Samsung Vibrant Early Adopters, First Day Thoughts?

The Samsung Vibrant has officially launched and for the Android and T-Mobile faithful it just might be the best Android phone Magenta has. While its been less than 24 hours we have little doubt most of you have spent the better part of your day putting the phone through its paces so we want to know your first day err first hours thoughts. Do you love it? Do you hate it? Or are you somewhere in between. Some of you have seemingly gotten a steal with cheaper than expected upgrades or found the $99 dollar deal at Costco. We heard that some stores had reps with no idea a phone launched and some stores that sold out. Either way, arguably the best phone T-Mobile has in its lineup is now available and we want to know, is it a match made in heaven?

Photo by WJLambert


  • SoonToBeFormer_TmoCustomer

    I am returning my Vibrant.
    The phone is working just fine, but the Van Ness Store in San Francisco is not helping me.

    I tried to transfer my old Tmo number to the new phone, and they admitted someone screwed up and did not handle the request properly.

    Now I have to wait two weeks, while carrying two phones, with two contracts, before I can get the number transferred. There is a chance I may lose my old number if I don’t call immediately on the 28th of the month to request the switch. No info given on how much of a window I have.

    I called today trying to reach someone for more info, and their “regional manager” Nasir told me that the rep I was trying to reach was busy with another customer. Fair enough. Then I asked him to help me, but he said he had to help someone standing in front of him first. I asked him “why did you pick up the phone then”. He kind of laughed and asked me if I wanted him to hang up the phone.

    I want to keep my old number but so far no one has been helping me. I have to wait 2 weeks for a transfer that could go wrong again. I am not very pleased.

    • SoonToBeFormer_TmoCustomer

      I posted this vent on the T Mobile customer forums and someone suggested I call Customer Loyalty. Did that, spent about 30 mins and now am back on track. Thank you Customer Loyalty (Bret) and Flex accounts lady (Megan).

      Tmo is redeemed. I am avoiding the stores from now on.

    • Alex

      Why didn’t you just swap out the sim car and use the phone.. you could have added the data plan or whaever online…

    • http://yahoo! tmo_1988

      i’m sorry to hear that youre having issues. i work for tmobile. have you tried calling customer service yet?

  • http://none Swoosh

    Anyone know any information on the home cradle?

    • szandor

      i called samsung directly and the home cradle with the speaker should be available for sale in 1-3 weeks. it is coming, unfortunately, at time that is about a month after release of the phone.

  • TMO_Dolphin

    I was curious to read about the problems at the Van Ness Av. store in San Francisco. There are some good people in that store and the one out by UCSF (9th or 10th and Irving). Although I was in both stores the last couple of days and did not see the people I have found who know their stuff. I must say regardless of carrier all the retail outlets seem to have mostly people that have a cursory knowledge of things. Like I said both stores have one or two people who are knowledgeable and interested in the products, as well as how they compare to other devices.

    Regarding the Vibrant….

    I found it to be a much better phone than I expected. I think it has a better screen that either the EVO or the Droid X. It also looks to me like the image quality from still images is much better than the EVO. This may be partly related to the screen quality, after all that is how I am viewing them on each phone. The Vibrants color accuracy seemed more neutral and on target. The EVO’s screens seem over-saturated and the devices in the Van Ness Av Sprint store displayed an unpleasant blueish purple cast in the shadows. I could understand that happening indoors from mixed light sources, but it seemed to hold on the portion of the images that were outside. I wish I could take one outside and test it in complete sunlight.

    The one negative thing I noticed with the Vibrant is stuttering in the video capture of moving objects (I will have to go back to the EVO and Droids to see how they compare in this regard). I took several clips of traffic going by on Van Ness Av. The cars would appear to stutter ever so slightly. This was not blatantly obvious, but it was there. I do not know if this is related to the frame rate at which certain resolutions are captured, the limits of the graphics system in the phone (which is supposed to be among the best), or maybe store phones have so much overhead having been sitting out there all day long with people opening apps and using up resources all day on them, that their performance is effected. Still I saw this with two different Vibrant phones at two different stores. The clarity and color accuracy of the photos and videos looked very good.

