T-Mobile Stores Opening Early June 19th?

We’re not really sure what to make of this but we doubt its mere coincidence given the earlier information leaked today that had June 19th marked for something big. As it turns out, our sources are telling us that it sounds as though an all hands meeting will be taking place and stores will be open extra early. Its possible this is some kind of extra special kick off of the myTouch Slide, or its possible T-Mobile is holding some kind of sale extravaganza. It’s also entirely possible it’s nothing at all and yet the story becomes somewhat juicier given the earlier leak. June 19th can’t come soon enough.

Before any of you get your hopes up, we have NOTHING that says its in any way shape or form related to an iPhone launch.

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  • Giga

    I personally think just about everyone on this Thread needs to chill out and just wait until the 19th comes.

    @RockTripod…..simmer down….get laid or something ;) And I agree with what you say about the 19th but not in such a disgruntled manner :P

    On a different note I wonder what Tmo and Samsung have planned in July….Who knows but I “hope” it’s the Galaxy S.

    • Nic

      It’s definitely the Galaxy S. My Samsung rep told us last week.

      • Nic

        I mean in July not for June 19th.

      • Frank

        Nic, any word on Nexus One coming to stores??

    • RockTripod

      Don’t worry about my love life. My personal life and my tirades on this site are mutually exclusive.

    • RockTripod

      Now that Samsung rumor might prove to be true. On Engadget today, there was an article stating Samsung was ready to ship the Galaxy S to 110 countries this month. I doubt that means a phone launch this month, but possibly July. That is somewhat believable, and I hope it proves true. On the benchmarking tool I used on my Slide, it was only a few steps behind the Nexus for raw computing power. And if the screen is as beautiful as the hype makes it out to be, I might forgive Samsung for the Behold II. That was a P.O.S.

      • Nic

        Like I said earlier. The big Samsung that’s coming out next month is the Galaxy S. That was told to me by our Samsung rep.

        And Frank, no word on the Nexus showing up in stores.

      • T Man

        I dont think its the samsung.Its something bigger, because someone wouldn’t get fired for leaking that, and someone fired for leaking this.

  • Cinful

    I think T-Mobile is leaving the bait out there so all of us who are about to throw our G1s against the wall won’t be so quick to jump on the MTS on 6/2. The inventory might be limited for the soft launch and they may not want their call centers to be bombarded with call after call for the MTS and it’s backordered (imagine all the disappointed/angry customers). I was set on getting the MTS on 6/2 but now I want to wait and see what is in store for us on the 19th. Paying $180 after rebate for the MTS seems a bit much for a mid-range phone… part of me feel that if Verizon can offer the Droid for $199, that $180 for a MTS may seem like a rip-off. T-Mobile also left another bait dangling out there about a big Samsung thing in July. I don’t want to jump so fast in fear that I’ll miss out on something better (i.e. Galaxy S even though it seems like Samsung sucks with their Android support, but that phone looks awesome).


    If Verizon get’s the iphone and Tmobile doesnt I am going to Verizon. I have been with Tmobile for over ten years and never had a good phone except the Blackberry. The G1 was a joke. I have an three unlocked iphones on my family plan. It’s the best phone on the market. If TMOBILE let’s another carrier get the Iphone I AM GONE!!!!!!

  • Pufferfish


    “”This is a Slide promotion, that’s why it is mentioned on a Slide promo sheet”””

    Where on this memo says it is a slide promotion?

    • RockTripod

      Um, really? Its on promo sheet for the Slide. Every date on there is in reference to the Slide. Just because it doesn’t say, “Hey Pufferfish, on June 19th we are having a promotion for the Slide since this is the first weekend the phone has been officially available” you’re going to try and say it isn’t a Slide promo? Dude, you are grasping at some very thin straws.

  • Stroke

    I agree. I am having a hard time understanding T-Mobile’s competitive advantage. I mean, if it is just about price, there are other places I can go. If it’s about the phone selection, there are other places I can go. It feels as if T-Mobile has let the market get away from them.

