Samsung Vibrant Early Adopters, First Day Thoughts?

The Samsung Vibrant has officially launched and for the Android and T-Mobile faithful it just might be the best Android phone Magenta has. While its been less than 24 hours we have little doubt most of you have spent the better part of your day putting the phone through its paces so we want to know your first day err first hours thoughts. Do you love it? Do you hate it? Or are you somewhere in between. Some of you have seemingly gotten a steal with cheaper than expected upgrades or found the $99 dollar deal at Costco. We heard that some stores had reps with no idea a phone launched and some stores that sold out. Either way, arguably the best phone T-Mobile has in its lineup is now available and we want to know, is it a match made in heaven?

Photo by WJLambert


  • smb

    So far I’m loving this phone. I’m coming from a first gen iPhone and appreciate how fast and responsive it is.

    One this I would recommend to people is turn the brightness all the way down. Even all the way down it is still pretty bright but the battery lasts much longer.

    As for battery life, I’m currently at 27% after 25hrs 55min. This is the first full charge run after I ran it till it shut off on the first day. I usually have gtalk running in the background, listened to a couple hours of music. Showed off parts of Avatar to people, etc. I’d say Medium use with 6 hours idle while I slept.

    The one issue I’ve found so far is the headphone jack. I have a pair of Maximo iP-HS that I used on my iPhone and a couple laptops. On the Vibrant it doesn’t line up right I guess and no sound comes out of them. The included Samsung headset is decent but not great. I’ve read online that this was an issue on the original Galaxy and is a Samsung thing in general.

    As my first Android phone, I’m not sure what is TouchWiz and what is just Android. One thing I discovered yesterday while listening to music is on the lock screen you can pull down a small CD image and get Music Player controls without having to unlock the phone. I thought that was pretty sweet.

    • house3272

      yea i had the same problem with the head phone jacks, i got hellaz mad then i slammed on the thing…..which to my amazement fixed it…idk if you already did this. but you have to push the 3.5mm jack all the way down so that you can see the silver part of it from the front…its a really really tight plug so that it wouldnt fall off.

      • smb

        Thanks for the suggestion on the 3.5mm jack. You’re right, just had to shove it in there harder… (ok not gonna go there, so tempting)

  • Thomas

    Loving this phone as my upgrade from the G1. Far to many little things that make this phone sweet. I dont believe it feels cheap as some reported, it is rather light, which to me = perfect. The screen is totally awesome, and the TouchWiz is not over bearing as some thought it would be. Good balance in all areas. The only issue I have had so far is google maps freezing up (not sure who’s issue this would fall on). Glad I got this phone. People are already jealous!

  • lucas

    This phone is amazing. Beats me why anyone would want a phone with faster response between tasks, it’s incredibly quick as is. What kills me is the people that complain about the touchWiz, and those that are looking to root the phone so quickly because the phone is amazing as is.

  • Haley

    this phone is AMAZINGGGG. I have now had it in my life for about 18 hours, abd boy of boy is it wonderful. I’ve been waiting for a phone that I would fall in love with and replace my G1 with, and this was the phone. Super fast, brilliant screen, same familiar Android OS but with so many little new features it feels like a whole new phone. you will NOT regret buying this phone, promise!

  • Rob Ferguson

    I have been reading TMo news and Phone Dog every day for a couple of months looking for my next phone. I am not sorry that I went with the vibrant.
    It’s lightning fast on wifi, and does not feel at all cheap to me compared to a lot of the hardware out there. OK, the back (s) are a little lightweight, not noticeable with a gelskin which to me makes sense for lots of reasons.The gelskin at the tmobile is a great fit and has a nice grain to it. I saw previous comment about headphone jack, it is snug but it works great. I would rather start out that way. I used other headphones with great results. Bottom line: This phone has got to be in the top 10 percent of what is out there now.

  • MHT

    I will receive my phone early next week.Hopefully Otterbox will get lots of requests for their great accessories for the Samsung Vibrant,so that they will be available real soon.