    Other than that I would add the build quality, fit and finish, and premium materials used in an iPhone set the standard. The Vibrant, EVO, and Droid X look nice and have a nice feel. However in terms of the physical device itself, these plastic Android phones do not seem to me to be worth the same amount of money as an iPhone. If Nokia and Apple can build devices made out of premium materials (metal vs plastic) then I sure hope HTC, Motorola, and Samsung will get around to it.

    • Presto117

      as for stutter, it might be the default video capture setting. I forgot where I saw the review, but someone mentioned that for some odd reason, the Vibrant’s default video capture mode isn’t the full 720p HD, but lower. You have to go into the camera settings and change it to full 720p. hopefully that helps.

      • TMO_Dolphin

        I did go in and test capture at different resolutions, and did not see any difference relative to the stuttering. There are also three settings, apart from resolution, including “Fine” that may make a difference. Again this is a subtle but noticeable issue. It was interesting where I had people walking down the sidewalk at the same time as cars were going by. I did not see any stuttering of the people’s movements, just the cars. That is why I think the frame rates may be the cause. Cars on Van Ness are generally moving along in the 35 mph range. I will check the EVO and Droid X out and see if they have the same issue.

    • baatin

      agreed. i am returning mine tomorrow or sunday. the rattling volume rocker really just made it feel cheap to me, like they rushed through it. i picked up an iphone 4 today, and the build quality is simply superior. i love android and tried to support it (mytouch, then vibrant) but i was lied to regarding moving my contacts list from bb9700 to vibrant at the sherman oaks store on ventura, and i simply don’t do well with lies, especially when it’s my money. also, i paid only $261 for the iphone today, but was charged $318 for the vibrant as an upgrading customer (i didnt qualify for the $50 rebate on the vibrant for some reason). the service will cost me the same $70/month.

      • Manny

        Will cost you $70 a month with att? Oh dear youre in for a BIG surprise lol

  • jpb1972

    Love my Vibrant ! I am sooo glad I made the purchase and did not wait for something else to come along. The phones 4″ display is Awesome! Switching the camera to night mode allows you to take pretty good low light pictures, much more useful than an led flash in my opinion. The phone can and will handle everything you throw at it, multi tasking is supurb!
    No complaints here, just wish batteries lasted longer these days.

  • Tristen

    it worked for me the first few days, but as of yesterday i’ve been getting a syncing error message for both facebook and twitter.

    • michael

      make sure you have enabled use wireless networks and use gps satellites under location and security settings. It did the same for me until I set those


    Can someone link to this infamous costco deal? bc I have no idea what that is or where to find the deal online.

    • Denise

      It’s dead. The prices is now $199 on contract and $479 off.

    • consortitude

      Amazon still has them for $99. I got mine from my local store for $99 (on release day mind you) simply because I told the store manager that I saw it on Amazon for $99. The store manager matched Amazon’s price and I have been a happy ex-Verizon camper since the 15th of July. :) (granted, I am a brand new T-Mobile member…not sure what you would be able to work out if you are an upgrade).

  • TexEngineer

    I’ve been using my vibrant for two days now. I am impressed with every aspect of the phone. Just enabled tethering. 7.7 mbps down x 1.5 mbps up! an excellent investment. And I have been told that this phone is able to push 720p video out through bluetooth if you have a receiver to handle it. (can’t wait to try that)!

    • Lou

      Did you use a third party android apps like EasyTether or PdaNet? I’m considering upgrading to the Vibrant if the named apps work.

      • consortitude

        Just to let you know, the Android 2.2 update that we well hopefully be getting soon has tethering built into it. Now whether it is included/enabled by default on the Samsung build when they get done, we will only know when it hits our phones.

