Samsung Galaxy S Site Live With Lots To See

Are you begging to know more about the Samsung Galaxy S superphone?  Well wonder no more as Samsung just lifted the veils on its Galaxy S informational website. In store for you is a bevy of images, music and a man making far too many outfit changes. You’ll also find a complete user guide, a bountiful gallery, specs (which conveniently leaves out a T-Mobile AWS version?) and did I mention plenty of pictures? By now you’re already heading over there and even thought Samsung seems to have conveniently left off an AWS version on this preview site, we’re still holding out hope for a July 21st launch on Magenta.

Samsung Galaxy S Site

Thanks to all of you who seemingly wake up and hunt down Samsung Galaxy S news for sending this in!

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  • Cedric

    YES, The Galaxy S is coming to T-Mobile. We tested the phones, sent them back for a few modifications and just got ’em back yesterday. The phone is very impressive……I hope you guys like it. Yep, I work for magenta:)

    • TheAnalyst

      When will it go on sale?

      • ObsceneJesster

        July 6th

      • soon2TMO

        july 6? are you making this up??

        i hope not! july 21 is too long..! lol

    • Green Robot

      “Modifications?” Why am I suddenly worried.?

    • Green Robot

      Was one of those modifications, a removal of wi-fi hotspot capabilities by any chance? I have a feeling that this advertised ability to use Galaxy S is going to be promptly modified out of existence on request from T-Mobile. Any comments on that Cedric?

      • soon2TMO

        geez! i hope not, wifi tethering features is one of the reasons i want this phone..

        myabe they just wanted to add some tmo apps..

    • Ann

      Yeah I am so glad to hear that, I was ready to give up hope on T-mobile and find another carrier, I can’t stand my G1 anymore

      • Hmm

        Yeah and att just confirmed the got the galaxy s….yeah, they never liked tethering at tmobile. the hd2 outside of tmobile has the ability to do so but the tmo version doesn’t.

  • NiiDiddy

    I want this phone…at least i can try it out for 14 days and if i don’t like it, return it. But i want this phone whenever it comes out…maybe, just maybe, this is what i’ve been waiting for in an Android device from Tmobile.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Here’s something to give us all pause and burn our bacon, all at once.

    The Samsung Galaxy S PRO is confirmed and it’s going to Sprint!

    That’s the SGS with a physical keyboard.

    What a drag.

    • TheAnalyst

      Sprint is getting Pro, but that doesn’t mean any regarding TMo getting Galaxy S. Besides, I personally wouldn’t want the phone if it had a physical keyboard. I find them just to be extra baggage. Having had a touchscreen for about a year and a half now, I prefer it over phones with keyboards.

  • Ned Flanders

    yeah I hope T Mobile usa gets this device, I like the one with out the keyboard. If T Mobile USA gets passed up again, ugh, that will be a major fail.

  • soon2TMO

    samsung galaxy S just passes through FCC with tmobile bands and SGS could be the first device to use tmobile II band… haspa+??

    just a matter of time..


  • Ned Flanders

    Awesome, if it just went through FCC, than it should be coming any day now. I cannot wait. I guess they will wait until July, ugh, hurry up already…

  • Green Robot


  • Green Robot

    Finally something concrete I meant.

  • davidohio

    I just don’t get why this amazing “superphone” does not have a camera flash????????!!!!##!#!#@!#

  • NachosWifee

    I tested this phone at a focus group and OMG…can’t wait til it comes out and I did talk to a representative at TMobile and he on the DL confirmed that a phone will be released soon but not sure if it will be called galaxy s…

  • Hilton

    Nice, finally a superphone for those too cheap to buy a Nexus One. Looks essentially the same but with some nice Samsung customizations and a camera button and looks like it has a front facing camera and it has built in memory in addition to the SD card so you will have 8GB for apps I assume. Even with Apps to SD in Froyo, you can’t move most of the apps to SD because the developers are dropping the ball on enabling the feature so far so you still have no memory and can only move a few tiny apps which don’t make enough of a difference to even waste the time moving them.

    On the other hand why such a nice camera and no flash. Focus groups have to have tested it in low light and noticed no flash. My Nexus has a flash as well as every other so called super phone now that the iphone does. The only other question would seem to be the quality. I had some samsung phones back in the feature phone days and I loved them because they had all the top features (camera, mp3 player, bluetooth, etc) in them at an affordable price. That was nice, but they always felt cheap, like they cut corners to keep it affordable. For example, I had a slider with camera, bluetooth and mp3 player but the camera was built from thin plastic and attracted scratches on its screen. It also collected dust inside of the screen.

  • Particia Credo

    Thanks for the nice article, I’m eagerly waiting for my Samsung Captivate through T-Mobile as soon as they legally confirm that they’re carrying it. I was in my nearby shop today and had a hold of their own dummy model. It appears and feels significantly better than I imagined. This is going to be the cell phone to get. Never mind the iPhone 4g, the Galaxy S is where it’s at. As for me, I’m upgrading from a Samsung Pixon after an 18 month contract and am delighted to have finally settled on the Galaxy S. The decision process was fraught with many, many hours of analysis on the internet. I was close to an HTC Desire and even closer to an Xperia X10 but then, from out of nowhere, I came across the review of the Galaxy S and it just does everything so well.

  • Dionne Travaglio

    I’m a present Omnia (910) user on Verizon who was extremely disappointed with Windows Mobile 6.1 and Samsung’s shell. Wound up getting SPB Mobile Shell to acquire a usable interface and had to abandon Exchange email due to security restrictions. Generally anytime you tried to place or obtain a call, you needed to enter your PIN and I was missing calls to be a result. Finally decided to abandon smartphones for the time getting (economic motives) and wait for an excellent Android system. The Galaxy S (Facinate) really should fit the bill. Disappointed to hear with the GPS concerns. Let me add that Verizon’s 3G assistance was exceptional through and I sooner or later stopped applying WiFi simply because V3G was a lot rapid adequate for me.Interestingly, I’m employing the Omnia like a wireless device around the property for checking electronic mail, Twitter, Facebook and easy browsing. But not as a phone!

  • sandeep

    In the Android world smartphones are getting stronger with each new development in android software, and the Samsung Galaxy S is the new breed of Android smarthphone looks set to be a keen competitor.

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  • Surya

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