  • AlAl

    only had the phone for a couple of hours I can already tell that we are gonna be great friends…. swype is interesting sent from my new vibrant

  • Khurt

    Just picked mines up today. The screen is amazing, processor is pretty quick but not sure if it stays fast constantly like my mytouch slide. Still missing somethings that i would prefer from my mytouch slide but overall its a great phone. Glad i have both of them tho

  • flaroadie

    any recommendations on a good a screen protector?

    • swehes

      I just left the screen protector that was on the phone already. Just did some trimming with the scissors and put the gel cover around the phone and the cover stays.

      • Drew

        Ok people, do keep in mind the plastic cover that it ships with is NOT a screen protector. Your screen is not protected with that on. The only thing that does is give you a false sense of security as it pertains to the screen.

    • Chris

      t-mo just got their anti-smear screen prot for the vibrants. It’s not the best screen protectors. It’s not as glossy as the out of the box prot. but its decent.

  • Khurt

    im looking for 1 myself

  • Khurt

    is anyone running Advanced Task killer on the phone? Why is the memory reading so low? on my slide after clearing everything it would be around 240mb. On the vibrant its around 115mb???? is there a dedicated amount of memory within the 16gb for apps??

    • TMOprophet

      The ATK will show the amount of RAM memory, or Random Access Memory, this is seperate from the 16Gb internal storage. The RAM is responsible for running your apps and multitasking. The apps themselves are stored in the ROM part of your internal storage, and I do believe there is limited amount for app storage. SO that 16Gb isnt all available for apps. I think I heard it was like a gb or 2 for apps, which is alot. I hope that helps. Someone might be able to better explain this, mine was brief..sorry

  • Khurt

    thanks man, i got it, was just wondering, seems like the lower it gets, it makes the phone lag a little as u slide to each home screen.

  • Mama

    I am wanting this phone pretty badly, but don’t have the 199 + upgrade fee to get it. I could probably swing 100 bucks like I’ve seen some places, but on Amazon that price is only good for brand new customers and on at Costco I’d have to tack on the 50 dollars to become a member and we don’t have a costco in my state. Any ideas or suggestions?
    Also, is this phone worth my upgrade, or should I consider waiting for this superphone coming down the pipes in November? The rep. at the store today said they have heard similar rumors, but he wondered how a cellphone battery would ever be able to run a 2 GHZ processor and I kinda felt like he had a point. Thoughts on that??
    Thanks guys!

    • fujitsujeff

      R u sure, I did an upgrade through costco online and I wasn’t asked any membership information. Taxes and fees were high however. I got charged $50 in taxes and fees, bc I’m in california.

      • Mama

        I’m checking that out now. If I upgrade through t-mobile directly I can get grandfathered in at the 25 dollar data plan. If I upgrade through costco I have to do the 30 dollar plan.

      • Mama

        thanks for that tip! You just saved me 100 dollars!! Woo-hoo!

      • Ashish

        I got an awesome deal…
        From T-mo store I got the phone for $100 + tax of only $9.25 (California tax) after I showed Costco deal print-out to Tmo store.
        Also i got $25/month data-plan.
        Not only that I got free screen protectors & free Jabra blue-tooth set….

        Swwwwwwwweeeeeetttttttt !!!! :-)

    • Eli T

      I think you made a good choice. There will always be something to wait for and eventually you’ve just got to pull the trigger. There seems to be some good stuff coming but I think the Vibrant is “good stuff” too and will still be a competitor come December. No matter what drops, and I am excited to see TMO finally competing, the Vibrant is a superphone too. Its specs match or beat everything out there so I don’t know what could make it be considered a lesser phone. Good move…

  • croikee

    Just got mine yesterday, I love it. One question, on screen brightness what do you all have yours set at? Seemed my phone was dimming on itself. I thought it was due to low battery, perhaps it was, but it seemed to dim on me again today. I realized I had ‘auto brightness’ selected. Took that off, set the slider to the middle and it seems better. What do you all have your brightness at?

    • Francis

      Mine is set all the way down. Its still almost too bright for me.