  • Passat

    I’ve had my Vibrant for two days now…….It’s by far the best phone I’ve ever
    had.The huge display….the HD camera….tv out :)
    I have to mention a few things they can work on fixing tho..I too had trouble transferring my phone numbers from the old sim card….Don’t know why,but If i have a contact with more than one number,it would show two separate contacts in the Vibrant when I copied it,no big deal- just had to do it manually….
    I agree with the previous thoughts about the plastic body….I wish it looked a little more solid. The last thing is the soft keys(keys on the bottom on the device).I don’t find them very responsive….also they are hard to see and find sometimes.Let me know if it’s just me.I think regular rubber keys would have been just as nice down there….
    Anyway overall huge upgrade for me coming from G! Google phone.

  • synapblink

    Took me a while to get used to this phone since I was a Blackberry user. I love how fast this phone is! But damn the battery die like no other. I’m definitely going to buy an extra battery for this phone though. It seems to only live for 1 day.

  • katie

    Anyone know how to change the background off of that grass image?

    • Nick


      Long press on a open area of your screen and then select “wallpapers” from there you will have the option to change the wallpaper.

      • Katie

        Thank you so much! This is my first touch screen/3G phone so I’m still figuring stuff out. I do have one other question/issue. Whenever I try to connect my Vibrant to my laptop, it shows up as two seperate Removable Disks (E: and F:). When I try to put music files on or open it to Pull Avatar off, it won’t allow me to. If I try to open it up it says to insert disk into whichever Removable Disk area I click. Any suggestions?

    • Relikk2

      I would not able to install the driver while the Vibrant was set to mass storage drive. The only way I was able to sync this phone was to change it’s USB settings to a music device. Go to setting, then applications then USB settings. Change to Media player, then plug into usb port of your PC. Windows should now install the driver for it and Media Player should pick it up. Now you should be able to sync your play lists. At least that how I had to do it. Drove me nuts the first day. LOL.

  • Katie

    One other thing. I ordered from Costco. I received an extra memory card with my phone. It’s really big and I don’t see anywhere to put it in my phone. Anyone else receive this extra sd card?

    • Relikk2

      Your probably refering to the SD converter that comes with the phone. This allows you to plug the little one in your phone into the big one converting it into a media type that you can plug into a PC/Printer/ECT…

  • Loren

    Love the phone, very fast. couple of issues. FIrst, my wifi at work and home seems to loose sync with the phone. I have to toggle it a coupld of times to get it working again or maybe Im just too impatient. Second, has anyone gotten the “smart” alarm to work? Everytime i set a smart alarm, I just get the regular alarm none of the smart alarm tones. What am I doing wrong?

    • Rande

      The alarm allows for both the Snooze, and Smart Alarm to be selected, but you can only select one at a time for the selection to work properly…don’t know why they would allow both to be chosen if they can’t be used together.

    • T

      I’m having the same problem. Have you figured it out?

    • T

      The Smart Alarm goes off before your regular alarm. If you set the duration to 3 mins, it’ll go off for the duration of 3 mins before your regular alarm goes off.

      It doesn’t have anything to do with your snooze settings.

  • Bo

    Anyone else having battery life issues? I charged the phone 24 hours when I received it, turned it on for the first time, added Google, Exchange, and Facebook accounts and played around with it for an hour – it died after 6 hours of being on with only a couple of minutes of talk time. I charged overnight again, turned it on in the morning, turned off the wireless Bluetooth and GPS, reduced the Exchange sync to once every hour, Facebook sync to once every 12 hours – this time it lasted 10 hours and then died with only a few minutes of talk time that day. This is very disappointing to me coming from a Moto Droid which lasted 20+ hours one one charge with the same 3 accounts syncing, GPS, Bluetooth, and wireless all on the entire day. Did I end up with a Vibrant-lemon or is this an issue for everyone?

    • soniccool

      Same thing here, i went to replace the battery, and they told me the battery takes time to settle in and sync it self to your phone. Lets see if its true, ill give it a week.

    • soniccool

      Same thing here, i went to replace the battery, and they told me the battery takes time to settle in and sync it self to your phone. Lets see if its true, ill give it a week.

  • Zoo

    Bo..I got this phone 2 days ago and I’ve been having the same battery issues..I fully charge it over night and during the day..yet it would die on me after only 4 hours..even though I’ve only used for 30 minutes yesterday!!..I have the Wifi and Sync on all the time…does anyone know how this problem can be solved?!

