android is fine iphone is fine stop being a cheerleader for neither who could careless about our network

  • badaphooko01

    I don’t know how to feel about this.

    I love android especially with the my new vibrant, the phone is amazing I think its the sexiest of all the galaxy phones. I can’t see myself switching to an iphone due to the lack of screen size. The one thing the iphone has over Android is the app market and thats all. Maybe if iphone had a 4″ screen or larger I might consider. For now though I am very happy with the vibrant except for the fact i can’t find a silicone case for it anywhere.

    • jvu

      Just keep checking with the tmo stores. I got one and its actually. Really nice.

      • badaphooko01

        I live around 4 stores and they have all been out of stock for the last 3 days.

  • andrew

    i think it coming to tmobile because to has 4g speeeds and uses sim cards and apple doesn’t want to make cdma/sim version and it apple time is money to them

  • John

    Guess I could go either way on this one. I’ve used both operating systems and they both have their + & -. I think the biggest thing to watch for is what the Dev Team shows us in the coming weeks. The part of the article that leads me to think this is that 1700 has completely fallen off in all of the spec sheets for FCC, etc approval. I wonder if this was in the works because Apple knew that it would only be a matter of time before someone unlocked it and the flood of phones went straight for Tmo.

    Either way I say good for Tmo. The more subscribers they have the more money the earn and the more phones they can offer us. It’s all about bargaining power.

    Now who else is pissed they didn’t get their N1 in time!! Ebay here I come! Unless someone has one cheap????


  • rickb928

    Believe it when you see it.

    Worse, the new subs will hit the network, and you’ll be crying for bandwidth in a year. Ok, maybe 18 months. With success comes demand, and iPhone users will swarm our service reps. The complainers will be first, then the upgraders.

    This is, however, the ONLY thing that would get me to buy an iPhone. My lunch buddy will cry like a baby. He left TMO to get an iPhone.. . Waaaa!

  • remister

    Go away iPHONE, we don’t need you to be clogging down the GREAT TMOBILE network. SHOO SHOO!

    • Charles Xavier

      since Android phones handle data so much differenty… idiot

  • jdog

    People stop trying to give other people heart attacks with your Project Emerald is the new iPhone crap, if you could read or at least see you would know that Emerald is a HTC phone this website even provided the proof its on the top:

  • threetee14

    hmm… this got me thinking. Remember how Apple said that they will only provide free bumpers (to fix the reception issues) until September? Well, i’m guessing its because they’re refreshing the iPhone 4 with better antenna (possibly relocating the damn thing) and while they’re at “refreshing” it… add AWS 3G!

    Hence the rumored Fall release date for t-mo’s iPhone that falls in line with that refresh! Genius!

  • karlc

    the reason its not on the roadmap is because it is being negotiated, IF true!! and yes it would make me scratch my head as to what phone to buy. i am currrently in a holding pattern deciding on whether or not to purchase vibrant now or later. the price seems to be on the verge of dropping, especially if iphone comes plus the recent anouncement of an hspa+ phone in the coming weeks ( as posted on this site) should make the vibrant cost drop.
    aside from that, this is all great news for us. the second half of 2010 is looking to be a great time to be a TMO customer!!

  • Martin

    I have been using the iPhone on T-Mobile since the first generation came out in 07. I currently have a iPhone3G (lacking the 3G) on Tmobile and would love to upgrade to iPhone 4 and get some 3G love! I had upgraded some time back to a myTouch 3G and while Android and 3G was amazing, the phone was a piece of crap. I was very disappointed in Tmobile’s selection of phones. There has always been a catch or downer to every one of them. It seems things have been turning around with the latest slew of phones at least. I am not a fan of Apple at all and if the right Android phone on Tmo came out I would jump in a heartbeat. More power to Tmobile and the iPhone 4!

  • karlc

    david, no need to justify your article. i read it first at that “mac site” also. as this site states, its “unoffical” TMO news. you are just reporting what you heard to your loyal readers. its all good my friend!!

  • APlayerfromtheHimalya

    Well…from a reliable source….iPhone is going Verizon; done deal. Odd thing, it probably will be sim card based. T mobile has the cash, the pull, the money, WAY more than Sprint, and just as much cash (quite possibly with all of their entities) as verizon /vodofone combined….

  • Bigmanolo

    This would definily help t-mobile alot n probably wouldnt even have to merge with sprint. This would bring them more money n a whole bunch of new customers that r unhappy with at&t. And for those that arent iphone fans nobody is telling ya to buy it. Nobody is holding a gun to ur head saying buy the iphone smh. Ya need to stop hatin