  • Francis

    Went into the tmomail store today, picked up one for myself, and got the slide for my mom. This is seriously the most brilliant phone. I’ve used to date. So glad I left big red back in the day, and so glad I got rid of my 3gs for this. Haven’t put it down since 2pm and its now 1 here in DC. If you have an upgrade and are looking for a FAST android device with a gorgeous screen, then go out and buy a vibrant.

    (This comment posted from a Samsung Vibrant)

  • Jeff

    Wasn’t planning on buying one. But $99 at Costco. You just can’t beat that for a phone like this. I’m more impressed than I thought I’d be. only think I’ve found that I didn’t like was it importing every ‘all contacts’ from gmail rather than just ‘my contacts’. This is a great phone. Came from a G1 running Android Froyo.

  • karlc

    does this phone have a tethering option or some sort of wi-fi connection to the internet for my home computer?? thinking about canceling mt landland internet option. would this work?

    • karlc

      opps, i mean landline.

      • PCMcGee

        Be aware that there is a 5gb per month soft cap on your T-Mobile “unlimited” data plan, after this your downloads will slow to a crawl. If you can live with this amount of data, it may work. Personally, I connect to my home wifi to keep my monthly data usage below the 5gb, but I use alot of data. Also, you would need to wait for the next Android update, 2.2(froyo) for the “tethering” ability to be added to the OS, but there is also the possibilty that that function may not be in the final T-Mobile version of the upgrade. They could disble it, or even charge extra for it.

        I would download a network monitoring application for your PC, one that can monitor your network usage and give you a running total of the amount of data you use. I would think that 5 gigabytes would barely be enough for a light web user, considering that would need to cover web surfing, emails, software updates like Windows, Flash, Java, ect., plus all the data the phone would use for similar tasks.

        In short, no, dont get rid if your home data plan, if you use less than 5gb per month in data, you should sell your Vibrant to someone who would use it properly, lol :P

  • DJ

    I just got mine and it is great. Just wanted to share with you how you could get yours for 100$, immediately: go to your local costco and get the phone for $150 (- $50 mail in rebate) for existing upgrade-eligible customers, or it is instantly $100 if you buy a new line.

    This is one stupid thing tmo shouldn’t have done: selling/getting preorders the phone for as twice as expensive as the other resellers. The price in is $150, in $100 and only in tmo it is $200 (and yes, the official dealers have no idea of the third party reseller prices)…

    • mjcl987

      Hey yo DJ, if you want to get the phone from Costco I believe you need a membership 4 that, aint that truth?

      • Mama

        I bought mine last night off and while it didn’t require me to be a member, it also didn’t send me an email or anything confirming my order and I can’t find any trace of it. It didn’t make me register a new account last night either and today when I did that, hoping to find my order, it said I had no order history. But the payment is showing as pending in my bank balance. I guess I’m going to have to call customer service tomorrow (they don’t have hours over the weekends apparently) and figure it out. I was using the same e-mail I put in last night. Not sure what’s going on with that. But I got it for 99 dollars (plus an 18 dollar upgrade fee, charged to my bill).

  • Big Bad C-Los

    My Vibrant arrives via UPS on the 21st! The wait is killing me!!! AGH!!! I have a question for you guys: Is it possible to move the Avatar movie to the internal memory?


      Yep already did that on mine, and installed the 16gb card that came with my HD2. Transformers looks good on this screen by far and now if got tons of memory on this thing, I got like 10 movies and 800 songs, and I still have room to play with.

      • Big Bad C-Los

        Thank you! Now I’m really dying for the UPS guy to knock on my door.. Agh!

  • thebear21

    As a big Gmail user, I think what Jeff said about Contact Syncing is a major screw up by Samsung. Standard Android OS does this right – don’t know why Samsung decided to break this feature (my contact list is now cluttered with every email address that’s ever been in my Gmail – not good.

    Had to install another launcher to get rid of the copy-cat UI that was trying way to hard to look like an Iphone. Other than those two small gripes it’s a great phone. If I could could get that screen on my Nexus One I’d be a happy camper.