  • szandor

    i’ve been playing with it all day at work! however, my samsung comes in tomorrow.

  • MicBeast

    I am an early adopter. I’m extremely happy with my phone.
    I LOVE the TouchWiz on here. It’s useful, and not overdone.
    There are plenty of Stock Android elements to this phone.
    It still manages to maintain it’s own identity.
    LOVE the Buddies Now App
    Fast a hell with mild lag in some areas but nothing to whine about.
    I am a power user so it is expected.

    The camera does not need flash! There is a feature called “Night Mode”
    I love the Daily briefing App! I love the Feeds App!
    Love the Accuweather app…Take that Sense!
    Love the calendar. It is better than the sense calendar.
    After having the MyTouch slide for two weeks, I have to say;
    I prefer Touchwiz! After using this phone; Sense just looks too plain to me.
    I prefer having 7 screens, Live Wallpaper,
    More capabilities, 2.2, and Gingerbread compatibility, Bluetooth 3!


    This phone feels solid. Even though it is light as a feather
    typing on it reaffirms that.
    Don’t just pick it up, and assume it is a cheap feeling phone.
    Type on it; Then tell us what you think!

    The battery life is wayyy better than the MyTouch Slide!

    I love it. What else can I say. I am so happy with it
    I was calling people just to tell them I bought this phone!

    If you want to go get the iShatter which is being falsely marketed as having some sort of revolutionary glass, which it evidently doesn’t have btw!
    go ahead. I am in love with my new Vibrant!
    They should make a ladies version, and call it the

  • Dan

    2nd day now and the battery life seems to be getting worse. Why can’t they get a dang battery to last at 24 hours a with everything turned on damit. Having to keep a phone plugged in all the time is stupid design

  • Jose

    Samsung Galaxy

    Blows your mind on how far Samsung and Android takes it to another level to give Apple a run for the company

    *Super Amoled 4″ Screen Display
    *1GHZ Processor
    *Lighter than other smartphones
    *16GB internal memory w/ expandable memory up to 32GBmicroSDHC
    *5.0 MP Camera w/ 720p HD video capture
    *Android 2.1 upgradable to 2.2
    *Touchscreen capacitive is more responsive than other Android phones I had in the past
    *Status bar comes with new preloaded faetures such as MP3 player and Connection center
    *Comes with Avatar the movie and Sims 3 game, and live wallpaper just like the Nexus oNE
    *Ran the speedtest app in Dallas market and peaked 5.62mbps download Thank You HSPA+
    *Limitless capabilities of the phone

    *No flash but regardless the HD camera makes up for it
    *Video Conferencing would be a nice addition for this phone
    *Battery life is mediochre not a big con


    This phone is great but my one BIG complaint is that it does not get as good of reception as my G-1 did. I am not tralking about just looking at the bars…I mean it does not recieve calls and access the interente in places that I was able to with my G-1. Anyone else having this problem? I do not hold the phone with the grip if death.

    Is there a fix in the works?

  • Sylvangale

    I just got my vibrant today, but unfortunately the home key stopped being responsive by the evening. Appears to be happening to others too.

    Any known fixes for the home key?

  • baatin

    tmo told me they would get all may stuff from my 9700 into the vibrant. they made me go to the store three times after i had bought the phone, each time telling me they were workin out the kinks and would assure me that they’d be able to do it the next time. i am so mad. i am leaving. i picked up an iphone today, and will cancel with tmo in a coupla days. add to that i looked at my bill online and they have added on charges from this phone adding $90 to my account. i’ve had the phone for FIVE DAYS! i’ve been with them for six years, but i cannot deal with this lie. we’ll see how the next two years are with att.

  • baatin

    ps: the phones great, but it really IS fairly poorly made. my volume rocker is rattling–something i can’t stand for a brand new product–a freaking FLAGSHIP product no less. i can’t tell you how much it irritated me to hear the rattling on that rocker.