    I’ve been a T-Mobile customer since they first entered the California market a LONG time ago. And although I like the iPhone, I thought I would be happy with the Android phones. But they aren’t the same. (Although both are competitive).

    Unfortunately, I am not happy with the fact that in order to get the latest version of Android I would either need to 1) root my phone (which is easier for the more technically inclined) or 2) buy a new phone. At least with Apple, you know that you’ll get the latest upgrades for at least a year or two before being left behind.

    At this point, I am going to get an iPhone when the new ones are released. If T-Mobile gets it, great, I’ll stick with them as my provider. But if they don’t get it, I’ll jump to another provider. Perhaps the leaders at T-Mobile have figured this out and the early opening on June 19th will bring an unexpected surprise.

  • Pufferfish


    I agree with you, I have been a happy T-Mobile customer since I got the Razr at least 3 years ago maybe it is 4 now. The service has been good, get good connections in my building at work, but I would like to have the IPHONE. I keep hoping that T-Mobile gets it o I can stay with T-Mobile but if they do not get it, I will most likely sign on with AT&T and take my chances with the connections and service.

    • Pufferfish

      Actually I think I have been with T-Mobile for 10 years, I forgot I had other phones with T-Mobile. Prior to that i had a verizon phone and did not get a good signal where I was living at the time.

  • rottensnoopy

    Arent we forgetting the micro sims that att will be bringing out? werent they supposed to be used for the new iphone?

    if tmobile gets the iphone, i’ll proceed to hop onto one of the many flying pigs that will be circling the world. maybe take a sled into hell and slide down a frozen hill.

    • RockTripod

      I like you. I had actually completely forgotten about the micro SIM’s. That makes this seem even less likely. I will post on here if we get a batch of micro SIMs in the next week or two, but again, I can say with 100% certainty that isn’t going to happen.

      • RCJ

        I thought you were actually someone important. your just a store champion. now that you have the title you go around acting like a god. you dont know jack two of my best friend work for tmobile and they said champions are nobody to be giving info. just because we sent them to vegas to pick up some mytouch slides and garmins they think their special. my friends are senior reps and director. they said no my touch slide promo and no samsung device. they said to prove your point by putting up the promo for the slide since you claim to know that is what you say is going to happen. they said all they could say is its what customers have been waiting for. so put up some proof rock. I call your bluff, Tinkerbell. I say your just an anal retintive lil punk.

      • GregP

        If you notice, on the bottom of the most recent SIM cards, the contact spot is the same size as a Micro SIM. All that has to happen at the factory is for them to put a new “stamp” on the machine, and boom, micro SIMs for T-Mobile.

      • RockTripod

        You are incredibly full of it. Senior reps are just reps that have been around for a while. That position doesn’t even exist anymore. Its quasi-replacement would be Sales Lead. Wow. And if you knew a director, you wouldn’t be arguing with me, because he/she would tell you the same thing. And no way in hell am I putting out any company info. I’ll gladly comment on something previously leaked, but I am not a moron. Nice try. At any rate, back to the issue at hand. So when it is a Slide promo, are you still gonna feel the same way? Hmmm, Tinkerbell?

        And BTW, your opinion of me means jack.

  • http://none employee106

    I will find out what the promotion is on the 10th . You will find out later that day. Maybe

  • Malik A

    I just got informed that I have to pay 316 for my touch slide. I mean seriouslly, I have had my g1 for a year and was told i could get a smartphone upgrade. Now I’m mad

  • rottensnoopy

    heh, i suppose i was the only one who remembered…i was really hoping for a ride on a pig ;]

    steves interview today was kind of toasty though, if anyone happened to read up on it.

  • Eamon

    It’s settled guys, the June 19th promotion has to do with the mytouch slide, T-Mobile twitter account confirms this. Sorry if anyone is disappointed, I know I am.

    “MannieFresh101: @TMobile_USA Hey I found a source online saying Tmobile opening early on June 19th. care to elaborate ? Nexus or Galaxy s ?”