    • noeleaser

      As far as it showing all those email addresses that have ever been in your gmail: What if you deleted all of those emails before you did your initial sync? Do you think this would solve the problem?

    • T-Mobler

      Isnt there an option to only show contacts with phone numbers so those email addresses dont show up? Most other android phones have that option…

    • DefD

      Don’t know if you were aware, but you can choose to only view contacts that have phone numbers which fixes that issue.

  • Nick

    Hey, does anyone else have issues when the Vibrant is charging that it gets really hot? Mine had gotten so got I cannot make a phone call holding to to my hear without it starting to burn.

    I am thinking I should just take it back to T-Mo and get another one to replace it. Any thoughts?

    I am otherwise ready to enter an exclusive relationship with this device!

    • Matador

      I would, that sounds odd

  • Khurt

    Anyone coming from a Mytouch slide to this phone? Am i the only 1 that notices the lag on the vibrant just a little when switching to each home screen panel? even tho the mytouch slide isnt a 1ghz phone it seemed to stay consistantly fast better than this phone so far.

    • taaars

      Might want to try task killer….not sure, you may be running to many apps..I have only messed around with this in the store (get mine tomorrow) but I had live wallpaers and tons of live widgets running and it ran fine, BUT I didnt open a ton of apps. 2.2 is supposed to remedy this issue by having a task killer of such buil into the os.

  • Branden Gale

    I have noticed it on my vibrant too. Its getting slower and slower as i use it. I might master reset.

  • mamba24

    I went to a store to check out the Vibrant and I have to say that I was both impressed and disappointed. The phone was a great fit in the hand and the Super AMOLED screen was fantastic. The TouchWiz UI was pretty user-friendly, as well. But the hardware had a very cheap feel to it. This just added more disappointment in the phone after I found out that T-Mobile stripped the phone of its front facing camera. It already didn’t have a flash. I can understand people saying that the FFC and flash are not deal killers but what is the $200 price tag for exactly? It doesn’t take much to realize that very little was spent on the materials for the phone. Not to mention, when you look at the competition you see phones that have 8 megapixel cameras with a flash, HDMI ports, HD quality video recording, large displays, fast processors,and some with FFCs. These are specs are almost standard now. The things is, the phones with these specs all cost $200. The Vibrant doesn’t really justify its price. I can’t help but to feel that the Vibrant being T-Mobile’s first superphone is a bit of a farce when it’s lacking in various aspects. So, I’m going to hold out for the rumored “project emerald”. Hopefully, it will be a true superphone that will justify the current market of $200 phones.

    • Matador

      The other phones you mentioned dont have super amoled screen,FFC is only on the EVO, none of them have 16gb internal memory save the iphone, this phone has HD video fact it has one of the better HD recorders out. This phone DLNA, so you can transmit files via other DLNA devices, also it has tv out via cable, Glaxy S has the fastest processor out (for the moment)

      I am not bashing you, just letting you know that although this phone does not have all the features you mentioned, nor does any other phone have ALL these features, there are ups and downs to each unit, and its up to you to decide what features suits you the best, the 200 contract price is at a good point with other devices of this caliber.

  • Khurt

    @taaars, advanced task killer was the first thing i downloaded on this phone. i realized that the daily briefing, friends and feeds widget and Buddies Now widget slowed it down as i have heard from others on here. took them off and now the phone runs smooth again when side scrolling. Still not sure why task killer is only showing about 140mbs of memory after i kill everything though????

  • taaars

    hmm…I also read on other forums that app developers are updating their apps to run on it could be that…Ill have two to play with tomorrow and dig a little deeper.

  • DefD

    The Vibrant rocks! I waltzed right into Wal-Mart on launch day and picked up what ended up being the first one they sold. $150. I upgraded from a G1 which I’ve had since they were released.

    I’m REALLY glad I got this phone. Lots of things to love about it. However, I must say that I far prefer the copy/paste functionality found in HTC Sense. I wish that Samsung would have done something similar in TouchWiz, but they stuck with the stock Android copy/paste functionality which is decidedly underwhelming. Sense rocks for copy/paste.