  • http://??? NJrichieRich

    I’ve had my Galaxy Vibrant S for a couple days now and only ONCE was I able to successfully download an app from the market! Am I the only one having this problem???
    PLease help! Thanks!

    • johnsma4

      I got my phone via UPS yesterday. Bounces between 3G and Edge some while in my house but I have been able to download 4 with no problems. Played with it nonstop from almost 3 until 11 last night setting it up and finding my way around. Checked battery this morning and still had 25% left. No way I use it that consistently on a normal day so I was pleased.

    • watbetch

      Reset the phone

  • Acaciastrain

    2 Things:

    1. Don’t leave your phone charged all night. When your phone is at a full charge a little message pops up that says “Phone fully charged. Disconnect Charger.” (something like that) There is a reason for that. Your slowly zapping your battery.

    2. Download “Advanced Task Killer” from the market. It’s free. Smartphones will constantly keep apps loaded in the background to allow quicker multi-tasking. ATK allows you to close those apps properly, easy as pulling down your notification bar and selecting kill apps (you can even chose which ones to kill) which will increase your phones speed/battery life.

    No one with an Android phone leaves my store without ATK. No one.

  • watbetch


  • Sean

    hey what’s better this or a nexus one cause i just bought a nexus one and then found out about this phone

  • Toccian

    Enjoying the upgrade so far. A huge step up from G1. I saved apps and data on SD card via “My Backup Pro” but the same app does not seem to find any of the backed up apps on the card. Anyone having the same issue? Any work around? Thank you.

  • Eric

    GGTTOO – Yep, I have the reception problem too. My G1 has the best radio followed by my N1 and then my Vibrant. Sitting at my desk my G1 pulls in 78dbm and my Vibrant 107dbm which is a huge difference. I hope we get an update that fixes this problem like we did on the G1.

  • kk

    I know how to set individual ringtones but is there any way to customize alert notification sounds like for when you get a text message and stuff. I don’t like the ones the phone comes with.

  • dee-xt

    luv luv luv’n my vibrant! the screen omg! gorgeous!… havent had any real problems just wish it came with a manuel with all the tips n tricks tho! ;-/….question? when i have my phone on vibrate my notifications (text messages) does not vibrate.??? is this happening to everyone?

  • New vibrant user


    You have to go into the settings when you are in the messaging app, there’s an option to set it to vibrate there. Same for email notifications

    • dee-xt

      @-new vibrant user

      thnx for some reason i thought i did that but i did not! that worked thnx.

      btw i said there wasn’t a manuel but if you go to the browser and click on the bookmarks there will be a samsung website, if u register your device you can download the manuel to you phone.

      luv’n my vibrant!!!

  • Heather

    Does anyone else HATE that it doesn’t notify who is texting when the screen is locked? I surely cannot be the only one who doesn’t want to have to unlock the phone and go to the inbox just to see who sent a message.

    • jacks70

      You can download an app called sms popular which you can customize pretty much everything with texting, its great!!!!

  • JR

    Anyone’s bluetooth reception terrible? When in my car the reception and voice is terrible. I’ve never had any issues with any of my other phones, it’s clear, but the Vibrant is muffled and static.

    Anyone know of a fix?

  • dug

    my avatar copy now says “sorry, license not found.” it worked one day, and the next started throwing that error. anybody else having this?

  • tyler

    Hey i was wondering if anyone could help with a problem i was having with the picture mail? i tried to trade pics with a friend to show quality but on both ends it just says downloading and never shows the picture. Anyone know how to fix this?

  • Nspyre

    Love this phone.
    I thought it felt too light and cheap at first, but then I purchased a rubber gel case to go around it so now it feels much sturdier (eventhough its just an illusion. LOL)
    Hate the sound of the voice recorder. Not good for recording songs and music when songwriting.

  • raymond petit

    I am one of those who doesn’t seem to get good battery life. I was thinking of going back to T-Mobile to try another one, but now I’m not so sure. All I’ve done today is listen to music for a little more that five hours and have 49 % left. It did drain down 13 % in the first hour, though.

  • Jerry

    I love this phone a lot but dies to damn quick…