    “TMobile_USA: @MannieFresh101 It’s got to do with the myTouch 3G Slide, but that’s all we know so far! ^PC”

    • Frank

      Maybe buy one get two free lol

  • Sergio

    Its the MyTouch Slide so iPhone folks move along.

  • I prefer not to tell

    Wow, who is pulling this info off of streamline and internal tmobile emails? I hope you lose your job

    • Nic

      Haha I’ve always wondered this too. Hopefully that person isn’t dumb enough to do it from their t-mobile email accounts.

  • damien

    unfortunately it will be these same people that will be complaining and bitching come june 19th when they find out its not the iphone. THough the collateral does state that june 19th is something involving the Mytouch Slide, they are still holding out for hope its the iphone..>I cant wait for all the whining to begin….not!

  • Nokia N900USER

    I AM EATING MY WORDS LOL. Can’t believe Tmobile is really opening early for MT3GS. I guess since its their summer flagship phone, they are trying to push it as hard as possible. I was expecting something BIGGER but I guess not since I just asked a good source and it was confirmed the promo is for My touch slide. Sorry to iPhone folks. T-mobile will be the last to get it. Guess Im sticking to my N900 for a longer time.

  • rottensnoopy

    does anyone remember an article about apple having 2 different prototypes? if anything, that would be a minuscule bit of hope of an iphone on a different carrier…not saying it would be on tmobile. i reiterate the micro SIM situation as well.

    all in all, speculations wont be justified til june 7th. at least aside from the MTS aspect of things.

  • http://sopboxunivers@bloggspot.com K. Ray

    AT&T announced today that they will no longer offer unlimited data plan to new customers. They will charge $25.00 dollars for 2Gigs then $10.00 for each additional gig. I wonder if the early store opening for T-Mobile is related. This does limit the apple product for High data users. The limits from the past have cased the trend of people jail-braking the Iphone and using it on other networks.

  • Najus1

    It’s gonna be a Father’s day sale to promote the MyTouch 3G slide.

  • frozengash

    my only fear is that after i purchase a slide today it will go on some crazy super sale june 19th. what if they have a wizard to make me taller?

  • Japple

    I am so sick and tired of hearing how long people have been t-mobile customers, who cares? the sales reps care more if you are a new customer then an old customer, stop coming into the store telling us how long you have been with us

    • http://TMONEWS Bobkeschlob

      We are trying to keep everyone… This type of attitude would have your butt fired in one of my stores… Let people talk and be happy they are coming to your store, if they don’t you don’t have a job.

    • safetymouse

      “sales reps care more if you are a new customer then an old customer”

      Way to shoot yourself in the foot, the neck and the other foot. Has it occurred to you that this kind of attitude will only serve to prevent new customers from signing up?

  • badblu

    On June 19 the t-mobile stores are gonna open early because that is the actual launch date for the my touch slide. I just got mine this moring and I asked about the 19th and that is what the t-mobile rep told me today was just a soft launch of the phone.

  • Carlos

    its gonna be a prepaid blackberry plan, with a cheap blackberry, maybe the pearl 3G or something at a ridiculous low price…

    something to compete with virgin and boost

  • Cakerz

    Word on the street is it has nothing to do with the iphone or the slide, ya’ll can wait for that $hit. HTC vision is comin to tmo but not yet. However, smart phone fans be ready for june 19 ;)
    No worthless Samsung POS either.
    A worthy successor to my G1 is finally nigh

  • CallawayBomber

    I’m going to add to my speculation based on fact of what I witnessed back a few months ago.

    As the Northeast markets are lighting up HSPA…
    I’m going out on a limb and saying that all 3G current markets will go HSPA by this date.

    My wife’s TP2 lit up with an H indicator back in late Feb/early March in Eastern TN. It lasted for about an hour. When I called CS…They said it was picking up your our home wireless network…It never showed H before when connected…

    T-Mobile….Here me out…Since everyone recognizes the Roadrunner with high speed internet….Why not use Speedy Gonzales in your advertising. In February 2010, New Line Cinema and parent company Warner Bros. Pictures announced that they are planning a live-action/CG-animated combo feature film based on the Looney Tunes character. This is the great chance for advertising on a cross platform that your have never entered before…

    Just like how Tag Heuer and IWC advertise in movies..this would be your chance to just show how fast the network will be with a character that everyone old and young knows…

  • Diego

    Soft launch of the Slide in on the 2nd. Hard launch is on the 16th, and the 19th would be the first Saturday after its official launch. Though it would be very disappointing …

  • SammY TeeZo

    This was posted about an hour ago!!!!!