    My other gripe is the positioning of the power button. That’s gonna take some getting used to. It parallels the volume rocker and I find it a bit awkward to not only find it (it’s small and it hides well), but also to press it.

    Some of the standouts are the screen (obviously) which no internet picture or video can do justice for, the processor which is FAST, the internal storage which is immense, and the overall profile of the phone. Yes, it’s got a plastic back and yes it’s lightweight, but it’s a very well-built phone and doesn’t feel cheap.

    And BTW, this phone absolutely SMOKES on wifi. Especially wireless N.

    • TMOprophet

      It did feel cheap to me, but I agree with most of what you said otherwise.

    • Ashish

      Wireless N is not supported till Android 2.2 – not phone limitation but Android limitation. Till then while it is running 2.1, it is just 802.11 g.

  • Alex C

    I’m loving it so far. Lightning fast, 16 GB of storage. The OLED display is a thing to behold. Even in pitch black night you can’t tell the edges of the screen where it’s showing black. The Sims 3 start-up screen is a great example when it’s dark and you just have a green diamond shining there, looks pretty nice.

  • Presto117

    I have a great success story! I got a myTouch 3G last year on launch day, and at this point, I hate it. Not only hate it, but I’ve dropped it a few times and it really struggles now. I really wanted a Vibrant, so I called customer loyalty Thursday morning, but the best they could give me was $389. That was too much for me, so I gave. Then I formulated a game plan and tried it again today. I called customer loyalty again today, and I told her that my phone’s broken and I really want the Vibrant as a replacement. She said that she could only give me $389, so I initiated my plan. I told her I was an Android dev (I am, partially) and that I really need a powerful phone and that for around $389 I could pay my ETF and get an Evo or Droid X and get my powerful phone. She said that since I’ve been with them for a while they didn’t want to lose me, so she said she’d see what she could do. She came back and said that one line I had was eligible for $149. I told her that that was our T-Mobile at home line, and she went silent for a little bit, then said that she can use that upgrade if I agreed to another two years with that @home line, and she would remove the data plan it would add to my @home line. I agreed, and she gave me the phone for $191 total with tax and free 3 day shipping, which is perfect, because I’m going to Comic-Con Thursday and Friday and wanted a better camera (my digital one is crap) and an HD camcorder. I told her she was a lifesaver and she really helped me out. Now I wait until tuesday or Wednesday for my lovely Vibrant. I went into my T-Mobile store today top play with one, but a rep there said that their demo phone got stolen and ripped right out of the counter! Luckily, he let me play with his Vibrant and said he preferred it over his Nexus One. Best of all, I still get my upgrade on my line next august ;)

  • T

    I just got my Vibrant from the T-Mobile store today, the internet is super fast! I’ve noticed that if you are loading a website, then hit home and got to setting and status the data status changes from UMTS to HSDPA! Speedtest app results: 3458 down, 948 up

  • prestocandie

    what you cheap bastard did you become sterile so your wife cannot have anymore of your kids to collect more welfare?you call yourself a loyal custome and you cheat the system?it is scumbags like you that cost tmobile money that could be better applied to other aspects of the company

    • Cris

      LOL T-Mobile rep?

  • flaroadie

    ashish – my router is setup to only accept 802.11n connections and i have been connected to it since I bought the phone last thur.

  • Phaelenx

    This phone is AMAZING! The only issues i’ve had was the movie is only on the 2GB card, which i copied to my 8GB card and it works fine. The T-Mobile sync app doesnt work as of yet either. Also there isnt tethering as of yet even though the owners manual says it should be there. From what a T-mobile rep says, that will come when the phone gets Froyo in the Fall sometime. Otherwise, this phone is crazy fast, smooth, and can be a bit of a battery hog if you get on the net alot . The night shot is amazing too. You have to be close to the people, but it works and its clear. I’m VERY pleased with this phone.

    • xtina

      phaelenx…i wanted to ask you how do i set up facebook notifications??? on my black berry i was able to get notifications and since i have got this phone i havent figureed out how to set up my fb notifications..pls help ….

  • bubbles

    I really love the vibrant so far. I rooted and installed a tethering app. Rooting was simple, it was alt easier than rooting some older android handsets. I am loving swype. Just waiting on a froyo rom, hopefully cyanogen will make one or someone will port one over. This thing its really fast and the screen its amazing.

  • Mark3859

    I’ve had a cliq, mytouch, and mt3GS. The clig was satisfactory, the mytouch was terrible, and the MT3GS was ok. THE VIBRANT is a dream. For all those out there who needed something with speed, grace, and an amazing screen our time is now. High End users rejoice all over the world. Samsung Vibrant delivers what tmobile has spent millions attempting to deliver but always come up short. This is a true superphone!

  • slimdoggy05

    my layar app hasnt worked once

  • xtina

    does anyone know how to get facebook notifications setup?

  • John G.

    I got it!! I had my Vibrant delivered to me at work so I wouldn’t miss the UPS guy. I can’t wait to try out the DLNA capability, check out Avatar, and well…everything else it has to offer. I’m extremely excited about this phone people, and you would be too if it were replacing your Moto V190 flip.

  • attaymik

    Ok–so I have a MT Slide that I really love but I’m reading your comments and I’m really thinking about getting a Vibrant. I’m on the Even More + plan and it will be my fourth new phone (in addition to the Slide, I have a Fender and I gave my friend my white MT3G) in six months. My family is calling me a crackhead now and I admit I’m a fiend. I can get the phone for $116 down/$21.50 per month on the equipment installment and I’ve paid off two of my other phones, so I don’t mind carrying the Slide and the Vibrant but my question is; is the Vibrant worth it? I was going to wait until November to see what’s out there and before I got another new phone but is it worth it to purchase now? I’m in gadget mode. LOL.

    Appreciate the feedback in advance.

  • spleeve

    Upgraded to Vibrant from a 3G iPhone unlocked for TMO to Vibrant. Bought it in store at Costco and paid $124 plus tax (no $50 mail in rebate) and it came w/ a bluetooth headset, hip case and car charger (nice!). I am blown away by this phone. Played with it against a Droid X and iPhone 4 over the weekend. Droid X is so big compared to it and screen is not even same class plus I”m not keen on the loaded UI from Verizon/Motorola in comparison. iPhone 4 is way heavier, slightly thicker and doesn’t have a 4inch AMOLED screen–I’m not keen on the squared off design plus the Vibrant doesn’t drop calls if you hold it wrong–enough said! Coming from iOS I’m shocked by how much better Android with Samsung’s UI is once you get your head around it, which doesn’t take long. Sure if you use the iPod functionality a lot maybe you’ll stick w/ Apple but everything else is better. The voice recognition and Swype input further seals the deal. There would have to be some kind of huge leap forward in the future for me to want another phone now and I don’t necessarily see that coming. Brilliant phone!

  • bobbydigital

    anyone having a problem with the battery life? i just unplugged my phone after a full charge at about 9 am and now at 110 pm est my phone has turned off and the battery drained, from about 1130 to 12 the battery just drained i looked at the batter use, and it showed 62% from the display, i do not have a live wallpaper, and my brightness was set halfway, the only apps i had running in the background were weather channel and the sports center score keeper. as far as activities on the phone just did some texting, no heavy use. anyone else having similar problems?

    • Defender of the Galaxy

      Got a great deal on my Vibrant from Now that I’ve got all the apps set up the way I like it, I put the battery through its paces — took it through a normal day without ever charging. Left on WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, data roaming, used it normally — even let co-workers pass it around for an hour (and of course watch part of Avatar), made a couple of calls, used the GPS Nav on the way home… The battery lasted 13 hours, which exceeded my expectations.

      I have since downloaded Advanced Task Killer and programmed it to kill most tasks every hour. If I actually plug it in when I’m at my desk or in the car, and turn off WiFi or GPS when I don’t need them, it seems this phone is going to never give me any battery headaches.