    “Verizon finally broke the silence about Verizon iPhone today when the wireless company’s Spokesman, John Johnson, said while speaking with Beet.tv that Verizon will not carry iPhone anytime soon.”

    maybe some good news for us??

    read the full article here: http://onlinefounders.com/541/iphone-4g-release-date-and-the-future-of-verizon-iphone/

  • xtmoemployee123

    I can 100% percent GUARANTEE to all of you that neither TMO or VERIZON will be getting the i phone until ATLEAST 2012. Monday Apple will be making a statement. These people that think that TMO has the network that could handle an iphone are not only dumb but, extremely IGNORANT. Man, there network would completely CRASH! Verizon is a little bit more realistic BUT, also not going to happen. I have never been on any of these forums but, this is HILARIOUS. I work for another carrier now none mentioned above :) AND can assure you that their will be many, many frowns on June 19th for those of you that think TMO is getting an iphone. This is interesting, I don’t mean any disrespect in anyway, I just KNOW facts

    • Your momma

      Dude- u have no idea what ur talking about. Tmobile can “handle”any phone inside their network. The speeds may be minimal in areas where only edge is available but it isn’t an issue of crashing a network. If you work for acellular company, u should know this. And speculation may be true about e iPhone considering apple bought out of the contract for a reason. Regardless, with AT&Ts retarded decision to taper Internet amounts, Apple obviously made the right decision. Regardless, the issue is crashing which is dumb. And Tmobile will have something people on this page are anticipating. I can’t say because I’m an employee- but I can say u will all love it. :)

      • Pufferfish

        When you say “all” does that mean Iphone might be part of this “big” day?

  • Paul

    I actually was in my TMo store today and the the woman stated that the MYTouch Slide cannot be advertised by T-Mobile until the 18th and will be available for sale on display in stores on the 19th of June. Walmart and one other store has the exclusive on selling the slide so on the 19th T-Mobile stores will be running the first time they can actually advertise and sell the phone. Makes sense as I was able to buy the phone at the tmo store, but I could not see it, since they are unable to display it yet.

    • MB

      Store models go up on the 16 th

  • http://www.engadget.com TMo Rep

    listen, it wont be the MyTouch Slide. the slide has already launched and the official launch is the 16th. It has nothing to do with the slide. Whatever it is, its going to be HUGE. Just wait. No other phone or promotion has had us open hours early for anything so it’s going to be something HUGE. NOT A MYTOUCH SLIDE, NOT A SAMSUNG GALAXY, NOT FREE PHONES…STAY TUNED

  • http://none Henry Kahn

    On June 16th they are offering the MyTouch Slide on the Buy One Get One Free promotion for New Contracts and Upgrages. Thats probably what its about. Also they might have another promotion.

  • Jerad McDaniel

    June 19 is my birthday and i have t-mobile service. maybe they will give me their promotion for free!!!!!

  • kevin

    Come on t mobile brings us a T mobile EVO or I’m heading over to sprint!!

  • MB

    I told you all before…why don’t you listen. It is all smart phones free for new accounts on June 19th only….man your all thick headed!

  • Travis

    This morning T-Mobile announced the iPhone will be sold in the UK with a hint it will also be done in the US. Shouldn’t that be a major story here on the site?

  • Scottie

    Y is it that no one has mentioned anything about the HTC Desire…now that would definitely b worthy of Tmobile opening early. Ive personally grown a bit envious of all the other carriers putting out top of the line phones thus the best thing tmobile has to offer is a damn mt3g slide!? SMH. Gimme a break!! All i know is that they better b doin something big on the 19th or they’re gonna start losing a lot of faithful, patient customers.

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