      That’s the good news.

      The bad news was that charging the battery from 1% to 100% took 4 hours! That’s crazy.

      • Phaelenx

        I’ve been running my phone from 6:30 AM to now and I barely used up half a battery. Thats with my email pulling every 5 mins, Facebook updating every hour , texting, and whatever is running in the background. I’m not sure how you’re killing the battery so quickly unless you’re on the internet….

  • K. Ray

    I remember my 2nd Gen analog phone from a thousand years ago. It could charge the battery and extended life battery separate from the phone. I’m glad to see samsung bring this feature back with separate battery charger accessory option. I’ve wondered why OEM’s don’t do this. With the features on smart phones it seems to be a helpful option.

  • http://tmonews bobkeschlob

    I LOVE THIS PHONE!! The screen is amazing, the speed is amazing, the Touch Wiz (can’t believe I’m going to say this…) is amazing. Very happy and gave my unlocked N1 (all $530 worth to my wife) to keep using my Vibrant.

    I miss one thing from my Nexus One and that is the roller ball which helped when I misspelled a word to get back to the center. Can’t always hit the right spot with my big fat sausage fingers.

    For anyone using the TV out it comes out of the 3.5 MM jack. Hard to find the AV cable to fit. Had to order from Amazon. Tried Best Buy, Radio Shack, and for fun Target. Just an FYI if you are looking.

  • John G.

    Mine came in this morning, and it’s GREAT!! After work I’m going to set it up on my network and try out the DLNA feature.

  • zed411

    Just bought the Vibrant on Friday from Costco. Switched over from a BlackBerry Pearl, and I can’t tell you how much more enjoyable this phone is. So many more features, and the screen is pretty amazing. The camera is amazing too.

    A few gripes –

    – Battery life is really poor – unplugged at 7 am, needed to plug in by mid-afternoon after moderate use (I left the default settings as is, as I think that should be a pretty good arbiter of how the manufacturer wants you to manage the phone’s settings)

    – The phone is slippery. It’s kind of hard to hold, and even harder to press the buttons on the side of the phone without it slipping out of the hand. I think I’ll need to get a case or something (hopefully there will be better options for cases soon). I wish the battery cover was studded or had some texture.

    – Even with the fast processor, it still seems to slow down a bit. I don’t run tons of apps, but that doesn’t seem to matter as to whether the phone is slow.

    I’m hoping we’ll get a software update soon to address the battery issue, ala the EVO. I heard from a T-Mobile rep that everyone is complaining about the battery.

  • cronin

    I am in love with this phone! I got invisiShield screen protector from and hopefully Otterbox comes out with some good cases soon. HSPA+ is getting released in my city on 21st, so I can’t wait to see what kind of speeds I’ll be getting. Right now I usually get 1.5 Mbps at most places and somewhere even 3 Mbps


    I don’t have this phone, I bought the Droid X. All I can say is WOW, finally an Android phone T-Mobile users can be proud of. I had a chance to play around with this phone a few weeks ago courtesy of my Samsung connection. I am really blown away by the screen, the speed and the thinness of the phone. The Vibrant is definitely a device worth buying. I just wish it has come out a year ago. I haven’t seen any TV ads for it but one pitch comes to mind. T-Mobile should have a commercial showing off the Vibrant while Q-Tip’s song Vibrant Thing is playing in the background. They really should put some serious marketing behind this device.

    Vibrant Thing…a Vibrant Thing.

  • thc

    Got my Vibrant about 2 hours ago. I have an N1 and I must admit I am really pleased. I do miss somethings from Froyo but overall I believe this is one helluva phone. The GPS is okay, about like the N1 and the speaker phone volume is much better on the Vibrant. So far I have not noticed much battery usage but it has just been a couple of hours so the jury is out on that. The display is gorgeous and the phone is very quick. It would really fly on 2.2 with the JIT complier. The touchwiz is not that bad and in fact I kind of like it. I feel that with a Casemate Hard case {when they finally come out with one} the weight and the feel of the phone will about right. I fany one knows where I could obtain either a gel case or a hard case with the gel combined please post it. Any information would and will be greatly appreciated.

    • Relikk2

      I purchased a gel case from tmobile at apx $16.

  • Brett

    Anyone having trouble with the WiFi reception. Seems poor compared to my ipod touch and other devices. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • sasolin

      Unfortunately, I am having trouble with both wifi and 3G reception. Signal varies from 0 to three bars constantly for 3G and wifi shows no signal most of the time. I have heard about the fluctuating signal strengths, but that it has little effect on performance. I can say that that may be partly true, as I can sometimes still get some reception even when no bars are showing. But I also see drastic decreases in performance at times for both wifi and 3G. Right now, I am sitting about two feet from my wifi router, and only at this distance does wifi show two or three rings, and also at this distance, I can finally get some decent performance on the Internet. My G1 shows considerably better reception and performance for wifi and 3G, so far.
      I’ve also noticed that alternative browsers don’t work very well so far. I’ve used xScope and Steel a lot on my G1 and both are very slow on the Vibrant. I have also tried Dolphin and Skyfire on the Vibrant, and they are both a lot slower than the stock browser. Skyfire in particular is very buggy on the Vibrant. For example, after scrolling, it will not allow you to do any further action until the lights go out on the buttons under the keyboard. It just sits there frozen until the lights go out.
      I figure the browsers probably need to be updated to work with the Vibrant, but it just adds to the disappointment of the poor performance I am getting with the Vibrant overall. So far, about half the time, the performance I get from the Vibrant is about the same as I was getting before I rooted my G1 and only had about 9 – 10MB of memory available to run apps; in other words, very slow. Has anyone else experienced anything like this. I read some posts that indicate that the performance seems to be slowing down some. Mine is pretty drastic, to the point where the phone basically freezes up and does nothing for 30 seconds or so, sometimes, and then it tries to process everything I typed in or whatever when it finally unfreezes. Very frustrating. Also, I find that every time I check ATK, tons of apps are open that I don’t want open and didn’t open myself. Even checking every five minutes or so, I find that there will be ten or fifteen apps open that I didn’t open, and my memory will be down to 60 – 70MB available. After I kill them, I have about 140MB available, but in five minutes or so, they will be open again, and the memory will be back down to about 70MB. I never saw anything like this with my G1.
      One other thought. I see some have asked why they have about 240MB free on their MyTouch Slide or Cliq or whatever, and they wonder why they only have about 140 on the Vibrant. I noticed in the application manager that the Sims game takes about 73MB of memory. Could that be the reason the Vibrant shows so much less memory available?
      I’m not a Vibrant hater. I want this phone to be good. I’m hoping that if others are having similar experience that we’ll soon get an OTA update to fix the problems. I am probably going to go and pick up another Vibrant for my wife tomorrow or the next day, so then I will be able to see if it is just my phone or if hers does the same thing mine is doing.
      I am interested in hearing if anyone else is having these types of issues, or if my experience is out of the norm.

  • Nick

    I haven’t been able to get my Facebook contacts to sync. has anyone else had this problem?

    • Tristen

      it worked fine for me the first few days, but as of yesterday i’ve been getting a syncing error message for both facebook and twitter.

      • xtina

        I got this off of samsung vibrant…….hope it helps…

        Re: facebook syncing…I need help please

        « Reply #2 on: July 25, 2010, 11:55:18 PM »

        This is what worked for us, I hope it helps others who have the misfortune of owning this pos phone.

        1) Delete the face book app if you downloaded it

        2) Remove the face book account

        3) log into face book on a pc (or mac) on the right hand side of the screen go to the account tab use the drop down menu to get to app settings. Delete everything that is droid or samsung.

        4) Add the account back in the phone let it sync, put it down walk away come back look at your contacts and go ooo their back.

        5) Download the face book app if you want.

        6) Email samsung and post on their review of the product how much they suck. I curse any one who skips this test to drop their phone in the toilet and fry it.